Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Pretty, Pretty. Lot's of hiking, climbing, general outdoorsyness. No TV, radio, phone or easy internet accsess. Sigh. I miss the Olympics but I get the Repukes convention? Sigh. I want to go back to the forest. Posted by Hello
Pretty Flowers and where once there was a man made lake there is now a natural river. A earth dam broke last year and wiped out the lake. The flowers are growing on what was the lake bed. Posted by Hello
I didn't spend my whole vacation in the mines. I also toured the woods and went climbing. Posted by Hello
Florida is doomed

Banana Republicans are at it again

Thanks to Copygodd for shareing the joy.
Diebold wants to change your vote.

from Fark.com

Consumer Report Part 1: Look at this -- the Diebold GEMS central tabulator contains a stunning security hole
Submitted by Bev Harris on Thu, 08/26/2004 - 11:43. Investigations
Issue: Manipulation technique found in the Diebold central tabulator -- 1,000 of these systems are in place, and they count up to two million votes at a time.

By entering a 2-digit code in a hidden location, a second set of votes is created. This set of votes can be changed, so that it no longer matches the correct votes. The voting system will then read the totals from the bogus vote set. It takes only seconds to change the votes, and to date not a single location in the U.S. has implemented security measures to fully mitigate the risks.

This program is not "stupidity" or sloppiness. It was designed and tested over a series of a dozen version adjustments.

Public officials: If you are in a county that uses GEMS 1.18.18, GEMS 1.18.19, or GEMS 1.18.23, your secretary or state may not have told you about this. You're the one who'll be blamed if your election is tampered with. Find out for yourself if you have this problem: Black Box Voting will be happy to walk you through a diagnostic procedure over the phone. E-mail Bev Harris or Andy Stephenson to set up a time to do this.

For the media: Harris and Stephenson will be in New York City on Aug. 30, 31, Sep.1, to demonstrate this built-in election tampering technique.

Members of congress and Washington correspondents: Harris and Stephenson will be in Washington D.C. on Sept. 22 to demonstrate this problem for you.

Whether you vote absentee, on touch-screens, or on paper ballot (fill in the bubble) optical scan machines, all votes are ultimately brought to the "mother ship," the central tabulator at the county which adds them all up and creates the results report.

These systems are used in over 30 states and each counts up to two million votes at once.

(Click "read more" for the rest of this section)

The central tabulator is far more vulnerable than the touch screen terminals. Think about it: If you were going to tamper with an election, would you rather tamper with 4,500 individual voting machines, or with just one machine, the central tabulator which receives votes from all the machines? Of course, the central tabulator is the most desirable target.

Findings: The GEMS central tabulator program is incorrectly designed and highly vulnerable to fraud. Election results can be changed in a matter of seconds. Part of the program we examined appears to be designed with election tampering in mind. We have also learned that election officials maintain inadequate controls over access to the central tabulator. We need to beef up procedures to mitigate risks.

Much of this information, originally published on July 8, 2003, has since been corroborated by formal studies (RABA) and by Diebold's own internal memos written by its programmers.

Not a single location has yet implemented the security measures needed to mitigate the risk. Yet, it is not too late. We need to tackle this one, folks, roll up our sleeves, and implement corrective measures.

In Nov. 2003, Black Box Voting founder Bev Harris, and director Jim March, filed a Qui Tam lawsuit in California citing fraudulent claims by Diebold, seeking restitution for the taxpayer. Diebold claimed its voting system was secure. It is, in fact, highly vulnerable to and appears to be designed for fraud.

The California Attorney General was made aware of this problem nearly a year ago. Harris and Black Box Voting Associate Director Andy Stephenson visited the Washington Attorney General's office in Feb. 2004 to inform them of the problem. Yet, nothing has been done to inform election officials who are using the system, nor have appropriate security safeguards been implemented. In fact, Gov. Arnold Swarzenegger recently froze the funds, allocated by Secretary of State Kevin Shelley, which would have paid for increased scrutiny of the voting system in California.

On April 21, 2004, Harris appeared before the California Voting Systems Panel, and presented the smoking gun document showing that Diebold had not corrected the GEMS flaws, even though it had updated and upgraded the GEMS program.

On Aug. 8, 2004, Harris demonstrated to Howard Dean how easy it is to change votes in GEMS, on CNBC TV.

On Aug. 11, 2004, Jim March formally requested that the Calfornia Voting Systems Panel watch the demonstration of the double set of books in GEMS. They were already convened, and the time for Harris was already allotted. Though the demonstration takes only 3 minutes, the panel refused to allow it and would not look. They did, however, meet privately with Diebold afterwards, without informing the public or issuing any report of what transpired.

On Aug. 18, 2004, Harris and Stephenson, together with computer security expert Dr. Hugh Thompson, and former King County Elections Supervisor Julie Anne Kempf, met with members of the California Voting Systems Panel and the California Secretary of State's office to demonstrate the double set of books. The officials declined to allow a camera crew from 60 Minutes to film or attend.

The Secretary of State's office halted the meeting, called in the general counsel for their office, and a defense attorney from the California Attorney General's office. They refused to allow Black Box Voting to videotape its own demonstration. They prohibited any audiotape and specified that no notes of the meeting could be requested in public records requests.

The undersecretary of state, Mark Kyle, left the meeting early, and one voting panel member, John Mott Smith, appeared to sleep through the presentation.

On Aug. 23, 2004, CBC TV came to California and filmed the demonstration.

On Aug 30 and 31, Harris and Stephenson will be in New York City to demonstrate the double set of books for any public official and any TV crews who wish to see it.

On Sept. 1, another event is planned in New York City, and on Sept. 21, Harris and Stephenson intend to demonstrate the problem for members and congress and the press in Washington D.C.

Diebold has known of the problem, or should have known, because it did a cease and desist on the web site when Harris originally reported the problem in 2003. On Aug. 11, 2004, Harris also offered to show the problem to Marvin Singleton, Diebold's damage control expert, and to other Diebold execs. They refused to look.

Why don't people want to look? Suppose you are formally informed that the gas tank tends to explode on the car you are telling people to use. If you KNOW about it, but do nothing, you are liable.


1) Let there be no one who can say "I didn't know."

2) Let there be no election jurisdiction using GEMS that fails to implement all of the proper corrective procedures, this fall, to mitigate risk.

Don't be afraid, be very afraid. Vote absentee ballet and make a copy

Republicans Mock the Troops at Convention

Go Here to read about them and then contact The Leadership Institute directly. I did. Nail these losers to the wall.

snagged from Atrios
I love the feeling of complete outrage at 7:36am

Secret Service Shuts down NPR interview with Michael Moore at GOP convention

stolen from Jesus Generals' Inner Frenchman

Now with Audio from Tom Raworth
Back to Reality

Oh. Goody. I'm back to work. Yay. It was nice to see that no one did anything while I was gone. It's a good thing I worked my ass of before I left because it would be really ugly instead of only fairly unattractive. I was glad to not find any ominous See me! notes tacked to my door when I walked in, and when I ( accidently) ran into My Boss in the hallway she didn't want me to come to her office and sit down, so I guess the night sweats and anxiety attacks were just drills. Thanks central nervous system!

I found this in my email mailbox

It is that time of the year when DHHS is kicking off the annual State
Employee's Combined Campaign and the representative for the DFS is XXX with the Blah Blah Section. XXX has asked that I encourage those of you who are available to Attend the "Kickoff" which will be held Tuesday morning, August 31st From 9 - 10 a.m. on the front lawn of the Adams Building on the Dix Campus. I realize many people start surveys on Tuesday but if you are available, I hope to see you there!

I got this just now

As life's storms blow through, such as tropical storms, it is good to
Know that the State Employee's Combined Campaign is there and involved. Speaking of storms, if the SECC Kickoff planned for the front lawn of The Adams Building is literally rained out due to the storm (s) We are promised good food---donuts, bagels with cream cheese, fresh fruit, nuts, lemonade, ice tea, coffee and cold water. Your mouth should be watering right now just like the tropical storm. Please put it on your calendar - tomorrow, Tuesday August 31, 2004 from 9 to 11 AM. It will be held! We'll see you there!

Love the drool analogy. I often cause flash flooding when I think about eating in a gymnasium. I have to decide who will get my whopping $60 donation. I wonder if Move On is on the list? Is the DNC a United Way charity?

And so that we really, really, really get the message, if the banner in the entry way and the reminders stuck on every flat surface in the building are not enough, we get yet another plea.

This one is a monster. It goes on for days. It has no paragraphs. It looks like every spam plea you have ever deleted. It's just line after line after line preaching the goodness of donating to the State Employee's Combined Campaign and hep'n our fellow peoples.

All he really needed to do, other then breaking for paragraphs, was to say four little words

"Remember Fran and Floyd".

Nothing opens wallets like the threat of bad karma.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Huge machine used to draw the ore out of the raw rocks taken from the mine. Posted by Hello
This is me standing next to tires for those trucks. The tires are 11 feet tall. Posted by Hello
This is the truck from the picture.  Posted by Hello
You thought I was kidding when I said I went on a mine tour. This is the Tilden Mine. They mine ore. That tiny dot in the middle is a truck. Posted by Hello
Lest the GOP forgets

The Honor Role or as Shrub likes to think of them, catastrophic success stories.
Bush Speak

catastrophe is a good outcome? can you think of other catastrophic success stories? Pompeii worked out for tourism, eventually...

from FAUX news, yes, FAUX put this out for everyone to read. Are all the bosses at the convention?

Let's get this protest started...

The people united will never be defeated tear gassed, beat up and jailed? maybe, defeated, never!
"It’s time to get up"...

I think I’m all ready awake.

While I’m brushing my teeth I remember I forgot to say good bye to the little dog next door. He’s eleven years old. I should have said good bye.

It’s still dark when we leave. I can’t see the water or the island. It’s for the best. I’m all ready sad about leaving.
I get wanded. They make me take my shoes off. They make like veterinary proctologists with Kitty and finally they let us go.
Take Off.
Land in Traverse City. Plane transformed into flying daycare. Why can’t people just stow their four year olds in the over head bins? Why won’t they let me stow their four year olds in the over head bins?
Land in Chicago.
Learn my 12:09pm flight to Raleigh has been cancelled . I am now on 1:40 flight to Raleigh. Shit. Shit. Shit.
Visit news stand and buy a New Yorker. I want to buy Chicago paper but I buy a couple of Dunkin Donuts instead. I have to pace myself reading material wise, I’m going to be here for a long time.
Choice of overpriced blank books. $15.00 for "dream" journal or $12.95 faux leather "deep thoughts" journal or cheaper cloying Horthe-y and cloying Butterflies journals not eleven year old girl, go with cloying butterflies. Brief search of purse revels no pen. Journal store sells only "Journaling" pens. Clerk suggests newsstand for cheaper pens. "Cheaper" pens are $3.24. Go Cubs.

Journaling in airport - pretentious or pathetic? Is it even possible to blog in long hand?

Kitty wants to get out. I find a deserted corner and kitty looks out the window at the tarmac and wonders if he will ever be happy again. Kitty then wants to walk off his ennui . I squash this idea. I have a vison of putting Chicago O’Hare on red alert as they search the facility for a run away cat. Ponder pitching this to Disney. Ultimately, decide stress not worth it for Hilary Duff vehicle.

Look up from magazine to discover that Asian man at end of row materialized into a college girl.
Go to another book store. Practice huge self control and so not buy new Carl Haisson book. R is for Reading the book you brought with you.

Kitty wants out of his box again . Deserted corners not easy to find. Discover after several verses of "Itty bitty kitty nose, itty bitty kitty toes" that this corner was not as deserted as it had appeared. By end of day, all of Chicago was humming "Itty Bitty".
After spending entire morning at H8, casual perusal of departure screen revels that they have changed my gate. There is nothing to do down at H14.

Saw a group of Amish getting on board a flight to Memphis. Actual Amish. Weird.
The Anorexic Olsen weighs 92 pounds.

Deskbitch threatens another change of gate. Does so for the next half hour. Hated the deskbitch.
Flight was 1:42pm. Lies, all lies. Really, 1:56pm. They allow the passangers on the plane at the gate to deplane the flight, that was supposed to leave at 12:20pm, tell them to get food. This is not a good sign.
They replane.
On Board! Ready to take off.
Not Yet.
Not Yet. First class gets water and snacks. I’m thirsty and hungry , I’m not in first class. HateHateHate.
Not Yet.
Not Yet.
Take Off.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

You Go NYC!!! photo from Votetoimpeach.com Posted by Hello


Saturday, August 28, 2004


Sigh, home again .... not happy about it . Home just in time for MY BIRTHDAY on Sunday!!

Friday, August 27, 2004

Hoooomeeeeewaaarrrddd Boooouunnnndddd

I wish I wasn't!

It didn't even have the good graces to dawn ugly and cold. No, it had to be the most gorgous day so far - clear, warm and fly-free. We went hiking and found bushes full of berries. Sigh, and I'm going home! damn it. I wanna stay. Anyway, I'm leaving tomorrow at dawn. Siiiiiiggghhhhhh.

And if you're nice I'll post pictures of the strip mine we went to! , what? what do you do for vacation?

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Still on vacation

Books I have read

The Diary of a Provincial Lady , E.M. Delafeild
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, book not in front of me, author unknown.
Fort Apache the Bronx, ibid
Random mystery thriller set in Louisiana, ibid

I really suggest TDOAPL and ATGIB, they were great reads. E.M. Delafeild is laugh out loud funny, the book is totally a blog. A very, very funny blog. She also wrote other titles and I will be reading those as well, starting with The Provincial Lady in America, prior to America she was in London but this library doesn't have that title.

adited to add, also read much more then nessary about "Gold Mining in the U.P" and "Ghost Towns of the U.P" . Really must make it in to the library more often.


If I am going to hike, the hike must:

1. be lined with heavily laden berry bushes.
2. be very photogenic.
3. not be at more then a 35 degree incline.
4. not be more then one hour to the terminus.

At its terminus must either:

a) be very, very photogentic itself and have many things around
within camera range to photograph. Photogenic things too far off do not count.
b) a gift shop
c) extra points for a McDonald's.

Friday, August 20, 2004

How are you sleeping

Night 1 - fell asleep in clothes.
Night 2 - light weight summer pjs.
Night 3 - long johns, heavy flannel and wool socks.
Night 4 - heavy flannel.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Air Kitty

I think the airlines should have hand outs for people who think they really, really want to take their cats on the plane with them . The first thing they could suggest is that you should arrange for your kitty to be asleep for the duration. If this is not possible, they should suggest that maybe you have the cat put to sleep and then not worry about it at all. You can mourn on the plane. They do have drink service. They won't feed you but they will get you drunk.

Actually, Kitty was not that big a problem. He was okay about being stuffed in his new wheelie bag, he was cool with the cab... Then we got to the airport. Kitty doesn't like airports. Who knew?

The check in was fine, the counter person made friendly noises at Kitty while Kitty growled at her. I offered her the Kittys' doctors note saying he was indeed rabies free, the Kitty growled again and the woman said the people on board might want to see that note as well.

When it got time to go through security they made me take Kitty out of his box. Kitty wasn't pleased with this. I wasn't pleased with this. They wouldn't just feed him through the x-ray machine, they had to actually see the Kitty. Kitty growled.

Having to verify the Kitty nonwithstanding, Security was a lot less paranoid then it was even last year. I wasn't searched, the bag wasn't searched, I got to keep my shoes on and they never asked for my ID. No checks of anybodies anything in either airport. Last year it was like traveling through a police brutality state, this year nothing. And I was all careful and everything. I didn't even bring tweezers with me in fear of freaking out the airlines and winding up in some bunker with Tom Ridge.

Kitty was fine in the airport until we got to our gate. Then he kept himself amused by tipping over his bag. I ended up having to take off his harness because he got it all tangled with something inside the crate. Stupid Kitty.

Once we actually got on the plane he started to bleat, bleat, bleat. This worried me. He's not as loud as a crying baby, but he's still loud and you can at least stuff a bottle in the mouth of a screaming baby. There wasn't anything I could stuff in his mouth to stop the bleating. Why can't they make binkies for cats? The bleating mercifully stopped once we took off. He got lucky, he was a bout thirty seconds from becoming a checked bag. He growled at the Chicago airport, not at anybody in particular, he had heard they have a bad record with late flights and he wanted to make it clear his flight was going to be on time. We had a long walk to our gate and he tipped himself over again in route. I started to wonder if I could gate check him.

He was really good on the little tiny plane, possibly because he had to ride in my lap the whole way.

He was not pleased to see Dogger.

Monday, August 16, 2004


Ooops, Ya'll are all at work or at school, so its just a Monday for you. I'm starting my vacation today so I'm the only one with in a HAPPY MONDAY !!!!! place. Sorry!

I'll still be updating when I can, so don't go away. If you want to get notified as to when I am able to update just go down to the Bloglet box and add your email and you'll get a little note that will let you know its safe to go back into the water. Also, seeing people signed up will make me, very, very, very happy. You want me to be happy don't you?

Kitty and I are ready to go. I keep finding more stuff that I need to bring with me and more stuff I should have done. I did remember to get the paper shut off and to put a out of office message on my work email. I didn't figure out how to change my message on the phone there though, oh well.

The house never got cleaned but I did do my last minute laundry and the outdoor plants did end up safely at Brosky and Alphagals. I'm going to have the nice neighbors give a check to the lawn mower man guy so my yard won't look like it does now for the whole time I'm gone. Damn Charley! Speaking of grass. I can't get grass to root in the back yard, right? well I found a very healthy crop rooted in the drain at the bottom of the stairs to the basement. I'm not going to buy expensive grass seed anymore, from now on its just cheap birdseed for my yard - if it can grow, nay, thrive in a little bit of dirt in a concrete hole, it should be able to grow like gangbusters in a a little bit of dirt in an actual yard.

I went and got some cheap paperbacks to being with me. They only cost a dollar a piece so if they suck I can just leave them at the airport or on the plane. I wanted to bring a Harry Potter, but I couldn't handle both a 20 pound book and 20 pound cat so I had to make the sacrifice.

I'm hoping that kitty will stop pouting by the time we leave. It was his idea to go outside and now he's up on his cat tree with his back turned to me. He's going to be even more pissed tomorrow so I hope he's pacing himself.

Anyway. Think happy travel thoughts for me and kitty. I'll be checking back in when I can.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Even killer storms need friends. Posted by Hello
Careful what you ask for...

Kitty wanted to go outside now.

Kitty - Put me outside now! outside, outside, outside! Now!!

Me - It's raining.

Kitty - Put me outside now! outside, outside, outside! Now!!

Me - Rain is wet. You don't like wet.

Kitty - Put me outside now! outside, outside, outside! Now!!

Me - Okay. Outside. You asked for it, you got it. HA.

Kitty - Outside!Outside!Outside! ew?

Me - HA!

Kitty - I feel funny now. Why am I feeling my fur? the ground is funny. My feet feel different. Is that a turtle? I'm wet!!

Me - HA!

It has been raining for three days and it just started to rain hard - er

Kitty - Wet! Water! Wetness! Make it stop! stop!stop! ew. ew. ew.ew.

Me - HA!

Kitty hasn't been this wet since he wandered into my parents fireplace as a small kitty and got very dirty and subsaquently had to bathed. He had forgoten how much he hated it . Until Now. Again, HA.

Me - Poor Kitty! come on baby, we'll get you dry

Kitty - Ew. Ew. Ew. Physical contact, fur ruffeled, whiskers in array, Stopit!

Me - Stop trying to get away! stay here! no wet cat on my furniture! Arrrggghhhh! COME BACK HERE!.

Kitty - HA!


Saturday, August 14, 2004

Hmmmm. Very interesting

Bush to move 100,000 troops out of Europe and put them where ultimately? I can't guess can you?


Friday, August 13, 2004


The Olympics are starting! The opening ceremony!!! Eeeeeeeee! I love the Olympics. In my world there is no doping scandal, everyone is a good sport and the athletes will do fabulous, wonderful things that will amaze and astound us lesser beings. I can't wait! I love the opening ceremonious pageantry and glitz. I love all of it. I cry every time. Yay! Olympics!!! Eeeeeeeeeee!
Poor Florida!

Hurricane Charley now a Category 4 storm off Florida, with 145 mph
winds National Weather Service says.

from cnn.com
George Bush hates you

And he's taxing you into the ground. It's sad but true the rich get richer and the poor get poorer .I'm sure that the FLOTUS has that cross stiched on a pillow somewhere. It's an old cliche, but under Bush its been a way of life. How can anyone continue to support this man? I'm starting to see Bush Support as a serious charactor flaw at best and a mental health issue at worst. The very people who seem to be his most vervant supporters ar the very people he is hurting the most.

snagged from The Daily Kos
Julia Childs has died

Julia Child, the celebrated cook, author and television personality who elevated the nation's culinary standards, died in her sleep Thursday night in her Santa Barbara, Calif, home. She was 91

See more here
September, brought to you by Homeland Security

Yes ladies and gentlemen Homeland Security and the Committee to Reelect the President has kindly stepped up and offered to underwrite the entire month of September and in honor, September will be known as Scaretember

They are offering this generous gift to the people of America out of the goodness of their hearts! not at all! so they can take deplorable advantage of the anniversary of 9/11! They are not generously bringing us Scaretember in an attempt to aid in getting the incumbant president reelected! - No! September was picked because it just is a pretty month! It's all about our Preparedness!

“National Preparedness Month brings together an amazing coalition of partners to make citizen preparedness a priority for every city, every neighborhood and every home across America,” said Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge. “Homeland security is a shared responsibility and I am pleased that so many organizations and so many national leaders are working together to help get this information out into communities across the nation.”

The Department of Homeland Security generously offered to do this and will in no way cause wide spread alarm and panic among the populous. It is not an underhanded way to raise the presidents numbers in public confidence and is in no way a prequal to The October Surprise that is not planned in any way (advance tickets available from Clear Channel Entertainment!).

If you chose to not celebrate Scaretember, it will in no way paint you as a dangerous terrorist abetting probable homo commie and no one will put you on a list that will cause you to not be able to fly commercial airlines.

National Preparedness Month will provide Americans with a variety of opportunities to learn more about ways they can prepare for an emergency, get an emergency supply kit, establish a family communications plan, and become better aware of threats that may impact communities. It will also provide them with several opportunities to volunteer or get first aid or CPR training. State and local governments, individual communities, private businesses and nonprofit organizations will host events or promote preparedness steps around the country during September to encourage all Americans to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses and schools.

Scaretember will give everyone the opportunity to fine tune their all ready raze sharp terrorism prevention and terrorist spotting skills! The public will be able to participate in exciting exercises such as:

Help Spot the Terrorist", - This very informative and entertaining exercise will help answer questions such as

"My neighbor is not blonde, should I worry?"

"My office mate has a postcard of the St. Louis Arch, should I inform the authorities?

"My kid studied the Bill of Rights in school. Should I turn his teacher in?

Among the face painting, forming human flags and patriotic concerts will be serious panel discussions such as:

How to tell if a person hates America" -

The public will be able to ask representatives from Homeland Security questions such as:

"Why do Kerry/Edwards supporters hate America?"

"If I see some one watching CNN does that mean that that person hates America?"

"Does being pro-choice mean you are pro-terra"?

"If someone in Birkenstocks wants me to register to vote, should I shot them?"

"Are fast food places being unpatriotic by still serving "French" fries?"

We can't wait to see you all there! Happy Scaretember America!

with thaks to This Modern World and Coppygodd

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Vacation all I ever wanted...

Why is it everything goes so well right up to where it really counts and then it just comes to a grinding halt. I’m doing all right, getting things done, filling requests, filing - I’m almost caught up. It’s amazing, if I was this ahead and I was going to be here next week, I could be doing stuff I never have time for.

I could actually be updating facilities files that changed their names! New labels all around! I could stay updated on my single page filing! I could clean my out my desk! I almost never get a chance to do that. My supervisor was in my office today look for something and noticed a file with a facilities old name on it. She was shocked. I was like, well, the new name is kind of just a shorter version of the old name., I’m pretty much whatever about it. She gets all shocked .


I’m just thinking about all the stuff I have to get done in my real life to get ready to go, I’m over all this work nonsense. Out federal over seers are here now and its putting a real crimp in my work day. I need to be calling the airline and the cats vet and shopping for something to read on the plane and they are making it very hard to goof off. Bastards.

And I’m not really goofing off. I’m doing all this work, like all the time. Instead of spending valuable time surfing and hanging out at sites, I’m all busy and working and shit. It’s unnatural. And what sucks is that if I still have a job when I come back, I’m going to have to work just as hard to get caught up. I may never get caught up. I’m all ready planning to spend the weekend up at the office its just a matter of how much of the weekend I spend up there. I spent too much time up there the last two weekends. Yuck.

I’m working so hard at work, I’m not getting anything done at home. I had this plan that I was going to clean a different room every night. I was going to leave this place spotless. So far I have cleaned the carport. It looks much nicer and I killed everything with antennae. There were a lot of things with antennae. Things in clutches in corners. I didn’t even have my trusty wet/dry vac to my dirty work. So I had to poison it and deal with all those nasty bug beasties while they didn’t die fast enough. I lent the vac to a friend and she’s “not done with it”. The car port does look nicer now, I put most of the crap in the shed. Once it gets cold and the things with antennae are well and truly dead, I’ll clean out the shed too. It’s full of things with antennae.

After I poisoned the nasty things in the car port . I did away with the nasty things in my potted plants. This weekend they are going on a trip in Minnie over to Broskey and Alphagals and I don’t want to end up with the shed on wheels. I may get light headed from the residual fumes, but Minnie will remain pest free.

I finally introduced Kitty to Minnie. He has been it the van, but never out of his box. He had a great time wandering around and sniffing. I even left him out there while I dumped the trash I cleaned out of the backseat. The more room I have the more room I can fill with trash. Go Me.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

More on Mr. Goss

Here are more fun facts about Mr. Soon-to-be-Head-Of-The-CIA-Oh-No-Honest-This-Wasn't-A-Political-Appointment Goss

Atrios comes through again
Shocked. I tell you Shocked.

Didn't see this coming, no, not at all. Yep. No Bid Contracts are all for the best.

Halliburton in more Iraq trouble?

Pentagon auditors said to find failure to account for $1.8 billion in contracts.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Pentagon auditors have concluded that Halliburton Co. failed to adequately account for more than $1.8 billion of work in Iraq and Kuwait, said a newspaper citing a Pentagon report.

The amount represents 43 percent of the $4.18 billion that Houston-based Halliburton's Kellogg Brown & Root unit has billed the Pentagon to feed and house troops in the region, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Whole sordid story here

from cnn.com

Our president, Vol. 2

I was flipping through sites and I found somewhere, I can’t remember now and I couldn’t find it when I went looking for it, but somewhere was a quote from a woman who said that she just felt that Bush/Cheney was more down home then Kerry/Edwards - that Bush/Cheney was more like regular people than Kerry/Edwards. You have four millionaire, how did two of them get to be “regular folks” and two of them get to be out of touch rich guys? And how on earth did Bush/Cheney get to be the “regular folks” millionaires?

The current president lists among his assets his Texas ranch, worth between $1 million and $5 million. He also has U.S. Treasury notes valued at $5 million to $8.7 million. He sold his share of the Texas Rangers baseball team in 1998 for more than $15 million.

When it comes to Rich People, he would know, he is a Rich Person.

In a speech in Virgina, GWB said of raising the taxes of the wealthy the really rich people figure out how to dodge taxes anyway"

One of the GOPs main thrust this election year is to paint the current administration as “Just One Of The Guys”, Wal-Mart shopping, bass fishin’, and pick up drivin’. While the Kerry/Edwards ticket is being painted as Rodeo Drive shopping, polo playing, elitist foreigner car drivers.

How much more wealthy and elitist could the Bush/Cheney ticket be? In what way are either of those two millionaires in any way shape or form “Just Guys?” Did one of them walk out of the house his own self to pay the guy who mows the lawn and that counts as them as “one of us”?. Cheney lived in Highland Park, a very wealthy, very exclusive section of Dallas that doesn’t even have a Wal-Mart. He’s rich, really, really rich. He was a major mover and shaker at Haliburton. Not the most down home position to have held, he wasn’t driving a fork lift down at the warehouse. How on earth are they convincing people that those two are even kind of “one of the people”? Bush himself did an excellent job failing at everything he ever did and then getting bailed out by his rich daddy, does that make him “One Of Us” when did failure make you a “regular guy” And why are so many people believing it? Why did they go bother the Amish? And the poor miners in Marquette? For what cause? These aren’t huge groups with massive voting fire power behind them. And the Amish? They are not a part of our world, they don’t want to be. What did he tell them? Tiny farms are cool? That he really likes Amish made furniture? That huge families rock?

The GOP has done more to hurt the “just folks” in the last four years they have done anything else. Who does GWB think held those all those textile jobs, the manufacturing positions that vanished over seas? Why isn’t this being pointed out? How can people just be blinded to this? Why aren’t the democrats following them around to set the record straight? If Bush/Cheney machine goes to the Amish, Kerry/Edwards machine should be there the next day, if Shrub went to Marquette, then Kerry/Edwards should have been there by sundown.

It has to be more then rock concerts in “battle ground” states, the message has to be there, the message has to be spread to beyound the the young undecideds. The older folks, the registered, voting Reagan Democrat Republicans must be reached and that means the machine has to go to them.

My only hope through all this, is that Shrub is all down with pick up driving, bass fishing, Wal-Mart shopping peeps, because like them, he will be out of his job soon too.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I heart my job

Why I am leaving on time today.

Please pick up the rubber bands and paper clips on the floor in the file room.Try to find something to keep them in for now on and try to keep them off the floor.


For the last week or so I had been staying late to make sure I can get as much done as possible before I leave on vacation. Not Today.

Google Bombing

Most Liberal Senator

if you have a site and wanna join the googley fun, post the addy and link the words "Most Liberal Senator .

Full Speed or Full Stop? try not to Stop for Fuel

Read This from Wonkette


Read This From Jesus'General

Which way are we moving?

New Boy

U.S. Rep. Porter Goss is President Bush's choice as new director of the CIA.

Anyone know anything about this Goss person?

Watch CNN or log on to http://CNN.com for the latest news.

edited to add about Porter "Florida GOP" Goss

Washington Post interview with Goss
Doggone Dog

Kitty has just been insufferable since Dogger left for vacation. I mean I'm glad to see him happy and everything, but dayam how many times can I hear

Ding! Dong! The Dog is gone! which Dog?, the stupid Dog!
Ding, Dong the stupid Dog is gone!
Gone where the ice and snow, above, above, above
Ding Dong the stupid Dog is Gone!

Before I want to barf. And don't even think of pointing out how the words aren't even close to being clever. Kitty tells me not to dis his art and if I insist on furthering my critique, he threatens to take a dump on my bed.

Kitty is so happy. I haven't seen him this light on his feet and at ease since before we left Dallas. He scampers all over the house. He takes special pleasure in sprawling on the spot that the dogs crate usual rests. He is being a real bore about the whole thing. He's getting used to it and I'm afraid he's not going to take the shock of reality very well at all. He's going to be living with Dogger in just a few more days. But first he's going to have to survive the ordeal of the plane trip and I'm afraid that is going to be traumatic enough that he won't even notice he's back in Dogland.

The thing the Kitty isn't always thinking about until I am sitting on him, is that while the dog is gone, I have no one to pay attention to except him- and if he would stop obsessing over how much he hates Dogger for a few minutes he would see that. He hates being paid attention to unless its food related attention, and then he's a total whore. I think, for him, the perfect world would be one where he lived in the house by himself and food would just magically appear whenever he was hungry - he thinks he would dig that, but last summer when he actually got to live the dream - he was so lonely he actually was nice to Broskey and Alphagal when they came to feed him, he acted all cat like and playful. So unlike him.

He should embrace the dog and see the upside of Dogger is that I don't have as much reason to force him to entertain me if the dog is around for me to play with instead. He doesn't make that connection though. You would think he would love the dog for that reason alone.

I spent the weekend playing hide and seek with Kitty. He kept trying to escape me and then I had to find him and force him to sit in my lap and be petted. He hates that. Being petted is the total bain of his existence. Being loved on is such a burden. The only time he will intentionally get up in my lap is over the winter and then what he really wants to do is suffocate me. He can't get warm on my lap; he really needs to lie across my face to properly warm up.

I thought it would take longer for the both of us to adjust to living, all be it temporarily, a dog free lifestyle but it hasn't. I haven't tried to feed the absent Dogger or anything. If I hear a dog barking, I know it's YAY! Not my dog! My parents called me over the weekend to inform me they let Dogger off the leash and were shocked! when she ran off. I don't know what they expected her to do, she's never off leash, her life is one of leashedness. Let her off the leash and expect her to just sit there?

She was off the leash and running and swimming and chasing a ball and there were no cars to get in her way of her having the best time ever and they thought she would just pick up her towel and head home? To a leash?. She's not that dumb and oh, yeah, she's a DOG. She came back…but they were still shocked! shocked I tell you!! that she would not obediently walk over to have her leash put back on. Do you ever want to come home from vacation

Monday, August 9, 2004

Read it live it learn it

Who is John O'Neill and why does he hate America?

He is the Bushit wingnut who is trying to bring down Kerry on behalf of his GOP overseers. He helped Nixon what more can you say about the guy. See O'Neill, Think Nixon

from BlondSense

What happens to Vegas stays in Vegas?

They knew? they did not know? no one told them? someone told them but they didn't listen? they did know but threats are bad for business so then they decided they didn't know?? they knew something then but then they didn't? wha? The Feds knew and told them but then didn't care that they knew and didn't care?

This is our president

I'm sure you have heard about Shrub trying to explain "Sovereign", now hear it, from Air America, Majority Report Radio. This link will take you to a page where you can get the audio clip of the exchange.

Thanks to The Daily Kos
Gosh I've never felt so proud to be a 'Murican

Thank Katherine Harris for this and while you're trying to remember exactly what you are thanking Ms. Harris for, read this for a refresher course. If the GOP would just leave our democracy alone and try to stop stealing elections and disenfranchising voters, gosh what a wonderful election observer free world it would be. We join a proud fraternity of struggling third world nations with training wheels on their election process. So proud of us...
Taxing Holiday

It’s my states annual pre-back to school tax holiday. I need a new pair of black twill slacks to wear to work. My old pair has a huge rip in the cuff and I keep putting my foot through it when I’m trying to get ready in the morning, it’s a hassle and I’m starting to look like the little match girl. So it’s off to Kohls I go.

If this was NPR there would be brief musical interlude here

Shopping Music, Happy, Tax Free Bustling Shopping Music,Shoppin-ing Mus-ic

We would start my report with the sounds of shopping. Hangers being moved back and forth on racks, children whining, the sounds of cash registers, people talking to themselves about how the clothes look as they hold them up against themselves.

Shopper Should I go to really try it on? Do they look all right? How long are the lines to the try on rooms? Is it worth it? Do these look like they will make me look fat? wait, tell me the truth, do I look fat with these pants in front of me? do they make me look less fat then the other pair of pants I held in front of me?

Shoppers Friend - They look nice. Those look nice. Do they have them in a different size maybe? That would be nice

There would probably be a discussion on shopping hypnosis and image altering store mirrors and quotes from somebodies graduate thesis.

I am on a mission. I am here for black twill slacks to wear to work. I need only thing and it should be easy to find. It is not. There are black pants - Shiny fake silk really polyester pants, stretch pants, wide legged pants, pants with no waistband... but most of the pants are capri pants. I need pants I can wear to work day in and day out . Plain regulation length black twill slacks.

I am lost in tax free hell. All I want is the slacks department. I am lost in the shorts and capri department. I do not need shorts and capris. I want long pants. And not pants to go clubbing in or to wear to the gym, or to look like I’m going to or am returning from the gym. I do not want stretch pants or sweat pants. I am not looking for pants to wear for yoga. I am looking for pants to wear to work. Surely, I am not the only person who wears slacks to work. There are waitresses out there in need of new uniform pants. I need new pants. Are we that small a population? Does no one want to clothe the working woman?

Shopping Music, Happy, Tax Free Bustling Shopping Music,Shoppin-ing Mus-ic

Finally, I find what I’m looking for. Plain, black twill slacks, $34.99. I walk around the rest of the store. I like Kohls. I look at the sheets and towels, I look at shirts for Brosky for Christmas. I finish looking around. I go to the check out. I realize I can not pay $34.99 for twill pants.

Where are the pants I buy every time the old pair gets faded or grows a hole or shrinks? Where are the White Stag racks?

They are at Target! I put the pants back and I go to Target.

Shopping Music, Happy, Tax Free Bustling Shopping Music,Shoppin-ing Mus-ic

At the Target. It’s busy here too. I go to where my pants have always been.

I am alone. My pants are not here. They have been replaced by Isaac Mizrais’ fake looking suede skirts! What is this?

I just want my pants. I walk around and around the department. Capris! Capris! Shorts!, shiny fake silk really polyester pants, Isaac Mizrai fake looking suede! Waaaahhhhhh.

My kingdom for plain black twill slacks!

I will not find them today. I end up buying pig themed slipper socks for my boss for Christmas and a cheapish frame for my replacement diploma with my schools stupid New and Improved name on it.

I didn’t end up getting anything tax free.

Sunday, August 8, 2004

Bush must be terra-fied

FAUX poll not GOPositive

from Americablog

Saturday, August 7, 2004

What more can you ask? Posted by Hello

Even paranoids have real enemies

Even Paranoids have real enemies

Did you ever start to think that everytime there was bad news for the admin, there was suddenly a Terra Warning?


Juliusblog did the math.

Friday, August 6, 2004

Super Freaked Out

Rick James Found Dead, no word as to how funky

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Halliburton Co. (NYSE:HAL - news) and several top executives intentionally engaged in "serial accounting fraud" from 1998 to 2001, including when it was led by Vice President Dick Cheney (news - web sites), according to a new filing in a shareholder class-action lawsuit against the company.

Halliburton was naughty? . I'm shocked, I say, shocked
Blogging, blogging, blogging

Atrios said to go Here and I did and you should.
Fun With Kitty or I am the Gabor sister they don't talk about

I had another idea of how I could carry kitty through the airport with out adding to my carry-on number.

Kitty as The cat in The Hat! . Mike Myers did it, why can't my actual cat? He certainly looks more like TCITH, and he has that whole real life feline thing going for him. I really think that Kitty would be thrilled to wear a tall stripy hat. It's just about all he would need to; he all ready has the rest of the costume. I think he could either pose as a stuffed animal, which was what we discussed the other day or I could claim he was a very small child who really, really, really liked The Cat In The Hat and had insisted he dress like him. I could be an excellent seamstress and I could have made him a little cat suit. He could demand to wear it all the time… kids do that right? Insist on wearing stupid things all the time? Pretend they are say a dinosaur or a princess or a transformer toy? And I could just be his weak willed Mother who can't or won't tell the child "No". I might be working on helping him build his sense of self. It might be damaging to his little self-image if I forced him to dress like what he is. - And who are the airlines to keep my "child" from fully realizing his sense of self?

I do think that they stuffed animal ploy is probably the best idea though. People carry toys on the planes. I could have a real problem with air travel, I might be under doctors' orders to have this stuffed thing with me, and I might lose my mind if you take it away or claim it is a different thing entirely. Kitty might really be a hot water bottle or a place to stow my pajamas or a kicky little purse or a backpack. I think definitions are really a very personal thing, don't you? Aren't labels really a bad thing anyway? What is a cat? What is a cat crate? Are either of these things more then what you say they are? Isn't Kitty as a creature of God more then just another bag of golf clubs or a cooler full of lobster? Doesn't he deserve the same respect afforded to other passengers? Does he not bleed? And now that I am thinking on it, he has a ticket, he is a whole passenger to himself. He isn't just my carry on; he should be able to have two bags of his own!

I think he needs a bag to carry his lovey, he does a really good job of carting it around the house, upstairs, through the living room, jumping up on the bed - I just think that he might get fatigued if he had to carry it at top speed all the way through the terminal. Yes, he should have his own carry on bag. I wonder if they will buy that he is an actual passenger? I mean, I think it is a good argument. I had to pay to have him aboard, there are a limited number of spots for animals on the plans and you don't have to buy a spot for your suitcase - he is a passenger damn it! And he should have his own carry on! And mine! He can carry mine too, because he is such a gentleman. Okay. Solved. Kitty is not a carry on and I should be able to pack like a Gabor sister. Huuummph.

Thursday, August 5, 2004

The PSA for the day

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush told a roomful of top Pentagon brass on Thursday that his administration would never stop looking for ways to harm the United States.

The latest installment of misspeak from a president long known for his malapropisms came during a signing ceremony for a new $417 billion defense appropriations bill that includes $25 billion in emergency funding for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we," Bush said.

thanks to The Pnut House

Saudi Clause?

Day after Christmas you look at your take and think you did all right. You got some of the stuff you asked for and some stuff you didn't even know you wanted. You write Thank You notes to Grandma and Aunt Beth

Now, if you are George W. Bush, you look at your take and wonder if you have to thank every princeling and oil minister in The Kingdom or if you could just write one thank one note and have them pass it around. Then you have a handful of the Willing giving you stuff, just crap mostly shit you know they picked up in an airport or got from some delegation from the hinterlands in town asking for a hand out. Probably has a curse on it anyway, well except for the Italians, that watch was kewl! And those damn French even tried to send you stuff. But really, perfume? what kind of frenchy do they think you are? You don't use that crap anyway.You're just a regular guy, regular guys smell like Stetson.

Really, go The Smoking Gun. Read it and think about what you got for Christmas last year. Think about what you gave for Christmas last year.

Okay, now that you've read it. Can't you see all those foreign heads of state sitting around trying to decided what to give the Shrub and the rest of the weeds?

Foreign Head of State - Hey Baby, what we gonna get the President of the United States this year?

Foreign Head of States Wife - He'll get what he gets, you know? .I don't know, why don't you go to the closet and see what all we have in there. Make sure it isn't what they gave us last year.

FHOS -You mean the An Old English Christmas and Country Western Legends CDs

FHOSW - They do know we're not actually Christian or big Toby Keith fans? Right? Give him that box of pearls we got from your cousin last year.

Just read the lists, all of it. I read it and it made me mad., I’m just all kinds of pissed off now. See, as a state employee I can not accept gifts from people we do business with. In fact, if someone does give me something I have to get rid of it now , like right now. It gets handled like a ticking bomb and hustled out of the building and we all hope no one saw it was while it was here. But, that's okay. I don’t want the lawyers cookies anyway, I see them as a bribe. Because they are a bribe. They are to curry my favor and make me like them and be more likely to help them out in the future. But I don't. I have to hate every lawyer I do business with exactly the same hate as I hate every other lawyer I do business with. I can't hate Lawyer "A" less then Lawyer "B" because "A" gave me cookies. I have to hate everyone equally. And I do, hate them all equally.

Mr. President, his fam and all his elves get all kinds of stuff. Our Oil Rich friends were very, very, very kind. I mean, very. If you add up all the gifts they got from our ORF it comes out to $284,001. If you add all the gifts from our traditional allies, the ones Shrub has been trying so hard to get rid of, it adds up to $69,856. That's a difference of $214,151.

The Queen of England gave him a sterling silver ruler, value $450

His Royal Highness Abdullah bin Abd Al-Aziz Al Saud Crown Prince, First Deputy Prime Minister of the National Guard of Saudi Arabia gave the FLOTUS diamond and emerald jewelry valued at $95,000.

The POTUS and the FLOTUS can't actually keep all that booty, really. It goes off the Foreign Archives and gathers dust and waits around for a History Channel documentary or an open house at the Smithsonian. But, do you think when he wanders in the archives, he hates the Saudi princeling just a little less then he hates the British queen? The Queen, one would assume, does not feel the need to buy a U.S. President, while the princeling probably wants one just like his Daddy had.

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

ARRGGHHH head pounding on wall ARRRGGGGG

Todays PSA comes from BlondeSense

Go Here, they knew they had nothing and yet they still did it

Literally, Rocking the Vote
A Skycap ate my Catby?

I'm still trying to come up with ways to get The Kitty through the airports with out too much work on my part. I have come up with a number of ideas:

Idea 1

Kitty as Baby - I have several varitions on this theme. Sadly they all call for a certain amount of sacrifice on the part of the kitty and I'm absolutely sure he is going to be interested in sacrifice. Sadly for Kitty, I am bigger and higher on the food chain. For Kitty this means

A - The wearing of a Onesy. And subsequent tail issues
B. The wearing of a baby bonnet
C. The wearing of baby mittens.
D. Riding in an umbrella style stroller.

I see all of these as very good ways to cover up the fact that I am carrying a cat through an airport. I'm pretty sure that a drugged Kitty trussed up in a onesy and covered with a blanket will look a lot like a baby or will at least look adequately baby shaped as to escape detection. It does call on him to sit and be still for an extended period of time, but that is why they invented Benadryl and why my vet told me to use it. I also seem to understand that baby stollers do not necessarily count as a carry on, they seem to get whisked away at the gate and then mysteriously reappear at the next airport. This is not fair to the childfree. If breeders can have there extra things conveniently whisked away and then conveniently returned, I think they can whisk away my luggage trolley and then conveniently make it reappear when I get where I'm going. I also think my cat should ride for free just like similarly sized baby. A whole people baby gets to ride free and not get stuffed under a seat, while Kitty they charge me out the ass for and then force me to shove him under a seat. Not Fair!.

Idea 2

Diana as Wheelchair Bound Traveler - True, it is wrong to play with wheelchairs and it is wrong to impersonate a handicapped person but if I was in a wheelchair I could have Kitty's crate balanced on my lap along with my carry on. I would be rolled through the airport at top speed and not have to worry about getting to my next flight. Kitty wouldn't be put out and no one would get banged around in transit. I'm not sure how closely the airlines check for actual wheelchair neediness. If they test you or anything, maybe they tape money to the floor and watch to see if you jump out of the chair real fast to go get it or if they watch to see how well you get around in the chair. What if I showed up limping and asked for a chair, would they just give me one? Or would I have to have a note or something? Anyway, this is a workable option.

Idea 3

Kitty as stuffed animal. In this option kitty doesn't have to do anything but be squishy and furry. He can do that. He would have to choke down, um a lot of Benadryl to make him adequately lifeless for the duration but I think we could work it out. All he would have to do is what he all ready does naturally - just lie there and do nothing! He could sleep soundly and appear to have no bone structure and no concern-able vital signs. He can do that! With his girth it can be very hard to tell if his heart is beating and he could also try not to breathe, much. If he does slip up and insist on showing signs of life, he could be a very good amatronic toy.

Anyone else have any better ideas?

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Because I'm all about sharing

Who knew what when and for how long

snagged from Eschaton
Joining the Parade

Much of the information used to justify the recent terrorism alert in NYC was years old.

for the whole story see the New York Times

Remember the Terra Alert for New Mexico last week? Cheny was in town and to see him you had to sign a Loyalty Oath in order to hear the Vice Prez speak Life in George W. Bushs' United States just gets more like the soviet block everyday

stolen from Blondsence

I am going to go on vacation and this year Kitty is going to go with me. Last year he ended up benched for two weeks because the airline wouldn't let him go because they claimed there was all ready two animals on my flight. The fact I never saw either animal did not make me happy. It did make me plan ahead. So this year when I got my ticket in oh, say March, I made it clear I was traveling en famile. Fine said the airline, that will be $160.

Okay. Now he has a seat in front of my seat. Good. I put the ticket somewhere safe and went on. About a week ago I remembered that I'm going on vacation for two weeks in two weeks and I came to the conclusion that Kitty will be going with me! this means he is going to go to the airport with me, in the airport transport that I will be calling ASAP, and that after we get to the airport I will have to carry him around.

Kitty weighs approximately 237 pounds. My back pack which I all ready know will be crammed with everything I will forget to send ahead plus my purse, my book my next book and the back up book plus my dop kit… what is the feminine of "dop kit" dopette kit ? Make up bag? But that doesn't cover toothpaste, toothbrush, hair "product", squishies, shampoo, conditioner, brush, comb, razor etc. that I will be carrying, extra shoes, spare pair of undies in case the flight is canceled or I, GOD FORBID miss my flight, the Kitty's' lovey, and whatever else I decided I can't leave the state without. It's going to be heavy.


So, I decide that what I really need is something with wheels. I need a luggage trolley. Okay. Alphagal has a trolley! Super! Problem solved. I'll be able to roll through the airport with out looking like a Beverly Hillbilly. I will be sleek. I will be professional, grown up, and not at all clumsy, over packed or in need of assistance. Yay.

Bad news. The trolley counts as a carry on. Damn. Okay. I'll bring a bag instead of the backpack and I'll just add the trolley to the bag and then I'll just stow the bag and the trolley and it'll be fine. So I pull out my handy measuring tape and measure the trolley. 25 inches long. Hmmm. That's pretty good sized. Longer then any bag I currently own. Okay. To the store with my measuring tape.

25 inches is very long. Very, very long. Most bags are at best 24 and a half inches long, maybe. But I keep trying and I find one that should be wide enough.

Should being the operative word. Should is not the same as will or is. The trolley is too long. the bag while roomy is not big enough. Damn. I can't take it back because it got, um, stretched a bit while I was forcing, um, trying to make the trolley fit/cram inside. Damn.

Next thought. Buy wheeled cat crate. Which evil overlord is running the monopoly on the cat crate business! Okay. How about a kit to put wheels on the crate? HA! . It turns out it would be easier to find a kit to spot weld wheels onto the cat. I found all kinds of wheeled things. I found strollers for your pet. A real live stroller for your pet. It looked like a particularly nasty Victorian invention and it was $195. Damn. Moving on.

Next thought. Buy an all ready wheeled suitcase and put the trolley in the case! Wheel two bags at once? - No.

Now I'm working on not using the trolley and scoring a wheeled bag to strap the cat to while also holding all my carry on crap. Two weeks!

Monday, August 2, 2004

What does this mean?

Deeply sorry to make you read that crazy rightwing self hating queen Drudge, but... What does this mean?! Could they really do this? Bushits could conceivably take the election if enough of the rightwing white trash conspiracy minded anti-IRS nut jobs come out of their bomb shelters and go to the polls. There are a lot of those people. "Value Added" doesn't that mean price inflation? Shit. Even if it just a Run On issue it's still a scarey thing. The Bushits are either desperate or crazy.

I mean, I hate paying tax. I'm a poor person and taxes eat most of my tiny check every month - but if I don't pay, and you don't pay - how is the guvment gonna pay for itself? how are they going to wring the money out of us? and isn't a flat tax, which is kind of as I recall what VAT is, doesn't it end up charging the poor guy more? isn't it a regressive tax?
Liberal media my ass part !@#$

FAUX News Sucks the hardest, but actually, most of the others do to
Blogging About the Bloggers

I have to admit the first time I heard about the DNC sending Bloggers to the convention I thought it was an interesting idea. The media didn’t like it and made fun,. I thought "Wooo! Power to the people! The media went to Live Journal and thoughted that all bloggers were 14 year old girls angsting over flaring pimples. What they got were print journalists angsting over foreign policy.

I wanted for the bloggers to give their readers more of an up close and inside view of the whole thing. I wanted to know if the bathrooms were nice and how long the lines were. I wanted to know how much the drinks cost and if it is as loud in the hall as it seems like it would be. Were the delegates in a good mood? Were there any noticeable miscues? I wanted to know what it was like. I didn’t get comment on what the delegates did during the day or what the schedule was . I mean, was everyone in the convention hall all day or did they just arrive in the afternoon. What did 15, 000 people do the four days they were there? The media talked about the security. What was it liked the be searched? I wanted to know what the Protest Cages were like.

The Bloggers went and wrote informative entries about the speeches and who said them what they said and what was heard. It was all very professional and informative. I watched the speech from my living room, I know what was said and more or less who was saying them - what did the crowd think? What was the energy in the room like? Speaking of the crowd, how did they get their signs?, when were they handed out? How different signs were there? What happened to their signs after the speeches, did they get to keep them?

I know what the pundits said after the speeches, but what was going on in the hall? What was the mood there? What were the people on the floor and up in the rafters talking about afterwards?

And another question, what did the crowd do in-between speeches? I saw a reference on TV to a lot of music being played and some delegates dancing around, but what else? What did they do to keep everyone busy? What went on at the delegate meetings? I heard from the media that Ben Afflick showed up at least one of them.
Did the Bloggers see anyone really interesting? Did anyone come to them and say "Wow, Bloggers! Kewl!" did they meet John Cusack?

I know, I know all the Bloggers that went were very serious students of the body politic, and they went to cover the speeches and be all pundit-y and serious and all that. Okay. But, they are all pundit-y and serious even when they aren’t covering a convention. I wanted to known what it all meant to them. The media types were all a flutter over these Bloggers and What It All Meant that Bloggers were there. I don’t think it meant anything.

I only read one blogger who did seem to give a more prosaic spin on what she was seeing and I think she got skewered for it too. Only the Real Media can make note of cash bars? I count on blogs I read, and I read a lot of blogs, to tell me little things, parts of life, and experiences’s I have not had and don’t get a chance to have. I wanted minutia, I got minutes.

Sunday, August 1, 2004

Best. Political. Ad. Ever

Tee Hee! give em' hell Will Ferrel!

picked up from Wonkette