Tuesday, October 9, 2012

25 years later.

You might not have noticed I was gone, but I'm back.

I'm typing this (carefully) with my brand new hardly mucked up  at all manicure. I wanted to go to my reunion with Grown Up hands. I'm not sure how practical crimson nails are but I'm pleasantly surprised every time I look down and see them there.

I'm wondering if having my nails painted will keep me from chewing/gnawing/otherwise messing with my nails over the long term. It might be nice to be bale to brow nice looking nails - although in my world the condition of my nails is hardly relevant - although, if I keep them painted a dark enough color it might hide the dirt under my nails. I know a good place I could have them done and I'm pretty sure  at the place I would go that they aren't really expensive, but its another out lay of funds that I really can't afford so I'm just going to have to wash my hands more frequently and try to remember to wear my gloves when I am outside. I might get a pedicure next spring though, I wear sandals all summer and I think I could swallow the expense in the name of public service.

I talk a good game about nail hygiene and My desire to keep them nice but right now all I can think about is how much I want to get to peeling the polish off my nails. I am a work in progress.

I wasn't the only woman there who put some thought into what they looked like., I noticed that not one single woman there had any gray in their hair. Not one of us. This was a reunion of  all the class of the eighties and in that whole group of forty to fifty year old women had even a hint of gray hair. The men who had hair, had a lot of gray in it.  There were also more of the girls trying too hard to be MILFs there than guys trying to hard to be DILFS. The women who were really trying looked they shopped at Forever 21  and thought that when eighteen year old boys looked at them they could actually see them. These women worked hard to keep the dream alive that somehow the when in fact they looked more like slightly younger women who been ridden hard and put up wet. Is it better to look like a twenty the hard way or a forty the any way??

You know how you can tell your real friends? You don't see each other for years and when you do finally see each other again, you slip right  back in together like you've never been apart.

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