Thursday, March 31, 2016

Coloring Book

I've been seeing a lot of  words around about coloring and how good it is for us and why I should be coloring now. I'm pretty good at coloring, and its a fun-ish thing to spend time doing. I do remember coloring in the box office at school, because there was nothing else to do and spending four hours exchanging small talk with a clinically depressed Morrissey fan, would make just about anything I could find to distract me as deeply interesting.

I was at the store and I saw a super box of crayons, the big kind, the kind I wouldn't have had as a kid. So I bought it and brought it home. I already had the Bub and Norbert coloring book and I hadn't done anything with it.

I did something with it.

I'm not sure I'm in the zone. I might need a different book with different images. I'm very into Bub but she's gray and for the most part, gray isn't a sexy crayon. I didn't not like coloring but I didn't get the self-hypnosis that I thought it was going to be, Fun though.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Due to doing no work over the weekend, I could either have to have chosen to work a lot last week - which I did not, or I could end up working a lot this week. Which I am. After dinner and dog walking, I hit the door running and emptied the dishwasher, filled the dishwasher and cleaned cat boxes

Monday, after work  and dinner and dog walking, I put gas in the car and did my weekly shopping, tonight I did all of the above and put away laundry, made room for new laundry, did more laundry.

Before I left for the dog walk, I put some gloves away and went out.

I was gone for about an hour. I came home and started on my to-do list, while I was upstairs sorting through laundry, I heard the kitty meowing. He is a very quite meower, you really have to be listening and then you can still miss him if he's facing the wrong way.

So, that  I was hearing him upstairs clued me in that he must be upstairs. I checked my closet because I could only just barely hear him and he sounded inside somewhere, I didn't find him in the closet. I checked drawers I had opened and closed, he was not there either. He is very tiny, so I checked the cat box - he could have gotten caught in there, he is very little. Not there.

More  alarmed squeaking. I looked downstairs, under things, in things and couldn't find him. I went back upstairs because it seemed louder up there. Again with the closet and under the bed and in corners. No kitty.

I went back downstairs.

I tried to remember what it was I did before I left and vaugly remembered the gloves and stuff I had  put away...

I AM THE WORST CAT MOM EVERH! I locked my kitty in the closet and THEN LEFT HIM THERE FOR AN HOUR!

The reason I could hear him so clearly upstairs was that he was trapped right next to a vent shaft that leads upstairs and when he meowed for his life, it went upstairs via the vent shaft that was right next to where I was sorting laundry. I could't hear him downstairs because he was behind two closed doors. Worst. Cat. Person. Ever.

Tomorrow night?

I am going to adult color my adult coloring book. Which despite being an "adult" coloring book does not feature any penises and there are no sex act dot to dots at all. I think its "adult" because it features images that are trippy as hell, I think the pictures are really cute, but I think I would think they were even more cute if I were high.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I know you want to know how my elbow is doing?

It is still bulbous and golf ball like and pinkish - par for the course, from what I've learned from my research into such things. It will go away, eventually, I have been assured,but when? There are no time frames outside"eventually" and "when". I think it is as irritated by the compression sleeve as I am, I even have a very nice new one, that is significantly less irritating than my first one. But its till irritaing and I wish I was not wearing it - I would be happier if wearing it was having some effect on the golf ball, bust as it is, I see no movement on it shrinking.I have concerns. I am staying with the program, even though it is not as much fun as you might expect from a sexy, tiny club dress for my arm. I am thinking of bedazzling it.

It will be cuter but it will be irritating.  And now I have it on inside out. I'm not sure that it matters really, I'm sure it will, because of course it does, its probably all kinds of designed and planned out and it should not be on inside out ever, My arm will now fall off. The golf ball will just roll away and go somewhere and be gross.

I don't think the swollen aspect is less swollen, I think it may have expanded past its original quardiants . Its pinkish but it doesn't seem infected, irritated but not sickly. It doesn't hurt  , it just grows there like some sort of squash. What happens when it expands past squash stage? It could get larger than it is now!

I don't want a melon on my elbow! How would that look? I mean?!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter Monday!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Cats Blogging

Thursday, March 24, 2016


I tried to make a list of what I  have to get done before sending Ace to Cat Camp and what I want to get done before the three day weekend.

-clean cat boxes (sooner rather than later!)
-put traveling cat litter box in car
-put kitty genie in car
-food for cat
-food for dog
-dog toys
-dog meds
-dog bark collar
-shoes for me
-extended length charger for phone ( for summer vacay)
-extra  car tie down for dog (for summer vacay)
-my meds
-remember the new flonase!
-wear the POS compression sleeve ( the swelling is not getting "compressed, it seems to be spreading!")
-back up Easter Church wear, in case it gets cold.
-baby kitty's probiotics!
- baby Kitty's bed in the car!

I got a surprising amount of that done. I have the cats gear in the car and got myself packed, except for the back up Easter wear. I checked and while its supposed to rain, its not supposed to be cold - its a go on my Sam's Club dress. Its cuter than it sounds.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Five days into burst bursaland. I don't like it. I don't like that my elbow looks like a before picture. I don't like that it feels squishy. I don't like that it will take weeks for it to  gets its figure back. I don't like anything about it at all. I don't like sleeping in the sleeve. I do not like the compression sleeve and I don't like that there must be latex in the fabric because I'm getting a rash. I don't like anything right now. I am cranky. I have a burst bursa in my elbow and I want my elbow back.

That's really pretty much all I am about right now.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I learned today that I have near perfect hearing. I don't have to be psychic to know what you're thinking, I can hear you thoughts. I also learned that I really, really do not like the compression sleeve thing, it is not my friend. I did not need the ENT to know that.

I spoke with an ENT today who told me my hearing is flawless, my nose is a mess and there isn't anything he can do about my vertigo - but that maybe a neurologist could help me out. His idea being that the vertigo  might be a migraine. There are many different types of migraines, he told me. There are aural migraines, optical migraines - which is what I possibly have, and the more hardcore migraines that you hear about.

I've been having a lot of problems with floaties in my vision and having to have my computer screen less bright and I've had to get a lamp for my office because there is no way I could spend the day with over head lights!

My house to dark too, I don't have overhead lights here, but  the lights I do have keep it less bright because I think I knew I need dim light to be comfortable, I just never noticed.

I'm going to call my MDs office tomorrow and tell them what I learned today and hope they can give me some direction,

Monday, March 21, 2016


So, Friday at about 9:15am I rolled my sleeve up and felt something squishy . I've worked hard to excise the squishy qualities from my person and finding something on the premise with that quality was a little surprising. The fact it wasn't there in the morning when I was dressing was alarming.

I checked with the most nursey nurse we have and she said it was gross, and that it was probably a burst bursa . She suggested I call my doctor and let them know this had happened. I thought I would tell them and they would add it to my chart and I would spend the day being squicked out by my new elbow.

They wanted me to come in now. I did that. I came in and they also thought it was kind of gross, and they said I needed to see an orthopedist and they made me an appointment with a doc out in hell.

I went back to work for about ten minutes and then drove out to hell for the appointment and waited and waited and waited some more. Big fun.

A PA finally got to me and they did xrays. Nothing was broken and there were no foreign bodies floating about. This is where the orthopedist lost all interest in me and my elbow. A nurse came in with a compression sleeve and told me to wear it for three weeks. I asked what would happen if it hadn't gone down in three weeks and they said they would tell me to put it back on.

I put it on and hated it immediately, if not sooner. I think it might be too big and it chafes as it shifts around. The real estate on the arm part of my elbow really resents the sleeve and I feel my pain on this. I am not going to wear this bitch for three weeks and my doctor is going to hear about it if it isn't down ASAP. Not one of the doctors aspirated the fluid to see what is going on in there or took my temperature of even touched the swelling.  Its redder now and I think it feels warm. Grrr.

Sunday morning the dog got me out of bed by letting me know he needed it go out right now by peeing like a race horse and pacing back and forth while he did it. Multi-tasking.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Cats Blogging


I celebrated St. Patrick's Day by making a very nice crock pot Irish stew and then accidentally laying down with the dog and  then accidentally closing my eyes and then almost not leaving for our walk until almost too late. However, it wasn't actually too late and I successfully took a be-shamrocked dog downtown for a walk. He got lots of attention and made people all kinds of happy.

That shamrock "scarf" didn't even last before we got home! We littered felt shamrocks all over Fayetteville Street. It was cute while it lasted, fortunately, it lasted long enough to be cute in a picture.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Yay for us! Feeling much relieved and motivated! I hope she keeps the momentum going and prevails before the convention! I'm so proud of NC for going for her and glad I was able to help, in even a tiny way. I can not wait to work for her Presidential campaign!

In celebration, here are new pictures of my baby kitty

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I Dialed for Democrats again, even old people don't have land lines anymore. I came home and took the most through shower ever, I have my annual physical Tuesday morning and I want to have all my ducks in a row. And every bit of my body very, very clean.

And then I spent an hour over thinking what to wear to work on Election Day. I have a patriotic vest that is very nice but I also have a cute dress that is RW&B but it may be too summery - but its going to be warm, and I could wear leggings under it and I have a sweater I could wear over it, if the office gets chilly...

Really, this was an hour spent thinking about this. But then out of nowhere, I remembered another RW&B outfit that would be so much more appropriate for both March and the office! Yay!

I'm sorry, but I'm not. Its a big day! Its election day and my annual physical!


Monday, March 14, 2016


I was able to cross something off my bucket list! I matched in a parade! , I had never marched in areal parade before and I always wanted to. I know its not as big or dramatic as what you might have on your list, but it was an item and now I can take it off.

It was fun! I wish I had been able to see more of the actual parade but the group I marched in was the second in line and there wasn't much to see from there. I would have stuck around to see what was behind us but I had to go home to meet my parents to help them with some work around my house and I had to go the john in the worst way. It did not help that due to the parade every street downtown was blocked off and I had to drive around Robin Hood's barn to get home.

Next time, I'll watch the rest of the parade. I saw a little bit while I was driving in circles trying to get out of downtown and it looked really fun.Inow know why I haven never driven downtown for an event.

Pictures from the parade:

On Sunday I had to get to work on the garden and the back yard.

 The backyard before

The backyard after

I know you're asking, Wow! Did Yard Crashers do that! OMG! It looks fantastic! and my answer is : Shut up. Its a work in progress.

I also extended the new garden

Rocket helping with a uncooperative  root.


I went out and got some fertilizer and spread that around and added more coffee grounds and I hope its going to get the soil ready to grow. I think I should add some lime just because I never have and I think a little will go a long way to properly conditioning the soil.

I did all of this before it started to rain and I got it all done. We got a nice steady rain  for a little while and it was exactly what the soil wanted.


My parents did a lot of work at my house. SOme of it harder than others, all of it work I could not do myself. I haven't had my art on the walls since I had the walls panted almost a year ago, it was time to get it back up.

Those floating shelves were really hard to get installed! It doesn't look like a big job, but it was really tough and time consuming. It got better as we learned how to do it, but the first one was a real bitch. I really love how they look though and I'm so glad to see my art back. I put up too much and I need to thin the herd a little, but I'm excited about being about to change the display so easly and I hope to get some of my own work up soon.