Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday Cats Blogging


Sorry, no post yesterday. When I would have been posting I was sleeping. I was tired! OI was at the gym for an hour and then I came home and walked the dog for 2.5 miles!  By the time I would have been sitting down to write, I was laying down to sleep, I was exhausted. Lesson learned.

Today I also did an hour but I did not walk the dog, he seems pretty chill with it. He hates the heat and as long as I take him out to pee when he asks, he's fine. He went to daycare on Tuesday so he was completely useless Wednesday and I didn't have to walk him at all when I think of it.

Oops. I also lost my car briefly Tuesday, it was very briefly but I still got the thrill of not knowing where my car was and just kind of wandering around hoping that something would spur my memory.  I did know it was by a church - which is not as good a hint as it could be because there is a church literally on every corner downtown. I could have said "I parked it on a paved street". I did finally find it, so yay me.

Today I did the same routine, sans losing my car, I parked in a garage, never again though, that bitch was expensive! I'll park and walk thank-you-very-much. I also didn't walk the dog. I was okay with that. Please note that I am awake to write this.

Saturday I am going to a Reunite the Families- Get-Those-Babies-Out-Of-Jail-You-Bastards Marches that are scheduled around the country and  to what should be pour great shame, around the world. I will be getting up early for this and so should you.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Well, I didn't ask the chaperone again That's the  schoolmarm looking lady who watches us work out and shushes anybody who accidentally makes noise. I was going to ask her how to use the other machines but she left the space just as I was finishing up - possibly to go track down the girl who clapped everytime she went another mile, to tell her to stop such displays! Yesterday I listened to her tell a weightlifter to make less noise as he lifted weights, much to his consternation, he  thought he was being quiet but apparently he was grunting too loudly. Oh, and there is absolutely no dropping of the weights.

The gym is almost silent except for some YMCA approved light pop muzak that is piped in. You can actually hear yourself sweat. You can also hear the person next to trying to catch heir breath. I think the machines have some sort of radio setting and I am going to have to get some cheapo headphones and try it out, its better to work out with a good beat or duh! just bring my phone out and make Spotify do its thing! I'll go to Big Lots at lunch and get a pair of the clunky headphones and use those, I really don't like the little ones, they don't stay in my ears and they hurt. I'll just stick the phone in my  zippy new exerbra and away we'll go. Problem solved.

Today I walked through  either Ontario or Toronto or possibly parts of both and then ultimately through some national park . What I really wanted to be doing was walking through hills and dales the whole time, I already walk through a city and lets be honest, all cities look about the same. Onces you've dodged one tourist, you have dodged all the tourists, they all look the same! And its not like they take you through the most attractive parts of the cities either, For most of the trip its just city streets, and not interesting or visually compelling streets either! Does anyone really think this is fun? I mean if you are a runner or a walker does this help pass the time? I want to walk along a path through the woods, I want  nature. I do not want  other people or traffic or buildings or concrete, I can not possibly be the only one.

Today I went a little further, 1.59 miles. Still a nothing walk for Rocket and I, but I kept adjusting how steep the grade was so some of it was very up hill, but I got tired of that very quickly and put it down to a more reasonable grade, but today I had it set at a much  faster speed setting, so that was good. Yay me. Tomorrow I really want to learn how to make the recumbent bike work.

There is another setting where you can watch yourself run laps around a track and that looks very boring, even more boring than walking past Italian dumpsters which is what I did yesterday. Today was a fish market and a sea wall.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Well, that  was a weekend. Rocket is still exhausted and I finally got the soden blanket out of the car. Rocket and I both learned that there is no dog ball small enough to get out of the rain

FRiday night I saw the Mr. Rogers documentary and it is as good as they say it is but it is not the weeper that they say it is either. I wanted more details and behind the scenes information and those were missing, it was more of a hagiography, which is nice and Mr. Rogers certainly deserved such tender loving care but at the same time, how about something interesting about the show? I understand there is a book that I might read because it may actually be what I am looking for formation wise. The Tom Hanks Mr. Rogers movie is based on that book.

Earlier Friday, I joined the YMCA. I  am gaining weight and I am tired of it and I need to lose it and my current walking regime is not doing it. So enter gym. Today I went for the first time.

It is very shiny. I went to the bathroom to change clothes and I got lost. I found my way out and went to the first time I knew how to operate, the treadmill. It had a screen! If I had a pair of headphones and could remember my Netflix password I could have watched Netflix.

What I ended up walking to was a pre-set trip through various European villages. Lovely, but I walk through concrete every day. I don't want to walk down streets and dodge cars, I do that every day. It took a long time to get to walking through wilderness and that was the very end. I think you must be able to change where you walk. I need to have someone show me how to make things work. I need a tour.

I spent a half and hour on the treadmill and was soaking wet and needed to get home to the dog, I got lost in the bathroom again. I'm going back tomorrow and want to do something not the treadmill, I already walk I don't need more walking. Tomorrow I'm going to get someone to help me out and show me what I can do in a hour that will be helpful to me.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday Cat Blogging


One of my neighbors said that he saw a "big fat woodchuck" the other day. And I said "really? on this street?" I have never seen one here, once on a walk I saw one downtown and it didn't belong there either,bit at least it most likely lived in the park across the street.

This morning I saw a "big fat" something that was most certainly not a woodchuck. I saw a big, fat raccoon and I and sure that that was what my neighbor saw and misidentified as a woodchuck. Woodchucks can be fat but they are not big. He saw a racoon and I'm almost positive he saw the same one I did. It was big and it was fat and it was most definitely a racoon. Not a woodchuck. Several years ago my coworkers and I wasted a lot of state time and resources researching woodchucks so I should know from woodchucks

Problem solved. Woodchucks don't eat your gardens either, they eat clover.

Anyway, this has been a horrible week, 45 has managed to not get forced from office or face impeachment and little tiny children are in cages and he is not. We had better pray for all those children and their families in Church this Sunday, did you see how they take their rosaries away from them? What kind of anti-Catholic bullshit is that? We should be doing lots of praying for them in Church and setting up vigils and pickets. Get on it Catholic Church! These are your people! Fight for them!

Deep, cleansing breath. I am going to go see the Mr. Rogers documentary and its suppose to be very good.

Here is a picture of Rocket.

Thursday, June 21, 2018


Today was hot too. It wasn't as hot, but it was hot. The dog was not interested in spending time outside and made it clear he would not be spending time outside.

I however, did spend time outside. I attended a protest of Trumps baby and child jails. Everyone there knew he had just officially ended the practice and replaced them with: Family Jails - so much better! But there is still no way to  get the children and babies back with their families and many will not be reunited ever. He is creating concentration camps at worst and refugee camps at best.

And where are the girls?! Some are in NYC. but that's only about two hundred, hardly all of  them. Where are the rest of them and what is 45s administration doing with them. They are a bunch of monsters with no respect for human life so there is no theory too out there. I really fear for those girls. I hate Bernie voters even more now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Too Hot

It is very hot. It is so hot it precludes me spending any time just sitting in my car at lunch. I had to change my plans. Normally, I bring my lunch to work and I relax in a lovely, shady green part of campus with my lunch and the paper. Its really very nice. Its really very nice when it is not as hot as it is today, no amount of shade makes this weather less hot. Today is not a car day. I had to change my plans and I did.

Initially, I was going to pick up some meds at Sam's and maybe have lunch there, however, lunch time is very busy at the old Sam's Club "cafe", even though they have generously provided more tables, it is a crap shoot, and I may or may not be able to find seating. Sam's Club cafe does not really do take out, they are not set up for it. They do provide a few strips of aluminum foil to lay over your plate but its hardy a sufficient take out solution, its messy and the pizza can escape. Its best if your "to-go" is not too far or too long.  I am not a fan of this option under the best of circumstances, but its  it is not that big a deal, if its not oppressively hot outside, I can just take my pizza slice to go, but today, it is, and so that option is off the table. Pun intended. I am not eating in my car today.

New plan.

I go to McDonald's where there is absolutely enough tables even at high noon and there is air-conditioning. A must. Because my office is stifling, the a/c is on, but not in my hallway.The copy room at the end of the hallway however is an icebox, because of course it is. An enormous, completely uninhabited room is fully air-conditioned, bordering on the chilly, while our tiny, inhabited  cells  are sweltering nightmares.

My light is off, my shade is down and  am sitting here sweating. Inside. I have a napkin in front of me so I don' t stick to my desk as I type, the napkin isn't wide enough so my forearms keep sticking to the laminate. No, I can not move my keyboard because this is where it is the easiest for me to work with it, anywhere else and it falls between spaces on my bifocals. Where it is now it perfect - except when my forearms stick to the desk.  Its too hot even sitting at my desk.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Sing Along

And so I spent the weekend doing nothing, well not nothing, noting. I did go to Sing Along With Grease and I dutifully Sang Along with the crowd, I was actually shocked that the guy next to me also sang along in full voice along with every word, up to and including ever word of Sandy's'. That was a man totally in touch with his feminine side.

 I could understand a guy knowing every word Go Greased Lighting and singing along with the T-Birds, but also singing along with  Rizzos stirring I'm a thirty-four year old high school girl and I'm no tease! number, but  also every word of  every one of Sandy's?, that is hardcore fandom.

Most of the women in the audience giggled through her numbers.  We all knew every damn word, but we were giggling. I bet now not one of us could remember what we learned in our college biology classes, but all of us could ramble off the entire Grease song book from heart and most of the movie script if you gave hints.

The script was dirtier than I remember from watching it as a child, but most of it would have gone directly over my head. I do remember that Rizzo thought she was pregnant and that she got that way by Keniki and probably in his car that time . But it also seemed she discovered she was late really soon after that, too soon. The time frame was weird.

And also, where were they? They were by the beach and their were palm trees on campus but Sandy sings about it getting "colder" at the end of the summer? In California? There was no winter in the movie, no fall holidays, they skip from football season to graduation.

Biggest laugh? Right at the beginning, the pink ladies are entering campus for their first day of senior year and one tells the other the "Not to be such and adolescent!" the other reply's "But we are adolescents!"  The audience got quite the chuckle.

If the "girls" all looked really old to me now, the "boys" were even worse. None of them passed for anything under thirty-five . And it wasn't just the primary cast, the entire school was made up of thirty year old freshmen. I guess as a child I really did not know how hold teenagers looked. If I thought any of the T-Birds or Pink Ladies were high school kids I was in for a surprise. They had to cast Joan Blondell and Sid Ceaser just to have someone on the set who looked old than then the lets face it, geriatric T-Birds.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Cats Blogging


My day in a nutshell

Thursday, June 14, 2018



So. I didn't watch The Last Jedi, again. And not for trying though, I was going to go to my Sam's, but I checked online and it said they were out, so I was bale to not run an errand ove lunch, always a win. I took a nap instead - this time I remembered to set an alarm, I should have remember to turn my ringer back on, but it hummed loud enough to get me awake so it was okay.

Later, much later, I came home  and changed clothes and acccendentally took another nap, this time it was the dogs fault, he was there and he put his head on my chest and I was done. I just lay down for a second, just to  rest for a second and that was a mistake and I should know better but I don't. I never do. I always make the same mistake. The next thing I know it was late, too late to walk the dog and I noticed, the dog had gotten up and left me.

Anyway, I woke up, eventually and I needed to eat but I needed to eat more now than later so I got ready to go out and I said to myself "If I'm going out, I can get my movie". Fine, lets go to Wally and on the way back I can go to KFC, good. This is doable. Woman plans, Gawd looks at his watch and LAUGHS.

Went to Wally for my movie, I was on a mission. I looked at all their movies, they had everything including Black Panther, which I didn't think they would be able to keep in, but they had it. Only two Star Wars and they were in sets and neither included the movie I wanted. They had a lot of drek. If you wondered where the local drive in went, its alive and well at your local Wally. All the B-Pictures go straight to DVD and straight to Wally. So I left and went home. I was home before I noticed I skipped KFC.

I left dog in the coolish car under car port and hiked to the burger place because KFC looked closed, I waited behind a whole gaggle of teenage Muslim girls. And waited and waited. And then hiked home, its not normally a hike, but it was late and I was hungry.

After dinner I went to Amazon on my phone and order my movie. Damn it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


My plan for the evening, post dog walk was to  switch on Netflix, I  became acquainted with it, and I thought that since I had seen one Star Wars movie I had missed, I should watch the others I had missed. OtherS, I have become a bad fan. I have missed two.

I am not really counting Rogue because A) while it was serviceable, it was fanfic. It is a two plus hour explanation of a line of  Leah's dialogue in the original movie "We lost a lot of good people/men to get it", "it" being the plans to the death star and how to destroy it.

We also learn why it was so easy to destroy it. Our girl heros', long missing father was taken hostage by the Empire years ago ( and abandoning her to her fate)  and forced to design it and he designed a small but massive flaw. Ta da. Which made it almost too easy for our real heros years later to  zip in there and blow it up. Twice.

So, me and Netflix and Star Wars. How nice.

My movie isn't there. Yet. Curses.

I'm going to just buy it. I have the others. I'm not going to get Rogue because its fanfic or probably the Han because its also fanfic, but I need the real Star Wars. Which I can't watch on Netflix.

So instead I watched the Steve Martin/Martin Short special, which is very funny.  Not ground breaking, but a nice evening with two old friends. And then I watched part of  Mama Mia.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


 Quick Things I learned :

1. Never feed the dog  six eggs in lieu of  regulation dog food for a meal even if there is no regulation dog food in the house! This is not a good idea, it doesn't matter that you had no other use of the eggs, because the dog will stink like a bad catalytic converter all weekend.

2. There may be a "rather large" wood chuck living in my yard. One of my neighbors told me he saw it waddle across in the street and head towards my back yard. He said he knew there was one in his yard eating his garden. Now I know what may have been the demise of my last garden. Not rabbits but wood chucks! However, I have never seen a wood  chuck here and wood chucks are not shy or retiring creatures. I have a yard full of yummy clover and I would have seen one by now if there was indeed wood chucks here. I think he may have seen a possum.

3. People you only "know" from spending  hours of watching them on TV and going on trips with them to places you will never go on purpose and then exploring those places with them and meeting all these fascinating people and not so fascinating people and then eating their food and then that person dies and it sucks. And by "die" I mean "hung themselves" which does not happen on accident and that makes it even worse because it took planning and Robin Williams hung himself too and that still stings. RIP Anthony Bourdain.

4. I found out how the Lawn Mower guy had the balls to mow my lawn without my express permission: He had the balls to mow my lawn because had the express permission of my neighbors, who thought it would be alright because they thought my lawn needed mowing . They apparently do this. I watched them make this same decision for the people across the street from me. This time as a baby present. My neighbors are a hounded and forty years old and I am not going to clap back on this because they are a hounded and forty years old, but ... It annoys.

5. I bought a baggy to hide the dogs tags because while we are vacation some people object to the sound of his tags jingling when he shakes his head during the night. Well. I have found that I may have found the sound more objectionable that I had thought, I think  he and Iare  sleeping better now that he has been effectively silenced.

6. Glad to see Oceans 8 doing so well at the box office, its heartening to see that even movies with women not dressed in leotards still draw crowds. Big Crowds.

7. How cool was it that Robert DeNiro said what he said? I mean, he has been saying that every single time he's been in front of a camera for two solid years, but, still, on CBS at the Tony's is different than on the New Spirit Freedom Films No One Saw Awards on Sundance.  And you could tell they  started the bleeping before he even made it up to the stage, it was an easy A, you say what he said, how he said it, in front of who he said it and you are going to get a standing ovation.  He Bleeped to the Choir.

But its time. Its time for Democrats to stop straightening the sheets and cleaning the kitchen and stop trying to make friends and compromise. Its time to stop being nice and stop politely trying to tell them our side of the argument and showing up with pictures of crippled up puppy's and trying to appeal to their softer side. They don't have softer sides or souls. We need to leave the posters and the weepy family members at home and start with just saying OH HELL NO. FUCK NO.  Start from there and let them work their way down. The days of compromise are over. The Democrats need to go in what what we want and leave with it.  It means stand up and saying Fuck Donald Trump on national TV. and doing over and over and over.

8. I saw the Star Wars movie and really liked it. I liked the guy who played Han and I was into the story line. I maybe should have watched the hated prequels first though because I think it might have helped a little, maybe? I know there was at least one character I was supposed to place instantly and I couldn't. I did not like Not!Leah, and while I had assumed he banged every vaguely female creature he ran across, it was still tough watching him with a Not!Leah.  I really liked Lando and I had never given him much thought because he was kind of a throw away for me, but Donald Glover is awesome! Much more awesome then Lando Original recipe, sorry Billy D. Williams.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Friday Cat Blogging


Okay, not much of an entry because I went to the movies instead. I got all gussied up and went to see Oceans 8 and loved the hell out of it! So much fun! It was not the giant set pieces that the other Oceans movies were, we can't all have Las Vegas as our back drop, but they did good with what they had: The Metropolitan Museum.

More specifically, the Met Gala.

It hit all the chick buttons, gorgeous clothing, beautiful bling and  women doing it for themselves and some sticking it to the man as well, because no chick flick is complete without some man getting it hard to the balls - if not literally, at the very least figuratively.  It was interesting though, there was no sex and no boyfriends. This was nefarious chicks laying it on the line for other nefarious chicks because the were friendociates and for an enormous payday because all chicks got bills.

Its very fluffy, but its fun fluff, and if you see it, you will have a blast, I had a blast, the sold out house I saw it with had a blast and I will never see a movie again that I am not watching it in a recliner.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Yay Thursday!

I'm going to the movies. I'm not just going to the movies, I'm going to go see the chick version of Oceans 11 on opening night all dressed up!

Alamo just built a new theater down the street from me and they are all about the theme nights and for the opening night that are having a  black tie and fancy dresses theme for the movie.

I think this is because the movie is about the thieves robbing the Met Gala. So  Fancy dresses for the women in the audience. I do not have any fancy dresses, so I had to go get one. I went to Good Will. I found one I thought was going to be it. It looked like it would fit, and I was going to go with it without putting it on, but I thought that if it didn't fit I was going to be stuck with this giant dress that didn't fit. And that would suck. What would I do with a giant dress that didn't fit? You literally can not get rid of gowns, you have to learn to live with them. They become a chronic condition and you  have these dresses with you for the rest of your life. Its terrible.

So I went to try it on quickly, or as quickly as you can put on a giant dress, answer: not very - and the only dressing room was occupied. And I waited . And waited. And waited. And there wasn't a great deal at the God Will I really wanted to look at. I was on a mission and I kept thinking of what the dog could be doing at home while I was cooling my heals outside the fitting room.

What was this person doing in there? I imagined that she had going shopping for a new wardrobe and was trying it all on, piece by piece. That she  was homeless and had taken up housekeeping in the fitting room. That maybe she had died. What ever the reason, the girl would not give up the room and I need it!.

I was at the cash register to just buy the damn thing when she finally gave up the room and I able to try the gown on. And thank gawd I did! I really liked, it was lovely and it fit  and the dress was really lush and heavy and it must have been very expensive in its day - the only part that was not a great fit was across the bust and it was too small, which made me very sad. I mean who knew! I was flat chested for years and now my chest is too big for gowns. Sigh, I had to put that one back and keep trying. Keep in mind there were only four fancy dresses in the store and the others were not as nice as that one and to be honest,  I didn't like them very much and I didn't have to try them on to see they would not fit.

I did not want to spend actual money on a dress for a goofy dress-up party at a movie theatre.

I put the nice dress back and went back to look at the three other dresses again to see if maybe I had been to quick to reject them. I hadn't, they were still gross. I went to the other side and lo and behold, there were more dresses buried on the other side!, not a lot but at least two! And one was acceptable! And it fit!

And it only cost $7!!  I brought it home and decided  the dress needed earrings, I ended up with two pair, one that was too expensive ($20!) from Wally that wasn't nearly as glittery at home and a second much cheaper pair from Hammrick that retained its glitter, that only cost $6.

The dress is long, so the shoes are going to be feet coverings. This is a costume and so far I go for costumes.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


So much fun at work today. We spent the day playing  Little House on the Prarie, or as it was Huge State Agency Inside the Beltline.

I noticed the little fountain as I drove into work this morning and I thought. "Hmm. Thats new. Wow, that's going to suck for somebody. Probably not me though, that is a long way from my building.Oh, well, off to work I go..."

Yeah. It did suck. All day. No water. That means no water fountain, not much of an issue because we don't have one on our floor anyway. But what it really means is that we did not have a bathroom. No toilets.

 The power of suggestion is evil. I spent the morning to doing my little work and sitting at my desk and thinking that the water would be fixed soon and this would pass.

And it wasn't. I needed to use the john now. My teeth were floating and I was getting very uncomfortable. You can only shift around so many times before you have to take action ASAP. and I had to take action. I went down to the bathroom and found that they had helpfully put buckets in front of the stalls to aid in flushing. It helped, a little. I ran into the poor housekeeper and she already had a thousand yard stare at 10am.

I was going to be healthy and eat my lunch in the car but my car does not have a bathroom.  I drank very little at lunch and went back to work with the idea that of course they would have it fixed by now. No, they did not. All damn day with no water and no toilets.

I heard from a little bird that our Secretary sent out a memo saying that due to the lack of water that we could if we were able and we wanted to, go home due to the circumstances, this memo was distributed to other groups in the building through their management but not to ours through our manager. The witch.

Other people got to go home but we had the privilege of developing kidney infections. I'm going to use Workers Comp to pay for mine.

Monday, June 4, 2018


I didn't exactly do nothing all weekend but I came comfortably close. I guess its nice to get things accomplished and be able to have that sense of getting things done and being able to get things off the  "list" there is a lot to say about not really getting a damn thing done too.

My cause was helped a lot by the continuing rain. It won't stop. It rains every gawd damned day. Its like south Florida here! And this was before that Tropical  depression thing came by and messed up the western part of the state. It just will not stop raining.

 I was going to mow the front lawn. but you can't mow a wet lawn, or you shouldn't with an electric mower, so that idea was shot. Oh well. I watched TV instead and napped on the downstairs bed. I needed to do that to get re-used to the mattress! While I was down there, pre-nap, I separated the clothes that need to be hung up into types, it will make it easier to hang them up when I get around to that. I also moved some things around and through away some trash that had accumulated in the room over the past year and a half. Progress is slow but progress is being made.

I took care of getting new sunglasses! Yay! And this time they have bifocals and aren't going to be  tretefd with whatever made it so I couldn't use them to read my electronics, that was a major bummer. I got them from Sams, so I didn't have a huge selection, but I only paid $80 total, out the door, so I am not going to complain that my sunglass frames are less than a brilliant expression of my inner self. I'll live. I picker a lighter frame than current pair and I'm going to be happier with them the long run, my current pair weight about a thousand pounds and that is a drag.

I also bought a lantana plant for my front porch, I wanted to get a second elephant ear, but they were very expensive and so I went with the cheaper lantana instead. I moved the pot into the one corner that gets sun almost all day. I hope the plant really grows and thrived because I planted it into one of my biggest pots and if it does wind up being happy, it can and will grow back every year. I would really like that because I really like lantana blooms.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday Cat Blogging