Thursday, March 24, 2016


I tried to make a list of what I  have to get done before sending Ace to Cat Camp and what I want to get done before the three day weekend.

-clean cat boxes (sooner rather than later!)
-put traveling cat litter box in car
-put kitty genie in car
-food for cat
-food for dog
-dog toys
-dog meds
-dog bark collar
-shoes for me
-extended length charger for phone ( for summer vacay)
-extra  car tie down for dog (for summer vacay)
-my meds
-remember the new flonase!
-wear the POS compression sleeve ( the swelling is not getting "compressed, it seems to be spreading!")
-back up Easter Church wear, in case it gets cold.
-baby kitty's probiotics!
- baby Kitty's bed in the car!

I got a surprising amount of that done. I have the cats gear in the car and got myself packed, except for the back up Easter wear. I checked and while its supposed to rain, its not supposed to be cold - its a go on my Sam's Club dress. Its cuter than it sounds.

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