Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Almost Friday

Before I get myself ready to go,. I have to get them ready to go . They can not eat at restaurants or drink from water fountains, if they need it along the way, I have to have it handy.

- All their meals for the road, portioned out
- all their dishes
-the cats toilets
- all their water
- all their bedding
- all of Tinys special food
-all of Rockets meds
-all of Rockets anti-flea and tick meds
-all of Rockets toys
-Rocket sunglasses, the beach is bright.
- Rockets life vest, we might go boating.
-a sweater for Rocket should it get cold
- a back up collar, I don't want to mess up his nice one.
- all their shot records

 I have to remember to

- Go to Target and pick up refill of med for Rocket
- find his sunglasses
-to bring the scooper for the cats food
-to gather the dogs toys
-bring plastic bags in the car

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Vacation t- 4 days

Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Cat Blogging


Photo Blogging Madness!

The cats are  doing well with their new bowls, the  old bowls are still out because I just haven't moved them yet.  I wasn't sure they were going to dig the new ones.

The solid green light means that they are eating out of their own  bowls.

Speaking of eating out of their own bowls, for his dinner, in honor of his sixth birthday, he had a  Cheese Big Mac without onions ( because they are bad, bad, bad for dogs), pickles because I saw online to avoid them and the special sauce because ew.

And for dessert, 

PEANUT BUTTER FROSTY PAWS!!!  And! I bought him a new chew toy! We went to his favorite store and picked it out together! Okay, I picked it out, he wanted to shop lift cow parts.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Happy Birthday Rocket!!

Today is Rockets 6th Birthday!!!!

Yay Rocket!!!!

That is him now

Here is him  then

And then he grew up a little

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

New Toy

I would have sat down and wrote a real entry but I was tried and it was a toss up between doing the laundry - up and down the stairs many times, or opening up my new toy! Which I can do from the floor and only required two trips up, one to bring the sizable box into the room and the other to fetch scissors to open it.

Actually, two of them. It is so I can buy less of of Tinys' pricey vet food which keeps him healthy but makes Ace fat and I can buy Ace grain free food which will help him get his shape back. I will also be able to stop spending my free time screaming at the dog to get out of the cats food. So much time screaming at the dog to get out of the cats food, you have no idea. One, its not really good for him as a dog, and two, its too damn expensive for him to hoover up. I'm over it.

The green bowl is Aces, it matches his pretty green eyes. Note the thick manual on top of the box. I can't start useing it right away as they require batteries I don't have in the house, of course. I am putting them out though so they get used to seeing them. It will be an adventure and it WILL solve some problems. Damn it. Hopefully. Pray for us.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Dog among the sunflowers

I didn't take the dog for a walk tonight because I did fifty minutes on the treadmill and my legs really hurt and I didn't want to put myself through it.

Also I had a plan to take Rocket to check out the five acres of sunflowers on Dix campus. I had wondered how they had managed to hide five acres of sunflowers and they did it by putting them behind the soccer fields and below the cemetery. Very clever.

Here are the best pictures I got of him among the sunflowers

Monday, July 9, 2018


Another weekend where I did nothing . Friday I didn't even go to the gym after work because I nasty storm was coming in and I didn't  want to walk anywhere in the deluge and there was the very real threat that we would lose power and everything at the gym runs on electricity.

I thought I would rather be at home if everything went dark. As it turned out, the lights stayed on but it did rain really, really hard for an extended time and I'm not really excited about being rained on. SO. I'll go Monday and it will be fine. I did get decent walks both Saturday and Sunday, so it's not like I was completely bedfast or anything.

But I did watch a lot of TV. I don't really remember what I did on Saturday, I know that Friday night I did my weekly shopping to get that out of the way, so Saturday I picked up one of the dogs meds and did something else but now I can't remember - I remember now! I bought cat food! OTC CD cat food for kitty, I learned about it online and it might be okay for Tinys urinary problems. I also finally bought the pricey cat bowls for the kitties so I can go back to feeding Ace grain free food and hopefully help him lose some weight. Sunday I learned a lot about the Galapagos Islands and sharks and took a prolonged nap with the pets.

They lie when they say when you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas, what really happens is that you wake up two and a half hours later and wonder where your day went.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday Cats Blogging


Do you know what happens when they move the cities yearly fireworks out of downtown and out to the fairgrounds? I don't see fireworks! , well other than that.

Everyone else decided to have DIY fireworks shows. E v e r y o n e . All night. The city show was fifteen minutes tops, twenty in a good budget year. Well, the DIY folks just knew they could go above and beyond that! and they did!  They put on shows that went on all damn night.

All damn night. A boom here, a bang there and pop there and shrieking sound here. All damn night. So much fun. So happy. And I am sleeping in a "new" bed so I am not entirely comfortable to start out and they have to add this concofiny .

The cats are also in a "new" environment and they were exploring, they had a great time. Little bastards. Rocket was my rock though. He hogged the bed and would not move and only let me  have a sliver of it and he was hot. Deep sigh.

This week had two Mondays in it.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

How was your your big day off?  yeah, so was mine. I spent it boycotting 45s dystopian version of our country and the  ongoing  jailing of toddlers. I'm not going to celebrate Ameriaka or Putins little project to bring down the West so no thank you. Sorry not Sorry. I'm not going to celebrate a country that does that.  So Instead I started off the day in front of the TV, I watched a movie about cranky drag queen. It was fun. I totally suggest the movie, its called Hurricane Bianca and its on Netflix.
She is a hoot and she is also very talented. She won season 6 of  Rupaul's Drag Race and has gone on to fame and fortune.

Then I mowed the front yard with my old fashioned push mower because my gym was closed today and thought the workout would be good for me. The yard really didn't need a mowing but  that is the only time you can really use one of those old fashioned machines, if you do need to mow the yard, you can't use those mowers.

I discovered last night as I was moving my life from upstairs to downstairs, a tough project by-the-way, it takes a lot more than you would think to move from one bedroom and bathroom to another bedroom and bathroom. Its a work out on its own! all these little things and so many things to remember and to forget to take with you on this trip down to the other bedroom or bathroom!

 On my many trips back and forth  I discovered that the downstairs bathroom sink had a clog and I tried to get it unclogged manually and while that was somewhat successful in a really gross way, it as not completely successful so I needed reinforcements.

I went to Walmart and got the most poisonous looking sink unclogger I could find. And for as deeply treacherous as those products uniformly promise to be, do they really need to be on the bottom shelf where all the little children are? Is that wise?

I went home and out on the hazmat suit that came with the unclogger and signed the waiver and went ahead with the project. I successfully unclogged my sink and sterilized the soil in a four hundred yard circle around my dwelling. I should also not drink the hose water for six months and refrain from eating any squirrels that might have been on or near my house while I was unclogging my drain.

The water drains beautifully now. I am very happy.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Family Reunification Rally Raleigh June 30

I went to the Rally in Raleigh on Saturday, much as I am sure that you attended the rally in your city.

I took a lot of pictures. Here they are.

 We were not allowed in the streets, we had to stick to the sidewalks.