Monday, July 6, 2015


So how was your weekend? Starting Friday morning I went shopping and ate very good food and hung out with my parents and celebrated July 4th and then celebrated my Moms birthday and ate really good food and went shopping. I had the best time.

When I wasn't shopping I was eating,  I ate all the seafood. Sunday I mixed  it up and ate ribs and crab. I was all about eating! I did get some exercise and most of what I ate was seafood based, I still ate All the seafood.  And some homemade pie and the most decadent chocolate birthday cake ever created. And some hushpuppies. And some garlic bread. And Thursday  I ate lasagna . I think I'm going to need to do some additional work this week. Or just eat less cake and hushpuppies. Or both.

I had all the benefits of going to the beach without having to get eaten by a shark! or hear details about how other people got eaten by sharks.

While my Mom and I were selflessly out helping the economy, Rocket was at the house being terrible and  being a real worry and not helping my Dad at all - Rocket learned a new trick. he learned:

1. Where he wet food was stored.
2. How to transfer the box of food containers from point A to point B without losing any containers along the way.
3. How to peel open the food containers in the most efficient way to not lose any of the precious wet food or ending up with a lot of wasted paper.

He was amazing. and I was very impressed when I stopped being angry about him eating all his wet food. He without thumbs or an especially big brain managed to do this with almost no wasted food and limited paper mess. If he hadn't done such a very bad thing, I would applaud him for being so smart and ultimately tidy-ish.

Lesson learned : Don't skip walks, a good dog is an exhausted dog. He needs to be too tired to fuel a food stealing freakout. Also, he maybe might should be locked up in his room when he can't be supervised, because he can't be trusted.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Friday, July 3, 2015

Thursday, July 2, 2015


In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, I present :  Dog Gone, Tired Originally Posted on July 3, 2003. This was Daisy's first trip to camp and she did indeed eat my parents truck while on they were on the road.

Operation Dog Gone has left the building. We packed up Daisy and all her stuff, my Dog has stuff, two different leashes, two different collars, bowls, food, toys, cookies, her crate.

It made me wonder if I could just get away with a folding crib for her. Just turn it upside down and weigh it down with something. She might chew it though. Those things aren’t made for an 11 month old with all her teeth and a jaw like a steel trap.

Mr. Kitty for his part seems happy. No dog, less dog smell, no dog. Pretty much the No Dog part is what seems to be putting the wind in his sails. The office is filthy. Someone, not me, put some newspaper down in the crate. Daisy loved her new toy. Now it’s all over my floor. It looks even more like a bus station then it usually does.

To celebrate her trip Daisy spent last night singing. Whining, actually. All.Night.Long. I took her outside after midnight, I tried to lie down next to her box. I shut her door, I ignored her. She Whined. All. Night. Long. I had to get up early to help my parents. I had a very long morning.

It is so quite. Daisy has left the building. I don’t have to come right home after work to put her out. She’s going to be on vacation longer then I will.

I feel like I left my kid with a sitter. I’m going to miss her, but right now, it’s kind of nice.

In the mean time, I need to tidy the place. Dogger made a huge mess in here. My parents are having an adventure in the car with her. I halfway expected a phone call from somewhere on the road today saying what a horror she was being. She’s going to spend the night in the truck. By Herself. I have mentioned her teeth and jaws? My real concern is that my parents are going to get busted for leaving the dog in the truck all night. They ticket and worse for that. I keep waiting for the phone to ring.

Since Daisy is not here to need to walk, I mailed my bills on the way home instead of saving them for the walk later. I’m going to need to get in the habit of walking myself everyday. That will be harder. In this neighborhood the only people walking themselves, are also talking to themselves.

Why haven’t they called? I bet the dog got out of the truck at a rest stop and got hit by a semi. She jumped over the seat and made my Dad loose control of the truck and now they’re all dead in a ditch somewhere.

She is going to pee all over the truck. Stink it up and they will never take her anywhere again. I bet she whined the whole trip. If it got really old last night, I can only imagine for 700 miles.

WAAAHHHH! Why Haven’t They Called Me?

I haven’t even thought about how hard it is going to be without Kitty for the two weeks. And how hard it will be for Kitty without me. He gets so lonely. Broskey and Alphagal are going down to my parents house the weekend. Who pray, is going to be watching my kitty while they are gone? He hates being left alone.

I all ready miss Kitty and he’s right here. It’s going to be a long vacation. How about if I dress Kitty in a baby dress and get a Snuggly thing, is there any chance I could sneak him in? Tiny babies make meowing noises. Siiiiiiigggggghhhhhhhhh. WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! What have they done to my dog? What has my dog done to them?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


When I see other people walking their dogs in a downpour, I think Wow. What dedication! That person is a much better dog person than I am. Look at the expression on his/her face! So calm, such a beautiful  inner light there! That dog needed a walk and its getting one! Even in the rain! That shows real devotion, how selfless and loving! What a great person! I wish I could be that kind of dog person.

When I am that person walking their dog in a downpour I think Again! Jeezuz! Why couldn't I have left earlier!? This is bull shit! You know what would be awesome? If the damn city bus would pick up dog walkers. Assholes! Why did I leave the house in a white shirt? The dog is soaked and  furious and I will pay for this.  What was I thinking! Gawd I'm an idiot! The dog isn't even enjoying himself! He hasn't peed since it started to rain, Gawd knows he isn't going to poop in this. Why didn't I turn around sooner? Idiot.

I don't think anyone on purpose walks their dog in the rain.It is something that happens to you.  I made it worse for myself because once I got downtown pre-deluge ,I messed around  instead of just getting my milage and turning around. I found a table I fell in love with in the window of a store and I had to kill some time taking its picture and then I stopped to let some VBS on a scavenger hunt take Rockets picture and that didn't kill too much non-raining time and then other people wanted to stop and talk about what a handsome dog Rocket is and I always stop for that and chat with them and thank them for being so nice, because they are so nice and I am grateful for the kind words, but it was going to rain and I should have been making tracks.

.I have in the past tried stave off rain when it has been forecast by not wearing a white shirt to walk the dog,  and sometimes that has worked, but I totally forgot this time and I should have on principle, if its even rumored to be likely to rain and I had no excuses here, it was had started to thunder before I even left the house. I should wear a non-white shirt to walk the dog on principle, because if I wear white, it will absolutely rain and it did. Yay.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cha, cha, changing clothes

Sunday I was a busy girl. The sheer number of times I changed clothes was enough to leave me exhausted. I was like a Victorian changing clothes for every event. I had a church outfit, a lawn mowing outfit, a shopping outfit, a making dinner outfit, and a eating dinner outfit.

First I dressed for Church, a very cute sundress I picked up for $6 at Hamricks, after I Church I noticed I hadn't melted into the side walk on the trip back to the car so I decided it was time to pull the trigger on mowing the lawn.

I changed clothes to mow the lawn, it looks much nicer now, even though it looked okay before, it looks nicer now but if it hadn't gotten cooler, it would still be okay.

Lawn mowed. Now I wanted to go shopping at a nice mall, time to go up market and try to look nicer. I could have just kept on lawn mowing outfit but getting followed around by a clerk is really chilling to my shopping experience, also I get treated better when I look like an adult. I could have just put my sundress back on but I decided to go with capri pants and a blouse because why not, as it was, I fit right into the rest of the people roaming the antique store. Capri pants are very hot among the antiquing crowd.

I was going to go back home and change clothes again for a trip to Wally, but I went straight on and kept on my upmarket outfit and just looked much, much nicer than everyone else at Wally. It did get the door opened for me and the guy at the door on my way out didn't even look at my receipt - which almost always happens, so why go through with the exercise? It means nothing!  But he barely dabbed my receipt with his highlighter and sometimes they do art projects.

Anyway. I came home and changed clothes into the tee-shirt I got from the Pup Crawl, and my lawn mowing shorts. I thought the last time I was going to change was into my pajamas. That was a nice thought to hold on to.

I was making dinner and splashed red wine all over my brand new white tee-shirt! I saved it though quickly zapping it with a stain lifter and dumping salt on the stain took it right out. But I needed to wear yet another new top in the mean time. So Change number what? Five times!

I wondered why I have so much laundry. And now I know, I am compulsive clothes changer or in a past life I was a Victorian and that person wants out. Be Gone!  Get Thee behind me Evil clothes wasting demon!

Monday, June 29, 2015


I love the weekend. I spent Saturday running errands and going with Rocket to the second annual Cause for Paws Pup Crawl.

We had a good time, but I'm not a drinker and I don't go to bars and so spending an entire Saturday sitting around bars not drinking  is not as much fun for me as it was for some of the other dog people, who were clearly having a very good time and drinking a lot. It was also off and on pouring rain and we had to park in hell and walk through the rain at all the venues.

I do now know where four bars are that I didn't even know existed before are located and I guess I am now more hip than I was before, I am also most likely the oldest person who has been in any of them. Go me.

Rocket was a jewel the whole day, just a perfect animal and such a good boy and I was so proud of him. He had a great time and was totally gracious to all the people and dogs we met. Two drunk girls kind of molested him at the last stop and that was not particularly gracious on their parts! I mean, gawd, get your tongue out of his mouth! Jesus! Do you stick your tongue in your dogs mouth?

I did spend possibly too much time flirting with a teeny, tiny baby bull dog. She was the cutest puppy ever and didn't even look like a real puppy! She had no bones! She was filled with fluff!  But I didn't scoop the dog up out of no where like some drunk people did! I just fawned over her and babbled a lot. I controlled my dog napping urges. I was sober.

Speaking of Jesus.  I had a Come to Jesus meeting with a girl who was at the crawl without her dog. Her dog had possibly pulled a muscle and was on crate rest. She told me the dog wasn't happy about it and she hadn't been as  strict with the regime as she could be; I told her in my experience with crate resting a dog, that you have to be strict as hell with both the dog and yourself for it to work and it does work - if you work the program and the program is that the dog stays in the crate ALL THE TIME. You feed the dog in the crate, the dog spends the day in the crate and sleeps in the crate. The dog is always in his crate.

You take the dog out of the crate very carefully and only when absolutely necessary. It sucks, you should support with a towel or a sling which ever end of the animal needs to be supported while you slowly walk it out to do its business. She told me the dog was unhappy with this and so was she. I told her to ask her vet for a sedative or prozac for the dog, and that she might look into some for herself too, because she was just in tears and wasted and she did not need to be hurting like she was. She needs help because she can't help the dog the way she is now. I really hope she can pull it together.

She's going to need more help if she messes up the crate rest, she and the dog will be looking down extremely costly surgery and a painful post op world and  a lot of rehab - if she can afford it. I remember both of us being in a lot of pain when Daisy was going through the whole thing and it was very tough on both of us.  You get through it by getting through it and I really hope she pulls it together for her and the dog, whom she clearly loves very much and is her whole life.  I really feel sorry for both of them. Think a happy thought for anonymous, miserable drunk girl and her hurting dog. Amen.

Friday, June 26, 2015


A week that changed the nation

Friday Cat Blogging

Cat Blogging

Phase I

I made a decision about the VO training. I am going hopefully volunteer with  The Lions Club radio reading project. I sent in my form today and I'm going to call them tomorrow. This will help me get some experience and see what areas I need to work on.

I'm going to start putting away money every month to save up for the training classes so I can pay off the costs faster and for less each month. I am going to shoot for a start of January 2016 as a start date - again, hopefully, I'll be able to start when I want to start, I don't know if this is an option. I'll know when I talk to the guy again on Tuesday, I'm going to ask if I can buy the studio stuff ahead of time, it s a way of making sure I stay invested in the idea because if I am all ready financially invested, it will damn well help keep my attention as well as letting me learn how to use the tools, also let me find a really good place for my "studio". I think I have an idea but I have some time to get these things figured out, I like that.

I really want to do this but I don't dive into water I don't know what the depth is. If I can get on with the Lions I can find out how into the whole idea I really am, what if its boring or I don't really like it or its not what I thought it would be? I mean, when I do this, I want to really want to do this.

Its a big deal, I do not like change really at all as much as I really need a change from what I'm doing now - It freaks me out and its scarey. This way I think I can make the road a little smoother for me and clear the way a little and allow me to hopefully start this new phase in my life.

Think positive thoughts about the Lions Club letting me volunteer reading and that the guy from the VO training being willing and able to work with my schedule. Let us pray.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


I want to do voice over work. I have a chance to do it and I think I want to pursue it. I went and listened to a speaker and did some exercises with the class and I have a good voice,  I can read a script and I have a background in theatre - More than a "background" I have an almost unused BFA!

I checked out he company, they are very solid with the BBB, I found no online bitching  or lists of complaints about the quality of the training or the hardware the provide or the people who do the instruction. They were listed over and over as a good place to take the training. And you have to have training...

If I go through with the training, classes and coaching - I could, in theory, have a new way of earning money that I may very well actually enjoy, I might be able to earn enough to actually save for my future, I may be able to not be such a leach on my family. I could stop making everyone sad.

If, maybe, may. These are not strong words, they are not absolutes.  Its a very competitive field, you have to market yourself ruthlessly. I am not a self marketer, I am not in any way ruthless. I would have to, if I wanted real jobs, to hire an agent. You can't get an agent until you have a body of work to prove to the agent that the agent is also going to make money. You can't make money until you have made money. There are however a lot of ways of avoiding cold calls, there are dozens of web sites and the VO company helps you get started. I wouldn't be alone.

I need money. The classes et al cost money, a lot of money for me, but you can  pay it out over time, they have programs and time tables set up so that you don't have to have money upfront. But it means at the very least, a couple of years of debt and, a lot of it. I am not used to debt.

But. I could be good at it, I am trainable and I do have a good voice, I have heard that for years. Why not grab the ring and do something about it? I hate working in an office. I had nightmares about being buried in office work for my entire working life, so I worked /slaved in my field for pennies and left over hors d'oeuvres  for a while after college and subsequently lived with and off my parents for years and years after everyone else was happily independent and working for actual money in their fields, living as real adults.

An office job made me independent. It  gave me what I have today -  insurance, my own home, a life, depression, anxiety and high blood pressure. Is it wrong to want more?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dog Dog Dog

Rocket officially lost whatever Big Dog status he may have had! He has now officially been reclassified as some sort of short haired hamster! I was in "his" room and out of nowhere this huge flying cockroach appeared! There is the very real possibility that it had touched me at some point before he became airborne. I screamed and tried to find a weapon, Rocket, the hunting dog, the  guard dog, the velcro dog! Wandered away while I was screaming and flaying away at the gigantic bug, it could have been an extra in Jurassic Whatever

I was being attacked by a pterodactyl and Rocket just went to the other room and lay down! I want to point out that I was screaming, flailing around and being very, very anxious and upset. And loud, very loud and he thought this was a great opportunity for a nap.

That I was "Upset" should have at the very least gotten his attention, anxious alone should have made him a little concerned, but the screaming and flailing, should have turned him murderous! He goes Male Dog because someone is walking a block behind us and the sight of me, his beloved mistress, his Mommy locked in a death battle with a insect the size of a slipper and he's unmoved by my plight! This is why we have big dogs! If we get upset, the dog is supposed to go all Cujo! There should have been even more pieces of dead bug all over that room than there were - I was pretty murderous! I beat the awful thing to death with a dog toy! And it did have to be beaten to death, I pounded on that disgusting thing and it kept coming back! A zombie roach! I'm still in recovery from the episode.

Rocket could have at the very least been worried about his toy! Nope. Napping, not at all upset that I was upset. The cat has shown more interest in my status.

And that led us into Night 2 of the Decrating

He really wanted to wander around. I really did no want him to wander around. I had an especially long day and now he wanted to make it an even longer evening. He got up, I put him back, he wanted to go see the cat, I wanted him to count sheep. I wanted to be asleep, he wanted for us to play his Dognition games!

We both finally went to sleep. I woke up because I had to go the bathroom and then I couldn't go back to sleep! So . Much. Fun. And since I couldn't sleep, Rocket suddenly discovered a deep well of  empathy or my selfish wakefulness was disturbing his slumber, and was now to be awake with me. He got up and I didn't have the energy to put him back. He also immediately fell back asleep, so much for feeling my pain.

I finally went back to sleep and he stayed on the bed. I made a trip to Wally and picked up a clearance leash, its camo, to  keep him in his bed. I have a whole wardrobe of leashes for him and every one of them has gone into hiding. Dicks.

We'll see how he reacts to being kept in his bed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Training for everybody

And so how did Night 1 - The Uncratening go you ask?

Well.I put him to bed, he got out of  bed. I put him back into bed. He stayed there. I went to bed, he crawled out of bed, I was getting ready to put him back to bed again ( I am embracing that this is not going to be an easy change), instead he left his bed and slept on the carpet at the foot of my bed. This is okay with me.

At some point over night I got up to go the bathroom - the dark side of proper hydration! and dog was where he was supposed to be, but by the time I got up in the morning, he had gotten up on the bed with me.

I decided that at the very least, I did not have to get up in the middle of the night to get him out of his crate and he did not wake me when he got on the bed. Its a process, crawling before walking yadda, yadda.

What did I do this evening? I went to a Continuing Education class offered by Wake Tech. It met at a high school very near by  and was only $35. It was a chance to meet people and learn about a topic I'm a little interested in. Why not?

The class was called "So You Want To Do Voice-Over Work?!", and yes, yes I do! I learned that it takes investment in time and hardware, not everybody who is called to it can do it and there is a lot of competition for the same jobs. However, if I  invest in helping the dog reach his potential, I should be equally invested in exploring in my own potential. Its only fair and its about the same outlay.

And besides, I love to hunt for cheap stuff online and the field is rife with folks who are buying up or selling out. The computer is the most expensive tool and I already have that.

I also have, I have been told in the past, a not bad voice,   and after hearing some of the women in the class, I can also "act" with my voice somewhat more effectively than others, I didn't get a BFA for nothing, well, mostly it has been for nothing, but I did earn a BFA. I should hope I could read a script and portray some excitement about the topic!

The guy is going to call me,  and I know he's going to call everyone, because we all showed great "potential" and we were a "terrifically talented group", and yes he does work for a company that trains voice over actors, and he is one himself. I'm not daft, the class was an two hour infomercial for the company he works for.

The people in the class really did show some talent, no one was there because the Knife Work class had filled up. Some had all ready done some work around the periphery of the field or had been radio DJs or worked in advertising, one of the women was an actress who was finding herself aging out of her demographic and wanted to find a second act for herself and I bet she does. The 17 year old kid sitting next me could  legitimately get work as a  Justin Bieber look-alike, but when he opened his mouth he was James Earl Jones!  He was genuinely incredible and he needs to pursue the idea, he was amazing! He could work as a radio DJ tomorrow in a heartbeat.

I am not Janie Earl Jones, but maybe I'll chat with the instructor about my chances, its worth having something to dream about.