Thursday, February 4, 2016

Test 2



We can all relax now, Aces lab results came back and they are all WNL (within normal limits). So his respiratory thing is just a respiratory thing and he's eye infection is just an eye infection.  No zebras! There was a chance, albeit small, that he was in reality, a fur covered tumor.

I had to go with zebras though because Tex was so sick so often for so long and still died too soon. I have no safe place to go when it comes to cat health, just zebras everywhere! No happy thoughts about viger and happiness, no good news not ever.. In my cat world, the other shoe is hooked to a Rube Goldberg devise and it is always set to kick you in the ass. Which is why my cat has not been into see any vet in say, seven years. Not to say he wasn't fixed and vaccinated, he was, it was just done very casually and on the downlow and included no  blood work or actual exams. I took him to clinics that were very focused on keeping to the script and getting as many animals vaccinated as possible, no zebras allowed.

But. New World. New healthy cat world, new healthy cats world. Positive thoughts and kitty insurance is in the wings for LT, next month, after I've recovered from Aces no-insurance-paying-for-that-shite-myself visit to the vet. I've kind of decided that he's too old to get cheap insurance and all his vaxs  are good for the next three years anyway. LT, on the other hand is brand new out of the box and he should be able to get covered for very little - that will cover very little, you want big coverage, you pay big. I'm already paying big for the dog, who is very big. Big dogs are expensive when they need even little things.

Today I was very excited because it was pouring rain and that meant that I didn't have to rush home to walk the dog! It meant that I could comparatively leisurely go to Sams and pick up a few things and out gas in the car. While I was there I picked up an Official Jaguares Are In The Super Bowl tee-shirt. It is no where near as nice as my Cowboys shirts. This place has no football spirit! I have nicer Go! Cowboys! shirts from gas stations! Tomorrow I'm going to Lowes grocery store and I bet they at the very least had much more fun tee shirts.  There isn't even any glitter or images of the players or their jerseys or anything. Lame.

I saw that the local movie theatre is going to show the game on one of their screens, I am so tempted to go because it sounds like it would be huge fun. But then I remembered all the college kids and their huge loudness I thought maybe my nice, quite living room might be more comfortable after all.

Also, the Jags are a crap expansion team and the Cowboys aren't playing in it and whats the point?



Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The computer was wonky

Yesturday my computer was being weird or was being weird or something so I  couldn't write and entry. I had a weird day. I went to Wally and spent more on the animals than I did myself, surprise, that has never happened before. But this time I went shopping for freaking appliances!

Rocket learned a new skill and not one I can feature on Instagram,  and as much as I like scrolling through  Dog Shaming, I do not like not being able to turn my back  because someone could be getting into the trash. So instead of spending the time  and money for  to help my dog develop the tools he needs to resist, I'm sure there is a class out there tailored to just that, but I went to Wally instead.

Darth Trash Can

It wasn't cheap, even from Wally, but it is certainly worth my peace of mind. Its very nice, the lid closes slowly and it fits regular trash bags. I should have tried to find a way to secure the door or whatever but it was all just a way to not just buy a bin  with a lid. A short trip to a quick fix. He was just getting into the trash at will! The door was no even trying to act right! It was just saying Hey, what up dawg! and they were having all kinds of interaction I do not approve of. I think they might have started up a gang and were trying to make the cats join. I do not need gang affiliated cats.

I like it, its a nice trash can. I was going to replace my other can anyway because it was needing it anyway, The new one I have now is nicer than I would have gotten without the dogs interference, because you don't need nice trash cans when your dog is well behaved enough to not get into it. The Don't Get Into The Trash Can class lasts six weeks and runs  $136, the can with a lid was a forty minute trip to Wally and ran me $44.

After I spent a good twenty minutes over thinking my trash can choices, I went to look for a humidifier for Aces stuffy nose. They had them in two different places and so that gave me the opportunity to over think my choices in two different locations! I started off in the baby section, where I found a cute choice. I like cute. They have really made great strides ventilator  technology! In fact, when you look up "ventilator vs humidifiers" , you mostly get a lot of articles about the ins and outs of hospital grade vents, like they put people on who can literally not breath on their own.  For household use they are now referred to as "humidifiers".

They have humidifiers for every day use and they have them for use when you are ill. They are the same item. One is in the baby section and the other is in the first aid section. The cute ones are in the baby section.

The one I got for Ace is both cute and goes with my decorating scheme! Score!

Speaking of Ace's health. I took him to the real vet, for the first time in maybe, six years. He went when he was a very small for drippy eye and then a couple of years later for a minor joint problem with his knees. Now he has a cold. He does have some congestion, but its up high in his chest and he does have a sore eye, but nothing too serious. The vet drew blood, so we're not out of the woods yet, but he liked what he saw on his physical exam . I have some cream for his eye and the vet gave him a strong antibiotic shot for his respiratory problem. While we were in the office he also gave him his three year vaccinations.

I like buying them toys better.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Litter Letter.

After much research on cat boxes, I bought your large litter box for my two cats. I bought it through Amazon, and it arrived, I put it together as instructed and it worked beautifully for two weeks  and I was a big fan - but then it began to warp and the seam of the grid where it locks into the bin developed a tear, and then the tabs no longer locked into place and got loose, and because the tabs no longer locked, it leaked litter wildly, and  it no longer collected the waste. it was great while it worked, but once it started to get used , it stopped working as promised. I really liked it when it worked but now I am going to have to go back to a cat box where the litter stays inside. I don't know if I got a lemon or if they all end up this way after they get used.

This was not a cheap litter box and I had hoped that it would work for longer than a couple of weeks. Is this the normal lifespan for your litter box?

And no, I am not using too much litter.

Please let me know if there is any way to solve these issues with my litter box, maybe I got a defective model. I would be willing to try the product again.

Diana Romaine

I forgot I did this. Saturday morning I went to clean out the cat box and as I was rolling it over, I noticed berm of litter had formed behind it. I was a little shocked. I began to examine the tabs and noticed that they had loosened and they resisted getting snapped back into place. The whole contraption had warped! and when I took it apart I saw that the magic aste sifting screen had developed a tar along the seam where it meets the flange that connects it to the bin. When I did the flip and roll, the litter wasn't being properly screened and all of it was ending up in the collection sleeve.

This is very unhappy making. I removed the screen and spread out the litter and the box still functions well as a traditional litter box, but I could have paid less and still got a covered litter box. Now I paid $15 more than I would have and all I have to show for it is a larger than average box.

I hope they get back to me and either give me my money back or send me a new one in either case, I see me having to send the used box back, which entails a lot of boxing and taping and going to the post office, and just the thought of all that is completely energy sapping,

And disappointing! I was so excited by it! It was so easy to clean and tidy and fast. Sigh. Back to basics.

Has anyone noticed that there is nothing on TV sunday nights? All I've been able to find is Barnwwod Builders, which should be called The Most Manly-ist Men who ever Manned. They tear down old barns and reuse the beams to build new things. With their teeth. So butch.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Cat Blogging


Should all states with Republican Governors be worried about their water quality? Is poisoning the water a trend?

What I did today instead of writing an entry:

1. Let the dog talk me into a nap after work instead of going for a healthy, bracing walk in the cold and rain.

2. Went to Target to buy food for the poor, half starved dog.

3. Also picked up more food for Little Kitty. He already has  nice food but he needs Kitten Food  to help bulk him up! He still weighs next to nothing and I think he needs a little padding to help him grow and get passed his GI problems. Kittens are cute, kitten bones are just sad,

4. Went to KFC because I was craving fried chicken, couldn't be helped.

5. Watched my DVR.

5.5. Had a fashion crises over the appropriateness taking the trash out in leggings and a sweater while neighbor is having a bible study.

5.9.  Decided that I should wear sweat pants.

6. Took the trash out.

7. Prayed for snow because picking out clothes to wear to work on Friday made me tired.

7.5. Wondered about the led content in my water supply due to Republican in the Governor's mansion.

8. The water on Dix campus is an odd color. Should I panic?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Little things.

I am falling for my new cat box. Its wrong, I know its not right, I shouldn't clean out the box because I want to see the thing do its "trick". Its very good at what it does. Very slick, for a cat box.

You just tip it back and forth and it cleans itself and I don't have to touch it at all! I just throw away what I find conveniently in the little tray and I dump it in the trash and then its all taken care of until the next time I want to run it through its paces.

I'm getting better at it, I wasn't very good at the first couple of times, a little sloppy, I had to go back and re-do it to get all of whatever caught in the trap, it took some practice but it was worth it to get good at it. I have two cats now, I have plenty of opportunities to practice my mad bin dumping skilz.

I've learned that size does matter, little kitty makes little things, big kitty makes big things. I know you care about this, I know I care about this more than you do, LT has a tummy condition and I do have to keep an eye on his things. I do have some concerns in that way, but I think we do have progress. I hope. I have given him his pills twice a day and sprinkling his probiotic powder on his special tummy food. Have you ever  tried to pill a tiny cat? Its not as bad as they say, but its not as easy as pilling an elderly cat like Tex - who was the last cat I pilled, he was really good at being pilled, almost eight years ago -  he never fought me much after a while, he was really kind of okay with it after a a year or so, as I remember, but a year is  long time to get used to it. I'm sure it wasn't fun in the beginning. I hope that we don't get really good at it.

If you haven't pilled a cat that is not okay with it, let me share with you : Its not fun, that might come as a shock to you. Kitties are so much fun and so furry and fluffy! In real life? They are sharp and pointy and they bite and  they have very sharp claws and they have no bones at all! Nothing to grip! Nothing to grip at all! And  not in a not cute way either! In a Let me go! I will get away! I will escape at all costs! way - I even clip his claws on the regular because I don't want to get punctured twice a day and to get him used to being held and worked on. I need him to be okay with his claws being clipped. He is easier to clip than to pill. He is really, really fortunate to be so cute and floofy and small.

So small that he just got lost under the bed and cried to be rescued. Two whole inches from freedom.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


What I did instead of write an entry

I went out and picked up my newly framed art!!! I did not notice when I was picked out the mats that they were so close in color - they arenot the same color, by-the-way. The puffer fish is a deep teal green  and the fox is kind of a dark teal blue. Trust me. It is not lost on me that I expended much energy and time and money to rid the space of green and then I bring it back in.  Sigh,

The smaller piece in the front is a vintage bark painting from Mexico, I got it for $6 because the frame was for shite and it was sun damaged, but still, it looks nice,

The fox print is going in the dinning room and the puffer is going to stay in he living room over the mantel, The smaller one is going to go on the floating shelves that will get put up in the livingroom. I have a lot of smallish prints that I want to display but there are too many to hang on the walls without it looking messy. With the floating shelves I can easily take art in and out of rotation and keep things moving and fresh.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cat Box

This weekend I officially unveiled the cats new joint cat box, the very fancy Omega Paw Roll n' Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box!

I thought that it would be nice for the cats to have something that was theirs, instead of something that was clearly and solely Aces'. So I did a lot of online shopping for cat boxes. It was very exciting and you would be shocked and possibly horrified by the sheer number and breadth of feild of cat boxes out there. So many.

I settled on one style that I thought would be both large enough for two animals and have a lid - lids are important for both cats, they are kickers.

It comes in two sizes and I got the larger one, it is quite large - not as large as some I found though, some are the size of a small one bedroom apartment and would be really in the way and use a lot of dust. I guess they are for people with herds of cats. I think the one I got to take care of a gang of cats.

This box does tricks! It can clean itself out! Its a non-cat scaring semi-automatic cleaning cat box!

I discovered that it is a little heavy and not as weldy as I might have thought it was. I had to do the whole thing twice before it was fully cleaned out, but once it was cleaned out, it did exactly as it was supposed to do. It is large and heavy and you need a bit of space to full turn the thing over and you really have to have the thing snapped together fully to keep it from leaking, that can be hard because its just cheap plastic and you have to force the bits together pretty forcefully to make them lock into place the way they are supposed to.

However, it did work as advertised, so score.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Jonas 2016

Well, survived Jonas. I didn't even miss work. I am Super State Employee. I certainly get my tax dollars worth on me. Saturday the dog and I took a walk and we both decided that snow is cold and ice is slippery. Rocket doesn't seem to love ice, but he loves the sound it makes when he walks in the snow.

Friday, January 22, 2016