Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I was going to write an entry but then I decided that dozing on the couch while the dog acts as both  my pillow and  a white noise machine, was  a more pressing concern.

I also need to pack, put away laundry and decide what to wear to work tomorrow.

I couldn't be pried off this couch by a back hoe.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monday, Monday

Monday was a better day. Rocket was in daycare all day, but I "had" to go to Wallyworld for a few things and I left hm at home. I gave him his meds as directed and went on my way.

I checked in on him on the monitor and he was calmly hanging out on the futon and when I cam home he had eaten his food! This was a pretty big deal as he usually does not eat when he's alone. He's too busy being anxious and unhappy. I wish I had been able to give him his new meds in a more timely manner and maybe we could have avoided Fridays trauma.

This weekend I got my flu shot and for the first time in years I'm pretty sure I got  a very diluted flu. It may be a baby flu but I still have periods of not wellness. I felt like crap for most of Sunday until I all of a sudden didn't and then by the time I got home from  an unsuccessful shopping trip, I wished I had just stayed on the couch.

When I was housebound, I discovered that a healthy application of kitty floof made me feel much better. I think Kitty could tell I was not feeling well because he let me hold him in place for a lot longer, more frequently than he normally does. He was so into togetherness, he came and camped out on my chest at 3:45am. I couldn't make him leave because even half awake, I wanted him know I was glad he was with me, even at a quarter to four in the morning.

Rocket was also a lot more willing the share the couch with me too, normally, he doesn't really feel that my couch is really made for two. On Sunday, he let me share the couch with him and it was very healing.

Monday I woke up hurting but a couple of aspirin and I felt much better. I had some really good soup for lunch at a fundraiser and it made me feel better for the rest of the afternoon. I decided to take it easy and cut out the walks until I'm feeling more up to it, I am hoping that  it clears in the next day or so because I didn't get a  flu shot so I could be sick with the flu.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Friday was not a good day,

Okay, so Friday was not a good day for Rocket. He completely lost his shit before 7am, tore up the closet door and after he broke in, he pulled out just about everything in there. I only discovered it because I checked him out on a whim and watched his freaking out. I didn't go home until I saw that he had opened the closet door.

What I found when I came home at 7:15. I had left less than an hour before.

Fortunately, my boss was out Friday and I was able to sneak home and clean up the damage. I had forgotten that I had stowed the ingredients for his dry shampoo in there, there was also Daisy's old bones and her blanket. He did not bother the blanket or the bones, so that made me happy. I did have to get rid of the bones as they were covered with baking soda and baby powder and they were ancient and chewed up and I probably should have gotten rid of them years ago. But I didn't because they were Daisys'! and they were very important to her.

She isn't here anymore and they needed to go, she would understand. I wasn't that attached to them while she was living and I shouldn't have become attached to them after she was dead so I'm going to get one out the trash, just because.

I got the mess cleaned up and took him out to pee and then through him back in the room and went back to work. He slept on the couch for the rest of the day, as he does almost every day. I don't know what happened to bring on that fit, but I'm hoping his new meds that I FINALLY got from the pharmacy will keep it from happening again.It seemed to work for him on Saturday when I went boot shopping.

I was unsuccessful and the boots were tragic. It turns out my calves are too thin for this years boots! Nothing fit the way I thought they should have. I didn't leave empty footed though, I scored two more pairs of  shoes  in the style I bought previously and now I have two more colors. I brought the brown home and await the black to be sent to me.

I thought it was geeky to buy the same shoe in multiple colors but the clerk told me people do it all the time and it was not geeky at all . I still think its a little geeky, but they are very nice shoes!

When I came back on Saturday I took Rocket to Dix  and wandered around looking at stuff to see if there was any stuff I might need, because you never know. I found some lovley abanabded tomaotoes and donated them to my friend who really likes tomaotoes and I also looked into the very sad, orphanded greenhouse

The entire back of it is full of dead snake plants. There are many things in there that they could give to me, there is a very lovely, well made composter that should be mine. I'm going to ask around.

Later, I tried an experiment on the very awful, pee damaged, damaged before the dog, office floor.

Successful! Yay!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging

Finally a shot of the cat where he is not hiding under the bed or camped out on a table top!

Happy Friday

This weekend I am going on a Halloween Tour of Houses ( exteriors only)/ History Lesson in Oakwood. I went on a Christmas Tour of Homes ( Interiors) a few years ago and it was fun but I think the Halloween version is better because its DOG FRIENDLY! Weeeeee!

Also. Dog Cookies, Dog Cookies, Dog Cookies. Possibly laundry.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The differences between cats and dogs

The cat does not like it when I make assumptions about his level of comfort. I am wrong and he is right and whatever he is doing at a given time is his ideal activity.   If he wanted to be cuddled, he would make himself available for cuddling and he is not available at this moment. Non-consensual cuddling is a crime! He asks that I have this embroidered on something, my forehead comes to mind.

I think he would be happier tucked under my hoodie where I can cuddle him and take advantage of his floofiness. His little head can poke out the neck hole and he can give me head buts and we can both be happy. He prefers to stay on the dining room table on a bed of cookbooks.

So I went to see the dog who is always up for a good cuddle, but stretching out with the dog on the couch isn't really conducive to  doing anything else at all period, unless your to do list is :1) Fall asleep on the couch. if he were small enough to be tucked into my hoodie you can bet he would love every minute of it! Because dogs would spend all their time inside your clothes if they could and if you would agree to carry them around inside your clothes! OMG! Dog nirvana!

Your cat sees  the exact same scenario  as false imprisonment and kidnapping. The only reason that cats  haven't sued us into the ground and don't rule the world as our evil overloads is that they can't speak and  they don't have the manual dexterity to text. If you can't call a lawyer, you can't sue. I am sure they are working on this.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I was supposed to go to this presentation on Solar Power this evening and I was going to learn how I can get it and the  financing and everything - Solar, is wonderful but solar and its attendant gear is expensive and elitist and wrong in a lot of ways. Why should only rich people, who don't need the savings from it, and who all ready probably feel pretty smug about their lives in general and don't need any treats, be able to have it? Solar should be in the grasp of everyone, even the not rich, really if the poorish could have it, it would spread much faster and have a lot more people utilizing the technology and improving the world. There is a lot of work to do to bring it down to a reasonable investment instead of a pot of cash that most people do not have. So  figuring out how to finance it, and working discounts and tax breaks. But not tonight.

Kill the rich.

Speaking of smug rich people. The presentation I was supposed to go to was held in  deepest/shallowist? whitest, North Raleigh! I live inside the beltline! I don't want to go to North Raleigh, I can't find anything, it all looks the same and there are too many cul de sacs. All together a terrible place.

But, because I am a true believer, I went, in the dark and the no street lights and fewer street signs and I tried to go to the presentation. I had no idea where it was before I left, only  that I thought it was closer, like not in Virginia or Tennessee or wherever it was that I was driving in circles in the dark. Terrible place.

My GPS didn't even like it. It finally decided that we were too far away, too far in North Raleigh and way too far from home. It whispered "I see white people" and stopped working. I made my way to the parking lot of the forty-six Food Lions I passed - of course these people have a grocery on every corner!  They need grocery stores within walking distance! They can walk in any direction and walk right into a grocery store. Pigs.

I found the email I was sent and reread it and followed a couple of links and low and behold there is another presentation, inside the beltline, two blocks from my vets office in a  couple of weeks.

I hate North Raleigh and the rich white people for which is stands. And their hot and cold running grocery stores. I'm so glad to be back in civilization.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rocking around

I made a very short video of Rocket playing with a cardboard tube we ran across downtown. He loved tunnels in agility and he warmed up to this "tunnel" as well, even though it was much narrower and shorter than the agility tunnels. Watching him go through the tiny tunnel, it was clear he comes from the land of the Dachshund! He too has the urge to tear apart rats! But also has the urge to bring them to you.

 I had him run through it several times because it was fun and how often do you come across random agility obstacles? He did it I think five times, but only the last time was even vaguely ready for prime time. It really matters how you hold the phone.

I will never be a cinematographer.

I did not get my house work done but I did get my nephews Christmas present. I  going  went to the site and picked up my nieces - free delivery though, so its okay. I saw several that I want too! For example:

3.5 ft. LED Inflatable Snoopy and Woodstock Sitting on Doghouse

4 ft. Airblown Lighted Snoopy

5.5 ft. Inflatable R2D2 and C3PO Scene

The reason I'm thinking about airblowns at all is that I have one that is showing its age. It has been leaking snow for years and I don't know where the leak is or how to fix it. I've seen a couple of snow globe airblowns this year, and I haven't really loved any of them, and they are expensive. I'm going to see if I can get it fixed and if it would be cheaper than buying a new one I don't like as much.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Being useful

Good News! I found the dogs leash that I had misplaced in the house! It was missing for about three hours on Sunday and I had to use an older leash to walk the dog in the afternoon, which was tragic because it totally clashed with his collar. Fashion  Crises averted, the new leash has been recovered.  Life is just really hard sometimes and you have to work with what you have, even if its tacky.

When I wasn't searching for the leash, I actually got some work done. No, I did not mow the lawns and I didn't do my laundry - sometimes you have to allow that there are other available days and there are no "rules" about when you can and can not do laundry. I can do my laundry on Wednesday, if Wednesday works for me, maybe Tuesday will be better. It doesn't matter, any day can be laundry day.

Any day can not however be lawn mowing day, lawn mowing day pretty much has to be a weekend, unless, I can't do it over the weekend and the yard is really long and I get neighbor-shamed, in which case, the lawn can be mowed whenever the neighbor mows theirs. Its about  maintaining community standards and keeping track of  when other people mow their lawns and how good your spread sheet program on your phone is. Standards! its about Standards! Standards and neighbor shaming, you have to keep the upper hand or admit defeat and stop going outside or opening your curtains. Mayne if they think you are dead they won't mind as much about the length of you yard - no one wants to speak ill of the dead and all that,

I did get pumpkins for the front porch, they look very nice and I might carve them, I haven't made up my mind. It will render them easier to compost, but I will have to go through the bother of carving them and I carve pumpkins like I wrap gifts - badly  and it never turns out looking like I had hoped. However, pumpkin carving design is open to interpretation and so there is some leeway that does not exist for the more conventional  and rule driven art of gift wrapping. There are no second places in the gift wrapping game.

What did I actually get done? I MADE TWO BATCHES OF DOG COOKIES!!!!  It was a big weekend for me. I feel very accomplished . I also remembered to  make the bed upstairs, mail two bills and treat the dog for his yeast infections. And even better? I moved the couch forward three inches in the livingroom, it had to be done, there is a huge difference in the space now. Really.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging

His many moods.

Can't I just stir some gynolotrimin into his kibble?

Young dog has been shaking his head a lot and scratching at his ears fir a while and the behaviorist had said when I had him there that his ears "looked a little pink" and I should clean them every other day or so to see if it clears up. It didn't.

Today we went to another vet who diagnosed him with duel yeast infections and gave us some drops.  It took the vet and a technician to restrain him to get the drops in his ears in the office, I do not see how a just me is going to get the same task done every day for the next nine days. because as we say in the biz "Rocket resists care and is non-compliant" and can slither out of almost anything like a snake.

I'm thinking if I get him after his morning meds that I might have a chance but I'll get that chance maybe twice before he figures it out and I have to find a new plan. There are not very many ways to get drops into a dogs ears, you could Rube Goldberg your little heart out and if the dog isn't going to sit still for it, you still are not going to get the drops in the ears. I asked for an oral treatment but apparently the way to a dogs ears is through his ears, period.

Speaking of Dogs. Rockets home-based tent arrived! Yay!!! It was about half of what I paid for his road tent and frankly, you can tell. Its not the same quality at all and I would not want to put this one through too much, but it was cheap and you gets what you pays for.  It will be fine for setting up and letting it be for the winter.

Rocket tries out his new tent, as it turns out, it fits!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Its never too early to get Santa into shape.

I would have been here sooner but I was dithering over pulling the trigger on my Christmas cards. I finally did it and now the cards are done and I can check that off my list. I don't have a list yet, its too early to have a list yet, but in theory, if I had a list I would have scratched "Christmas Cards" off of it.

Another item I want off my non- existent list is "Dog Cookies". This weekendish, Aunt Cookie needs to strap on her apron and get to work on the cookies, or at the very least Aunt Cookie needs to do a census of available dogs. Aunt Cookie is pretty sure she has fewer dogs to bake for this year, so fewer cookies equal less time and less capital invested into the project, Yay! lets hear it for less time and capital! Boo for less dogs over all. She also needs to firm up the varieties and make a shopping list. I skipped the whole thing last year and that did not make me feel good; It made me feel better, but it not make me feel good.  I'm also not going to be as ambitious as in years past, I think its going to be no more than two or three varieties and if I stick with the program and do them over time it won't be near the cookie marathon I have ran in the past: Up hill both ways in the snow.

ANYWAY. In the interests of saving time and energy  at the holidays, I made only one design so everyone gets the same card. This year everyone is gets the  "A" design, usually I have two or even three different levels of cards because I can't make a decision about the design - but I am through with that. This year I am doing one single card, and its awesome. I lurve it and I hope everyone else does to. P.S GLITTER

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Customer Service This

I had a meeting after work so I had Rocket in daycare. I decided that after the meeting instead of picking up the dog immediately and then going to Sams to pick up a couple of things and put gas in the car, that I would leave dog at daycare and go to Sams by myself, to save the dog from having to wait in the kind of warm car.

So. Went to Sams, wandered around more than usual as there was no dog waiting in the car.  I found a couple of items and went to the pharmacy to get my prescription. Yay.


Anyway. I took my goods and headed for the door. The troll at the door asked where my "other" receipt was, I answered I don't have '\"another" receipt, I have these three things on one receipt. Brunhilda tells me my raspberries were not paid for. I TELL BRUNHILDA TO USE HER BITCHCRAFT CAREFULLY, MY BROOM USES JET FUEL AND SHE'S THROWING MATCHES.

I did not use the raspberries to give Brunhilda an object lesson about the TONE SHE CHOOSE TO USE WITH THE CUSTOMER . I went BACK to the pharmacy and had the girl wave her wand over my berries AGAIN AND AGAIN HAD TO SWIPE MY CARD TWICE AND ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS TWICE. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE TO SWIPE MY CARD AT HARRIS TEETER? ONE TIME! I now felt they were "mine", I had spent time with them and really developed a bond with them, having wandered around the store with them for an extended period.



And then I went and picked up my dog and made dinner for us both. Then I went to Walmart because at least the lousy costumer service and constant insults do not bring on  a caps-lock rage.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bound and determined

I don't like Charlie Cs IGA. ITs expensive and it doesn't have the yogurt selection of Walmart. How sad are you when Walmart has a better selection of yogurt than you do?

I discovered today that I need new boots. I thought it was just the black ones that were no go's for another  season but sadly, also the brown ones. They genuine man made leather is peeling and the zipper rubs my ankle bones in an unacceptable manner. I would imagine that nicer boots are engineered to not sag that way and are made with genuine cow made leather,too bad I'll never know, and I will replace them with the same cheap boots great grandchild, hopefully it will take another couple of seasons for them to become as irritating as mine are now. The black pairs main sin is that they are suede and the toes are too pointy - They are elf boots! I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought them. My feet are big enough without adding elf styled pointiness to the situation.

I see a visit to DSW in my future Oh Darn! Hate DSW!!, it would be better if I had perhaps looked at them for flaws at the end of last season when discounted boots are available, but no, I have to discover these flaws in October! when the only boots are full retail price boots, actually, full retail plus a third because its OCTOBER and its cooler and  EVERYONE WANTS BOOTS! I hate paying retail, it seems wrong somehow.  A budget conscience person would have thought about this last March. Sigh.

I could have bought a deeply discounted bathing suit from Hammricks but I didn't do it. I will be sorry. I  will eventually be in the market for a bathing suit, I am every summer but I am too much of a snob to buy an off season bathing costume from Hammricks, who knows a bathing suit with sleeves and a high neck might be flattering? I didn't try one on because I'm a snob, and who knows tea-length bathing suits might be all the rage next summer and I'll kick myself.