Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pre-Agility Week 1

Busy, busy day! Rocket did really well in our first pre-Agility class, and was the universal example of how each skill should be performed. He did fabulously well with the instructor.

And then there was me. I am clumsy. I only have two hands and can't work/ hate the clicker. I can lead him through the skill or I can "click" his success or I can give him a treat. I can not do all three things simultaneously. I do not understand why its important that the treats be in one hand verses  the other and why it matters. Personally I would prefer going with "good dog", and not fattening him up with treats that in prior classes, gave him the the trots.

Since there have been no store bought soft treats,Rocket has grown a sleek, graceful neck  and now my project  is to go to Big Lots and score him a collar one size smaller for class - his pretty collar kept slipping off and he would go visit with the other dogs and this is a massive No No. The dogs are not supposed to interact. No, No, No. Which only makes the other dogs that much more interesting. I think its self defeating.

Even with a sliptastic collar and a slow, clumsy handler, Rocket was so good in class! He got progressively better at spinning right and spinning left, he was a champ at  bowing, and we will get better at making fast tuns around my legs. He is fearless.

I am not. I will get better.

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