Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Cat and Dog Blogging Halloweenie Edition

The Big Day

After getting up at 2am to get on a bus that leaves they swear-to-Gawd  no later than 3:35 am  and arrives in D.C at 9am:

*PRE-PRE SHOW -- 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.*

*Video montages/music will play on the Jumbotrons around the venue to

entertain the crowd as they gather.*

*PRESHOW -- 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.*

*12:00 - 12:40 -- THE ROOTS will play for the crowd.*

*12:40 - 12:57 -- Comedian (TBD) will warm-up the audience.*

*12:57 - 1:00 -- Video countdown & intros*

*SHOW -- 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.*

*1:00 - 1:05 SINGING OF THE NATIONAL ANTHEM -- Musical guest (TBD)*

*1:05 - 1:20 JON STEWART welcomes the crowd*

*1:20 - 1:30 STEPHEN COLBERT enters*

*1:30 - 1:35 BENEDICTION by actor Don Novello*

*1:35 - 1:40 POEM read by actor Sam Waterson*

*1:40 - 1:50 JEFF TWEEDY & MAVIS STAPLES perform*

*1:50 - 2:15 JON & STEPHEN perform*

*2:15 - 2:20 SHERYL CROW performs*

*2:20 - 2:30 SPEAKERS Guests make brief statements, both LIVE and TAPE


*2:30 - 2:40 MUSICAL GUEST (TBD)*

*2:40 - 2:40 SANITY & FEAR awards - PRETAPED footage.*


Sooooo Excited!!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Ideal Car


Being a grown up

On the upside - Our new, much needed, much desired office printer arrived! Yay! Happy Snoopy dancing! The other one is ancient and yucky and I hate it. In a perfect world I would be able to take it to a field and beat it to death with a bat. On top of the printer arriving - note I said "arrived" not in use. yet - There was still cake in the break room! and I voted early!

You know what would be cool?  Because didn't get raises this year or last year and we won't get raises next year either, but they could give us cake in the break room all the time Take A Break and Eat some Cake!, they won't pay us but they could keep us buzzing on sugar! True, it does have a Marie Antoinette vibe to it, they don't pay us enough to buy bread so feed us cake, but cake is good and my morale goes us as my blood sugar increases. I think it could work.

I voted early, which is always nice. I was going to wait until the day but then I decided to go with the peer pressure and just do it. I like voting on the day because I get a buzz from the crowds, but today there were crowds at early voting so I got the buzz I wanted. I did have to tell a guy to buzz the fuck off before I got into vote though but the whole thing was a little off putting.

I walked up to the building, I was going to vote on actual election day because I had a voters guide on my computer that I was going to print out and take with because I like to have a cheat sheet and there are just so many slots and so many run without a party designation and I can't remember all the names I'm supposed to remember. I hadn't printed it out yet.

Fortunately, a helpful woman outside the building did have a voters guide. Thus armed I headed into vote, just to be stopped by some asshole wanting me to vote for Sen. Randall, R.

Jackass - Vote for Randall, He's a Christian!
Me - No thank you.
Jackass - He's Pro-Life!
Jackass - He's a Pro-Life Christian!
Me - I said, NO THANK YOU!

The helpful lady who gave me the voters guide just showed me a mock up of the ballot and gave me the information I needed.  She didn't shout at me and wouldn't have said anything if I didn't approach her first. Guess who's candidate I voted for?

I went in and didn't have to wait at all. I had heard there were long lines and waits, not at my early voting location. I did my thing and went to a booth and promptly messed up my ballot. There were just too many races and I was confused by the 10,000 judges. There is an instant run off for one class of judges and I had to pick choice 1,2, and 3 and I marked my ballot wrong. When I ran it through the scan-tron it spit it out and I had to turn in my ruined  ballot and go again.  I took more time with my guild and got it right the second time.

Voted a straight ticket too. Out of spite.

As I was leaving I complained to the voting place supervisor and she said she had received other complaints about the jerk and mentioned the  story in the paper about Randall's Army of Douche Bags that are at  all the polling places. Some of them are inside the voting place challenging voters and questioning they can legally vote or not. My guy was outside. I would have busted heads if someone challenged me at the polls. Well, first I would have voted and then I would screamed for a lawyer. But fortunately for all I am too affluent appearing, white, middle aged and female to be a good target for that kind of harassment. Good thing too because I would scream like, well, a middle aged white lady being thwarted. We don't like that.

Oh and I spent the entire morning on the phone with first my insurance company and then the other woman's insurance company getting our accident ironed out. I am the victim yet it was I who spent the morning on hold. It was deeply annoying as the victim I think all I should have to do is lie there and look wain.The woman who hit me didn't have to do a thing, she hadn't even spoken with her insurance company about the incident past telling her agent it happened - She hadn't filed the claim - I had to file it! with her insurance company! Its not even my insurance and I had to do it and talk to all these people and stay on the phone and go over and over what happened. Not fair.

Any my insurance company did nothing because "it would be faster if I handled it myself" , really? Faster for whom? Whose job is this? Me the victim who didn't do anything wrong or my representatives? Who get paid for this kind of crap. Just because I wasn't at fault should mean I don't get service.

I now however have lined up a body shop, a rental car and have a claim number. Next week I take it in and let someone else deal with it all. Oddly, not the woman who hit me.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Customer Disservice

I said very nice things about the people who make Stake N'Rake. I may have spoke too soon.

I had a problem with the product and I went online and found their web site and with a little looking found their Contact Us! link and I sent them an email detailing my problem while lavishly praising their product, their broken product, their product that broke the second time I used it.

In the products defence, I have no idea how long it had sat on the shelf or how many shelves it sat on before I rescued it from Tuesday Morning last spring, but still after one use it snapped? That can't really be normal and does not speak to quality.

I didn't hear back from them as quickly as I had thought I might, so I called them and greased the wheels a bit. A day or so later I got a phone call from a flustered man in Ohio who admitted the roll out of the product had not gone as well as they had expected and from what I understood, they get very few emails from customers praising it or asking for replacement widgets for that matter. Perhaps if the widget had not broken, the few people who did buy it might have told their friends and word of mouth might have made the roll out more successful ans spawned more positive emails. I fear I know what word of mouth was spread about the Stake N' Rake and it was not a positive word. I didn't get into this with the gentleman, but he did promise to send another widget when he got back from a trip.  I am beginning to wonder if perhaps he did not die in route.

But. I like the product, the one time I was able to successful use it, it worked great and made a big job very small and very fast. So, with autumn approaching and the leaves turning and falling I need this product to work and work now - which it could if they would do as they told me they would, and send me my widget. Soon. I didn't expect to see it the next day, which would have been very nice but not necessary, but now, weeks later? I am expecting it and not receiving it.

I feel another email is in order.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back on the chain gang

Okay. I didn't hear from  the insurance company of the woman who hit my car but I did hear from the woman.  Her insurance company did speak to her and they told her if the fix was less than $800 it wouldn't effect her insurance and her husband would never find out.

Um. yeah, about that. Um, I don't care if it costs more than $800, I want for her insurance company to call ME and talk to ME about MY car. My smashed car. I'm the innocent party here and I'm less understanding than I was yesterday about her issues with her husband. Her car is okay, mine has a broken jaw and I want it corrected and if it requires plastic surgery so be it. $800 be damned. I have to sell this POS and I want the best possible price and to get that, it has to be appear to be perfect, hey, if it can be perfect for $799 then bravo but...

She has clearly spoken with her insurance, she has the same police report that I have, so they know about me and they have my numbers. All my numbers, so they don't really have any excuse to not call me promptly and by "promptly" I kind of expected first thing business Monday morning, because you know, she smashed my car and I get more annoyed and my car gets more injured every minute my car isn't getting the medical attention it needs - I want to feel loved and cared for here and I don't. I feel neglected and ignored and the longer I feel sad the less sympathy I feel  for the husband-lying-to-car-smasher. She needs me to be sympathetic.

Not feeling sympathy right now. My insurance told me the other insurance is supposed to get me a rental car while mine is being fixed and Gawd only knows how long that will take. Days and days maybe.

I'm not feeling appreciated at work either. Today was Employee Appreciation Day!! , but they couldn't call it that because they can't get money for something as trivial as letting their employees know that they are important. They could only get what little money they did by putting it the guise of a Customer Service seminar. With cake.

Earlier in the day we tore down and threw away the Customer Service Week decorations. With glee.

My whole work group boycotted the "seminar" but  we did not embargo the cake that was brought back to our building. they sent out a global email letting us know the cake was in the building, I went down to get some and the place was crawling with folks, folks who also didn't go to the "seminar".  It was a huge flat cake, a full sized sheet cake and it was almost untouched. It made me feel a little bad for the PTB that no one came to their party. But not much.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Damn what a weekend.

All over the land pigs grew wings. The Rangers are going to the world series because they beat the Yankees, the Yankees are  not going to the world series because they got beat by the Rangers .

The Texas Rangers beat the New York Yankees.  And now the Rangers and not the Yankees are going to the World Series, where they are going to play the San Fransisco Giants - Where no one cares who wins because the pigs grew wings in the first place. I don't care who wins, I mean it would be nice , but the miracle has all ready happened. The Rangers beat the Yankees and now the Rangers and not the Yankees are going to the World Series. The Texas Rangers are playing in the World Series.

And then on Saturday night I went to the fair. There are two sets of pictures, the nice pictures and the "interesting" pictures. The nice pictures  are posted, the more um, "interesting" ones are below.

And then on Sunday Minnie go hit in a McDonalds parking lot. I'm fine, she has a black eye.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Cat Blogging


Well that was annoying. I decided I wanted a hard copy of the picture for the Christmas card. I'm spending all this time and thought on the picture frame and I don't have an actual copy of the picture - I think I need one, I know what it looks like on the screen but I really don't know what it looks like and its important to me. I have learned to deal with virtual pictures, I have adjusted my world view to allow for "images" instead of pictures, but I don't really like them. If its really important its really important to have a hard copy of it.

Also, a hard copy in hand makes it easier to try out frames -which will be great, when I have frames to try it out with. Thus far I have not been successful on that front. Stupid Halloween. But still, its like rehearsal. I do all ready know that ecru is a good color and bright red is a bad color. Pine green is good, stripes are bad in any combination and anything I really like is going to be way outside my price range.

But, back to the getting a hard copy issue. I decided to save some time and upload the image to - I've had good experience with that in the past and I like that it saves a trip to the store and a CD - so this is good. It makes me feel like I'm being efficient and green. The site however can be less then user friendly and getting pictures uploaded is a bear without high speed. I upload a image and it it took for freaking ever and then the site made me jump through hoop after hoop just to get checked out - all for a .21 purchase! They at least had the good grace to no suggest a I put it on my card. So, I waited through the upload, I jumped through the hoops, I got to the page that said pick up your order at X location at X time. I said Sure and I made  myself dinner, walked the dog, took the trash out and then set out with the dog to X location.

And they didn't have it.

I asked if it was under say, my first name, but no, not under it either. The guy even showed me my purchase history on his computer and lo and behold, nothing since September 10th , Hmm. I left in somewhat of a huff. Dogger however, was very happy with the car trip and enjoys visits to parking lots.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Game on

Okay. I think the less we speak of that the better. We're just going to pretend that it was all a very bad dream and we're going to move on from there. Freaking Yankees! Hateful lowlifes. Grrrrr. Why are they standing in our way? I mean come on all ready! be good sports and do the right thing. Lay down and let us through.

Anyway. I now have two Christmas gifts in my hands all ready and now I feel so empowered that I feel ready to go get the rest of them! All at once! In one fell swoop! I will have all my shopping finished by the middle of November and I will not step foot in a mall!

 For sure.

What I really need to do now is lock down the photo cards frames I'm going to use for this years picture, I should first though get a hard copy of it so I can make sure what I want to do is going to work anyway.  I may be needlessly complicating the whole process unnecessarily. I got a tip that they have a good selection at Tuesday Morning and  I am  feeling good that as soon as this whole pesky Halloween thing is over the Christmas stuff is going to land hard  all over the land and I'll be able to get something really nice - or even better, maybe the unknown card company will send me a catalogue  with my one true card love in it.

And I have to really make dog cookie production a priority because I don't want to get down to a crunch with that job because then it becomes a lot less fun . I was very good about the cookies for the Mutt Strut but that was only three kinds and I'm going to need a lot more than for my ever burgeoning list this year but never fear, I have time and I will get it done before the holidays.

That's going to be my mantra until its all over never fear, I have time and I will get it done before the holidays

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Go Rangers! Wooo-zzzzz

I didn't go to the fair again. Instead I fed the dog and fell sleep. Really, really productive, great use of my time. Go me. I didn't walk the dog or make a proper dinner or change clothes or do any of the other 1000 things I need to do every night to make every day run smoother. I'm thinking I need more caffeine or maybe I should not have stayed up to watch the Rangers beat the Yankees 8-0 in the 9th, they may have contributed to my exhaustion problem.

I was so hungry after work I had to stop at McDonald's and get a Happy Meal because I just could not imagine being able to survive the amount of time it would take me to make dinner myself. The meal made it possible for me to take Dogger out to pee and then fed her and take the pumpkins out of my car. Then I crashed in front of the TV.

The pumpkins in question:

yes, I know its not a great picture. But it does illustrate that I have three pumpkins in various colors and sizes. There's an orange one, a green one and a white one. It seems to pay to wait to get your pumpkins because I know they were more expensive the last time I was there. The really huge, true objects of my affection are still too expensive.  I'm hopeing as we get closer to the actual day that they will come down in price. I was a good little shopper with the three I got this time around, I bought them from three different vender's, which no doubt pissed off the vender's but I wanted to spread the joy, albeit $4 a time.

I also really kind of wanted to go to the fair but it wasn't going to happen. I think I need to start planning earlier or jsut decide that I'm going to spend the weekend there and leave it be. I should really be spending my time sorting out the house and cleaning it ahead of being away from it for the Rally in DC on the 30th. There are so many things I should be doing but am not. Or I might be just pressuring myself unnecessary.

I do know that I'm going to need to rent a back end loader or really, being more realistic, one of those little Bobcat things to get the space cleaned out. I've gotten really lazy about using the room as a staging area and it isn't a staging area, its a guest bedroom and I'm going to have guests and they might want to be able to accsess the bed at some point.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Martha $tewart

I was going to go to the fair. I had eaten, the dog had eaten and I was just about to take her for her walk. I could leave for the fair while it was still light. But then I thought that maybe I might want to think it out a little more, I know all ready I'm going to be there this weekend, probably a lot, but at the same time, its going to be a mad house being the last weekend and do I really want to be be around that many people?

Monday night would be all but deserted, I would have the whole place to myself, which is a big plus but do I really want to be the only one there? And do I really want to go now?  I could I could just drive down there and go but that doesn't give me nearly enough time to over think the whole thing. I need to over think and this wouldn't give me enough time to do that as completely as I need to. I'm not sure that maybe Tuesday might be not be better as my TV doesn't come on until 10pm and that would give me a reason to keep it moving and stay on a schedule.

But you know,  It's a little over cast and I don't want to be there in the rain and there are things I need to do around the house and I can all ready tell I'm not going to spontaneously do anything and if I'm out gallivanting around at the fair I really will not be putting laundry away or picking up or being useful in any way.

I'm not at the fair and I am still not putting anything away or being useful.  But at least I'm at home not doing anything instead of hiding from my responsibilities at the fair, I'm really thinking that if I go say Tuesday instead it will be better. I can get my ticket online and not wait around in the dark, I can't imagine that Tuesday is any bigger of a draw than Monday.

Instead of doing housework I looked for photo cards online. I got a tip that Kmart all ready has their Christmas stuff out and in that stuff is Martha Stewart Christmas cards. I'm in the market for something ecru and tasteful this year and no one is as tasteful and ecru than Martha Stewart. I couldn't find Martha for Kmart cards online but I did find Martha for Martha cards online and she certainly is the queen of tasteful ecru Christmas cards - and I was really shocked by what Martha for Martha wants for her cards and the four piddly little photo cards she carries are not what I was looking for either. I'm hopeing her Martha for Kmart cards are a little less pricey and I can work with the Kmart level of tasteful.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Go Rangers!!!!! Woot!
Laundry List

The Rangers Won! Woo - Hoo!  They beat the Yankees and tied up the series and now they head to NYC for three games, which is good for the Rangers because they rawk on the road.

So its 8pm and I'm in my pajamas. Why am in my pajamas at 8pm? Am I ill? Did I have a bad day? Did a roach crawl across of the toe of my high healed shoe? No to all. I was going to take a shower and then I had to change my plans.

I was gone all weekend, I came home unpacked the car fed the animals and went to fed myself. I came back home moved my bags from point A to point B and did a laundry but not my laundry from the weekend, with my "old" laundry, the "new" laundry is for the next time, first come first served and all that.. This is what I am telling myself so that I don't hate myself for forgetting.

 A faulty memory and a failure to plan is not why I am wearing my pajamas. I can't take a shower at the same time I'm doing a laundry. I'm sure that I could but I don't think I would like it, it wouldn't be a good experience.Actually, I was in pajamas at 7:15 but that made me feel really pathetic. A healthy person shouldn't be in their pajamas at 7:15 unless they are a healthy four year old person and I am not four. I am very much more than four. Ask around.

I thought  after I put on my pajamas that I would take Dogger for a walk. First I would change back into my clothes and then I would take Dogger for a walk - I'm not a coed and its not exam time and I can't get away with that but it didn't matter because Dogger stayed awake long enough to eat dinner and then she fell asleep. If I tried to wake her now I think she would  really object or she would not object but she be the first recorded canine sleep walker and she has enough problems as it is without adding sleep walking to the list, because I know where she would sleep walk and  what she would do while sleep walking and it wouldn't be out in the yard -  So No to canine sleep walking. I want her to stay asleep. Its not her fault I had to reschedule my shower.

By the summer I am going to have a new used car. I want a Honda Element, if anyone can hook me up with a cherry one, that would be cool. A cheap cherry one, I don't necessarily need flames painted on it or the Westminster package but both or either would be cool. So if ya'll could start looking , that would be awse.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Cat Blogging

Book Tour

Is it finally Friday? Damn, it took all week to get here.  Dogger and Baby Kitty and I are going out of town this weekend so I have plans for the first time in weeks, as much as I like doing as little as possible, its nice to have something to do apart from laundry and yard work.

I've also decided that I really need to get a Rangers shirt! I had no luck at all finding one in real life and when I went online to find one the sizes were limited and the prices were outrageous and none of them were specific to The Now.  I wanted one that said Western Division Champs 2010 or "Hey we;re still playing past August!" or something that took note of how special this all is. I guess no one is taking any chances of ending up with a bunch of stiff that won't sell past the next game so they are all sticking with generic Rangers gear instead of being more specific. I get that. However, I want a damn tee-shirt. I might just ask a friend at home to get me one, I'm sure they are selling them at grocery stores - not online of course, stuff like that is never sold online.

One of the reasons I'm going out of town this weekend is to go shopping! Shopping at a library book sale! I can't wait, I love books sales. I'm also hopeing that if I hit this one that it might help me have a little more self control when I go to the Wake County book sale later on this winter. Its truly  inspires me  - to spend lots of money - on the upside I do walk out of there with a metric ton of books. In the past I've walked away with a Time Life cook book featuring the culinary heroics of Scandinavia! And I now have a shelf dedicated to ducks and the people who love them.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

House Hunter

Last night while I was lolling around the house not watching the Ranger game, I watched the games they lost and I didn't watch the games they won so I decided that I would do my part by not watching the most important game of their lives.

We won, I say "we' because I participated by not watching  when I could have. It was a like singing a duet. Truly we were as one. For reals. Next they play the Yankees, which is very scary because historically, they beat the shit out the Rangers but  they had a series  recently and the Rangers actually won. The handful of Rangers games that I saw live, were against the Yankees and I think the Yankees handed them their asses about 3/4 of the time.  It would rock so, so hard if they could do well in this series. Asking to win it might be too much, but if they could just not shame themselves. They'll make us proud.

Speaking of pride, while I was not watching the game, I was listening to the sirens. Lots of sirens that sounded close but this time I didn't go investigate because why bother. I should have bothered.

According to the news it went up like a bottle rocket., jet fueled bottle rocket. They had video and the blaze was impressive. Fortunately, the three men living there got out safely. It was a rooming house currently but I remember a family living there fairly recently with their large, barking dog. The residents said the back was used as storage but I saw a kitchen stove in the debris outside. The residents said they heard an explosion before the flames broke out, on the up side I'm pretty sure they weren't cooking meth , we're too urban for that.

While Dogger and I were rubber necking the scene, I went down the street to see another rooming house down the street. Wow.  Somebody did a real make over on the place. Its always looked like down market flop house, an ugly,falling down piece of crap that was a real blight on the street, as well as clearly being a nice house that nobody loved in a very long time - which is tragic really. I don't have a "before" picture because I never would have bothered.

Okay, its a rooming house, born and bred, note the multiple entrances. But damn isn't it nice? I mean, its stunning. I don't know if they did the inside, I have seen no evidence of a huge reno there so the interior could still be total crap. But. I don't have to see the inside, I only see the outside and it looks terrific.

We kept on walking and turned back towards home and revisited this place

Dogger and I rubber necked at a non-fatal stabbing there a few years ago and things have not improved at that address  in the mean time.The stabbing was entertaining for the whole neighborhood, it was like a street party for the neighbors and every cop in Southeast Raleigh was there, because they travel in packs.  It is also a rooming house, the boarded up space to the left is a second entry.  Edenton is really improving and getting gentrified and I'm surprised that this place hasn't been taken care of.  It is notable that it is one of the few if the only mansard roofs in the area.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Everyday is fun

I was pulling into the post office to buy stamps after work and I thought to myself Why didn't I do this at lunch. I could have done this at lunch. What did I do at lunch? And I had to keep asking myself that. I had done something I was sure, but I couldn't remember. I knew I had gone to work, spent the day at work and then came to the post office. I certainly did not go to the post office at lunch, so that got one option of the list but I could not for the life of me remember what I did four hours before.

I sat in the car while I tried to come up with what exactly I did Am I some sort of secret killer? Am I a drunk and I lost time? Did I get abducted by aliens? it really took a few minutes to remember that I had lunch at Burger Yucky and bought lipstick at Kerr Drugs . I needed the lip stick and the Burger Yucky is in the parking lot, so I did something useful but I should have gone  then and picked up stamps  and then afterwords had a healthier meal at the Chinese place. Or I could have gone to Wallyworld and bought more dog food and stamps and then ate a healthier mean at Subway and been efficient.

Okay. memories re-established. I was not killing a foreign head of state, I was not careening around drunkenly somewhere and I did not spend my lunch hour being probed. Good to get that cleared up.  Safe in that knowledge I went into the post office.

Why is it that every time I go to the post office I wind up waiting behind some jackass who is either trying to send  a money order to alpha centauri or is in the middle of sending a bass boat home to the  Balkans - in paper bags with the wrong tape? I mean every single time! And I don't understand it.

I have stopped mail, started mail, moved multiple times, mailed packages, picked up deliveries and generally used the hell out of the USPS and I have never taken up more than the most brief period of time I could. Everyone else is getting massive money orders - Why? is this not something they have stores built around? Where everyone there is trying to send  $1000 home to some former Soviet block nation? Why do we have to do this at the post office and if we must do this at the post office, why can't we fill out the forms, say, before we foul the line for 45 minutes while we do so? Its like going to the cash machine and waiting while someone tries to get his summer place re-financed. Just becuase you can do something it does not mean you have to. And then why while we're trying to fill out thirty-seven pages of paperwork, why can't the clerk help  the next in line?

Because he is a dick.

And when I finally got to the front the jack ass clerk almost wouldn't take my card because I hadn't signed it and I countered with  I wrote on the back to ask for ID, so you would ask for ID and he said that that made the card unusable because it wasn't signed and he could barely read it anyway. and he shouldn't accept the card at all.  I told him he would accept the card and thought to myself in reality it isn't about what he wants as long as the the machine charges the card he can suck it the self satisfied son of a bitch it was okay and he suggested I read the small print on the back of the card  and I took my paid for stamps and walked out.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Find your own Joy

Friday when I left work, fifteen minutes early, because I am a rebel.. as I was approaching my car I noticed something wrong : My Obama magnet was missing. I've had that magnet since there has been an Obama, its been there so long its left a bumper sticker sized magnet scar on my car. I had thought they would tear my Obama magnet from my cold, dead mini-van I love my Obama magnet.

I spent the weekend thinking many negative thoughts about my magnet thief. Many. I cursed all the way home and then every time I had a chance to see my cars backside.In the end I decided that I hoped it was snatched by an errant mental patient, because I can not comfortably attack a mental patient.  Either way, I really liked my magnet, and I missed it.

I drove into work Monday morning thinking about my magnet. I pulled into my parking spot and as I was walking past my car and through the parking lot I found my magnet! It must have fallen off and when it fell it flipped over and became part of the parking lot. I put it back on my car.  My day got better and it hadn't even started. And I had not thought too many thoughts about raining death down on a non-existent magnet thief.

Time passes.

I go to Sam's at lunch, I go there with the expectation that I'm going to be able to get my protean bars. I could not, sometimes they carry them sometimes they don't. Instead I buy a pair of warm up pants. If I could have bought my protean bars I doubt I would need to buy sweat pants because I had bought a pair at Wallyworld but they turned out to be Yoga pants. Yoga pants are not sweat pants, they look like sweat pants they even feel like sweat pants but they are not sweat pants. They are yoga pants. You are either a yoga pant person or a sweat pant person and I am not a yoga pant person. Where were yoga pants when I was in college?  When I could have rocked a pair of yoga pants. Lesson learned, question being, when did Wallyworld start selling yoga pants? Wallyworld isn't a yoga place and I didn't see many yoga students modeling yoga poses in front of the Doritos display. I'm fat and its Sam's Club/Wallyworlds fault. I wanted protean bars and they sold me sweat pants.


After work I go in search of my protean bars. I had been at the nicer Poverty Barn over the last weekend and I had picked up a smaller non-Sam's Club proportioned package of them and I was hopeing that your average Poverty Barn consumer would rather go for the off brand blue soda than then anything with protean in it.  And I was kind of right, I went to where the protean bars had been stocked and I found a different variety of the same brand, not as good but still better than nothing. If I have no protean bars I have to fend for myself  at lunch that way lies madness and bad carbs. I was looking around to see if there was anything else I might want  because I was at Poverty Barn after all, and I ran across the mother load : My protean bars in double packs for half price! I dumped the pretenders in a heart beat and bought what they had.

Its nice to be able to bookend your day like that, it started off good and ended good. Yay.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Photoblogging!

Yay photoblogging!

After work on Friday I went to my local over priced gardening boutique and  bought some seeds to grow in the garden over the winter. They are a green fertilizer and they help strengthen the garden and then provided a mulch when its time to plow them under in the spring. I am planning for the gardens future and when it will be fully harvested. Because it will be. I swear. To this end I did a little gardening this weekend, I had thought I was going to give the tomatoes a few more weeks but in a few more weeks its going to be November and cold and in years past when I gave the plants "a few more weeks" I ended up gardening in a parka and I never got another ripe tomato in the extra time I gave them, so I decided to just let go and pull them out while I can do so without gloves and a hat.

and then there were five...

I didn't mention pulling out the peppers did I? Because I did not, the peppers are still working and producing and they are green and pretty and I lurve them. I can't kill them, not yet, not when they have babies, Babies that might very well grow to maturity They could. I have hope. The peppers aren't nearly as irritating to me as the tomatoes. The peppers have plans and goals and I know they have more to do. The tomatoes were losers and had no plans and no goals.

I still haven't got a pumpkin, my deck still looks like a Hallmark card and I just can't put a pumpkin in all that and mess up its vibe and I'm just not there yet, no matter how much I am lusting after sweaters and autumnal chotchkies. I did see some funky disco sparkled-out pumpkins at Michael's, I mean these were like Club Pumpkins, they had boas and glow sticks and they were like  wearing tiny parkas and smiling. I got a contact high just looking at them.

Now that I was high I had to get some food. I went to Burger Yucky because a friend at work scored a neat owl toy and while I was scared of the owl because it was like a battle owl, it was Voldemort's owl. I wanted a cute owl. I got a battle owl. I didn't want a battle owl. So I did what I could.

Gargoyle, damn it.

What was I supposed to do with it? Couldn't the makers see this thing and say Wow. it turned out a little intense didn't it? Wow. Maybe we could  turn it into a key chain or something. I didn't want this scary thing looking at me all day so I looked at it and decided that my house needed a gargoyle. Yes, "needed". My house needed a gargoyle, and now I have one. Its going to watch over my house and hopefully, scare whatever it is that gargoyles scare. Boo mother fuckers.

But before all that, I went to church - woke up in time for 10:30 Mass too, thank you very much. I had to park in BFE though and I never love that, but it is good exercise. Blah, blah, blah whatever. Anyway, when I came home I found this

Completely unstaged. Maybe exersice is good for me.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Cat Blogging

In furtherance of my desire to get ready for winter now so I can spend the real winter huddled under a blanket watching TV, I took the step of  taking a few blazers to the dry-cleaner. It seemed on inspection of said blazers, when I was trying to find something to wear to work, that perhaps Baby Kitty might have been using one or two of them as bedding for a while or several months or something. If  Heidi Klum really wanted to challenge those baby designers she would challenge them to make cat hair sexy, because I did a quick survey of my wardrobe and if they could achieve that, I could be a porn star.

I made sure to get out of the dry cleaners before he could do any sort of  spot check of the jackets because I really didn't want to face him after he discovered  that one of the two "black" jacket really didn't start off its life that way.

Okay, this is off topic but something near here is either a total conflagration or they just discovered some sort of mass casualty because the sirens have been whipping down New Bern for the better part of an hour now. I don't know whats happening but it sounds like the opening sequence of an old school Simpson/Bruckheimer production and that can't be good. I'm also a little concerned that the sirens are cutting off sooner than they should. Whatever it is really should be further away from me then it sounds, much, much further away. Like in Knightdale. I might have to take Dogger on a walk just to make sure.

Good News! There wasn't a shooting at the Cook Out and the DMV building is not in flames! Go Us! Whatever is happening is not happening within sight of my block. It doesn't really matter what it is though because the N&O does not cover my zip code. No houses are ever sold here and there is no crime committed. I check every day and nothing officially happens in this zip code.

More sirens.

Also having nothing to do with anything else, I went pumpkin shopping at the Farmers Market at lunch and even though there were approximately 30,000 pumpkins there, I didn't like any of them. Well, "any of them" is a little broad, I kind of liked once. it weighed more than I do and I could use it as a hot tub if I didn't have the will to carve it. It also isn't helping the pumpkin cause that my flowers are still blooming and the vibe isn't autumnal yet. Maybe after the first frost or Thanksgiving, which ever comes first. Those impatiens are butch.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cooking with power

Who ever invented the crock pot did a good thing. I had to have something for this pot luck Birthday luncheon art the office on Wednesday and it was Tuesday night at 7pm and I had nada. I had to step up and get something together and looking around the larder I was not hopeful, I wonder if everyone would like raman? Everyone likes soup right? No. How do I feel about KFC? Do I want to leave work and pick up KFC? No. and then I remembered I have a crock pot! I can buy one of those crock pot in a bag things

I picked up and delivered myself to the Kroger, the nice one not the grotty one because it seemed like the right thing, and after wandering around trying to find the crock pot in a bag things and finally did, they only had chicken dumpling flavor though and while I was a little disappointed because chicken and dumplings?,  frozen in a bag? You know, that can go either way.

I grabbed my bag and tried to get out of the store without buying more stuff. I ended up finding a get well card for one of the women at work who is out sick with something unpleasant and I think she needs a card. So, I got that and then I was out of there.

At home I tried to figure out the timing. The bag says 8-10 hours on low, so I can't really start it up until later. I thought I can screw around and not do this until later! I'm gonna watch TV and play with the computer and then make a meal. I love modern conveniences! I did screw around and watch TV and play with the computer. In the interests of time management though, I did not take a nap.  I walked Dogger instead, I am a responsible dog owner.

Later, I paused Detroit 1-8-7, which three episodes in has cut way down on both the anvils and the cliches so whatever they needed to work through they took care of, good because they were sloppy and distracted from the story telling. Anyway, I got it started up, added some  more chicken,garlic and some of the over priced spice I got from my cousins friend and let it go. So cool.

It did wake me a couple of times over night because suddenly I was aware I was smelling something and that was alarming in the middle of the night, but it did smell really good. I got up packed it up took it in to work and plugged it in. No muss, no fuss,no bother oh, and it got raves. The crock pot is our friend.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Empire Singles

I bought a DVD double feature of Empire Records and Singles . I was like Wow! $6 for two movies I actually like! I hate it when I respond to marketing.

This week is Customer! Service! Week! and I seriously needed something to take my mind off the homicidal thoughts I left work with. Today was about Active Listening where we played  a rousing game of post office, yesterday was Smile When You Answer The Phone, where we decorated mirrors. I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring. Thus far we haven't had to watch a single hateful Lilly Tomlin video so I am grateful and will do craft projects and pretend I care about what other people are saying. I immediately turned to Tivo thinking that it loves me and understands me and would totally have something waiting to make me feel better. It totally didn't. Not a single Law and Order, one House Hunters International that I had all ready seen, featuring a couple I despised and a Curb Appeal that didn't hold any.

I had been watching Entourage but Netflix those assholes won't be sending me the next one until tomorrow and I was beginning to be afraid that I was going to have to housework! and since I was so recently homicidal I don't really think I needed to be in contact with common household chemicals as I might give into temptation and and you know, blow up the renters truck or something. he doesn't set out there and vroom the engine as much as he did, but he still does it sometimes and that's till too often. I needed to come down softly and emptying the dishwasher was not the gentle landing I was looking for.

Enter Singles. I was kind of hopeing for Empire Records but for $6 you  watch what they want you to watch in the order they want you to watch it. For $6  you don't even get a menu option, you turn it on and you watch Singles.  I hadn't watched Singles since, well, ever maybe. I know the sound track because you couldn't throw  a party in 1992-93 in San Marcos, TX if you didn't feature it prominently on the play list. It was grunge for people who took showers.

What was Eddie Vedder doing in a douche-y chick flick? I mean once Bridget Fonda  is involved? I mean come on! True, Bridget Fonda was in every movie made between 1990-1998 ( but oddly, nothing since 2002?) but really, Eddie Fricken Vedder.. If he had to do a 20sosmething agst film why didn't he do Kicking and Screaming or of he had to do a Bridget Fonda 20something angst movie movie, why not Bodies Rest and Motion?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I was dozing, er, studying new driving techniques in front of Ice Road Truckers, some people prepare for the winter by changing out their seasonal wardrobes or collecting nuts, I am preparing for the winter by learning about driving in inclement weather. I was deeply involved with my studies, Dogger started whining and whimpering and making weird noises and generally really disturbing my studies. She either wanted to go outside or she may have been trying to let me know that it was getting close to House starting and I needed to step to.


 She wanted to tell me she had some really nasty heartburn and she was not happy. She also wanted to go outside right now. She had  similar event  a couple of weeks ago and when I took her outside she grazed like a starved calf. She got over it and we went inside. This time she ate a little bit but I didn't let her mow the grass, instead we went for a walk and she recovered.

She eats a lot of grass but she doesn't throw it up. This is not how its supposed to work.

Before I took her out I tore up the house looking for her prilosec. I couldn't find it. I used to have some but I think I threw it out during a fit of tidying. When she got sick several years ago I was warned that heart burn was a side effect of either the Addison's or the med, I'm not sure, I really stopped listening after they told me she wasn't going to die. I think however, I gave her the prilosec frequently back in the day.

It may be time to start up again. After I brought Dogger back from a walk,  I turned around and went to the grocery to buy more prilosec

Anyway, after all that I needed a shower and again I did not start this. The prilsec didn't stop it, it came back again. This time I let her eat all the grass she wanted and she seems fine. I could have saved the $12 and just let her mow the lawn for me.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Stakes N' Rakes works fast. I emailed  last week and then followed that up with a phone call a little later on that week and one half hour before I was going to follow up that phone call with another phone call, they called me.

I had a nice chat with a gentleman that admitted that the launch of the SnR was not what they had hoped, which is sad because it is a great product - but that he understood that mine was faulty. I agreed with him on that point and we talked about how he was going to make it better. He, or the company actually, is going to send me another flex pole to replace my broken one! for free!

He said he was going to have to take it out of a box and leave the box open, and I said "hey, send me a whole new one!" but he pretended he didn't hear that and I don't need a new one as I all ready have an almost fully functioning one at my disposal, all I need is a new pole and I! am! going! to! have! one! He also thanked me profusely for saying such nice things about the product and I reiterated what a great product it is and how much of a help it has been to me and will be in the future.

It is going to make my yard work so much easier! Its like having a second pair of hands to get rid of the leaves, you just rake them into the sturdy yet cavernous bag and then neatly zip the bag shut and take the bag and everything in it neatly to dispose of the contents.  It removes the need to get all the piles of leaves together and then move the whole lot to the curb and dump out the leaves. It takes a lot of the back ache out of raking.

I was going to include a link to their web site, where you can see and buy the product yourself as it is a most helpful and labor saving device, but their site is in the process of being updated at present and the page I was looking for was unavailable. When it becomes available I will post it forthwith. They are a great company that practices superior customer service.

Anyway. That was Friday.

Over the weekend I decided to give back to the world as it had given to me. I made 300 dog treats for my friends dog charity.  She doesn't need them until sometime in November but by then I want to be working on my Christmas treats, so she's going to have to take delivery somewhat before then, definitely sooner because while I was making her treats I was thinking about mine. I decided on: Cheese, Bacon, Molasses/ pumpkin, Milk, Peanut Butter, Chicken, Beef, Turkey Gravy, and possibly, banana . I am clearly going to need  the room in my freezer.

If I make one or two varieties a week starting oh, next week, I can get it done well in time for mailing before Christmas and to allow myself to do other things like shopping and decorating and  you know, enjoying the holiday - which would be nice. Cookie burn out makes me cranky.

What else? I was busy. I sorted my winter stuff, put away or least put out of sight, my warm weather clothes, bought a cute new seasonally appropriate purse - its purple! , went out looking for red but the red bags just didn't get me the same way. Its larger then my last bag but its sleeker.

I walked Dogger around Dix, and while we were strolling decided that her collar is getting old and she needs a new one. I went to Tuesday Morning and found a fabulous collar with a faux Mondrian design for only $2! I was thrilled until I brought it home and tried it on Dogger. It made her look fat. Its too big for her and too small for me, perhaps Tiny E can wear it as a belt.

Moving on. So now I'm in the market for a cute new collar for her. It needs to be pink because she's a big girl and I want that to be clear to passers by who tell me what a Big Boy I have and it needs to have green in it to mesh with her green leash.

All in all, a good weekend.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Cat Blogging

baby kitty gets a screen test
Watching TV

I'm really hoping the fall weather ends the whole fall-asleep-twenty minutes-after-I-get-home-from-work thing that I'm rockin' now. It really isn't working for me.

Sometime before I fell asleep, I was watching  my Tivoed The Whole Truth, not a bad little show but I really have a hard time with Joel Fleishman being all studly. He's Joel Fleishman he's not all studly and crime fighting! He's an internist! Its not as icky as the weird trying way too hard hyper stud crime guy he played on Numbers but its still jarring. I like the show, I'm always happy to see whatshername the nurse from ER, because I like her and I'm glad to see  her working after being sick.

Oh,  and they are competing lawyers who have a PAST. She's a hard as nails prosecutor, with I'm assuming secrets or something entertaining probably about their shared PAST and he's a hard drinking hard charging defence attorney with secrets  about their PAST and a possible drinking problem and his Dad is in rehab! Anyway, I fell asleep watching it and that can't be good for its long term prognosis. It is however, better than Law and Order -LA - which employs too much bright light and too many blonds. The lawyer show about their secret PAST wins the time slot.

I also watched Detroit 187 again, its still bad, the second episode did not improve over the first one. It is fun playing Spot The Cop Show Cliche' though and that's worth the hour . Also, there isn't anything else on at the same time that I want to watch more.

Community is back and I'm worried. The first two episodes have not had the charm that the first season had in spades. I think its because they have left the study hall and its not working. I don't want to see these people in the real world and its especially odd to see what really stupid reason that they are out in the world all together. They aren't a human centipede. it would be kind of neat to watch them interact off campus in the pursuance of their real, non-academic lives but then just one on on - running into each other at the market or in the mall or at the DMV, whatever. Its making me sad because I really like this show.