Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The photos thus far...
Tuesday Cat Blogging

Kitty vacations like a rock star.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Someone should tell the animals that the heat is not my fault.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

HAPPY SATURDAY from the road!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 1

The trip so far: finding my mothers cat in the box spring . The bed ate the cat! We should have asked how they define "pet friendly".

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stuffing myself

Well. My house is much cleaner than I had planned. Now, just in time to abandon it for a few weeks my house is cleaner than its been in months. All dressed up and nowhere to go.

I however, have some place to go and I am going but not yet . As of now I am still here, if only because I'm weighted down with all my stuff. I had no  idea I needed so much stuff , I have a stack of things that I keep adding to, I think I have everything I need, will need, might need and I keep finding more stuff. My most recent discovery is that I'm probably going to need to score another card picture and so that means Christmas decorations. More stuff. I keep adding to the pile and I'm starting to wonder if perhaps I have a stuff problem. I think about it and I decide to reject this - I chose to not look at it as just things, I chose to see it all collectively as a very bumpy security blanket.

The animals have stuff, the dog has her doggy tent, her back pack and her travel food. Baby Kitty travels light with just his travel food and his crate.

I'll be posting, albeit lightly while I'm gone, stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting Rover Ready for the Road, originally not posted on August 28, 2008

Venturing off on a road trip and don't want to leave your pup behind? Here are a few ways to make longer car journeys easier for her:

• Prepare her. Take her on a few shorter rides around town to get her warmed up and more used to traveling in the car.

Dogger loves the car.  She was born to ride - in the back seat, she does not care to ride in the front seat. Sad for her because that is where the window is. She totally misses out on hanging her head out the window. Its a safety issue I am aware but precautions can be taken. Doggles for example.

 • Protect her. Keep the snout inside the vehicle at all times. The breeze can be refreshing, but it can also whip up dirt and debris, which could get in her eyes.


• Entertain her. Give your dog a favorite toy to occupy her during the ride, and try to stop and stretch every 2 hours.

Dogger doesn't like to interact with toys in the car. I think it makes her car sick. She prefers to help the driver steer and failing that, she sleeps. All day.

I thought this  little article  would b appropriate  since Dogger and I will be on the road verysoon and since I realized what time it was and how very little I had actually gotten done this evening. I do get points for picking up the litter boxes for the hotels, but then I lost points for going hungry to the grocery store and buying lots of food I won't be able to eat before I leave . Are peaches too messy for the car?  I would think so, but then, how about cutting them up? Does it negatively effect them in the long run? Would I have to keep them refrigerated? I don't care for cold fruit - and just how ripe are they as we speak? Will they even live long enough to go on the road? What happens if I just eat them before I leave? I could do that too.

I've been on a real peach kick lately, what if I get arsenic poisoning? I don't also eat the pit but what happens if the pit leaks? Do peach pits leak? I did have to rescue a couple from the the disposal and they got a little damaged, did I then I have raw arsenic on my hands? Should I have worried?

I also bought some nice apples too. I believe they have arsenic in their seeds as well but I don't think I come in contact with those seeds directly. I understand that once upon a time people got ill from Waldorf salad because of the apple seeds. I do now however, eat Waldorf salad, so I should be in the clear. Could I be eating it and not know? Do they come in a Happy Meal?  Would a Waldorf salad be able to disguise itself as a protean bar? And if so, why? Why would it need to disguise itself? Are those salads the tricksters of the food world? Are they somehow bewitched? And again, Why? Who would so that? Doesn't take a lot of energy to maintain that sort of thing?

Clearly. I am getting a lot done.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Accrediting organization to review Wake's abandonment of diversity policy - Local - NewsObserver.com


Accrediting organization to review Wake's abandonment of diversity policy - Local - NewsObserver.com

Today my dishwasher is no longer a fire hazard. I'm so proud. I had to come home at lunch to let the repair guy in and while he removed large pieces of flammable metal from the maw of the machine I kept myself busy by preparing my dinner ahead of time - the garden totally paid for itself, I said Hmm. What do I want to eat? I need to get some of this stuff out of my refrigerator. Hmm. I see some ground meat of some sort and that needs to be eaten, what's out in the garden?"

As it turned out I had peppers out in the garden so I picked the largest one and made myself a nice stuffed pepper for dinner. Then I decided that Dogger should be bathed after work so I pulled out her towels and made a decision about her bedding and then I ate some lunch and went back to work only a half hour later than later. Not bad.

I came home after work, walked Dogger, fed Dogger, put the pepper in the oven,  found some noodles that needed eating and settled in to read my Real Simple, finding my next craft project! Alphagal call me! We're making a lamp with little birds attached to it! In real life it cost $595, we're going to beat that. Be prepared, there are tiny metal birds and dangerous involvment with electricity in your future.

And then I fell asleep. Hard. The kind of hard where you suddenly wake up and panic because there is a really strong possibility that it is now tomorrow and you wasted all of what was left of today. Fortunately, it was still today and I had not wasted all of it, although I did end up bathing Dogger in the almost dark.

She got bathed and her bedding and towels are in the laundry and her Futon and dog bed are clean and smell good. There is still a film of dog hair on her carpet that I should have dealt with but didn't. There is always tommorrow, unless I sleep through it.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Friday Monday Cat Blogging

though the years some of our best known chefs were in reality, small black and white cats.
Missing Her

Saturday morning my door bell rang. I paused, the last time my door bell rang on a Saturday morning it was a junkie asking to borrow a spoon - but that was then and this is now and it was past 7am and there was a chance it was not a junkie. It might be someone trying to sell me magazines or to sell me on their church. We can be ever hopeful. I still waited because I also don't care for people trying to sell me magazines or their faith.

If they catch me on a bad day I will end up with a houndred subscriptions to Essence and a membership in the Church of Zorg. I can be weak, but catch me on a good day it is better for the both of us if you don't tarry,  just leave your pamphlet in my door and then run away, don't wait for me to shove it back down your throat, because I will - this bad attitude brought to you by someone who does go door to door bothering people with both pamphlets and surveys. I know my karma and I approach every door as if I am answering it myself: I'm either going to win a convert to Zorg or I am going to cursed at and have the door slammed in my face.  Everyone has good and bad days. I am hopeing it is a bad day for them. Go Zorg!

The young woman at my door looked like a magazine salesperson. I am working my way through school and to raise money we are selling blah, blah, scam,  fraud, rip-off, etc... I brought all my available Spanish to the front of my mind , prepared to no esta her off my porch.

She didn't want to sell me any magazines, instead she handed me a flyer. Her mother went missing in 1993 and she used to frequent this area of town, should I see her, please call the number at the bottom of the sheet. There was a picture of a  heavy set white woman with a mullet  and a knock off Members Only jacket. According to the dates she was 33. She looks 45 the hard way.

A white woman in a mullet with missing teeth in my neighborhood circa 1993? When I moved here in 2001, the only other white women I saw were hookers. Who all had mullets, missing teeth and knock off Members Only jackets. The sheet didn't give an occupation but did give a lot of numbers and acronyms. NamUS, NCIC, RPD. I still didn't buy it. I decided that it was a wank, that it was really a ploy to see who was home and who wasn't, it was a theft ring checking out the neighborhood. Thanks to the Internet anybody could pull a picture and cut and paste to their little hearts content.  I thought about alerting the police to this scam.

I went online myself.  She really is a missing person and she was as I suspected a prostitute with ties to the drug business. A white woman in this neighborhood at that time was not here to go to church - and if she was, it was a really, really, really long service. She's been gone for 17 years.

The girl at the door made it sound like there was a reasonable chance I was going to run into her at Wal-Mart and that the woman was among us and perhaps just hiding, maybe changed her name or had a one night stand that got out of hand and  now she was embarrassed to come home. I believe the lady is no longer with us and its a testament to her  that 17 years later , her adult children ( I saw the girl and another guy hours later, still hitting doors) are going door to door in the heat to ask us if we've seen her.

Have you seen her?

Parley Ann Pate

She went missing on 2/9/1993
Last seen - Raleigh, NC
DOB 6/16/59
H/W - 5'7, 140-160 pounds
Eyes/Hair - Hazel, brown
Scar on forehead and abdomen.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th!

Did you know my work computer has been beset by a still napping Trojan virus ( which was found because its brother woke up in another computer across the hall) that led to my beloved computer with all my carefully collected favorites and settings and desk top goodies being wrested from me and replaced with an inferior replacement - after struggling with that all day Wednesday I came in Thursday with the idea that everything would be back to normal and I would be able to dive back into my routine -  but then my denile bubble burst all over me and reality was really sticky ... Thursday morning I was greeted with 240+ individual pieces of malware! And there was nothing I needed preloaded on the hard drive and the IT person had to spend hours messing with it and I wasn't able to get anything done and I spent so much time playing with my phone I ran the the battery down by 2:30pm!

 240 pieces of malware! Sad, unhappy computer! Sad unhappy Diana! I spent two days feeling my blood pressure spike to new and exciting heights.  I was horrified by the malware, I felt so violated because I hadn't even had a chance to mess with the computer that way!  So, kudos to me on that front, because I admit to making really bad choices with my work computer and having almost no control what-so-ever with what sites I go to but this computer  came pre-messed! and this was all Wednesday and Thursday August 11-12! What kind of hell will be unleashed today! I am fully expecting my computer to blow up and make the other computers blow up or spread some here-to-for unnamed virus that will send all our confidential information onto Twitter and Facebook under my log in.

And of course our federal over-seers have been here all week and so my boss has been in a super good mood all week and my computer issues have only made her a happier person. On the upside, I go on vacation next week, I don't have time for this crap. I need every spare moment for either fantasizing about not being in the office for three week sor spazzing because I'm not going to be in the office for three weeks.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ah Ha. We have posting.

 I was able to post from my phone but when I went to the horses mouth it was a no go. Whatev I can post now. Not that I have anything to post, I  had a very frustrating day computer-wise at work and I discovered that not being able to work all day is almost worse than working all day.

It turned out that I had a nasty little virus, well, not just me, other people as well and it was really hard to get the bugger out, in fact, I had to get a new computer - which took time and then all of my crap had to be loaded on to it and that took time and all and all, everything took a lot of time and I got nothing done. I did spend a lot of time playing with my phone though - lets hear it for mobile versions! I wish  more of the sites I go had them. You would think in this day and age they would be the norm, doesn't everyone spend too much time surfing with their phones? Isn't it the whole purpose of the Internet to provide us with more and better time wastes? It's appalling to not be able to access a site because its not mobile ready. Shocking really.

I shouldn't be playing with anything. I am going on vacation in a very short period of time and I am not prepared. Or worried. I should be very worried! I should be shopping and packing and collecting and doing!  Thus far I have done some shopping, for car food and I found a word search book I will use in the car - that's it. A couple of boxes of protean bars and a word search book. I haven't decided on clothes or thought about what toys I want to bring with me or started to collect books - I have three days in the car to prepare for and I have a word search book! I am appalled with myself.

I have thought about packing. I have been thinking a lot about the plastic vacuum bags I have under my bed. I got them for storage but I never got around to storing anything in them so now they look a lot like suit cases. I have a really big one, a cube, and according to what I remember about the blurb on the package, it will hold everything in my house.  The furniture, the fixtures, all of it. I'm sure it will hold a couple of weeks of socks and underwear and enough t-shirts to see me through. I  mean it will hold a couch.

I have half a mind to just go buy a bag o' socks and a bag o' undies and be done with it, I mean who doesn't need more socks and undies? Because If I do it, I can just sift through my 47,000 tee shirts and take the least offensive and throw in a couple of pairs of shorts and maybe some khakis and be done. with. it. -  But I was kind of thinking of bringing the nicer shirts that I wear to work - You know, I'm older now and maybe it would be better for me to project a more mature image. Tee-shirts don't exactly say "Hi. I'm a 42 year old woman", but then whoever wanted to say "Hi. I'm a 42 year old woman"?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And now we're back...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blogger is down again<:(>.
Fire and Water

I got a letter from Amana letting me know my dishwasher and 1. 7 million of its cousins, are fire hazards. The letter went on to confess that the products heating element can catch on fire and in some cases can and will burn my house down.

Their records indicate that I have one of their little bombs in my house. They just wanted to let me know that while no bodily injury has been reported yet that its just a matter of time  before their demonic serial killer dishwashers of  doom start to escalate and its probably going to be me that  breaks that cycle. Yay.

They suggest that I disconnect the electric supply by shutting of the fuse or circuit breaker controlling it and then they suggest I tell the household that the machine is a death trap. The dog and kitty have been notified.

The thing I'm not seeing anywhere on this letter is who they are going to send to wash my dishes for me, cause I ain't gonna. My kitchen is not designed for hand washing of dishes, I do not have the supplies to wash my own dishes nor do I plan on acquiring them. I could be talked into raping the environment with paper plates but I know they don't make paper woks. and I am pretty sure my microwave would eat a paper mug if I tried to go that route - if my dishwasher isn't going to burn my house down they are all but inviting my microwave to do the deed.

 I'm not putting up the police tape  they included in the letter just yet. When I looked at the letter more closely it speaks of a "heating element". I do not use a "heating element" I fully expect my dishes to dry on their own, I do not waste electricity by making the dishwasher do the work!  I'm pretty sure... I mean I don't have that button pushed or anything but I also don't really supervise the machine while it does its work either.  I pretty much just fill it and forget it. I close the door on dirty dishes and open it  and there is like magically clean dishes later on. I don't know how it works, I'm assuming Harry Potter and his friends are all in there spraying magic water and soap and playing Quidditch  or whatever. The dishes get clean and I don't have dishpan hands.

I called and talked to a machine and apparently they know all about me and my fire hazard. They confirmed my name and address and that my machine is absolutely going to burn my house down. They would give me a rebate of almost nothing if I wanted to replace my bisque machine with a sexier stainless steel model.  I'm one of those outliers, I don't do stainless steel . Magnets are a turn on and finger prints are a turn off. I  like long walks on the beach and chick flicks.

The machine scheduled an appointment for the 16th, so they aren't real scared about this, if they offered to be here say tomorrow I would be a little flustered but if they are comfortable enough to schedule appointments a week out - well, I'm not going to go investing in rubber gloves. I;m about to live life on the wild side, I'm going go load my dishwasher.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Garden Update 14

Well, pour one out for our friend Experimental Pepper.

Last weekend it was fine. A week later its done for. I went through its soil and looked at its admittedly tiny root ball and could find nothing that seemed to have done it in. The soil was moist and  very loosely packed. I didn't find any tale tail signs of infestation. It just died. One down, many, many to go.

Speaking of experiments, the experimental Tomato is still producing, it is in fact the only tomato plant producing. It's leaves are looking a little worse for wear but the fruits are healthy and I see no signs of illness or infestation.

The in-ground tomatoes are growing but not growing more tomatoes. When I was touring the garden earlier I did find a couple of fetal fruits but nothing like what the ET is doing.

Those belong to the 4th of July plant. I noticed another very young fruit on what I remember to be the Big Pink plant. One of the sause varieties has flowers now and the plant that was supposed to produce big, giant sandwich sized fruits has yet to even flower, it is however eight feet tall.

On the shorter end of the spectrum

Those are just for show, it produces all these cute little beans that never actually mature.

The volunteer pumpkins just keep doing their thing. No flowers as yet and they are shorter and the leaves less broad than Alphagals on-purpose pumpkins. I am hopeing this is a varietal difference and not that this vine is fated to be just pretty. I'm hopeing that since I bought the donor at the farmers market and not a grocery store that maybe I can beat the sterile pumpkin seed odds.

Back to the tall plants. The peppers are actual out performing the tomatoes. With all but one plant having lovely peppers waiting on stand by for me.

 My only issue is that they are supposed to be bell peppers but they aren't at all like the bells see at the farmers market. They aren't as large and they don't have tidy flat bottoms to rest on in the oven. My peppers are all foldy and elastic. I discovered that they taste really, really good and have a great texture, they aren't really suitable for stuffing. Wah.

A family picture.

Back to the front, we all ready spoke about the sad ending of the EP. Sigh. On the upside, I finally am no longer a member of the Shrub Liberation Front. Thanks to my Dad and my hedge trimmer we went from

 Do notice in the lower right hand corner the still thriving EP, that was a week a go. Post  trimming to this

It actually looks like someone lives here now. My Dad trimmed all the hedges across the front of the house and it looks so much better than it did. Much more tucked in and for the first time in a long time I'm not thinking of ripping them all out just to spite them. I don't mind them near as much now that they aren't trying to eat my house.

As long as we're talking about the front of my house, lets chat about my flowers shall we?

Aren't they lovely? And speaking of the flowers, look more

I can't say much about the seed flowers. They did well early on but they petered out very soon. They were fin while they lasted though.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Cat Blogging


We're getting a scroll on the screen that is warning us that it is going to rain. Yes, its going to rain and we have to be warned that there will be wet stuff falling from the sky. I think they want us to know that  the authorities know that there is wet stuff falling from the sky so that the stupid people don't assume the sky is bleeding. The teabaggers will assume its Glen Becks tears and hopefully drown like turkeys.

I had to block an elementary school classmate on Facebook today. He almost never posts and then when he does he praises Glenn Beck and derides the judge that over turned Prop 8! He really, really had to go. I love the ignore function. I get to keep my all-important friend tally up while at the same time never having to deal with this jackass again. Yay.

I've been saying all week I'm going to mow the yard, I'm going to mow the yard and again I did not mow the yard. I'm going to give the yard guy cash to mow it this weekend. It was great when it was not raining at all and it was hot and the grass was playing dead but now its raining again and the grass is green again and growing and I don't see me out there trying to beat it back with the push mower. Its going to need more horsepower than I can provide. I'm going on vacation in a few weeks and I don't want to die before I get a chance to blow this pop stand for a few weeks. That would suck, I mean heaven is, I'm sure, very nice but I really need to go on vacation.

I think my experimental pepper might be dead. It went all floppy and  wilty and shriveled up  and the peppers don't seem to thriving the way the peppers planted  in the back are, it took them a while to get it together and the plants are skimpy but I have four or five very nice peppers back there. I am practicing self control and letting them mature on the plant. They aren't coming out square like the ones at the store though, those are tidy and easy to cook with - not that I am throwing my sexy little friends out of bed, but they don't look the same.

Speaking of  my garden, the tomatoes are not doing well. And by "doing well" I mean producing tomatoes. At all. One of the plants hasn't produced a single fruit, not even flowers! If some of the plants are  co-operating, I'm also contending with bands of roving squirrels that steal my harvest! I've never had problems with that in the past and this year they come through like furry locusts, I bang on the window at them and they don't even react. Bastards.

I think next next year I am going to make some changes to the garden and think about plant placement. I don't want to get too discouraged by this years garden performance because this summer has been so constantly hot and humid and unfriendly to growing things and so over run by squirrels.  The results are not entirely my fault.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Diana Childs

What a lovely evening. I love summer* . I took Dogger for a walk then came back to the house and watered everything while Dogger tried on the tree for  a chew toy, unsuccessfully. Then I read a magazine and waved at neighbors. When I left the house in the morning to go to work I had said to myself that I should mow the yard when I get home. I decided not to as I was really happy with all this enjoyment business and I didn't want to ruin it with work and sweat and not loving summer. All and all a very nice evening.

Then I came back inside  and went to battle with this machine. Not at all nice, the rotten son-of-a-bitch. Anyway.

Before all that I made a fab dinner that provided me with fab leftover and tomorrow night I can be happy about my dinner and feel like a good cook again. I got experimental this time and tried to use beef bullion infused water as a deglazer. My beef bouillon was cheap and old and it was not the most successful ideglazing agent ever - I would have preferred chicken bouillon, but either I don't have any or I have lost it or used it all in dog cookies but in any case, it was a good try and it was at least better than plain water. Next time I'll plan ahead, perhaps buy some wine or go to a real grocery store and actually look for packaged deglazer - I just finished reading Kitchen Confidential and Bourdain would not approve. To hell with Anthony Bourdain, he has minions to slave over chicken bones and fish and veal stock, the rest of us lack the staff for such pursuits. Bring on the pre-packaged deglazers!

My cook books and Mr. Boudain urge me to make my beef/chicken/fish broth the hard way and I am not a "hard way" person. I am barely a  soft way person and to be honest, I actually prefer my food to just appear in front of me on a tray - sadly, this is not a possibility, okay, the possibility exists but  its an expensive possibility and not one I chose to pursue. Every night.  If whatever it is I'm making requires more than two pots and more than ten minutes standing in front of the stove I expect 1)applause and  2) chicken breasts that end up tasting like steak and thus far the neither animals have not mastered the needed skill sets to make those things possible.

Why is it the better your dinner tastes the worse your kitchen smells a few hours later? I really like a bit of cummin here and there and I love garlic  butthey both make the kitchen smell deadly afterwards - and why didn't anyone tell me about cooking with parlsey? Its good! I had no idea, I thought it was just for garnish until I saw a bottle of it dried at Poverty Barn and decided to get it on a lark. I bought it for its aplication as a dog cookie additive because chopping fresh paersley is time consuming and messy and fido could care less about the providence of his breath freshener - But imagine my shock when it was good in people food as well! Who knew?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I accidently put a movie I own on my Netflix list. It arrives tomorrow.

I finally got purple bike back from the bike hospital. It cost more to get it fixed than it did to buy it new in the first place - about twice what I paid for it, but today its back to being street legal and I can  feel comfortable taking it to Marquette and leaving it there as a donation to the house.  Purple Bike was never  fancy and now its been altered to be even less fancy, its been neutered down to a single speed, heart breaking sure, but it was the only way to save it.  Purple Bike will still get you from point A to point B faster then hoofing it and cheaper than driving. Any bike is better than no bike at all.

I picked it up night before last and while it was still in the car I decided to take it for a test drive over lunch . I discovered it is lighter and has a better turning radius than new old bike! Purple bike turns on a dime and I don't know what speed they froze it at but it zips a long without having to put too much English on it  - And even better both breaks work! Yay! it stops without the rider having to run it into something. Not Yay? the seat is really uncomfortable and the guys at the shop changed the seat height and it is at least temporarily way too high. Thanks guys at the bike shop for not returning it to its original setting.

But thank you for fixing it so quietly and not making me hear about what a POS it is. That's why they get the really big bucks It  did cost a lot to get it fixed and I absolutely could have picked up a new bike for less - Hindsight being twenty-twenty, but I took it in to be fixed imagining it to be a $40-$60 fix,  and then it kind of snowballed. Once they started looking at they saw all kinds of problems most of them stemming from the fact that the bike was never supposed to be fixed, it was engineered to not be  fixable. Henry Ford would so not approve of this bike.

I think the bike was designed to be part of a New Years Resolution "To Get Back into Shape and Get More Exercise". It was supposed to be ridden two or three times and then put away, it was never actually supposed to be ridden as much as it was. I believe that it was  built  primarily to be able to sit in a garage  happily for years gathering dust and then I betrayed that by daring to ride it every day, the poor bike was never suppsoed to be used as a bike. It was supposed to be a clever planter at best and a sourse of guilt at worst. Too bad, its going to be riden and its going to enjoy it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


You have heard that Target Corp gave $150,000 to a right wing, homophobic tea party nut job in Minnesota. Target Corp said it was just exercising its right to free speech.

Exercise yours : 612-304-6073
Happy Happy

My birthday is  at the end of the month and in honor of that I started my party early by buying myself a birthday gift. Because I am over forty and this is just what happens to you, I spent too much for something I in all honesty I could have either done without or done just as well with less. If I was male and wealthy I would buy a red sports car or a blond. I'm not so I went in a different direction.

But a girl only turns forty-two once and I am very pleased with my new toy. I believe in fact that we were fated to be together. I was at the store for a different reason and I saw it there, splayed out on the table looking all sexy and available and on sale and I said Hmm. I want that. I need that, I stood there and fondled it until a worker bee ran into me with a cherry picker. I took that as a hint that perhaps it was time to move on, if we were really meant to be together the separation would not effect our bond.

I was at the store for a purpose and it was not to add to my toy collection. I found what I needed and  I went home. On the way home I thought wistfully of my lost love. Time passed, hours even and I had not stopped thinking about my truw lurve. I  spent those hours trying to talk myself out of it.

You don't need it. Everyone you own all ready has one and you can just borrow theirs

 But then I would say :

Everyone has one at their house! Emphases on their house, not my house. If everyone has one at their house, it just goes to prove that I should have one at my house too!

To that I answered :

You have many options to choose from! If you want one, go borrow one of theirs! How often do you need to play with this toy anyway? Come on!

Yeah but:

Its on sale!

I won. I went back to the store and hoped that it had waited for me, because its about fate here after all. if it was still there then we were meant to be together. Great Joy! It had!  My very own Black and Decker 24 inch Hedge Hog loved me too! It is truly a thing of beauty. I took my new best friend home with me. My shrubbery will never be the same! Thank gawd because those mofos are out-of-control! my dog can't look out her window! She is thwarted ion her desire to survey the grounds! How can she protect my property if she can't even see out the damn window? Its really an issue of security, not because I believe that the shrubberies are mocking me.

 I was going to post a picture of my new toy along side pictures of the out-of-control, mocking shrubberies but Blogger doesn't want me to  post pictures this evening. Bummer, but at the same time I can keep my shameful shrub issues between me and my neighbors and you can look up the trimmer if you want to.I also think my neighbors will be pleased by gift. The neighbors I think,  join the shrubberies with the cruel mocking, even the renters have in-control shrubberies and their own trimmers

Not anymore.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Citizen Diana

Freedom isn't free. It requires sacrifices from us all. Some of us are in uniform, all of us pay taxes and then there are the people who take part in the minutia of our democracy.

A perfectly good Saturday, one where I woke up at an ungodly hour, drove to the most unlovely city in the state and preceded to sit in a garish ballroom

 ...all afternoon watching  a room full of gadlfys and attention whores make, sweet, sweet love to the microphones while they complained about everything in the paltform that didn't suit them personally  and failing that, bitched and moaned about "the" vs. "tha" and whether or  not it was a waste of time to have two resoultions in praise the president  - after much loud debate we decided it was not! too much - and then there was the hour we spent argueing about if it would be prudent at all to add a resolution condemming the threee wretched turncoats from NC that voted againts the healthcare bill.

 It was decided after much  strenouse debate that we would not condem them so much as express our disapointment in their choices and hope in the future that they will  REMEMBER THAT THEY ARE DEMOCRATS. Its an election year after all and we don't want to give the other side any more ammo.   My fellow deligates are spineless and weak and desirve the jack asses they elected.  I voted for the orginal resloution that suggested the three go to hell on an elephant made of fire. I thought it was succent and well written.

I left early. I can only stand so much before I begin to wonder if Roberts Rules of Order can be used as a bludgen or if it was more apropratly sized to shove down throats.

Before I got to where I wondered what kind of fly swatter you use on gadflys, Rep. Bob Ethridge gave a rousing speech that told us not to let the assholes get us down. I like him, a couple of jerks got in his face and he told them to fuck off. Its time for Democrats to follow his example and stop taking it on the chin. Turning the other check just gets us knocked on our asses.

If I never go back to Fayetteville it will be one day too soon. It is ugly and industrial and unloved. The entire city is "that part" of town. As I was happly leaving it behind I saw this:

Yeah. Kind of cute, but not enough.