Friday, July 27, 2007

Hello!, again

The wind picked up, the fog rolled in and suddenly, it's cold.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Still vacationing, still enjoying vacationing. It is very hot - not in the way the rest of the country defines "hot", but "hot" as defined by those living without air-conditioning or adequate cross ventilation. Those living without air-conditioning or adequate cross ventilation don't need air-conditioning or adequate cross ventilation because they spend most of their time curled up in front of the fireplace, and, in fact air-conditioning and adequate cross ventilation would be at the very least, contraindicated most of the time. Sadly, not at this particular time.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dogger sings a song

" an'I'm play'in in the wat-ter
an'I'm play'in on the bea-ch and I'm play'in in the forest

an'I'm play'in and I'm playing, play'in an' a'play-in'

Allllll over the land"

Friday, July 13, 2007

Leavin' on a car trip...

Don't know when I'll be sane again...
Break A Leg!

I bathed Dogger and then I bathed myself and now I had these wet towels and I said "I should launder these now so I can dry them and put them away before we leave for three weeks", and then I forgot all about them.

10:30pm, I remember them. I decided to go put them into the dryer. They are soaking. Literally, the washer is full of water. It will not drain. I have to remove the soaking towels. I am stuck with an arm load of very wet towels. I drop them to the floor, after I put them momentarily on top the dryer (because I am very tried) I don't think dryers like being wet. The towels are causing my basement floor to take on pond-like characteristics.

The washer, now empty, cheerfully begins to spin.

I wait for it to finish, I redeposit the soaking wet towels (Like three towels, the machine was hardly over loaded) and wade upstairs.

Did I mention we had to turn off the water to the downstairs toilet? Yeah, the flush mechanism broke in two.
Friday Smokey Blogging

Mow, Mow, Mow His Yard

I just mowed the drug dealers yard. I didn’t do it because I’m a nice person or because I’m a team player or even because I had the urge to help out. It wasn’t altruism that mowed that yard, it was disgust. The drug dealer has left the building , although I saw a light on inside that didn’t make me think the house was entirely empty. The drug dealer left because... depending on who you ask :

1. “The police came and now he can’t live there anymore” (his six year old nephew)
2. “The house is being foreclosed” (The neighbor on the other side of the crazy woman)
3. “He was put out, he may be living close by though”” (my nice neighbor)

Whatever the reason, he did not leave on purpose. I didn’t notice a mountain of crap outside and a mountain of crap outside a house usually speaks to a forced retreat. One day the people are there, the next day, mountain of crap and they’re gone. I do kind of remember seeing some sort of notice on the door a while back but it wasn’t the right color. The notice the sheriff puts on a door when the occupants have to leave is goldenrod and usually features a lot of bold face capital letters. The notice I saw lacked those, also what ever was on his door was white - but that would speak to the “police came and he can’t live there anymore” I got from the nephew. Maybe it wasn’t the sheriffs department that put up the notice. Yes, I interrogated a six year old. He wanted to talk about his little cousin and I wanted to talk about the little cousins big daddy. Our needs intersected.

So anyway. I was mowing my yard with my push mower. I am so glad I have that. If you can, you should get one. They are very quite, and very green and I think the yard likes them better too, it seems to stay mowed for longer. People just can not believe what they are seeing when I’m out mowing, it takes them back, everyone has a story of watching their grandpa mow with one or how they used to have one. While I was still focusing on my yard, my nice neighbor came out in the yard and told me that his first job was mowing yards with a mower very much like mine. It was really sweet, it was a nice moment, and it never would have happened if I was mowing with the gas mower. I get all kinds of comments about the push mower, all of them positive..

Anyway. As I was marching back and forth across my yard, I couldn’t help looking at the absentee drug dealers yard and thinking That looks like crap. Everyone else takes care if their yards, why can’t he? Asshole didn’t do it when he was there either. and every pass I made I thought that really looks like crap and nobody is going to do anything about it. It’s just going to look like crap all summer, and the next thing I knew, instead of turning for another pass on my yard, I just kept right on going in the drug dealers yard. And I mowed it. His yard looks better and I feel better. I cussed him the whole time, and I realized about half way through that I was missing 30 Rock and that pissed me off. I also wondered if he would feel shamed when he found out that a neighbor took it upon themselves to mow his yard - because I would feel shamed if my yard looked so bad that a neighbor took it upon themselves to mow it, so while I was doing it so I lost whatever good karma points I might have accrued if I could have thought pleasant, non-judgmental thoughts about him, but I got it done.

On a more altruistic note, on Wednesday I went to try to give blood and I got two pieces of good news, the first being that since I moved here I have donated a gallon of blood, the second being that I was able to donate an additional pint. And there was much rejoicing throughout the Dianaverse.

For the gallon I got pin shaped like a drop of gold blood with a tiny “1" on it And I may be eligible for a second pin with a tiny “2" on it - no one there was able to say how many pints I’ve donated since I got the donor card. I think they could, the manager at the desk said they could, but they didn’t want to. They wanted to go home. I scored a tee shirt for the pint. Yay.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Cats' Pajamas

Things that makes me tired:

Any discussion of "Wither Smokey", we caught him, he got him inoculated and then we let him go. He was around for a couple of days and then he bounced back to the other building. Probably the only home he has ever known - and then we took him away from there again and he hung around for a day and he went back home. And now we have the angst Where is Smokey? Have you seen Smokey? I checked the other building and we wasn't there either!, He drank a lot of water when he was here, I bet he has kidney damage! It's making him confused, demented even! he needs us!, The week end is what did it, He was here on Saturday... I had no idea so many people frequented the building parking lot over the weekends Where is he? Do you think he's all right, I checked the other building and he wasn't there... We shouldn't have brought him over/We should go get him now!

I know that every one of us has our own little Smokey song we sing every-time we go outside, they are all a variation on : Here Kitty! Come on baby! Kitty, Kitty! Want some food? Here Kitty, come on Smokey!". What if he were some homeless guy named Smokey who hung out in our parking lot? Would we feed him? Obsess over him. Sing to him, talk to him? Cry over him? Are we nice to him because he isn't a human? Or because we think he is?

..And he doesn't come when he's called because he's not here and it hurts. Everything is so different, we're spread all over the new building and now we're with all these strangers, it's not like it was. As much as we wanted to move we never thought what it was going to be like in real life. It was one thing to pour over the blue prints it was quite another to have to live in the blueprints. I think everything looked closer together, like we would still see each other and we don't, we can't, we're on different floors, all mixed up with these new people. It changes things.

If we have Smokey we have something we're used to, something that didn't change, something, the only thing familiar about our new building. We're lonely for each other and we want our kitty back and he's not as lonely for us as we are for him. I'm lonely for him, it makes me sad to go out in the parking lot and not see him, I come in every morning and he's not hanging out in the parking lot waiting for me. He waited for me every morning, no matter how badly my day turned out to be, it always started out good, because of him.

And I'm tired of phone calls and meetings and angsting about him. I want him back but all these obsessing over where he is all the time is very depressing and it's not making him hang out with us. He is the cutest, sweetest little raccoon in a cat suit ever, and don't you forget it! But his office didn't move, just ours... I'm going to give on of my friends my cell number, just in case he comes back while I'm gone.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

La, La, La

Wow how did I go from being so far ahead to being so far behind?

Things to do, stuff to pack, lists to make, lists to lose, stuff to remember, stuff to forget.

I went by Wallyworld to check on Doggers collar. They have an embroidery shop there and I decided to give them a chance in the Sew The Rick-Rack On The Dog Collar Sweepstakes. Those who win, get to be the Official Sew The Rick-Rack On The Dog Collar venders, this is could be a profitable gig for them as Dogger spends a lot of time at the dog park and the dog park is hard on collars. Especially pink collars with rick-rack sewn on them.

I went by the store to 1) See if the collar was ready and 2) reinforce the idea that the collar has to be done by Friday . I don’t see why it’s going to take seven days to sew 10 inches of rick-rack onto a 23 inch collar. She reinforced the idea it will be ready by Friday. But not Tuesday, or Wednesday or Thursday.

She doesn’t understand that I have about four different lists going and getting that collar back before I leave is in the top five on all of them with “remember to tell neighbors that I am going out of town” and remember to give neighbors check for lawn guy”, “remember to stop paper”. It was the top item on a list I accidentally put through the wash and number two on a list I accidentally threw away when I was cleaning out my purse.

How many of ya’ll are going to see Harry Potter on Friday? I really, really want to but I don’t think I’m going to be able to juggle that and leaving out of here Saturday morning.

I’m going to be gone, by the way, for a couple of weeks. I’m going to update as often as I can but new content will be spotty. I will however be blogging the two day stuck-in-a-pick-up-with-my-parents-the-dog-and-two-cats-looza. I may blog each cow sighting and the condition of rest station restrooms! Woo-Hoo!!

The next and last Harry Potter comes on the 21st. The good thing about being in a media free zone will be that it will be very hard for me to get spoiled. People do a lot of whining about being spoiled, but if you are smart enough to avoid potential outlets of information, you shouldn’t get too spoiled. I hate it when people go to say, any pop culture oriented site or forum and then bitch and moan because they got spoiled. If you don't want to know, STAY OFFLINE UNTIL YOU FINISH THE BOOK and with the movie opening, don't even try to whine about having the movie "spoiled", if you all read the book four times since it came out, YOU CAN NOT BE SPOILED! You all ready know how it ends! . Do us all a favor and stay offline.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Scooter and Bush only thought he had it hard

China gets tough on crime

BEIJING - China executed the former head of its food and drug watchdog on Tuesday for approving untested medicine in exchange for cash, the strongest signal yet from Beijing that it is serious about tackling its product safety crisis.
Live on Earth

Damn, I'm hungry. They haven't moved the candy machines to our new building yet and I'm dieing! I know that junk food is wrong, but dammit, I'm hungry and office supplies, while high in fiber, aren't really as satisfying. Trust me on this.

I'm not even sure that I have change for the machine, it's just the idea that if I did have change then I could get something out it. It's about hope. No candy machine means no hope! They are leaving me hopeless! Also, if there were a candy machine in the break room, and I was hungry, I could go look at what the machine had and then reject what it had as being bad for me. I could not only not eat the bad food, I could earn self esteem points for recognizing the badness of the food and being strong and not eating it, even though I was hungry.

The machine not being there is causing me all kind of discomfort. I actually think that OSHA needs to be notified. My rights are being violated. My hope for this new building is that it will never get so hot inside that all the chocolate candy in the candy machine melts. That really sucks.

Back to Live Earth. I watched it. I watched a lot of it. It did tell me that I should unplug all my various chargers when they weren't in use and I did unplug my various chargers that were not in use, and later I felt bad about having a light on upstairs, but not so much that I turned it off. But I did feel bad about having in on. Live Earth left me feeling the same way Live Aid did. While I cared, I wasn't stirred enough to really do anything that would put me out.

I remember Live Aid, I watched it. And Farm Aid. And AIDS Aid. And Homeless Aid. I watched all the Aids.There is nothing like having a Republican in the Oval office to make things need aid - which kind of feeds into the RNC's goal of having the private sector take care of everything. All they have to do is either under fund or not fund at all and The People will render the aid. The People are easily taken.

Live Aid, as I remember it, was supposed to make all of us wealthy, spoiled, westerners get all upset and guilty about the plight of the poor starving Africans - But why wasn't it aimed at the war lords and corrupt politicians in Africa whose actions were actually starving the Africans? The rich, spoiled westerners weren't holding back aid shipments or blowing up food convoys. Did the war lords watch it? Did they feel bad?

Now we're upset about The Sudan, and once again corrupt politicians and war lords are starving the people. Why don't we do a whole concert attacking them? how about the nations arming them? The firms that are profiting off those sales? Fight the power! Damn the man! Sending the war lords bags of grain does not feed the people. You want to feed the people you need to cut out the war lords. Perhaps if they lived on top of our oil?

I will give Live Earth cedit for actually being about something that I have some input on, and in that way, I think it was somewhat successful. They could have spent the time spreading the word about the bizzillon different ways we can each save a little energy every day. They could have spent more time hammering those things home to us. Maybe more time spent spreading the word and educating the masses and less time kibitzing between acts.

74,300 Ways to save water

188,000 Ways to Save Energy

1,730,000 Tips on green living

2,100,000 Ways to Recycle

How Do I recycle my :fill in the blank

Monday, July 9, 2007

Live Earth

Did ya’ll watch? Do you know if you didn’t watch that you most likely stomp on baby rabbits or at the very least, shoot old men in the face - At least that’s what Move On told me in so many words in the many emails they sent me to remind me it was happening and that I should really go to a watching party properly get the whole Live Earth Experience.


I’m trying to go on vacation next week and I have things to do. Shoes to buy, for instance. My first stop was my favorite shoe store. It turns out the place you can buy strappy sandals is not the first place to look for hiking boots, the closest I found was a pair of hiking flip flops. Cute, but no sale. Moving on.

Then I went to REI. Hiking Boot Central. If you have a need, they have the shoe. Do you want to ride your bike to the wilderness and then hike? They have the shoe. What hemisphere will you be doing your hiking in? It matters. Is it a cool environment? How much rainfall do they average? Will you be using primarily existing trails or will you be going cross country? It matters! Are you foreseeing yourself using rocks or downed trees to cross streams? It matters. Will you be in desert environment? Sand stone or basalt? It matters. Will you be hiking around any active volcano ranges? Or are you planning on taking on the ice shelf? It matters! Remember, take only photo’s leave on foot prints! Going to Europe? Former Soviet Block or Western? It matters! . They have the hiking boot for you. It will cost you $289, but they have you covered. Sadly, while they may have you covered, I’m not spending $289 on a pair of glorified sneakers. It doesn’t matter that much. Very inspirational, but no sale. Moving on.

Do you know why they call Dicks Sporting Goods “Dicks”? Because signs saying “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” would be really, expensive and they might get sued by Tom Jones, and if they called it “Excentuate Your Penis!”, they might run into community decency issues. So they just called it “Dicks”. I think “The He-Man Woman Haters Club” was all ready taken. Pity.

Everyone was having sales. The problem I was having is that I define “on sale” differently then the average retailer. If something is still in the triple digits, in my mind it is not on sale. However, after spending a very depressing hour at REI learning that not only am I poor but I am also lazy, I was somewhat cheered by the Dicks sale table.

I decided on my on sale shoes and went to see if they had anything else on clearance I wanted. REI had thoughtfully put a pair of pants I had really wanted on sale so I wouldn’t have to leave the store empty handed. Dicks also had a pair of pants I needed as well. I am going on vacation, I need pants. Wilderness pants! and I need two pair. The REI pants can be converted to shorts and they act as a sun screen, the Dicks pants also act as sunscreen but they don't convert to shorts, you know for those I-don’t-want-the-option-of-wearing- shorts days.

After wandering the store it became clear that “Dicks” isn’t called “Dicks” after some guy named “Dick”. “Dicks” is named “Dicks” because that is what they cater to. The shoe department was the entire back wall of the store, the women’s shoe section was about 1/8th of the total - And yet we have 51% of the feet? The women’s shoes, all five of them, were pink, pink and white or pink and orange and most of them were under “Life Style” shoes, they had three pairs under “Outdoors”, including my on sale shoes, brown and blue, thank you very much. Next season they will be pink.

And then I came home and watched Live Earth. Almost all of it. Madonna wore the same dress to perform in that I wore to my reunion, infact almost all the women seemed to be dressed for a cocktail party. The Police should have made a citizens arrest and thrown that jackass Kanya West off their stage.

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Friday Cat Blogging

Smokey gets in your van?

So, about a year ago, maybe even more than a year ago, they told us that we needed to start cleaning out our offices, throwing away our crap and getting ready to move because this time was for real. Yes, it was a year ago because then as now, I am about to go on vacation and last year I left for vacation relieved that they had moved our move again, now it was supposed to be in September . And then it was October and then November and then “Well, it was supposed to be December but what with the holidays...” and then it was supposed to be January but it rained and the basement flooded and then it was middle of the March and then it was definitely April and then the first week of May and it ended up being the last week of June.

But anyway. All that time we talked about our feral cat and what we should do about Smokey. Smokey this, Smokey that. It was all about Smokey.

Everyone was all concerned about Smokey but oddly, no one was volunteering to buy him food or maybe take a turn at feeding him every morning not to mention making sure he had fresh water - not my job, by the way. I’m food.

Smokey’s fan club was more into giving him kitty treats and polluting his food dish with wet food. Do you know what becomes of wet food when it’s left outside in the heat? Fortunately for us, all gawds creatures love congealed cat food. I don’t think Smokey ever ate it but the raccoon population loved it - so much so that they sent us a little emissary - who then had to be removed. But not by them, because ewwww, Rocky was all furry and nasty and had sharp teeth and was probably rabid Whatever. Because if you stood in the parking lot and hollered “Furry, nasty with sharp teeth and probably rabid”, Smokey would have assumed you were talking about him. Because you were. Yeah, Smokey is adorable until you read his CV and it’s all about the fact he’s been wild for so long he’s actually more like a raccoon then the raccoons. In real life, Rocky was just more honest in his wildness. We trapped Rocky and sent him to live in the country. Smokey is just a raccoon in a cat suit, but tell the people at work that and you’ll make them cry.

Okay. So times moves on. We move on. “We” are now going over to the old building and feeding and watering Smokey. “We” don’t love this.

Finally, Smokey’s Fan Club notices that he is not with us.

A plan is hatched.

I am dragged out of my office by Old Boss because one of Smokey’s Fan Club has noted that he is at the other building ( where he has lived for 10 years) I saw him at a quarter to seven, but I didn’t see it as an emergency worthy of pulling people away from their desks. I saw it as “Tuesday”, much the same as “Monday” and “Friday”.

SFC had a crate and they wanted Smokey in it. Have you ever forced your house cat to do anything. Have you ever tried to force a feral cat into a crate? Yeah. It worked great and it only took the combined efforts of five of us to not get it done. Well, the next morning it took only one RN (and a handful of cat snacks) to get it done. And grudgingly, my respect for the fan club grew, moderatly. To think I had just been feeding him all this time,while they had been useing the time to get him enslaved to cat snacks. Brilliant!

Now we had a feral cat in a box. A surprisingly docile, co-operative, unfreaked out feral cat in a box. And we decided he should have his shots. Now we, or because I volunteered, I, had to take him to get his shots. The kind lady who has been the other person who actually bothered to really take care of him also kindly, really takes care of many, many other homeless animals through the SPCA and she hooked Smokey up with his shots. For $5!

Smokey was even co-operative in the car. And at the vets and driving back from the vets and when I stopped and got lunch on the way back to work.

And then, we had to let him go. It was hot and the novelty of seeing him close up was wearing off. I gathered the troops to see him off and got beaten to the punch by one of his fan club. Passive aggressive cow. Anyway. I saw him saunter his freshly street legal little self away, not bolt, he didn’t bolt! And I was afraid I wasn’t going to see him again.

And today, he came back! Yay! He knows where his food lives or really, where his cat snacks are. It doesn't matter! He's home. I felt all warm inside.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Things that make you say !@#$%

How is the City of Raleigh going to evacuate the population ahead of The Hurricane? When it comes, not if it comes - if they can not deal with the traffic generated by a short fireworks display in any kind of timely manner? It should not have taken over an hour for my twenty minute ride home afterwards and this was about forty minutes after the end of the display. The City of Raleigh needs help. They should be using events like this to practice their response to a mass amount of traffic and they fail to do so. They can't handle fair traffic, they can't handle game traffic,they can't handle concert traffic, they can't handle fireworks traffic -How are they going to handle the traffic generated by an actual emergency?

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

And how was your day?

I left work early, rushed home and hurried Dogger to the vet. I almost didn’t call the vet at all, I had found the left over ear mite stuff and I was using that - which would have been great - if she actually had ear mites. I had second thoughts after I looked at the calender and realized that we’re leaving on vacation before too much longer and I had a vison of me scanning the horizon hoping to find a 24 Hour Emergency Vet/Video Rental/Take Out Chinese in East Nowhere while we were on the road. I called the vet.

There is no such thing as a free lunch or reuseable left over dog meds. Just donate that 2/3s full bottle of whatnot because your dog will never be sick in the same way again and perish the thought of either one of my animals ever being mearly a little ill. My animals only gets the most baroque forms of illness. When the vet examined her ears she didn’t find anything as prosaic as mere mites, she found a superfund site and if her ears were Love Canal, her neck was the Cuyahoga River. They shaved her and now she appears to be wearing some sort of inflamed cravat. Lovely. My little over achiever.

I knew there was something funky about Doggers ears while on the ride to the vet the car, OMG the smell... I was like .Dear Gawd! Dogger, not so fresh feeling much? and this was with the windows open! I hadn’t noticed in the house because its not nearly as enclosed, and Denial... I should have known though, every time we were outside there weren’t any mosquitoes around, they were all flying away holding their noses and crying... And I had been cleaning her ears out too, a lot. I couldn’t come near her holding anything smaller than her food dish without her bobbing and weaving and employing ever evasive maneuver in her arsenal. Who knew she attended black Ops training? But she must have done well because she successfully camouflaged herself as a sock. We so did not learn that at Puppy School. I knew I shouldn’t have let her hang out with those German Shepards. I should have been more suspicious when they came in knowing how to disassemble a cars alternator , something the rest of the class didn’t learn until the 6th week. Daisy came in with the ability to tear out the squeaker of a chew toy in 5.4 minutes. The shepards could field strip an AK-47 in 1.5 minutes or 25 seconds if you didn’t want the enemy to be able to use it. Sigh.

Anyway. Dogger not only has a yeast infection she also has a bacterial infection and an infected”hot spot” the size of mans hand on her chest. Three diagnosis, four prescriptions, $199.89.

The left over ear mite treatment? Useless! And probably made the situation worse, the OTC ear mite stuff I had been using before I found the left over med? I might as well been dumping tabasco sause into her ear canal. I didn’t even tell them about the vitamin E I lubed her ear up after consulting a web site dedicated to doggy home remedies. Lesson Learned - In Real Life, It Is Not Just Like An Episode of House, You Must First Know What You Are Treating Before You Treat It.

The last time I saw a medical professional? $25. If I had to send Dogger or The Kitty to an optomistrist, I would have to mortgage the house.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Paris Hilton Should be Pissed or IOIYAR

WASHINGTON - President Bush spared former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby from a 2 1/2-year prison term in the CIA leak case Monday, stepping into a criminal case with heavy political overtones on grounds that the sentence was just too harsh.

Righteous Indignation. Rage. Anger. Fury. Hate.
Dogger doesn’t feel well.

I knew something was up on Friday at the park. It was very nice, not too hot, no objectionable dogs. She should have been out there running around with the other dogs, going from person to person for pets. Dogger wasn’t running around or going from to anywhere to anywhere. I felt kind of bad making her be there.

She sat next to me the whole time. She sat there so long that one of the other dog people asked me why I was holding her there. I told her that while in the past, I have held her there, this time the staying was completely organic. The most she did in the hour we were there was walk over a few feet and lay down. She wouldn’t even get up when I told her we were leaving. I was at the gate and she was just laying there, watching me. And not in her normal, snarky “I’m not leaving. I’m staying. HA” way either.

After I got her home I noticed that her neck looked funny, it was wet and kind of stiff and icky. She isn’t that sloppy a drinker and water doesn’t usually leave affected areas icky. Also, water drys and her neck and throat weren’t getting dry. I was concerned.

I had noticed a couple of days prior that she had some sort of “thing” on her neck, I chalked it up to rough dog play or maybe irritation from her collar. No, it wasn’t her collar and she hadn’t played rough with any of the other dogs in a while. Denial is my favorite river.

Dogger was so down, she really worried me. I had just given her a bath Thursday and reapplied her Frontline and gave her her monthly heart worm pill. I had at that time washed her with her heavy duty flea shampoo, because of the “thing” areas, and I thought that maybe it was just too heavy duty and maybe it had irritated her skin some how. But. She wasn’t itching or licking, a dead “my skin is irritated” give away, instead she was just laying there. I had a thought and checked her ears. ick, and Bingo!

I went to Petco and headed straight for the medication area. I kind of decided that she had ear mites and that might be why her chin and neck were wet. I think her neck was the same as the last time she had this and the staining was around her ears. I think because she was face down under the desk so much that it had pooled and got on her chin and neck. Yucky, but not a separate problem in itself .

Petco was not my friend. They didn’t have anything mark “Instant Ear Mite Cure”. I did find some ear mite treatment stuff, but I all ready had some at home. I did come away with some anti-itch shampoo for the off chance she’s suffering from fleas and some new anti-itch spray.

I came home and armed with cotton balls, hydrogen peroxide, my old ear mite treatment and dog cookies. Dogger was so unhappy she actually let me clean her ears out twice, glop ear mite stuff down her ears and treat the little sore areas that may not actually be wounds. I also shampooed her chest and neck.

Saturday she was still pretty listless and energy-free. She was very sad and she was letting me clean her ears out pretty vigorously and reapply the ear mite stuff twice a day without any argument. It was just pathetic. By Sunday, she no longer wanted me to clean her ears or approach her with anything in my hands, she got up and wandered away, still not running away from me but she expressed interest in moving away from me under her own power. Things are looking up. Today, Monday, I’m calling the vet to see if they can see her ASAP. We’re going in vacation in a couple of weeks and I want her back to health before we leave. I don’t really want to deal with a sickly dog in a car for two days. Think happy, healthy doggy thoughts for us.

Sunday, July 1, 2007