Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging

Cats don't need agility classes


I haven't made my lunch yet but I did take the trash to the curb and  then I emptied and then filled the dishwasher. I only did it because it took more energy to keep screaming at the dog to stop  licking the dirty dishes I had stacked up in there. It was really taking my enjoyment out of stretching out under the electric blanket watching three night old Jimmy Fallen . Also, while the dog is a good dishwasher ( another class we took last spring, it was a seminar) he sucks at putting the clean dishes away and I get tired of trying to figure out where he put everything. It was fun the first couple of times he put the dishes away, because for months I had to stand there and give him a  treat everytimne he picked up a glass, but now he does it for Good Boy!

As proud as I am of his new skills, I think he puts things away in the wrong places because he's commenting on my housekeeping. He tells me he isn't puting them away in the "wrong" places, he is just applying Logic to the cabnets and I should try it some time, everything would be easier to find. Blah, blah, blah. Judgy Dog.

The Oscars (tm) are Sunday night. You can tell how important they are because Entertinment Weekly includes complete  ballots in two issues. The last one only arrives a week before the show so its still handy. If you accidentally get rid of  the Emmy ballot in  The Special Emmy issue that hits the stands approximately two months before they are presented, you are SOL, you are left trying to keep track of who won best supporting actor in Mini-Series/Comedy/ Made for TV Movie/Variety or Musical/Clip Show you are now seeing presented and to whom. Blink and you miss it or as it happens,straighten up you coffee table and you miss it. The Globes don't even get a Special Issue.

The Oscars (tm) are more important, more important than like just about anything in the whole world. The pre-show has all ready started on E!, This year their goal was six hours more than ESPN dedicated to the Super Bowl  -  A good goal, attainable and a massive filler of airtime that would normally be dedicated to Kardiashian  reruns.

I don't have much to say so here is a picture of Rocket.

He had been sacked out on the couch but he wanted to see why I went outside without him and if I was going to force him to go outside too. - He made it from the couch to the livingroom still draped in his blanket,  and then once he felt he was safe from an unrequested potty break, he went back to the couch. Please note he is totally secure in his manhood.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pre-Agility Class 2

Things we learned in class this week :

1. Rocket is a "natural" at making figure eights around poles. He gets right againts the pole without touching it, very difficult for a large dog.

2.Rocket needs work on his long jump. We will figure out a way to work this, the command for the long jump is "Fly!"

Long Jump

3. Rocket will learn the command "easy", so that he can stop at the end of a agility thing. He will go over the bridge, but at the end he needs to stop and have two feet on the ramp and two feet off. We will work on this skill this week. He can walk up the tiny ramp and cross the tiny bridge but at the end, but instead of just rushing off the end to get the treat,  he needs to perform the skill, and then pause and then get treat. We're supposed to practice on stairs. It was no explained on how we are going to achieve this.

4. We will work on walking through a ladder without walking on top the ladder. We do this so he will be aware of where his feet are.

5. Rocket has much, much better coordination than I do. Much.  So much better coordinated than I that next week I might have to use the disability card with the teacher.

6. We also need to work on walking backwards.

7. Rocket did much, much better than I would have thought navigating a baby version of the weave poles. The instructor was floored. We haven't worked our way up to weaving but he was very good at walking through the pole set up through an increasing narrow path.

Dog going through weave pole

8. Rocket had no problem making two inch leaps and going through a hoop or tire.

The Tire  . In real agility it is all about jumping

Jumping  . Rocket knows about jumping up and onto a fixed point but not so much about jumping over said point.

9.While Rocket loves  running through long cloth tunnels he is less excited about  short metal ones.

The Tunnel

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The spins

Rocket and I have been hard at work on our homework for class. Rocket can spin right and left very well although he seems to prefer spinning to his left. He can spin like a top actually, as long as he doesn't spin himself into a corner or suddenly decides that he has spun quite enough thank you and he wants his treat now. Or maybe he gets dizzy, he doesn't say.

I have tried to get footage of his spinning skilz but the results have been disappointing from a an  production value  place or from the audiences stand point. I  would need a camera phone operator to get really good footage. Maybe the cat?

He is also making short strides in "down" and "stay" for a ten count . "Down" has always been a problem for him and it is still a struggle. It is hard to teach "down" as a command for weims in general as a breed, as they seem to see down  as too submissive or another theory is that "down" means "floor" and floors are hard on their delicate bellys . I vote myself for the "too dominate to down" theory.

He is doing very well with "bow", he can do that even without a treat. It is is only skill he will perform without a treat. My handy  book of dog tricks covers "spinning" and says that within two weeks of learning "spin" he should do it without a treat and by command. Thus far he seems deaf to the command without a treat. This is disappointing, previously when he learned new skills, a hearty Good Dog! was plenty adequate reward.

Today he demands a peanut. Which is fine, but he has had a lot of peanuts and not once has he spontaneously spun! He will  voluntarily sit for no reason! Because well, he has to sit, he can stand, or he can lay down or he can sit. He does not "have" to spin .

I try to comfort myself by remembering the hours and hours and hours of practice it took to learn how to sit on command.  I don't know to what end we are working so hard to learn "spin", I don't know  what agility skill we are laying the ground work for as we have been told that most of agility is about jumping and successfully making jumps over things, not spinning. Rocket has a four foot vertical jump when he wants to, but he has rarely been asked to or found any pressing demand to jump over anything and then the very few times he has jumped  "over" it was at a standing start, he has never been asked to jump over anything at a run or to aimed at something and then jumped over it.

This class is going to be hard.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Laugh while you can.

Harold Ramis died Monday. You probably all ready knew that, it was everywhere within seconds. He was young too, he made his first movie Animal House - First movie, right out of the box, Animal House! and then Meat Balls and Stripes  and Ghost Busters
andGroundhog Say and Summer Vacation ... Pretty much every movie you laughed at, every movie you saw over and over, the first movies you got a tape, the first movies you go on DVR. Your favorite movies, all of them. The movies you knew all the words from, by osmosis because everybody loved these movies and everybody knew all the words. Because he made those movies.  He was the Steven Spielberg of comedy.
I hope he had a lot of money. I don't hope for that with many people who I know have a lot of money, I hope he had solid gold everything, I hope he had his very own tiny giraffes!  He wrote everything that ever made you think that you could do that too and then you found out that that was a lot harder than it look - comedy is hard, very, very hard. And to make everyone laugh all at the same time at the same thing for the same reason, is practically a miracle.  And he was a miracle worker.

Here is a very good essay from Funny or Die .

You know what the bitter cold did not kill, the wasps! Rocket is right now stalking baby wasps in the livingroom. Today I wore one blue stocking and one black, it was not my finest moment.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Back to our regulary scheduled programming

Sigh. The Olympics are over. Makes me sad. I only watched a little and then only on NBC (USA!USA!USA!) so I can't say I saw a lot of athletes from other countries, but I understand they all had really lucky breaks and life time best times and because of that synchronicity , beat our athletes pretty much right left and center. Holland has some really lucky speed skaters. Our speed skaters had underwear issues and that made them less than competitive.

Our ice skaters did fabulously well, and all had terrific back stories! Imagine! All. Of. Them.  I wanted our hockey people to do better! And they did! They beat the Russians but were felled by the Canadians. Its all right though, we beat the Russians and they didn't medal at all.  Thus endith all I know about Hockey.

Also I learned on NBC that all the routes the skiers had to take down mountains were too hard or too dangerous! We couldn't possibly be asked to go full out and risk hurting ourselves on such clearly dangerous, vertiginous routes.. The Norwegians, clearly, did not have such issues. Or the Germans. Or the Russians. Some snowflakes are more special than others. Perhaps it is time to take our teams off the bunny slopes and introduce them to the Black slopes, where in their youths they learned how to be Olympians in the first place, skiing down black slopes blind folded, backwards and on one one ski. They just need to go back to where they learned how to not feel fear. Fear is the enemy, fear is 12 bronze medals.

We did however, manage to do fabulously well . It wasn't the Summer Games, which is clearly "ours" and we're much better suited for those kind of  ground based competitions held in warm places, hey, kind of like Sotchi, when its not been doctored within an inch of its life to look like a winter sports mecca. Putin is a fool.

893 days and counting , in Rio.

And now onto the  Closing ceremonies and tomorrow we will go back to having no interest in Eastern Europe at all. Ukraine who? Revolution? Government asunder? Unjailed opposition leaders? Empty Presidential palace? EU or Putin? What are the Kardashians doing?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Thursday Bar Visit

We didn't win anything in the raffle and I didn't enter him in the Cutest Dog because he hasn't grown a compelling, contest winning back story since the last time and the only tricks he can perform aren't cute, freaking awesome though! I'd like to see the "praying" mini pin/rat terrier mix climb a ladder! I did however get my Big Book of Dog Tricks in the mail today, so at the very least he will  viable trick the next month for him to adorably not perform on demand. One can hope.

Friday Cat Blogging

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pre-Agility Week 1

Busy, busy day! Rocket did really well in our first pre-Agility class, and was the universal example of how each skill should be performed. He did fabulously well with the instructor.

And then there was me. I am clumsy. I only have two hands and can't work/ hate the clicker. I can lead him through the skill or I can "click" his success or I can give him a treat. I can not do all three things simultaneously. I do not understand why its important that the treats be in one hand verses  the other and why it matters. Personally I would prefer going with "good dog", and not fattening him up with treats that in prior classes, gave him the the trots.

Since there have been no store bought soft treats,Rocket has grown a sleek, graceful neck  and now my project  is to go to Big Lots and score him a collar one size smaller for class - his pretty collar kept slipping off and he would go visit with the other dogs and this is a massive No No. The dogs are not supposed to interact. No, No, No. Which only makes the other dogs that much more interesting. I think its self defeating.

Even with a sliptastic collar and a slow, clumsy handler, Rocket was so good in class! He got progressively better at spinning right and spinning left, he was a champ at  bowing, and we will get better at making fast tuns around my legs. He is fearless.

I am not. I will get better.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

#Eat the Rich

Instead of watching the Olympics, like a good person. I am watching Bitch Kids of Beverly Hills on my computer,  Its actually called something else but its a lot more accurate.

These are horrible creatures. I think this is what untreated, un-medicated narcissistic personality disorder looks like in the wild. I'm sure they have all spent time in therapy because duh, rich kinds from Beverly Hills, but they need to have nets thrown over them. Or drowned, either way. Drowned might be better.

So now I'm watching this while the real people are throwing themselves down mountains for their countries. I think the real people are kind of crazy too but they are at least being crazy in a brave, patriotic, talented way. It is not brave or talented to get into a an argument over the quality of an instragram picture. Or to compulsively take pictures of yourself being rich.

I am now hoping for a huge earthquake to turn BH into rubble. Sorry other people, but you'll get credit for being a martyr for the cause. These people need to be crushed under walls. Or eaten by sharks, I like that idea too. Maybe they can  run from the earthquake and end up at the beach and then get eaten by sharks. Rabid sharks, rabid sharks infected with plutonium. Glowing, rabid, land sharks.

No, that would be a fancy and memorable death. I think dieing alone and being eaten by rats would be better. Ugly rats. Eaten slowly over a long time because the ugly rats have no friends and their families have abandoned them for being such ugly, unpopular losers. Rats that can't get laid. That would be good.

I loath all of them. Its a good thing they send me lovely Amazon gift cards for this. I am totally earning it.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Finding Spudo

Getting the spuds in he ground was the easy part. Before they could be planted I had to find them . I knew they were somewhere in the house, but the last place I remembered seeing them was in the back of the car.

So I checked the back of the car. No spuds. I looked in the basement, surely, I would have stored them here in long term storage paradise, its dark, its dry and its the text book location for spud storage. It wasn't where I put them. I think about the time I scored the spuds that the basement was flooding and I wouldn't have wanted them down in that even temporarily murky, humid hell hole. Neither the basement and I were not in a good place at the time.

I searched on. How about one of the closets? The hallway closet is a nice place - but its full of very happy sheets. The bathroom closet might have been an option but I think I rejected it because of the frequent showers and I was afraid the on and off humidity wouldn't be good for spud storage.

I moved upstairs, could they be that easy to find? Did I put them under the bed? The cat does spend a lot of time there, so maybe I rejected that idea and too much for the cat to resists. I don't think cats like spuds, but you never now, Ace carries grudges. I know the bags were paper and that would have been a turn off for him - he's a plastic man himself but he's been known to get curious about perhaps the chances for hidden plastic. So I kept on.

How about the attic? Too cold. A good choice, really, but I didn't go that way. Too easy.

I checked the basement again, could I have moved them there at some point? It could happen. I had absolutely no memory of where I put them and that could be because they got shifted around frequently. But would I do that? Wander around the house with bags of seed potatoes? Don't even I have more to do that that? I would hope so.

I was getting really annoyed with me.

Back to the basement, back to the car, searched the closet  again . Poked around the downstairs bedroom. Decided to really search the back of the car, then do a more through check of the basement. I was burning day light here and I had officially spent more time trying to find them then I did digging the potaotoannis trench in the yard.

Exhausting the possibilitys of the places they were not, I went back to the bed room and looked under the bed. Safe, kept cool but not cold, unmolested by the animals, forgotten by me.


It took no time to get them put to bed and tucked into tubs and then I went back inside to bang my head into the wall.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Gov. Tea Party

Govenor dosen't want to talk about how corrupt he is.

Garden Update 2 2014

Here comes the sun!

With the snow melting and time wasting, it is finally right to put the potatoes (mostly) in the ground! Yay

First i dig the potatoanis trench, easier than I thought, longer than I had planned.It was warmer than it has been and it stopped snowing,leaving the ground soft for digging but a bit mucky in places. So messy in places and there was a nasty wind. Weep for me.

 I knew I wanted to get them into the middle garden but I am also trying to keep in mind that the corn also has to go there and has to have room. I dug the trench around the outside of the space and feel pretty confident that I can have both there and be good neighbors. The potatoes will be ready to go May 6 and by the that time the corn will still be very young and not be bothered, hopefully.

This is all Yukon Golds, I did well with the spuds I planted in the ground last year and I did a half ased job with them, and had very low expectations. They did very well and I am hopeful that if I plant them on purpose from the get go, I can have a good harvest.

They are being planted in February, I am aware of that. Last year I put them in the ground around this time and we had a freeze, I figured hat all was lost for them so I pulled out that batch and started over. The "frozen" spuds got thrown around the yard as toys for the dog and then dumped into the garden to be tilled in.

I ended up with several volunteer potato plants as a result. It taught me that 1) Spuds are studs and you 2) Can Not Abuse them Enough . If there is an eye on any piece, no matter how tiny or shredded or frozen, it will grow.  I'm not going to ignore what I have in the ground now but I'm not going to hover.

I didn't give up on planters. I have four and they all have red potatoes planted. I like these and they did well in pots before.

The main plot

Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging

The Day After

It stopped snowing and I went to work, it started the snow and I went home. I watched four hours of Law and Order : Vincent De'Onfrio . Then I pulled out my snow shovel and shoveled snow.

I am not good at it. At all. I'm fine with that because I am comfortable with my amateur status, I feel no urge to go pro. I do know understand why they sold an ergonomic shovel, the whole thing would have been less unpleasant and I might have done a better job.

The Garden in Winter

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dog snuggy

Pretty (cold)


Well, the positive thinking helped.  No snow here yet, its been dry and cold and other than near constant alerts that we're all going to die - everything is as it should be.

Rocket got a nice walk and hopefully tomorrow will have his first real agility class, or as it is, his first real Intro to Agility class. The "real" agility class is  two classes in the future. In this class I have been told to expect Baby Agility . 

I personally think he is well  beyond "baby agility" but he does have a lot to learn and so we will be happy in baby agility and  will probably at times be defeated by it, Rocket will be fine but I'll find a way to do something wrong and that will upset me and I will be depressed  by this but we will get better and we will graduate to real agility.

In honor of the cold here is Rocket in his new hoodie, Its not quite large enough but it was $5.37, so its okay. I really wanted  a heavier sweater but there were none to be found that would fit - either too small or too large and too large is as much of a problem as too small..

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thinking positively

We are all going to hold hands and pray that the weather gods and their minions the weather forecasters, are all going to shriek Psych! and its not going to do what they are threatening us that they are going to do.


 I'm clinging to "PRECISE DETAILS REMAIN UNCERTAIN" I'm going to go with that this is some sort of drill. ALso, I only heard about this whole thing on accident on Saturday when this freaky Agility Mom said something about it in passing to someone else. So, I haven't had time to make plans for this.

For instance, I do not have any ramen. I'll let that sink in, I do not have any ramen ! What if the weather minions aren't just indulging in some meteorological  masturbation? I mean, they could>/i> be doing this just to make themselves feel good, right?  The winter is long and the weather has been boring here I mean I am pretty sure the Wake County schools are still open tomorrow and they close at the bat of butterfly's wing in Africa. 

As far as I know, its just cold. Very. very cold and cold is not a probelm, cold does not stand in the way of getting to where you are going. We can be hopeful. I am not happy that it looks like we might be in line to miss our first real agility class! This would be our second missed class due to weather and we haven't even really started yet. Sigh. I am suppsed to get my potaptes into the ground this weekend but if the ground is covered with snow its going to be another week and it will lengthen the season another week. With all this damn cold the wasps had better been whipped out.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Opening Himamony

Another full and exciting weekend!

Saturday Rocket and drove out beyond the beyond to run through tunnels at a agility ring. We hadn't been  real ring before one before and I didn't know what to expect, everyone else and their little dogs knew what they were doing. They wanted me to "walk" the course before we went out there, I didn't know what this meant, I had to leave the ring to go get a map and then I didn't catch that the little numbers at the beginning of the tunnels were supposed to mean something to us. They meant that this was the order you were supposed to run through them. Duh. Rocket ran through all of them no sweat, in the wrong order, going through the wrong end. But he did it without stopping and without messing around. We have our first class this Wednesday.

I skipped First Fridays to watch the Olympic opening ceremonies. They were nice, I really liked the dove dancers at the end, that was impressive - but the rest of it was a exercise in propaganda. I wasn't impressed. China was impressive, also an exercise in propaganda, because that is what an opening ceremony is. I think it has something to do with the tone, you can say : This us, this is who and what we are. We are this - and do it without shame. The Chinese said "Hey, there is a billion of us. We have history beyond your knowing. We are communists.". They weren't ashamed or trying to pretend they didn't kill millions, they didn't lie about, they just didn't mention it. The Russians seemed dedicated to pretending they did not and that was the failure. I should not see you lying.

The Russians mistake was telling their history through Putins' eyes, changing History to fit History.

I also feel sadly, disengaged. I just had to pull myself away from Bad Ink , a show about correcting bad tattoos - like I care! To watch Ladies Figure Skating, which I do care about every four years. But I'm not feeling it and I feel bad about it.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging

Is it time for the Olympics all ready?!

Brutality with sparkles wrapped in a flag.

Yay weekend! Yay First Fridays! Yay Tunnel Fun for Charity!

My plans for the weekend include: Only doing stuff I want to and doing my laundry, which falls firmly into the need category so it makes the grade.  I also got the most recent Muppet movie from Netflix and I think that sounds like fun. Also the Olympics start. Am I going to be the  only one  holding my rosary and rocking back and forth for the next two weeks?

But come on! Who is really ready for the Olympics to start? Remember the Greeks outing? Nightmare! But it was okay and the Chinese - Okay bad example, they had  billion workers and an Autocratic government, they were done, early, under budget and at attention. Still way, way out in front in the best display ever of monolithic statehood at the opening ceremony. Message : Yes, we did kill a lot of our people. Listen to the drums  now. PS. Fuck you."

I don't really know if they were early or under budget but like they would tell us anyway. I bet the toilets worked though and they would absolutely never admit that 1) They had cameras in the bathrooms or that 2) the cameras in the bathrooms were of any use at all. The communists  are all over the board now aren't they? Do you think the Chinese are all "Well, everyone thought we were rigid and scary but at least we had the International Village finished before they got here" or "We didn't have terrorists,  that doesn't happen to us. Um, why? we're CHINA." They just don't make autocratic dictatorships the way they used to.

 The Opening Ceremony Message:   What will the Russians say about their past? or will they without shame just trot it  all out under a banner : YOU WERE AFRAID OF US  Or will it be endless repetitions of Back in the USSR, even though there is no such place now. Will they illustrate how they felt spending the last few years carrying a flag into the stadiums marked "Coming Soon"? That's going to be interesting. What will they say about the Communism? Gulags? The Five Year Plans, the  purges, Stalin, Khrushchev? Perestroika? Russia has a whole lot of history, what  was done to it and what they did to themselves, most of it with its own people bloody, starving and in chains.

Will there be miniature Giraffes? Will Putin ride into the stadium shirtless and wearing ass less chaps astride a lion? Will they feed a homosexual to the lion?  Will they think this is okay? Will they care?

Maybe there will be a thousand women dressed like  Anna Karenina? a thousand simultaneous productions of The Cherry Orchard and Uncle Vanya  airblown Frozen Palaces - Maybe we shouldn't talk about Palaces... Is there any part of Russian History that doesn't end up with slaughter?

How excited do you think the Germans are to be going back to Russia? Not a lot of good memories there, the Finnish?  Maybe we are all too young now.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


I went to Intro to Agility orientation class.  Its not going to be a hardcore class,we will be using "baby sized" agility um,rides? I'm not sure what they are called en mass yet. I don't think Rocket needs baby sized,  agility, um toys? but  he does need to learn focus and I hope this class will get us there.

Rocket says he doesn't need baby sized anything.

This weekend we are going to a fundraiser the school is having to raise money for the Canine Cancer Society,in honor of Daisy.  That's kind of sad, but we get to play with tunnels and I all ready know that Rocket likes tunnels, and so that's kind of happy.

And I get to go out to their real agility facility - its way out in BFE, but if we end up liking agility, we will have to get used to going out there and its for charity and it will be fun and it was only $5.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Into the dark

Rocket passed a little test Tuesday night. I went to my nephews Birthday party and left Rocket at home by himself and he did not destroy anything or pee all over the room!, true I was only gone for two hours, but I think he did well. I left him his dinner but he didn't eat it either. When I came back,I spent some time sitting in his room with him, this was very confusing to him so I need to do this a lot more frequently. He kept pacing the room and going back and forth to the door. He would look at me with great confusion in his face. He did finally eat his dinner though.

I don't get it. I go away every day.I come back every day.I have even started to come back for lunch when I can.I always leave and I always come back. The dog behaviorist guy told me that he handles it better during the day because its during the day and its normal for members of the pack to go places while its light. The problem happens when a pack member goes out at night, this is troubling. The guy said that  Rocket gets upset because at night the pack is back at the den and everyone is together and safe. Rocket gets upset because it is upsetting to a dog for pack members to go out at night, alone and unprotected .

I am the alpha, at least I would hope so and I can see why  the beta dogs would be upset by me leaving. But, I have to go out sometimes! I have a life. I am a very big dog and I ride around in a big steel dog crate.I like to bring him with me when I can but I can't take him everywhere and as it gets warmer I can't bring him with me at all - that big dog crate gets hot fast..

But, the work continues and progress happens.

Tonight I go to the orientation session for Rockets'  Intro to Agility class that starts next week. He's going to be alone for at least two hours while I'm there, but he will have spent the whole day in Day Care and that always exhausts him, hopefully he'll be too pooped to pee  and too catatonic to do anything catastrophic.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The right answer to the right question.

I worked so much over the weekend, when I woke up Monday morning I was convinced that it was Tuesday at the earliest. Imagine my surprise.

I gave the downstairs freezer some  (on sale) pie dough, ( on sale) pork ribs, (on sale) chicken wings and baby meat loafs to look after. I also made cookies, again and cleaned the living room.Whew!

I made one big meat loaf and three babies. The big loaf has provided  three dinners and will be at least three lunches. This one is really good! I credit onion soup mix and Italian style bread crumbs.

Monday I took Rocket to the vet for answers. I got answers. He is perfectly healthy, blood panel was great, urine was super, weight on target. He is in perfect health, except for the unexplained urination thing. I suggested that he might have a problem from his surgery, it does occur - "Oh, that is really, really rare" Okay, but "rare"does not translate as "Never, ever happens, ever." I'[m not suggesting that he is so special that this would happen to him, but what if he is the one dog in a thousand or even ten thousand? It has to happen to someone. The vet suggested that he is "marking", in his own room? Why?! I think he has a problem. This evening I found the source of the most recent "marking" - the futon! A puddle in the middle of the mattress. I soaked the bag and then the mattress and then laundered it in hot water. I am hoping it doesn't shrink in the drier.

 I am very happy and very lucky that he is healthy and everything is okay, but I would like an answer! There is a question and I want it answered. I think I have the answer, I just have to make my vet get it to.

Dumb things to do just before bed : Decide that the newly laundered slip cover for the violated futon be put back on to the futon right now. It was done, but it wasn't pretty. Note to self, if  this should happen again, new covers are available from Walmart for $30. Also, $30 futon covers' zippers life cycles are short, launder at your own risk.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

I'm actually happy the Seahawks are going to win. There, I said it.