Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

The best turkey ever. Its not hard, it works, I tried it out last year and it was a smashing success. Follow the instructions: do as he does - and you will have a fantastic bird.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


If you were wondering "When does winter start in Raleigh, NC?",  this year winter started on November 23, 2015! We woke up and it was winter. Just like that. Saturday, the day of the Christmas Parade, it was genuinely lovely. If I had attended, I would have been warm and happy and stayed for the whole event, that due to the lovely sunshine, would have photographed beautifully. In other years I have left early because I could no longer feel my lower extremities.

I can't really complain because it got to be winter in November, I mean, who knew? November is not supposed to be balmy and warm. Its supposed to be cold, not miserably cold ( see Jan-March), but cold enough you know it's winter and the plants die back. My plants have not died back and no one has known it was winter. It was.

If things stay this way, I'm going to have to do something about my plants that are still in the ground and end the season for them. The elephant ears need attention and I'll need to decide if they are going to stay where they are but with  multiple levels of mulch or of they are going to spend the winter in the basement. The one I did that with survived, but took a really long time to gets its grove back in the spring. Possibly should have started to think about this before now.

This is why I don't get anything done. And yes, I am wearing a coat, it's comfortable! and I forgot I was wearing it. It's the dogs fault I get nothing done. He's too warm, too cuddly and too squishy. I would get more done if he was less everything.

Monday, November 23, 2015


Shopping is fun, shopping for myself is really fun. I went to North Hills Mall to see what kind of stores they have - answer? Very cute and Very expensive. A lot of gift boutiques and high end clothing stores and real restaurants. It was way outside my budget comfort zone, but it was fun to wander around. While I was there looking for gifts for other people, I was forced to buy myself two pair of  leggings. Two for one! They were on sale! I was helpless in the face of it! They are really nice! so much nicer than the ones I buy at Walmart.

I did find a gift for someone who wasn't me, so I did buy someone else something! I feel good about that. And then I got a hold of myself and went to do my real shopping at Wally.  Well, not exactly, I do not plan on buying actual Christmas gifts for my family at Wally, because, ew . I'm doing my actual shopping online like a real person.

I went to Lowes and Home Depot in search of a gift but got dissed at both stores! I saw exactly what I wanted a few weeks ago, but at the time I didn't know that I wanted it, and so I didn't get one and now I do need one or two, they are all gone. Of course they are! Because that's just the way things are. And No, they aren't going to order more.

And then I went to Wally and did some dog cookie shopping. Loaded up on supplies, I came home and made  turkey gravy cookies for the dogs in my life and venison meat loaf for the me in my life.

I also fought and won against the overwhelming urge to put my tree up early.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging


Rocket and I finally got a walk,  it gets dark so early that even leaving at 4: 30, its still too late and I come home in the near dark. Its not a happy time for walking the dog.

Target was my friend and had Rockets med ready for me and did it with a smile. I picked up some food for kitty and some dinner for me. I came home and tidied the house for my parents visit. Its not perfect but its so much better than it was when they dropped by the other day.  There are hardly any dead leaves anywhere inside any more.

And today is Friday and I am relieved. It's been another long week and a sad week as well. Its all very sad.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


I decided I need to go put gas in the car because I heard a rumor that the weather was about the change and I don't live for having to stand out in the weather to fill the car in the rain. So I did it tonight.

I decided that since I was already out and about that as long as I was out in the dark, that I was out of toothpaste and I might need more coffee and those things are both sold directly across the street from my favorite gas station. Being efficant is good.

So I go to the store with the idea that I am there for coffee and toothpaste. Simple. While I am traveling from toothpaste to coffee, I start to think about Thanksgiving and what I was going to bring, because I need to bring something that is not desert related - I am going to also make some sort of desert idea as well, but I haven't gotten that far yet. Now I am thinking about side dishes.

I found a very nice green bean casserole online and I am very excited about it, I felt that as long as I was in the store with the recipe in hand and The Day arriving quickly, that I could shop for the green bean dish since I was there in the store. Next week the stores are going to be nightmares and if I can limit my exposure to the horror, I will thank myself. I'm hoping to make up my mind desert-wise sooner rather than later.

The casserole is : Green beans, bacon, onions, mushrooms, garlic, milk, sharp cheddar cheese, sour cream,  Frenches crispy onions.  Not your Mother's green bean casserole I would image, My Mother didn't make it and I never ate it, so I don't know, it may be a very low end version of it, there may be some very fancy version that you are used to and if so, post the recipe. I think  this one  reads like it should be really good.

This is going to be a project, its going to be a good project and one that is going to be worth it, but I hope that everyone is as excited by the prospect of being faced with  a plate of fancy green bean casserole as I am.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I spent the early evening watching Law and Order - Criminal Intent reruns and then I did some much needed cleaning. Sum Total of my evening.

Since I put vent covers over the vent in my office I haven't been dizzy, nauseous, lethargic or confused while at work.  The vent covers went on and my problem disappeared. Poof.  I spoke with the safety officer today about doing an air quality test, and he said off hand, that it sounded like what was happening to me was carbon monoxide poisoning and he hoped the blocked vents didn't make everyone else ill. Thanks buddy.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Yay for Tuesday!

I got Garland 1 finished. I bought the thickest most festive holidayesque looking yarn I could find and I brought it home with the idea of finger weaving my way to a garland - I started with the traditional four-finger pattern, but for some reason that lead to the yarn snapping left right and center, it also made for a very thick garland, which I wanted but it went through yarn like an RV goes through gas. It was not a good idea.

I really wanted to so something with the yard though! It was very hard to find a thick yarn that wasn't the color of dust or dirt or wet snow. Lots of grays and tans and browns that blend well with everything except Christmas Trees!  The Super!Happy!Yay!Christmas! yarn I was looking for was not sold at Michaels, what was sold was a bright pattern that is supposed to be used to knit socks or slippers, it's garish and not really the brand of festive that I went to the store for or had in mind, but, it is bright and it would look nice on a blingy tree.

I changed course and went with the two finger version, and that one worked out, it still went through three skeins of yarn, but I ended up with a reasonable length of garland, that I am hoping is thick enough to read as "garland", I didn't measure it and I'm not sure how much garland makes up a tree's worth. I think I have enough to at the very least, decorate the tree a bit.

Garland 2 is going to be distinctly different and harder but hopefully, longer. Its going to be made of pompoms and paper straws and thread. I need to figure out a good pattern for the poms and the straw so that I can spread them both out. I may end up having to get more pompoms. I wanted to make pompoms but that proved to be too much work and it required some talent.

I'm pretty sure that to be successful at a craft project the craft project can not require a great deal of skill or dedication. I need more or less instant gratification when it comes to my hit and miss craft project phases, if its too much work or it requires some skill set that I gawd forbid, will have to learn - its not going to happen. My best craft skill is turning on the TV and watching other people do crafts or looking at web sites at pictures of other peoples crafts.

Today I also went along with my demographic and pre- bought Adele's new album. I was going to say that they can market to everyone else and leave me out  their reindeer games thank you very much, but I really like Hello. although it was an acquired taste, I had to hear it quite a few times before I liked it, but, sometimes you just have to allow marketing to work and just let it wash over you. I figured I would get it eventually, I might as well just get it over with. Sigh.

Monday, November 16, 2015


Terrible news from Paris, it's not fair and no one deserves to have hell dumped on their heads and to bleed in the streets. I changed my facebook profile picture in solidarity.

The terrorists made a terrible mistake though, you NEVER mess with Parisian real estate, these people gave up their Jews instead of  putting their landmarks in danger. I wouldn't worry about their capacity to do whatever they have to to defend themselves . The government of France may have lacked spines and morals, but their people kept the Nazis spinning in circles until the world's infantries arrived.

They all ready started bombing Raqqa. Good, no one lives there anymore. Bomb them back to the stone age, salt the earth and pour concrete over it.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging

Really hates the paparazzi today.


I think they need to check the air quality in my office. Since we moved upstairs I've noticed that its a lot warmer but I think the warm air is bad for us. I think I'm getting some sort of brain cloud from it.

I vacuumed the yard yesterday, and then while I was working on one side of the yard, the friendly neighborhood yard man came over and air blew a lot of the leaves. The yard looked really good for about fifteen minutes, by this evening you couldn't even tell anything had been done, except that I picked up all the dog bombs Rocket left in the yard the week he refused to go into the soupy back yard. He was much more insulted by getting rained on in the back yard than the front yard, the rain in he front was less wet I guess. I mulched the leaves up good for the yard though, I hope next seasons weeds appreciate the gesture.

I think the weather is about the change, my head hurts and I'm really tired. It feels much letter than 8:30, it feels like an hour or so later, I just checked the time because I was afraid I had been messing around too long and it was actually like hours later. I have had a big day though. I went to an Christmas open house and before that I power walked the dog, ate dinner way too fast and ran out the door. It was less amazing that it has been in years past but I think I thought that last year too. They changed how they do the displays and its significantly less magical then it used to be. I want to be floored by the display and I just haven't been lately. And there wasn't any good snacks! If I'm going to leave my house and go out for something, at the very least, I want good snacks.

I've been using the dog as a pillow, its great! He's warm and squishy and he cuddles, but he also farts. Its a challenge.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


I was supposed to tell you that I was taking yesterday off, but I forgot, I took yesterday off because it was a day off  for state employee workers, so  I did. Now you know.

Rocket woke me up earlier than I had wanted to be awake because he needed to pee, he told me he needed to pee by starting to peeing. So we both got up and I took him outside to finish up. I did the whole cleaning up job and went back to bed because I could.

I  then slept too late, I should have gotten up with him hen he wanted to get up, and did chores and got some things done. Instead I slept very late, which I regret, and then I had cake for breakfast, which I do not regret.

Rocket and I needed to take advantage of the day off and the shockingly not rainy weather and so we went for a long walk on the green way . We saw lots of sunning turtles and a great blue heron.

I brought Rocket home and ate lunch,

I wanted to go downtown and go shopping in peace, its so busy down there on the weekends and First Fridays are crowd scenes and I wanted to shop without the pressure. Downtown stores haven't figured out that they need to have hours that go past 5pm, so I never get to go during the week.

The fact  I wanted to go walking downtown, without the dog, came as huge shock to the dog, who believes that I need him to accompany me everywhere - Which is fine if I want to walk past stores, which is very convenient if you want to window shop, not so much if you want to do actual shopping. I do not need supervision for that, or I do, actually, because of my bad choice making, its gift buying season and everything looks like I should gift it to someone. The dog does not help me make decisions about gift buying I ended up buying one thing - A dog shaped ornament. of course,

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wet little dog

Poor dog. All the doors have rain on the other side. He goes to the front door and it's raining, he goes to the back door and its raining, its raining on all the places he likes to pee.

He goes to the front door and I say "Okay, let's go out!"  and there is rain out there too! And he doesn't want to go out in it, and then he goes to the back door, and while the carport is there, he can't always use the carport to relieve himself. He looks very sad and he then has to talk himself into going into the rain to do what he has to do and he goes back and forth and tries to make himself think he really doesn't have to really go out there but he knows he has to go out there and so he tries to find the least wet place where the rain isn't falling as hard and there is no such place.

The poor guy just wants to go out and do his business and everywhere he goes he gets rained on. The back yard is especially wet and rainy and he doesn't like it at all. The front yard seems a little less rainy and he will go there if he really can't hold it anymore but its wet there too! Its so depressing for him, you can tell he feels really bad about the wetness. He has issues with water and everywhere he goes, there is all this water and it si aiming at him!

  He hates running water of all kinds and he is out there and its just pouring rain on his poor self. He goes out under the carport to pee, but it's wet there now too and he just looks so betrayed. It was raining earlier today too and I thought by now it would have stopped and he could go take a good poo in the yard without getting wet, but it wasn't to be, he had to hurry and you could tall it wasn't at all satisfactory.

And of course, I do not love the rain either and he keeps saying he needs to go out so we go out and he just wanders around under the carport and pokes his nose into the backyard, but all you can see there are puddles and he really doesn't like puddles and then he looks to the front yard but there is all this rain between him and the grass and when he gets to the grass, he gets rained on too. I think he would be happiest in a desert environment. Of course, I have to follow him on these tours and I really love getting wet too. So much fun. AT least its not too cold out, wet and cold would be really miserable.

It keeps raining though and I am going to teach him to use the cats box.

Monday, November 9, 2015


I threw up at work on Friday. Twice. Super end to a super week.

Saturday, I slept and recovered from what I am thinking was the 12 hour flu  - I spent my recovery doing some very low key shopping for my Christmas garland. I like having a garland on my tree, but new tree is made of garland, a store bought model isn't going to do it for me or it. I spent some time on Pinterest and saw an idea for a DIY garland that works for me because it does not require sewing and it not shiney - shiney being a problem with a tree that is one great big piece of bling, I need something matte in order for it to stand out.

Seeing a great idea and making the great idea reality is not the same thing. Its easy to look at pictures, not tos easy to make the thing yourself. This is the idea , and this is what it is supposed to look like

It doesn't look hard, it does look like it requires a lot of very big pom poms and they are expensive and not easy to find, many, many tiny pom poms? Everywhere. Bigger pom poms? Not so much, unless you want to make them yourself and I tried and failed. We'll see how this turns out. In the mean time, I bought supplies

I think I may need to get more pom poms.

I was more hands on with my other project, I did more dog cookies, one batch of peanut butter and one more of cheese. I'm going to do turkey gravy next and then more peanut butter. I'm going to try to not go crazy with the varieties this year because it gets me crazy and I don't think the dogs care that much, the people may or may not understand they are different flavors, so why make eleventyteen different kinds? Doesn't make sense really.

On the right, cheese, on the left peanut butter. They are just settling into their long nap in a slowly cooling oven. By morning they will be ready to go into the freezer to rest until they are ready to be sent off to their new homes.