Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Cats Blogging

Ch,Ch.Ch, Changes

 I bought my washer and dryer. It is not the washer and dryer I thought I was going to buy, I had a vision of what I was going to end up with and I was certain that I was going to end with a version of it.

I was going to get a fancy new thoroughly 2016 top loader washer and dryer and the washer was going to have a glass lid and they were going to be fabulous and super efficient because that is what I  really want when I get down to it, I am seeking energy efficiency and the more efficant the better .

Well. I ended up with Samsung  front loaders. They don't have to stack, they are just staged that way.

I didn't want front loaders, I didn't research front loaders and I had pretty much decided that I was not even going to look at front loaders because 1) Ew, so last whatever, I mean, so over them and 2) They are more expensive, 3) The new top loaders are so now, so new so sexxxyyy!

They are however, very deep and my washer and dryer are lifted up about six inches and I would probably have to have a step stool always parked in front of the machines  so I could load and unload and that could become kind of a pain after a while. The front loaders are better in the long run and are a more sensible choice, even if they aren't what I thought I wanted. They do a lot of the same sexxxyyy things the top loaders do and have many  of the same bells and whistles that I  probably won't use on these machines either.

Well. My front loader washer is very efficant!  Moren efficant than any of the top loaders I had been lusting over. I was really, really happy to learn this! I mean I was giddy. (Consumer Reports approves of my choice as well)

 I went with it initially because it was available on a schedule that worked for me, I can have it next Saturday and that is just fine with me -  and they were  also nominally on sale and I don't want to spend any more time on this. I need to be working on tankless water heaters.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Air Horn Orchestra Week 28 #loud


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lows. #loweshardwaresucks

Well that was a let down. I went to Lowes to buy my Brand New Washer and Dryer and came back with a head ache

It turns out if I wanted my BNWaD I would have to be willing to wait for a month to take delivery! I am not exactly ready to take possession right now, but I do not want to be running back and forth to the laundromat for a month. That is not okay.

They hadn't mentioned when I went window shopping that there was a chance that the model they showed me had availability problems. It was a great deal. It was too good a deal and I was roped in by it.

I came back on the last day of the sale and told the clerk that I wanted to buy this set. Ta da.

We went to a computer and he punched in the code and nada. Not a single Lowes in our area has it, Oh, sure I could drive an hour to go buy it in person - I don't have a real Lowes card yet, I used to, but I stopped carrying it after my purse got stolen and I decided to travel lighter and to stop casually carrying cards I rarely use, they now spend their time safely tucked away in my freezer until I need them; I so rarely used my Lowes card, they canceled it. So now I have a temporary card - not useable online, so no trip out of town for a washer and dryer.

I don't think I should have to travel for this anyway. Why can't the W&D come to me? That would be good customer service. You know what was bad customer service? Trying to upsell me on the next more expensive version.

No sale. I even tried to work with them.  I gave them choices : 1) "I would buy this other better model for the same price as the lesser model that you are making me wait on, because you made a bad faith mistake and you now owe me and you would do well to make me happy, 2) I will buy this available nicer model you are forcing on me, but at a discount because you care practicing bad customer service and there are laws againts bate and switch and that is what happened here. 3) Or I take my money and my good will and begin to draft my letter  of complaint to your corporate customer service department  before I clear the Lighting section

They should have called their manager and let he or she cut me a deal, because I'm sure it was within that person's authority to do that kind of thing.  They could have sold the product and kept the sale at their store and made a customer happy instead the floor staff decided that they didn't want any of these things and they let me and my money and my good will walk out the door.

Dear Sir or Madam...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mitigate This

After many conversations with the insurance people it was finally revealed that the water mitigation people were going to magically appear tomorrow! life could start again!  I could get my washer and dryer, I could get my water heater and maybe, I could get a new freezer! Lets get this party started!!

Cliche' sound of record scratching. Do you know how much water mitigation costs? A lot, a lot a lot. Do you know how much I'm getting from my insurance for this little adventure? Not a lot as it turns out - note to self, sit down insurance and fix that, next time this happens and you can be sure that this is going to happen again because  this shit happens, next time I want to be able to afford mitigation. Anyway,  this time around I can't afford water mitigation.

Not the fancy, top of the line gold standard version that my insurance set me up with anyway. If I went with the mitigation that was so kindly made available to me, I would have a super clean empty basement. I couldn't afford to replace anything. That's how I'm going to explain it to the guy when I call him tomorrow and cancel him.

I came home from work and worked like a dog. If you wondered how hard a dog would work if a dog went to work? A dog would work hard. A dog would be a very hard worker. Super diligent. This is what I got done in two hours. Imagine what I would have gotten accomplished if I had known over the weekend that they charged by how many trips up and down the stairs or whatever or how much stuff they had to remove. They charge too damn much regardless, I wish that had been made clearer to me at the start. They could have said : "You can have the basement cleaned out or you can replace your lost appliances and water heater you can not have both". My time management would have been different.

My Dad is coming up tomorrow and he's going to talk with the handy man down the street and they are going to negotiate finding some men to move the dead washer and dryer and freezer out and hopefully, the other things I couldn't get out because they were too big and heavy to do on my own. Then he's going to power wash with my brothers power washer, and we'll see what that leaves us with. My handyman down the street is already on the look out for a electrician to hook up my soon to be tankless water heater. And I'm going to talk to my insurance people again to see where my check is.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Post Matthew

The insurance adjusters came to my house and looked around were as horrified as I was. More so, because they told their boss I needed to move out!

I do not need to move out. I have pets, and clothes and a life. I do not need to go downstairs. I do however need my own shower, and now I have one.  The insurance people didn't insist that I actually stay at the hotel room they so kindly rented for me for a week,  so I go there every day and take a long, leisurely hot, hot, hot shower and I feel really good about using all the hot water. What I'm going to do after Thursday, I don't know. Check out would be Friday at 3pm, and I'm not available then so I'm going to have to turn my key in early.  I may have to keep the key card longer though if the promised water clean up crew doesn't get here soon. Because  if they don't get the place clean I can't pull the trigger on the water heater, no water heater no washer and dryer and then the freezer and then everything else. Also I need my check, first check then I can pull the trigger and start showering at my own house. And washing my dishes. And laundering my clothes.

I thought I was supposed to hear from them ( water clean up folks)  by today, Sunday, and I did not. I called my Insurance Desk Adjuster Saturday and they said the water people were very busy and I hadn't been scheduled, but they would be in touch. If they aren't in touch, they will be renting that room longer.

In the mean time, I have gone shopping for replacement appliances. I want a tankless water heater, however, this may be too expensive, I have to make some calls to see whats the what on that. I do know that I am absolutely dumping my gas line and going electric. I did some washer driver shopping and found  this little beauty and its dryer twin , I found mine at Lowes, new and for $50 more. But new damnit! I'm having second thoughts about the dryer. Dryers are dryers are dryers, I kind of think I could save a few dollars and get a still nice, but maybe not quite not as nice dryer that would still dry my clothes with fewer moving parts. I don't know, Maybe Lowes would do me a deal if I put it to them like that, I think they like keeping sets together.

I went in the basement to do some scavenging. Not everything down there was destroyed and not everything was in the way of the water. More than I thought, damn it, but not everything got wet and not everything that got wet was ruined. My tool chest did not get wet, nor did my other tools, so thats a win. I remembered, late, that I bought four deeply discounted green houses from Big Lots right after vacation and stored them under the stairs in the basement - they got wet. If I had pushed them to the rear of the stairs, I think the boxes might have survived but as it was, I didn't do that because WHY would have I done that? .

So, I got to spend Sunday afternoon wrestling rotting, soaked,  falling apart, stinky cardboard through my wet, nasty dark basement to the stairs and then getting the thousand pieces of the green house out of the box and up the stairs and out of the house and together. It helped enormously that everything in the rotting cardboard was in plastic bags.

Now I have four separate piles of green house to keep track of and I need to solve that. Any idea?

Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Cats Blogging


 I set up an appointment for Friday afternoon with the adjuster!  that is one  more massive problem on its way to being solved!

Not much else to report. Hopefully by this weekend I will be able to start the process of getting everything out of the basement and into the yard to be either cleaned and put back or thrown out. Hopefully, the insurance company will feel my pain and cut me a check so I can replace my washer and dryer and freezer and dehumidifer and sigh, bike.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Air Horn #27 #loud

Every day is about solving problems. Every problem solved is a problem solved, I don't "size" my problems, they are all problems, all equal in my eyes.

Today I dealt with the dirty dish problem and the empty the dishwasher problem and the laundry problem  as well as the  cleaning the refrigerator problem . I was very busy.

I also went to Air Horn where we  harassed some ladies and completely  ruined their evening in the mansion garden. Well, at first they thought we were entertaining but then then we just didn't stop and they tried to move to a different part of the garden to get further from the noise and we followed them because we can, and they didn't think we were quite as entertaining.

Last night I also thought I solved the publishing the entry problem but this morning I discovered Blogger did not publish the entry.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Baby steps.

I got my claim number today, which is progress,  I can't reach a real person, but I did finally get an email only a day later than promised so I have that to cling to. I should hear from an actual adjuster within 24-48 hours which isn't exactly speedy service but it's at least a time frame. I cleaned out the upstairs refrigerator and freezer and threw out the food and made lists for the insurance.

I bought paper plates and bowls and will adjust accordingly to my new no hot water, no dishwasher ( it works but it needs hot water) lifestyle. Next step is taking the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and putting them away and then thoroughly  rinsing off the dirty dishes I have accumulated and storing them in the dishwasher

I had my first real shower in days (thank you Aphagal and Brosky) and days and I feel so much better. I was going to come home and clean out the newly empty refrigerator but I felt too clean to do that so I will do that yucky job tomorrow when I am less freshly bathed.

I turned on my HVAC and it functioned! So that it s point for me! Something that was down there still works, so yay! I started looking at electric water heaters online.

Next up ; Laundry.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hurricane Mathew

So. It could have been worse, a lot worse. I need to  focus on what I need to do do now. I need a check list. I mean, I really need a check list, I need my insurance to come across with a checklist of things I need to do/can do over the next days.

I know I need to clean out the upstaires fridge and freezer. They were without power for a day and half and while I didn't open the doors during that time, I don't think it would be a good idea to eat the food any more.  I am also insured for the loss of the food so I need to get rid of the food and make a list of what I am throwing away. I need to do this soonest. I just can't bring myself to start this because I don't want to have no food in the house, it makes me depressed and hungry.

It will be a great opportunity to really  deep clean the fridge and freezer and they both so need it! I have wanted to for a while and it needs to get done in the worst way. Hopefully I will do this Tuesday - after I drive to my brother and sister and laws and take a shower.

I also need to find a friendly neighborhood laundromat where I can do my laundry and not get mugged. There is a perfectly good laundry on Hargett that is used frequently and works just fine but I've used it and felt like I was I was going to die any minute- totally unfair on my part, but it's gross and there's almost no parking. There is another one on New Bern that's nicer but its always full of screaming children, however, I've also been in there and I did not get the feeling I was going to die. So. There you go.

Everything is going to need to be replaced. The water heater, the freezer and the washer and drier. The basement space itself is filthy and everything in it will need to be removed and either cleaned or thrown out. Everything. There are a lot of things in there and all of them are filthy. The basement is another place that has been begging for a good deep cleaning and will be better after almost everything is thrown away.

And then after