Monday, July 25, 2016


I did so much nothing this weekend. I slept in, I made dinner, I walked the dog, heroically. twice despite the horrendous heat. I didn't mow the yard even once.

I did leave the house once in order to buy a genuine NBA jersey to wear to Air Horn on Wednesday, I was successful in this and now am the proud owner of a Hansbrough #50. He went to UNC and was a very good player and then went played for the Pistons. My shirt is from the Pistons. It was the only NBA merch that they had at the Junior League store.

I ordered a referee whistle from Amazon , I'm still waiting for that. I saw on FB that someone else ordered a ref shirt and I think that is going to be a popular theme. Basketballs are also going to be in attendance, they didn't have any at the Junior League store or I would have bought one, but I'm nt sure tha people donate old basketballs to charities. I may till look at what they have at Wally. I used to have one that the tornado donated to me but that was years ago and I  think it didn't like the elements over time.  Too bad, if I had only known! I would have taken better care of it.

I thought about getting myself a yoga mat for my calisthenics class, but then I decided that my towel is just fine and it doubles as a towel. It lives in my car from week to week and can be useful for multiple purposes, while a mat is a mat is a mat. It does not multitask.

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