Thursday, May 29, 2014

Get it.

I walked the fence line this evening to get a status check on that property and what I earned is that  everything needs my attention and needs is now - like Wednesday night, I should be out there right now with  the hedge trimmer and the scythe and a hired man.

It is not pretty. Both lawns need to be mowed, all the shrubs need to be cut back, I now have shrubs where I didn't have shrubs before! Its yardaggeden out there and it needs me to rescue it from the commies or the aiens or whatever it is that whomever rescues us from commie aliens these days. The last time I was paying atention to such events it was Will Smith or Bruce Willis. Its probably some bland, hairless, manscaped creature from TV these days. I would settle for Harrison Ford, I bet he can do some aggressive landscaping.

I don't care who comes to do the work, I need whoever is the best at landscaping and following orders  to go back there and fix it. I think one super hero and his back up team of really good heroes could go back there and  take care of it in a day, two if they also put in a sprinkler system while they are at it

When they get through in the back, they can move out front and get rid of all the shrubs that are there, except for the azalea it can stay - but the rest of them can go and can be replaced by sexier space fillers. Maybe I would like a banana tree, they live here even in the winter. Maybe I need an English Garden to suddenly manifest... or maybe a xeriscape, to save on water costs, or maybe tile the whole thing and plant a lot of ground cover?

Or I could just mow, edge, trim, dig up, rake, hoe, otherwise dominate it.

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