Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Cats Blogging


I went to the Dem HQ to hear the speeches and engage in fellowship with my democrats, but I had to come home to hear the speeches. Fellowship is nice and everything and Yay! Go other people! but fellowship leads to inevitably to chattiness and chattiness gets loud and doesn't lend itself to listening to speeches

I missed more than a handful of speakers because of the chatting, I know there was a pissed off Republican who had something to do with Reagan and who hates Trump, a Sheriff from Dallas, I would have liked to hear her speak,  and I would have loved to hear Nancy Pelosi!

North Carolina and I did get to hear Rev. Barbour speak - Even with chattiness, I could have heard Rev. Barbour! I was proud and I hope NC was too. He was outstanding and had a wonderful message! He took that hall to Church! And, to be very small, I bet the Republicans were furious that the Democrats stole "their" Jesus! He was singing hymns! He was quoting scripture! How dare we!

And that General came out there and killed all the ISIS and ordered us all to vote for Hillary Now! Now! Now!

The speakers were all really, really strong. I liked those pizza kids, the two kiddos who got fired from their crap jobs at some pizza joint because the girl had the nerve to ask why the guy hired on the same day as her was paid a quarter more an hour. He had no more  food service experience, education or special pizza knowledge than her. The store fired them for discussing salary.  They just paid him more because he was a guy.

I got home in time to listen to Chelsea and finally Hilary. What a great speech! This is such an important day for women and girls and I want like hell for her to go all the way, I want to see the first Woman President of the United States! I want to see someone who looks like me! I want to be represented! I want my niece to be the fifth or sixth woman president - she's really young and I want her to get her education and work on her career and get her family responsibilities settled before she starts on public service. I want her to be seasoned and educated  before she runs.

Everyone did a bang up job. And I scored a button.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I want to remind myself this winter when I am whining and feeling personally persecuted by the bitter cold, that the summer hot is also bitter and wants to kill me. I need to remind myself that being soaking wet  from sweat within three minutes of leaving the house is not enjoyable and not the better of the two possibilities, in fact there are no better possibilities! I am either too hot or I am too cold. I have no middle ground I am uncomfortable year round I should just embrace my discomfort and deal with it.. The sweat dripping down my legs and my nose is as least as uncomfortable as the wooly scarves and too tight hats.

Its always uncomfortable year round. There are approximately three days a year that there are not reasons to complain about the weather.

As I write this  the DNC is is doing th the pre-show for The Big Dog. Nice speeches, good graphics, a little Bernie craps. We had the Bernie Bros and their issies, we need to move on. Bernie moved on and now its time for his Bros to grow up. Its also time for the rest of us to stop asking them how they feel about all of this, we are part of the problem, we need to stop validating their little feelings, its time for Object Lesson butt kicking's. They can join the party or start their own. Good Luck on that.

Enter The Big Dog. And then he just talked to me the whole time. Because that is what he does and that is why is he is so good at what he does.It was a great speech.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


As I walked out of the house this morning at 5:18, I realized that this was what I was dreaming of last winter when I got slapped in the face by the chill when I left the house bundled up and cold. I had these memories of swaning out of the house wearing not even a as much as a long sleeved shirt and into an enormous baby pool, and I thought how beautiful it was and wondered when it was ever going to be like that again.

Its like that again. I have to remember to cherish the feeling of being warm and wearing so few layers and feeling like I am swimming.Even the early morning sweat. I need to embrace the baby pool of it.

That's how it feels at dawn.  By the afternoon, it not just hot its wet and not in a good way. Its like walking into the lobby of a down market hotel with an indoor pool. Its not pleasant and it doesn't make you want to swim, it makes you feel like you're drowning.

I was watching Galaxy Quest on my new master, but I got right and switched to the convention and I paid penance for watching the movie first by having to listen to  that tired cow Sarah Silverman tongue bathe the guy who lost. I was rewarded by Cory Booker. We will RISE indeed!

Monday, July 25, 2016


I did so much nothing this weekend. I slept in, I made dinner, I walked the dog, heroically. twice despite the horrendous heat. I didn't mow the yard even once.

I did leave the house once in order to buy a genuine NBA jersey to wear to Air Horn on Wednesday, I was successful in this and now am the proud owner of a Hansbrough #50. He went to UNC and was a very good player and then went played for the Pistons. My shirt is from the Pistons. It was the only NBA merch that they had at the Junior League store.

I ordered a referee whistle from Amazon , I'm still waiting for that. I saw on FB that someone else ordered a ref shirt and I think that is going to be a popular theme. Basketballs are also going to be in attendance, they didn't have any at the Junior League store or I would have bought one, but I'm nt sure tha people donate old basketballs to charities. I may till look at what they have at Wally. I used to have one that the tornado donated to me but that was years ago and I  think it didn't like the elements over time.  Too bad, if I had only known! I would have taken better care of it.

I thought about getting myself a yoga mat for my calisthenics class, but then I decided that my towel is just fine and it doubles as a towel. It lives in my car from week to week and can be useful for multiple purposes, while a mat is a mat is a mat. It does not multitask.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Cats Blogging


I got something today that I had wanted. I wanted the trash tree that is destroying my fence gone, and it is gone, well, its not "gone", it is chopped.

And I didn't have to do it or ask a favor or do anything. I just had to wait. Wait for , almost fifteen years, but good things come to those that wait. I hope, I am hoping that whatever they put there doesn't block all the light - because it could, they build these very tall, very thin houses here now. Sun Blockers and garden killers.And they don't match! These are all mid century modern homes! They build these awful nuevo farm houses and they look dreadful. A very modern home would stand out, but it would fit in better over all. These places were the very top of style when they were built in the last forties and early fifties.

I should have taken a picture of it as it was, but I really, really didn't like it as it was and even standing there on a garden chair looking over the fence while the guy cleared and leveled the lot I had no urge to mark the moment or eulogize the tree.

 Roughly before

Roughly after

The tree is dead, long live the tree.

My new view, same as the old view but now with no shade whatsoever. I'm very glad I went ahead and bought my umbrella. MY fence is a mess though, it needs to be tightened up, fixed, straightened. That tree was a nightmare.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

#AirHornOrchestra #loud #toottoot

Air Horn Orchestra: Week 15

 Trying to get arrested.- in the street, making noise before the permit started, possibly blocking traffic.