Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging

You want to use me as a pillow. I know you want to use me as a pillow. I am not a pillow.

Carmina Burana

I went to the store and bought way too many berries. It should be pointed out that many of the berries were on sale so  I could have spent twice as much on half as many.

So now I have berries in addition to my strawberries - which, lets be honest, you can eat too many strawberries. Its good to keep things fresh and now I am freshening things up with raspberries and blueberries.

Tonight I am going to get all cultured and go out to eat with my Mom and then we are off to see Carmina Burana . Which shockingly, is not just a random lyric in a song from Rent, who knew? The opening number of CB,  O Fortunata is used all the time to express gravitas and imminent threat in movies and commercials, so you can hum it. I love Wikipedia.I learned that CB is kind of  along the lines of slightly like Canterbury Tales, kind of, written by many people over more time in more languages. Portions of CB were put to music in the 1930s.

I'm going to put a dress on and be fancy, fancy-ish, it is Raleigh after all.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Get it.

I walked the fence line this evening to get a status check on that property and what I earned is that  everything needs my attention and needs is now - like Wednesday night, I should be out there right now with  the hedge trimmer and the scythe and a hired man.

It is not pretty. Both lawns need to be mowed, all the shrubs need to be cut back, I now have shrubs where I didn't have shrubs before! Its yardaggeden out there and it needs me to rescue it from the commies or the aiens or whatever it is that whomever rescues us from commie aliens these days. The last time I was paying atention to such events it was Will Smith or Bruce Willis. Its probably some bland, hairless, manscaped creature from TV these days. I would settle for Harrison Ford, I bet he can do some aggressive landscaping.

I don't care who comes to do the work, I need whoever is the best at landscaping and following orders  to go back there and fix it. I think one super hero and his back up team of really good heroes could go back there and  take care of it in a day, two if they also put in a sprinkler system while they are at it

When they get through in the back, they can move out front and get rid of all the shrubs that are there, except for the azalea it can stay - but the rest of them can go and can be replaced by sexier space fillers. Maybe I would like a banana tree, they live here even in the winter. Maybe I need an English Garden to suddenly manifest... or maybe a xeriscape, to save on water costs, or maybe tile the whole thing and plant a lot of ground cover?

Or I could just mow, edge, trim, dig up, rake, hoe, otherwise dominate it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Garden Update 8 2014

Time is marching on.

I'm pretty sure that the larger pots have, I think, the Yukon gold spuds, they aren't near ready yet. The foilage is still lush and everything is still perky and strong. If they do hold the smaller red spuds, these plants are way behind the other pots. I would bet it is because they get less direct sunlight.

These guys get a lot of direct sunlight and have all ready gifted me with some early spuds. The plants are thinning out and falling over. I should stop watering these and let the plants die back naturally and then harvest.

The garden plants are behind their potted brothers. Way behind, they haven't even flowered yet! The plants are still full and happy but they have begun to fall over a bit. I don't think that this unusal for them as the plants get very full and they do fall over. They plants are healthy and in good shape.

A baby corn plant. I didn't get as many as I wanted, but I got some and I should be happy with that. I'm a little afraid they aren't close enough together for me to get actual corn to grow. We'll see. On the upside, they plants are big enough now that I can rake up the bed and get rid of the nutrient sucking weeds.

The green beans are starting to grow up and really establish themselves.

I have baby tomatos! Lots and lots! The plants are really working hard.

They tomato plants are growing by leaps and bounds!  They are so tall now! I was a little scared for these after it froze after I planted them but they all pulled through.

The peppers went last and take the longest to get where they are going. They look good.

The onions look, onion-y?

 And we move to the front yard!

The blueberry bushes are actually making blueberry's! A new thing! Last year they made white berries that didn't strike me as edible.

I'm not happy with the honeysuckle, I worked hard to get these plants and I really was hoping for the flowers and scent and I have neither! These plants days may be numbered.

Everyone is perking along, I miss my flowers but it just wasn't going to work out before vacation. I'll get flowers in the ground after I get back, late but it'll be okay.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging


 How it actually played out.

I filled the car at lunch, pulled out camera and ipod, computer bag to central location
I came home after work, walked the dog, fed the dog and did my shopping, grabbed dinner.
I finished up my packing
Brought bags downstairs
brought dogs bed to car
I moved us downstairs for the season - "good" pillow, tooth brush, toothpaste deodorant, meds, clothes, shoes, set new alarm clock, remembered kindle, moved dogs bedding into downstairs crate, bagged up his tent, moved Kitty's' food and litter box downstairs. Dropped Kitty's food  bin down the stairs. Made many, many trips up and down the stairs.
Walked the dog to and from Cause for Paws.
watered the outdoor plants thoroughly
took out the trash .

Tired now.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


I was trying to get my stuff together because reasons and I did get myself packed but I just can't get the pet objectives taking care of. I need to, it has to get done but then I start telling myself I need more cat litter and I'm running out of cat food and I need to get shampoo and conditioner and  then I start to think about other things I probably need and if I don't have the cat litter or cat food ... which I would not be taking with me so why is this an issue? And when I think about it, I can get the rest of my short list after I arrive so why am I letting myself  get stuck in this problem?

Rockets stuff lives  in the car all ready but he needs his food container re-filled and I need to get his pills in order and I'm sure there is stuff back there that does not need to go with me and will just take up space so some sort of clean out of the back of the car is in order...

I made myself feel better by refilling the dogs food container and getting his pills sorted  and I moved some stuff around in the back of the care, so now I feel better

Once back inside I my camera in a more in-my-face location. so I will be less able to forget it. I should put it in my laundry basket now.

The plan for Friday after work had been that I was going to pick up Rocket from daycare on Friday and then hit the road, this would be a great idea but it leaves the kitty at home my himself and that is not okay. The new plan stays the same dog-wise but now we go home and get the cat  and feed the dog and I probably put on shorts and then we leave. Its going to be traffic hell in any plan so it really doesn't matter what time we leave really. I also have to remember to put gas in the car. So new plan! Get the dog, put gas in the car and then go home and get kitty.

No, the getting gas part isn't going to work. Thursday I'll put gas in the car on the way home from work! Then I'll walk the dog, then we will put in a brief appearance at the Cause for Paws thing downtown but we will leave promptly and I'll go home and do my shopping? I can't load the car without the dog tent and dog bed and they will be in use until Friday morning. My lunch break on Friday is going to be busy.

Too much to process. I need to go to bed.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Magic Tricks

I took Rocket to the vet today to have what remained of his stitches removed. He had three two weeks ago, but today he had just one. The first he deemed redundant almost immediately, the second he decided was irrelevant just yesterday and the third, the most important stitch, the one holding the whole thing together, he allowed the vet to remove. I tried to explain to the vet that Rocket is really, really in touch with his body and that is why he took them out - the areas had healed and the stitches were no longer needed.

She was not happy with me or the dog. She thought he was even more anxious than when she met him almost a year ago and she thinks he's on too many too strong anti-anxiety meds. She believes they are making him more anxious. He had just spent the whole day napping, he had not had his evening walk or his dinner meds but he had a neato trip in the car to a place he enjoys being to see people he likes  Of course he was excited! I was becoming unexcited about coming to a place I was quickly not enjoying while getting the riot act read to me by a person I was rapidly liking less and less.

I said that since he picked up med number two he is barking markedly less, he hasn't destroyed anything and he seems a lot more calm when I come home now and he is calmer over all. I also added that he is a remarkably calm weim and that others have mentioned it to me because the breed can be unmanageable nut-balls. She said its because he's drugged and without the drugs he would be a completely different dog.

I'm sure he would be. A completely freaked out, terrified mess.

She suggested that I teach him tricks to keep his mind busy - a busy mind being a tired mind. She said it was like if I wasn't interested in world history and I read a world history book it would make me really tired... I told her that he is in agility - she pishposhed agility  as it only makes him physically tired and  that he should be mentally tired as well. Perhaps I will find him a thirty years out of date book on Canine Contributions to World History I could bore him into good behavior.

So if I followed her advice and stopped the meds and taught him tricks as per her suggestion, such as "to turn on and off the lights"  that he would magically be cured and drug free. Bitch.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Screaming in my head.

How bad was class this week? I was going to wear a skirt to work tomorrow but now I have to wear pants because I have a lovely bruise and some very attractive scratches and I broke a nail. I think it was our worst performance in any class ever and we set that bar high! And yet he found it in himself to do it! It may very have been his worst behavior in public ever.

Its a good thing I pay for those classes ahead of time because otherwise, we would not be  going back.

Monday, May 19, 2014


Yay for a productive weekend! Yay I had fun and got house work done and yard work and took part in my Democracy and got some culture and still walked the dog!

Boo. Not a great deal to report. Artsplosure was very fun and I got some gifts bought and I did not buy the tee shirt because for a third or fourth straight year the tee shirt design has been terrible! I don't understand? The design on all the promotional material is really pretty, why can't they just slap that on their tee shirts and call it a day? What they end up with looks amateurish and they can't even get it on the shirts correctly. I saved some money there so I was able to buy actual art.

I took two trips, one without dog and one with. Dog is lovely and well behaved in public and loves the crowds and attention, but you don't need the actual experience with bringing a bull into a china shop to know that bringing a bull into a china shop might be a mistake. I looked at literally everything there, decided on what I wanted, and came back with him when it was cooler hours later. He basked in the positive attention and I quickly bought what I wanted.

You just can't do in-depth  art festivaling with a dog on your arm, I know people do but I don't think its the best idea, and it was hot, too hot for a dog to be out wandering around. I wanted to really look at everything and see what was there. I didn't want to spend the whole time with one eye on him and one on what he could potentially destroy . The two trips idea worked out well and we both had a great time, the venders had a great time and  everyone enjoyed ourselves.

I spent Saturday morning in Pittsboro attending my congressional district convention. It was exactly as much fun as it sounds and on top of that, it was an eighty mile round trip. Yay for participatory democracy.

The yard got mowed, the laundry got done, I ran a load of dishes and I remembered to get new dishwasher detergent! Woo!

Saturday, I went to the mall and ordered my new glasses and they are awesome.  Sunday I did housework and yard work and played with the garden and went to Big Lots and bought detergent. No wonder I'm tired.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging

This is the kitty. I know you don't recognize him since he's not either in the kitchen or on the dinging room table where he seemed to have spent the last two years, but it really is him. Here he is hiding under the downstairs bedroom bed with my wrapping paper.

Just in time for my rain barrel to dry up  and for me to heft the hose out of the basement, we have a full day of heavy rain! My potatoes are no longer in mourning and I may score a couple of more corn plants as well!

Poor Rocket had to learn the painful lesson that if you reject one part of the yard because it is being rained on, the rest of the yard is probably being rained on too. Even the front yard, which has come through for him in the past due to the tree coverage. He refuses to use to strip between the neighbors house and mine because this year it now fills with water and he can't see the bottom! For all he knows its full of rocks and he'll have an accident or its eleventy feet deep and he isn't a good swimmer. Either way, its dangerous and he won't go there.

We stood under the carport for twenty minutes while he weighed his options and ultimately decided that the rain would stop before he went to bed and he would just hold it for the time being. He really got his feelings hurt by the front yard though, it was just as wet as the back yard! I mean, what kind of friend does that? None of his favorite spots were not getting rained on, he as really crushed! How is he supposed to pee on something if its getting rained on? Its like he's being cheated on! Its a total betrayal!, especially over there by the fence?! I mean,  what a bitch! That has always been a good spot to squat and now? Totally getting rained on! Its like the evil sprinkler beast was everywhere!.

When he gets really desperate, he will utilize the driveway, but he really prefers the grass and also? under the carport you can really hear how hard its raining and he just feels so hurt by it all.

He didn't even get a walk! I was thinking of just going around the block but it had started to mist and I said "Hey. We are going to do this!" And  I marched up stairs to change clothes and I sat on the bed and the dog very naughtily, jumped on the bed and then he did that doggy rolling around thing and was so cute I said "Who's bed is this?! No way you get to take up so much room!" And things went down hill from there and then I felt I needed to rescue my pillows from his dogginess and the next thing... It was raining really hard and we missed our walk.

You can not count on your dog to not be open to taking a nap on the bed. They are really, really bad role models when it comes to  taking unapproved, unscheduled naps.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Outdoor Life

The a/c is on. The dog is celebrating by leaving his water dish and taking a nap. I also finally brought the last hose up from the basement and watered everything before it died. prior to this weekend I had been using my rain collection barrel as my sole source of water for everything not in the ground and then it suddenly stopped raining and all my potted everything became very sad - the potatoes damn near went into mourning, so I had to suck it up and go back to city water.

Staying on the topic of water : I am question my irrigation timer. It works fine for setting 1 but not for setting 2, in fact, I don't think that setting 2 is being worked at all. I know its hooked up right because I can manually over-ride the timer and it works just fine it just won't do it without being ordered to do so.

My old timer when it turned on there was this tremendous "thunk" that you could feel all over the house - I liked this because I knew it was working. New timer doesn't do this and I never really know that its working. I can see the plants growing and developing, so I can see that  the plants are managing to get water from some source, but I'm not sure its the irrigation system. I'm also a little spooked that  the mechanism kept working even after I took the batteries out hoping to cause to have to re-set it self. It didn't re-set.

Worst case scenario is that I change it to a single setting and use the sprinkler as the main source of irrigation. It can be set to have a very wide spray and it can water the whole yard if necessary - it just isn't a  very efficient use of the water and not everything needs or wants its leaves to be wet as it draws insects and fungal infections.

I have some work to do.

Speaking of work, one of my neighbors helped me hack at the hipsters' hateful tree! It had taken to trying to peel the roof off my car every time I pulled out of my driveway and so I finally hauled out my trimmer and cut everything I could reach. I am shorter than I thought, but I think I might have taken care of the problem. A very kind neighbor came along and helped to hold branches so I could cut them off, he was beyond helpful to my cause.

The nice neighbor said that years and years ago they tried to talk a past owner of the tree to  cut the offensive thing down. because its ugly, and messy and useless . The then owner claimed it shaded the house and refused. It did not shade the house forty years ago and it does not now. I rake up its leaves and  suffer its limbs, and slip in the hateful berries it drops in my driveway and even the homeless population hates the tree for its mess. When the neighbors offer to take up a collection to get rid of your tree because its an ugly, messy nuisance? The tree is a bad tree! The hipsters don't as much as look at their tree and have never raked its leaves or slipped in its berries. I wonder of they would be open to a neighborhood collection to get the ugly thing gone?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It is what it is and I say what it is.

I was at Walmart over the weekend. I'm always at Walmart. Anyway, I was Wallyworld and I started to think that now that its warm, I need a new pair of summer pjs! I have a couple of pair now and they are very nice and I like them very much. The problem is hat its hot and even when I finally turn on my a/c, I use it sparingly. Long story short, I sweat a lot and my pjs take the brunt of the abuse. Also I like new things.

I said "Hey. Walmart. Cheap clothes! Lets to this thing!"  I don't buy clothes at Walmart very often and now I know why : Its not as cheap as it should be and its still crap. This was not what I wanted and was not solving my pj jones. I was there and and I wanted  to get pjs! It was suddenly very important to me that I leave the store with pjs. I looked through the racks and didn't find anything that was either more than I wanted to pay for something at Walmart or looked like downmarket nursing home attire.

I had to get out of the ladies department before I depressed myself into a puddle - If anyone saw me whimpering under a clothing rack they would assume I worked there and then management would try to fire me for not being on my feet and being out of uniform and then someone would start filming and it would be on You Tube and then it would come out I don't work there at all and there would be a bad moment.  I don't want to have a moment at Walmart.

I also needed strawberries.

I didn't get far before I saw something I liked : A clearance rack! I love clearance! I lost the desire to curl up and whine!  I wandered over and to my shock it was filled with pjs! No, it wasn't, it was heavy with enormous men's' tee-shirts. Some of them didn't feature a duck dynasty cast member.  They were $3, they did not directly suggest that they not be slept in and some of them didn't feature bigots!  and I got I got two lovely nightgowns.

And strawberries.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Intermediate Agility Dog

The instructor said that Rocket has made great progress and will do well in the next class. He has! He has changed a lot and has learned stuff and is much better and following me to the next obstacle and not running all over the ring or just flying off course to do an obstacle he thinks is more fun while I stand here with a handful of treats and try to not sink into the astro-turf.

I think today's class was one maybe the first he didn't actively embarrass me by running all over the ring and ignoring commands, it was also the first class where he hadn't spent the day in daycare. I think that while being kept busy all day is good, it make make him so tried that he is over tired once he gets to class and that leads to a lack of attention and general disobedience. I'm going to re-think daycare on class days. We start our next class next week and he will not be in day care for that class either, if I see an improvement in his behavior and ability he might be at daycare a lot less frequently. He still has to go though on non-class days though, I bought a punch card and he will use it up.

Daycare might be a more winter-centric activity though, as it gets dark so fast and so early that its almost impossible to take him on a walk sometimes. So well see. I might try it out on weekends and I saw on the site that they do offer half day schedules, so that is another option for us. We have options.

This was the first class we didn't get a diploma. I'm not sure why this makes me mildly sad, the "diplomas"  we've been issued for the other classes are really kind of lame.

Anyway! Moving on to Intermediate Agility!!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Garden 2014 Update 7

With the newly planted corn so young it shard to tell the corn sprouts from the weed sprouts. I knew I was going to kick myself for not using weed barrier.  Now I am going to have to weed and I do not like weeding - hence, by historical use of weed barrier.

I would go through the plot with at least a little hand rake but its too early to know what I was really raking up. I'll have to wait for everything to age a little and then rake the hell out of it.

Another plot I failed to use weed barrier is unused strip of garden that I abandoned after it became clear it doesn't get enough sun to make tomatoes or peppers work. I let it sit out last year but this year I added onions and suddenly the little strip began to look a lot better as a planting location ( since I had planted everywhere else)

Fortunately, none of my weeds look like onions. Onions look like onions.

My tomatoes are looking great! I was afraid after they got hit by the late frost but they pulled though and they're just perking right along. I even have a few flowers.

The peppers have settled in nicely and seem to be doing well.

Some of the container spuds are flowers all ready but the plants in the ground aren't there yet, I think they are at least two weeks behind due to the cold and the ground taking longer to warm up.

I would like to see my pole beans starting to climb a little, I got burned by a mixed bag of beans last year and ended up with some uninvited bush beans. I'm hoping my baggy marked "pole beans" are actually Pole Beans.

I did most of my work this weekend with the plants in the front of the house. I also ran my cistern dry and this made me unhappy. I'm going to have to haul up the hose from the basement and get it set up. Hopefully it will rain soon and refil my cistern.

After my grass plant died I decided I wanted  a change. I had decided that I wanted and elephant ear because I like the shape and I don't have anything else like it. It was harder to find one than I thought. But I found one and it is lovely! And at the end of the season I can dig up the bulb, bag it, and let it live in my basement for the winter.

I also repoted my new fern and my Nepenthes (pitcher plant) because I looked at its pot and it seemed very small! It is now in a larger, roomier pot and I hope it does well there.

I still haven't given up hope for Room Mate Fern, but its not looking good and I don't know what you do with an older fern plant. I stripped off the dead parts and gave it some fertilizer and told it to feel better. I got New Fern because it was clearly not on deaths door and it was on sale. I put it in a larger pot because it seemed like the right thing to do.

I haven't given up on flowers for the front deck but I do need to do this quickly before all the good bedding plants are gone.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging

Am I blue?

A few months ago I thought it was a good time to think about my new glasses. There is no time like the present and I like shopping online. I still liked my "old" glass and I thought I would like to stay with that style, so lets look at Ray-Bans. This makes it easy! If you ever gone searching for anything online you know there are 100,000 version of everything. No search is easy or quick, and after a while everything is confusing and it all looks the same and they all look kind of cool, they are not "my" glasses.

I decided to stay with my same design because I like it and if I can wear bright red glasses and get no comments whatsoever, I can wear pretty much anything I want. But not white, I tried white and it was not a good idea. But you have to try.

After a lot of searching I finally found my glasses! I was excited and they are so cool! And blue, I wanted a color and these are a color - a bright color! I was thrilled.

I went immediately to my favorite glasses provider and went to check to see if they had it! Because of course they have it! Well. They didn't, they don't carry them. This made me very sad and thinking about the possibility of buying glasses online. But the web site promised me that they could order anything and they could be mine.

I went to my store and talked to them. If I bring my own frames in I don't get whatever deal they had running at the time. Bummer. I have a nasty prescription and I need all the deals I can get. I am not giving up yet.  So I almost have to get them from the store directly, although I find this limiting.

Today was my annual eye appointment. I don't have glaucoma! Wooooo! Its always good to know. I left the office with my prescription and a dream. I marched to the mall and went to my store and had a look around. I didn't see anything I wanted to wear. I know what I want and its all I want. The store did not have them. A call announced the warehouse does not have them. The guy at the counter told me they gave him a list of stores that may have them and he will call me tomorrow to let me know. I may end up having to speak with my insurance about who they will and will not pay for frames.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


We took our regular walk, well, not all the super awesome jumping-climbing-hopping about regular walk, so it was a boreing walk but it was  walk that did not include stich ripping or wound bothering so it was okay. It was nice to get out and I know he was happy to get the ring off. It doesn't bother him nearly as much as the cone but its still a foreign  thing he has to wear all the time and that is never a fun thing.

His wound is looking good - dry, cool and no bleeding or seepage. Its also brand new and hasn't started to itch or ache yet, we'll see how he really feels about it when his pain meds run out and he's on his own.

In non-dog news. I think I prefer over cooked spaghetti squash to under cooked spaghetti squash. When its not cooked enough its like eating dry spaghetti - which is okay, but usually spaghetti at least gets limp when there is a sauce on it. This may need more work.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

He feels finer than he is letting on.

Note how wreaked his cone is now. I don't know what happened at the vets before and after he got his stiches, but I think he was not happy about it. He's home now, but the cone and the saddness that rides with it came home too.

Daisy wore a cone too often for too long. I hated the cone, not as much as Daisy hated the cone but I had to put it on her and it made me feel like I was hurting her - I wasn't, I know that, but it wasn't a good thing. If I had known it was going to be with us as long as it, I would have done something about it. I promised myself that if I was faced with the cone again that I would do something about it.

Meet "something".  I should have bought one when he was fixed and he could have spent no time in the cone of shame. I was short sighted, I think the lesson is : Dogs are dogs are dogs. They are going to get boo-boos and rashes and sores and they will lick them. Its going to happen, get used to it, be ready. Now, I am ready and we can both look into cone free future. If not a future free of boo-boos, rashes and sores.

He seems a little less sad and now I have a not-cone for the inevitable cone moments that dogs experence through their lives . I might need to use his agility collar with it though, it is tighter and smaller and might be beter than his lage, loose , every day collar. It will probably work better

I just did that and discovered how not really as out-of-it as he appears he really is.  There was a lot of leaping about on his part. I was strongly encouraged to not allow any leaping of any kind for two weeks. We blew it on the fist night home. I think the replacement collar is better because it fits closer and more like the picture on the wrapping.

Now with a better fit  He's tired because me made me chase him around to get it back on.

Yes, the ring is gray. I decided it was a sign and I just grabbed it. I am hopeing that he will be able to start walks agan soon because I know I need them even if he isn't really all that excited about it. I also hope that people don't freak out when they see the ring. I think it is a lot more atractive than the cone and he looks less damaged.

He seems okay with the ring now with me here to keep and eye on it and him. The real test will be tommorrow when I leave him alone and unsupervised with it. He will be pretty medicated until Thursday and hopefully after that he will have gotten used to it. Its going to be a very long two weeks for us both. But mostly for him.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

He will be fine.

We didn't go to agility class. We went to the vet instead.

Rocket went to daycare and met a new dog. The new dog either 1) Went through the door first and thus offended Rocket - He knows that the person goes through the door first not the dog or 2) The dog made a hostile move towards the female handler and Rocket  went to defend her, 3) Karma acted fast and hard.

Not behind old Karma, nope, right on top of things Karma is.  He's getting stitches. They couldn't do them  when we were in there because unlike a person getting stitches, a dog isn't really going to just sit still and watch. A dog getting stitches has to be  fully anesthetized and that takes time. First to get them under and then to bring them up out of it. They are going to shave him and then stitch him up. They are also insisting on a flu shot - something my regular vets office as well as many others, see as an unnecessary vaccination

 For the next five days he gets eight horse pills a day.  Things loosen up at ten days because he runs out of pain meds. What all is pictured?  The brown pills at top are Rimadyl, a pain killer, below them are an old favorite around Casa Dianaverse, Cephalexin,  an antibiotic that Daisy was on those for so long  after her knee surgery that it stopped working in her system... I might still have some around... Good times, to the left are his Prozac and on the bottom , his good friend, Trazodone.

I thought it was interesting at the daycare. When Rocket was  just a supporting aggressor I was told the names of all the dogs involved, when Rocket stepped up this time to  leading aggressor,  and ended up with an actual wound, I get nothing. Just it was a "new dog".

He will be going back there at some point after his stitches come out, whenever that may be, on a case by case basis. Maybe.