Monday, June 30, 2003

Yeah, right, when cats fly

Well, at least when my cat flies. Some asshat called before I had a chance to, thank you American Airlines, and got their fat assed animals on board. They only take two animals per flight. MY cats’ flight, their stupid animals instead of my brilliant animal. I bet those animals turn out to be yappy little pretend dogs too. They could have gone with class but they went with dogs in “Mama Luvs Me!” tee shirts.

My house is going to trapped with Kitty for two weeks. Unprotected. The only chance the house is going to have is that Broskey and Alphagal may get there before whatever fresh hell the cat planed, gets out of hand.

Poor Kitty! It hurts me to think about him all alone in the house. No dogger, no Me!, not able to go outside and get his Jaguar on in the tall grass. No chance to play with the bugs in the basement, no Me to chew on! WAAAAAHHHHHHH! He is going to experience things with out me!! who is going to explain that his mousy is not going to get found by pulling the CD player off the shelf, that the table cloth is not better served being in a pile on the floor; that while I can support his desire to thwart identity theft by shredding my magazines before I get rid of them, that I usually read the magazines prior to getting rid of them.

Poor itty bitty kitty witty. He gets so lonely when he is left by himself. And he won’t let his caretakers make him feel better either; he prefers to mask his pain by hissing and biting the hands that feed him. That’s how you know he’s unhappy. He bites because he cares.

Right now I should be out walking Daisy. It’s time. It’s absolutely gorgous out side. Not raining or even all that hot. I had dogger out in the dry!yard earlier and in an attempt to have Quantity time with her, I went out to the yard to hang out with her. I should have kept my involvement limited to hammering on the window and shrieking No! No! Dogs Do Not Eat That! No!. With big thanks to one of her many conveintly placed chuckholes - instead of hanging out I got to fall out. It feels like I broke my whole arch. So instead of a fun game of ball throwing and, Daisy’s favorite “No! No! Come Here! That Is Not A Toy!” I got to half limp have hop back into the house while Daisy tried to see if pulling my arm out of socket was as fun when I’m hopping as when I am just walking; with her it is all about Level Of Difficulty.

If this looks kind of one handed? I’m trying to keep a frozen container of brown stuff against my foot. It is rapidly thawing into whatever it was before it was frozen and whatever brown stuff it was, has changed into the brown stuff it is. I’m going to have to find another frozen something soon. I may be using a Sams’ lasagna for purposes not indicated on its packaging.

So, I’m pecking instead of walking. I need to go to the post office too. It’s a nice walk for Daisy. Harrumph.

Both the animals are asleep! They look so cute in their respective corners. Some day I am hoping they cane be asleep in the same corner. The keyboard makes so much more sound then I thought it did. Clacky, clickkity, clack. And it’s so quite outside. No huge car stereos blaring, no sirens in the distance or next door, no motorcycles, no ice cream truck. It sounds like everything is holding its breath.

I still have to pack, get the dogs stuff all together in just one place, get her food allotted for the trip, find her wardrobe of leashes, her weekly beauty treatment (no longer twice a week! No more vet visits!). I all ready packed my stuff but now I have to pack it again, yea me!

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