Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Whoops! One of my good friends called out of the blue last night and we had a good catch up and so I did not have the time to  write an entry. Sorry. I would have maybe done it earlier but I was busy running out to the store to buy duct tape to put the futon back together after the dog tore it apart again.

I guess he's feeling better now. The futon looks better now, I bought a new set of sheets for it the other day and hadn't put them on it yet, I should have, maybe he wouldn't have had an attractive target to go after. But, he did, but now its been fixed and it covered back up.

Vacation all I've ever wanted...

As always, watch this space!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Further Along

- set up sprinkler for front deck
- flea and tick treat cats
- gather clothes
- fill what meds I can for  dog and me - in process
- stop the paper
- find the little man and have him mow the yards
- remember that the dog has an appointment with the vet at 7:30 am next Tuesday.
- remember the Christmas ornaments
- remember to clear the DVR settings
- remember to flea and tick treat the dog
- remember to bring dog bags
- remember to get more cat food/vet script for cat food
- remember shoes
-remember winter pjs
-remember to bring computer glasses home from work
-remember to bring dog toys
-remember to bath dog
-correct hair

I learned while I was "gathering clothes" that I don't have any shorts that fit. I have too big shorts and too small shorts but no just right shorts. So it was off to the store I went. I ended up with two pairs of shorts, one from Kohls and one from Wally, and a new sweater that was very on sale and that I of course needed very much in July. Oh, a new polo shirt hat was not of sale but was from Wally so it was already pretty much on sale anyway.

The "gathering" is one part packing and one part negotiating with myself. So far I have packed and repacked only a couple of times and only taken out a two or three things, the trash bags we're using as luggage this year - Sigh, are cheap, and mine has already torn, so the next time I dump everything out, its going to be the bags last time. I think I have too many tee shirts and one too many pairs of pants. It's a negotiation. Its July going into August but you never know it could get cold at a moment's notice, it could and it will. It does things like that - and then I will need those pants!

And then I have to ask, what do I want to bring in the car? DO I want to bring any real books? Reading my phone gives me eye strain after a while but I don't have any real books to ready right now, I had some real books from the book sale but I read the ones I was going to read. I guess I'm going to bring my kindle but it only works when you have Wi-Fi , and there is no Wi-Fi where we're going. I kind of have to take it to a Wi-Fi  zone to download whatever you want to read so that you can read whatever it is later.

It wasn't on the list but there are endless chargers that now have to come with me when I travel. The kindle, the fitbit, the phone has multiple that I have to bring and of course, the computer. The camera has a cord so it can talk to the computer and they ALL have to come.

On the upside, I don't think I'm bringing any CDs or movies with me this time, I've brought a lot in the past and I never end up useing them and they just end up being in the way and being more things for me to forget. Well, I might bring a movie or two, I'm pretty sure that I can't stream anything .
I still have time.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging

Who wore it better?

The Countdown

I am leaving on a SUV in like very few days and I have so much stuff to do and so little time to do it and I need to make lists. I should have made these lists already, I was busy with a sick dog.

- set up sprinkler for front deck
- flea and tick treat cats
- gather clothes
- fill what meds I can for  dog and me
- stop the paper
- find the little man and have him mow the yards
- remember that the dog has an appointment with the vet at 7:30 am next Tuesday.
- remember the Christmas ornaments
- remember to clear the DVR settings
- remember to flea and tick treat the dog
- remember to bring dog bags
- remember to get more cat food/vet script for cat food
- remember shoes
-remember winter pjs
-remember to bring computer glasses home from work
-remember to bring dog toys
-remember to bath dog
-correct hair

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Well, pout. I was supposed to be getting my nifty new windows today. I did not get my nifty new windows today. I also went to the dentist and despite the fact the hygienist told me I am a very good brusher and my teeth are very clean, they found a tiny cavity between two teeth, so tiny they didn't even bother making an appointment to have it fixed but he did need to poke it so I would know it was there. OW. Dr. Prick, DDS.

The guys showed up ( my Dad drove two hours to come up here to supervise them) to install them and took a good look at my house and noped right out. I'm not sure how the salesman described the house to the folks back at the home office but apparently, he left some stuff out. Brick? Two stories? Metal Casement? Hmm, checked the contract, no, that's all there, emphasis on METAL CASEMENT.


So either he gave them a load of soap or they sent out a couple of idiots who thought they were just going to pop in a couple of replacement windows and go on to the next job. It was pretty clear to the salesman when he was on the property that the job was going to be more than just popping in a few replacement windows. Hence, 3K for four windows, no extras, low end, no decoration.

I have a feeling they will be calling, which is good because I would love to chat with them about this. They came to be with word of mouth from a contractor who said how great the company was and what great work they did for him and on and on how cooperative and hard working they are. Apparently, when they show up on a commercial job site they do the job,  if you are a commercial client you don't hear the word No from these people. However, as a residential client they treat you a little differently. They are a little less cooperative, a little less hard working. It's too bad I have so many windows that still need replacing over time, I would have liked to get all the windows replaced, no matter how long the project eventually took, from the same vendor - however, with service like this, that may not be possible.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Still Sick Puppy

I have to come home at lunch to take the dog out so he doesn't have accidents on my floor. It is a lot less fun to clean up diarrhea then pee. A lot. I also think hardwood floors find it a lot less fun . That makes it worth it to come home at lunch instead of running errands and instead spending my evening doing them instead.

So until the storm passes, I have to come home for lunch. The storm has until Wednesday to pass because I am calling the vet. I am over the storm and the dog is too. I can't walk him with this happening because you can't just bag up this kind of mess. I won't go into to it. I need to walk everyday and so does he, the exerbike is okay but it isn't the same.

Today, when I would have been walking him, I went shopping for him instead. I knew I was going to Big Lots because I thought I could get rice there and my green tea - I was on a mission to avoid Wally, I knew I was going to Food Lion, but I thought I could get rice cheaper at Big Lots and I love Big Lots.

 My first stop was the Lowes, I wanted to get the dog more pumpkin because pumpkin is the dogs friend - I am aware that it just covers up the symptom, but right now covering up the symptom makes me HAPPY so screw you. I bought very nice canned pumpkin for him so he would have very nice, totally pure canned pumpkin. That was stop one, then I went to Big Lots, There was no rice at Big Lots, but there were dog bags and a smaller than planned box of  green tea. That was stop two.

I knew I still needed apples, so that meant Food Lion so I went by Food Lion and picked up some very nice apples and a large bag of rice. That was stop three.

And then I came home and watched Bob The Drag Queens stand up special. It was funny, not exceptional, but he is good at it and it was funny, he has a future.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sick Puppy

And so Rocket as a bad case of the trots. And is kind of my fault. He was just fine and didn't have any problems and then for his birthday I got him a pupcake and a dog cookie and apparently, this was not good for him. He can have either a pupcake or a cookie but his system can't handle both.

He hasn't been the same since.

He's been really sick since last Thursday. I had a couple of probiotics left from the last time this happened, but those ran out. I was left with pumpkin and cheese to try to heal him up DIY style but those really didn't work. I finally bought some rice after I put him back on his food prematurely .

In the meantime, he's eating and drinking and voiding normally, I mean, he has the trots, he's voiding a lot. He is drinking a lot, do I don't think he's getting dehydrated or anything. He is still excited about eating but he does seem a little like he doesn't feel great.

He messed on my floor this afternoon.  I had hoped to prevent accidents like this by coming home for lunch, it didn't work. He has never messed on my floor, ever, not when he was a tiny puppy, not the last time he had the trots, he is really not a happy dog. This evening I made some nice rice ( I had to really remember how to make rice! I haven't made rice in years!) and I'm going to add some probiotics  to it for his breakfast and hope for the best. I'm going to come home for lunch again. But I am going to really hope that this rice and probiotics are going to help keep him plugged up. I think I am also going to call the vet if he doesn't get better by Wednesday because once I have exhausted my home remedies (fasting, pumpkin, cheese, probiotics, rice) it becomes my responsibility to give up and call the doctor, the dog has insurance for a reason.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Willie Nelson in Raleigh. July 10, 2017

My Mother and I went to our second annual concert on Friday. This year we saw Willie Nelson! We did not get tee shirts because they were $50. They were not made of gold and Willie did not come home with you if you bought one.

Willie is  is 84 years old. He does  a one act play of a concert, he comes out, does all his hits and then He Is Done. The lights go up, the set is getting taken down and they are on their way to the next gig. I'm sure Mr. Nelson is already asleep in the bus by the time the first concert goer is back to their car.

He puts on a great show though, he doesn't have the voice he did back in the day but what 84 year old does? For real? in concert? without a lot of  technical correction. He is honest about it, he wasn't lip sinking or using backing tracks, it was him and his voice, his 84 year old voice.

Despite the fact there was a group of DOUCHEBAGS blocking my and everyone else behind them view of the stage

We had a great view of their asses. So here is a picture of their asses.

We were not there to look at their asses, we were there to see Willie Nelson. Here are pictures of Willie. And you will notice, like any diva, he has multiple costume changes.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Cat Blogging


It was too hot to walk the dog so I kept myself busy and subsequently, was too busy to write an entry.

First I repotted a plant. Years ago I got a great deal on five wooden planters from a big box hardware store that had been stoopid enough to store them outside in the rain and they had become swollen together and were worthless to them and they sold me the lot of them for $5.

I lugged them home, let them dry out and then pried them apart and scored  some really nice wooden barrel planters. Well, that was a long time ago and wood planters, as expensive as they are, are not investment pieces.

This was the last one . See the wooden slats piled around it? Those used to be the sides of the barrel that made up the planter. Those were the days, last year a rat lived in the bottom of that planter. The only thing keeping the dirt in that planter was the ivys roots, so it was playing a part, but it was time for me to step in and take over.

I was also over the ivy - and I raised that ivy for years! I've known that ivy from  when it was a cute. tiny, decorative baby ivy! Now it wasn't cute anymore and it was getting out of hand and it is past time to say goodbye to  the ivy. It was beating up my elephant ear.

I had to slaughter the ivy to save the elephant ear. I think the ivy understood, it was tired and knew its time had come. Even though I had to bring the time with a heavy shovel and a sharp blade. You really have to work to kill ivy, even ivy in a planter.

The ears new home. Its not the planter I had hoped for, but its a good deep pot and I think for its long term home its a better choice. Its not pretty, but its roomy and and substantial and will be a good fit for the long haul.

It was part of a dam, and now its actually doing what it was born to do. My parents wanted it, but  the elephant ear  needed it, sorry Mom and Dad. There are still three bags left, one of them seems to have ants. Again, sorry.

Transplant shock. It happens to everyone, I'm hoping it recovers soon.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Birthday Continues!

His special doggy cupcake

His special freebie just for being cute birthday cookie he couldn't figure out how to eat until I put it into pieces for him.

The candles were not made for almost frozen cupcakes.

He didn't care that it was a little cool to the touch, he was just back from a walk.

 He was not interested in being dainty.

 He did clean his place.

His loves his new toy!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Happy Birthday Rocket!!!!

Today Rocket is 5!

Yay!!! In honor of this momentous life event, here are a bunch of pictures, some of the way, way too many I took on his very first day home. The first is a group shot of him and some of his twelve brothers and sisters when they were still living with their mom at the breeders. They were just wee babies here, their little eyes had just opened.

Here he is on our ride home, he barked himself to sleep.

His first vet visit, the day after he came home. 

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

And yes, he is going to have his own birthday cupcake and a Happy 5th Birthday Candle, which I will probably will not light as neither he or I are big fans of flame, and I bought him a card. Pet birthdays are a thing! they are an industry I did not buy him a specifically created for a dog birthday card and the whole outlay is going to be under $10 so leave me alone. I looked up on Google how to throw my dog a birthday party and it came back with 1,980,000 ways for me to do that! I'm sure if I went to Pinterest I would fall into a candy colored Pinterest Hole and never get out.

In reality, when you look at what real dog people do for their dogs on their birthdays, I'm kind of barely a dog person and should be ashamed, the less said the better.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I got woken up in the gentlest way possible, well, if your define "gentle" as  "very fine sandpaper being  run over your face",  Ace decided that I needed to be groomed and that he was the cat to do it. I would have been upset because I would have liked to sleep until my alarm went off, but how can you be unhappy about a kitty perched on your pillow purring in your ear covering your face with kisses?

True, they are kisses capable of taking off the first layer of dermis - but purring in my ear! My skin needs replacing anyway, its old! I mean,  Ace was being so sweet! Best cat.

Speaking of cats, I got The Bill for Tiny. It was not tiny, but after today it is considerably less large. I spent my lunch hour going from the credit union to the bank to make sure of that. But its okay, Tiny is worth every cent and I am so grateful that I was able to find a way to take care of him and that he can be with me for a long time.

And then I got up and got dressed and discovered that I was almost out of deodorant. Today was a  day to go to the bank, not a day for the store, I made the deodorant work and made a note that Tuesday was going to be a day to get deodorant.

Went to work. Worked. Came home, paid bills, paid The Bill, took the dog for a walk, came home. Discovered that I had one more deodorant in the cupboard! Yay!! Looks like Tuesday I can spend my lunch hour eating lunch!

OMG! And buying fifth birthday stuff for Rocket because his fifth birthday is July 12th!! Oops! Like he knows, but I do! and it matters! I'm going to have to go to the dollar store and the family dollar! and the dog boutique! and Target! but after work. He's going to be 5! OMG Ya'll! Well, on July 12.

Monday, July 10, 2017


What a great weekend! I did so close to nothing! I did very quickly mow the yard on Saturday and paid the lawn man the professionally weed whack the back yard so that I can go back and mow it this week. I also went grocery shopping.

But that was it. What a great weekend.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging

New Phone!

Not much to say today other than I finally replaced my old phone  the very bad G7 with the very sexy G8! I could have gotten the even sexier G8+ but I didn't want to be too sexy.

It is a very pretty phone and mine is dark blue, not that it matters, I put it into an Otter Box immediately, before I even left the store so it could be any color and it wouldn't matter. The best thing about New Phone is that it has a camera that works! so I can take pictures with my phone again! Our long national nightmare is over! Our other long national nightmare is over, the other one is ongoing, sorry.

I'm happy hat I can go on vacation and take pictures with it and my real camera and be covered 24-7. Now when I'm walking the dog I can take pictures again and that makes me very happy. There is a guy playing the accordion on random corners and I have being dieing to get his picture and now I can! whee! Its the little things.

I can also buy chargers for this phone anywhere and don't have to buy special ones like I did for the bad phone, but now I have to go and buy new chargers because I don't know where all my old chargers are anymore - but normal chargers are cheap and plentiful so yay! New phone comes with a kewl cordless charger thing, well, the thing has a cord but you just put the phone on it and the phone magically charges just by touching the charging base - but in the right place, I did find it does have to be positioned carefully. But still, yay! New Phone!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tuesday into Wednesday

So much work for a day off! Weed whacked the jungle in the back yard with Broskys weed whacker and now my arms hurt, mowed the jungle with my mower (yay!) and now I have a semblance  of yard in my yard but I'm going to have to mow it again over the weekend.

I was going to mow the front yard too but I reminded myself it was just a Tuesday and I had to go back to work tomorrow and there was no sense exhausting myself like I had a Sunday coming to recover. I didn't, I had a Wednesday and an alarm to contend with.

And the computer at work hated me and IT messed up my label maker and now I'm going to have to go back and correct  over a  year's worth of DSS updates before I go on vacation! I'm so excited!  Because that is not going to be super time consuming or tedious  at all.

Tonight I cleaned up the back bedroom in preparation for the window guys to install my windows. They haven't told me exactly when they are going t o be here but I know they are going to give me no warning at all - because I can tell these guys are douchebags and that is how they roll. They are going to call me in the afternoon the day before and I am going to not have near the time I need to prepare for them. I can at least get the room I am not sleeping in ready to go ahead of time. Happier thoughts, here is Rocket at the ocean, in Oriental over the weekend.

Okay July 4th. Fireworks! I went to the Raleigh firework show and it was very nice. I drove around forever to find somewhere to park and ended up not getting a spot until right before the show started -  and watching them from a different place than I normally do, I normally watch from Fayetteville street, right underneath where they go off, this year I was behind Shaw University. It was a different perspective .

The fireworks setting on your camera isn't there to take up space, it actually works!