Thursday, December 14, 2017

Got Done List

Still to do :
-one more cookies batch
-cookies distributed into bags
-cookie ingredient stickers made three tries to get the spelling right!
-dog to Santa Petco and Petsmart, Petco the card contest this year
-dog cards made cute!
-boxes purchased
-cookies boxed, with dog cards and Christmas cards
- card labels to be inputted from hard copy to computer and then printed out
corrected cards to envelopes and labeled and stamped
- cookies labeled
-cards, cookies mailed two trips!
- gifts wrapped

I got so much done! ( and some yet to do) I thought I had it all done right up until I was getting the last couple of bags ready for my last two cookie people and it came to my attention that I had two more people who were without cookies. I kind of knew about one of the parties but I had forgotten about the other. I had really hoped to be done with cookies. I'm not done with cookies.

These at least do not have to be mailed, they are in town cookies and they are going to be just one variety - probably cheese because it is the easiest to work with and to get my hands on. The recipe makes two trays of cookies, one tray for one dog, one tray for the other. I hope it will be adequate.

I still have to mail rando cards to the vet and a couple of people on FB that I don't have addresses for yet, but I'm going to ask for - but I'm mostly done. Its down to gift wrapping and a couple of gift cards. I even got the people at work taken care of and that wasn't even on my To Do list, water bottles, .88 a pop, too good to pass up. Now I just have to clean the house and get the upstairs ready for new windows.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging

Better get Done List.


I checked my list and what was not on there was "edit cards", well, I did that. I sat there and cut a hundred pieces of black tape into tiny little pieces and covered a mistake on my cards. So fun. But that's done now. I also finished putting my card list onto the computer, back where it belongs and then put it onto a thumb drive. I now of course have thought up a couple of more people I want to send cards to who are not on my list. I will waste state resources on them.

Then cards and labels have to become as one. Then stamped. Then mailed. I would like to do this at the same time I mail off the cookies. Are the cookies ready to be mailed? No. Am I finished baking the cookies? No. Should I be? Yes. How many more do I need to get done? One.

Do I have boxes yet? No. Do I have enough stamps yet? No. Do I have bags in which to put the cookies? No.

Now I have to find my labels from last year and go to a Kinkos, preferably not one near a college campus - are there such animals? and print out my labels. But. There is still the dogs cards that have to be taken care of, that means at least one trip to Santa for the dog. Have I done that yet? No.

Then a trip to a CVS or Walgreens and a card, then . Have I already decided that I am going to do all of the above THIS WEEKEND. Yes.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

To-Do list

I'm back. Sorry. SO much to get done. The holidays literally snuck up on me and now I have four things to get done simultaneously and I am not good at multitasking .

What I am good at as it turns out, is napping with the pets. This evening for example I took a nap with the Big kitty, at first I was doing off watching him also napping across the room and I was thinking just how pretty he is, how smooth and round and even he is. I was thinking how much like a Japanese ink drawing he looks... and I fell asleep completely.

I woke up, an hour later - so wrong, with the same cat curled up in my arms! This is not a cat that just curls up in arms! It was so nice. I felt very special and I am pretty much the only person in his life, its hard to be more special than that, and it still made me feel like I won the lottery.

Eventually, he remembered that he had other places to be and I saw that the dog seemed very lonley on the couch and I was still a little tired - what it was only 8:30, and I went to go see him. He was very open to a joint nap.

I didn't just nap the evening away, I also decorated the tree. as much as it is getting decorated. I put my yarn ball garland on the tree and it looks lovely. So Pinterest it hurts, but lovely.

It is showing its age a little, yarn does not age well in the raw, but it still looks nice,


Today at lunch I mailed my elf his ornement . Next summer I am absolutely going to remember to do the hand off while I am still there. It was very spendy to send a .99 ornament in a .50 box to the great white north. Wow. The box felt like it was full of air and I felt like they charged me for at least three pounds of dog food.

Still to do :
-one more cookies batch
-cookies distributed into bags
-cookie ingredient stickers made
-dog to Santa
-dog cards made
-boxes purchased
-cookies boxed, with dog cards and Chrsitmas cards
- card labels to be inputted from hard copy to computer and then printed out
-  corrected cards to envelopes and labeled and stamped
- cookies labeled
-cards, cookies mailed
- gifts wrapped

Jeebus. Posting will be sporadic.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging


Instead of rushing home and walking the dog, first time this week! I rushed home yesterday to... go and buy a new freezer! Dramatic and sexy no?

First I went to "Discount Appliances R We" and they didn't have any. Lots of used stoves and refrigerators, I had wondered what they had in there, but no used box freezers. NEXT

Then I went to Best Buy. I bought my washer and dryer there and got a good deal and thought lightning might strike twice, they didn't have any in the store but offered to look online to see what they had on their site. Super I said, lets do that. They had exactly hat I wanted for $99! Exactly what I wanted for exactly what I wanted to pay! What could be better? Well. It would be better if they actually had the freezer they reeled me in with.

Other than the ideal freezer, that they did NOT have, anywhere in the state, they had a smaller one - the one I want is a 5 foot. This is smaller than it sounds, it is very small. It is about as small as you would want a freezer to be before you are dealing with a lunch bag. The next freezer they had was more expensive and essentially, a lunch bag .

I was annoyed and I left.

Onto Lowes. They, of course, had exactly what I wanted. But not for what I wanted I pay. Here it was $129 - not the worst news ever, however, if you wanted them to deliver, they tack an additional $79 on to the total. That does make it too much. If I lived in a newer house and it wasn't going into the basement I would try to heft the 79 pound beast myself, however, I don't and it does.

They charge for everything now! They are like the airlines! You buy the product, you pay for delivery and then you pay for installation! The nerve! I would totally think very hard about buying  a major appliance from them in the future. That's just entirely to many add-ons to the purchase. Why is the consumer paying for these services? hose should be just part of the service that they provide.

I don't know what has happened in the last few years but whatever it is  complete bull shit. The last place I bought that sort of thing was Best Buy and it might have to be my first stop from now on. Even with the bait and switch freezer bullshit.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

We see something and we are saying something

I didn't have an entry yesterday. I was making dog cookies - four batches down two to go, listening to Christmas carols on Spotify, , isn't that just the best thing since sliced bread? And I finally got them into the oven to dry and I was tired . It was late, I had TV to watch and to be honest, I didn't feel like writing an entry so I didn't.

I didn't have anything to  say so I just didn't. I watched Fixer Upper, I don't like them very much and I would rather never spend time in Waco - Spoiler, it isn't really a nice town and it isn't cute. For real. Its not. Don't be fooled. And I had totally missed Precinct 99 or whatever its called, who knew Andre Braugher could be funny? Who knew that stick that Detective Frank Pembelton had so firmly up his ass on HLOTS was a misplaced funny bone?

I had things I needed to get done.

And then today we wake up and just about every guy on TV is suddenly a perve. That Today Show guy, what the hell?  "Where in the World is..." Now we know why they sent him out to the middle of nowhere - To get him out of the God Damned studio and away from the female staff! The guy was a walking HR video. And NBC does not deserve any credit for firing his hansey ass for "his first offence", apparently according to the article in Variety, he's famous his misuse of women. "Everybody" knew about him and no one did a God Damned thing.  "First offence" nothing, "first time the women went to Variety instead of your do nothing management team". You want to stop articles like this from appearing? DO SOMETHING before the victims have no other choice than to go to the ENTERTAINMENT PRESS to get their story told.

And what about Lake Wobegone guy? I thought he stepped down months ago anyway? And WTF? I saw on Jezebel, home of the Hair trigger guilty white liberal babe  a posting from a woman who had worked on PHC that he was a letch and a scum bag from way, way back and she was not at all surprised. But also, home of the hair trigger,  guilty, white liberal so "letch and scum bag" may or may not be accurate or it may be perfectly apt, hard to tell with that site. But its odd that there has been nothing, no comment no explanation.

What told all these men it was okay to be this way? I never worked with men who acted like this, I worked with a respiratory therapist who never passed up a chance to look down my blouse, so I stopped wearing blouses that could be looked down, that slime ball,  but The Today Show guy got naked in front of co-workers and gave them sex toys! I would have gone screaming to EVERYBODY if a male co-worker got naked and made a demand.

But we smile and wear blouses that button up higher, I had blouses I had to tape closed to make them "safe". When I think about it, that doesn't sound great, I should have told HR, who I also really, really disliked. I knew he did it to everyone because I was warmed about him and his peeping from one of my friends. The Whispers they talk about. Soon after that the facility closed and everyone got scattered to the winds. He's out there looking down blouses.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Post Thanksgiving

And so I did all the stuff over the break! I bought Christmas prezzies and now my list js almost done! You don't just go to the mall to go shopping, you go to mall for inspiration! Day-after-Thanksgiving-shopping is not just for propping up retain, its for being part of our society as a whole. Wre spend entirely too much time finding new and better ways to separate ourselves from each other - for good reason! A lot of us are miserable creatures that do the rest of us a disservice  just by walking among the more decent among us.

However. The mall is a great equalizer. We all love The Gap! We all need something for that  loved one that all we really know for sure about their tastes  is that they love orange and only wear natural fibers - but not cotton because they read something online one time about how cotton doesn't "wick" or some nonsense and now you buy this person a calendar featuring puppies every year. Everyone has this person. We share this douchebag.

 I made three batches of dog cookies and now only have three left, I made the dog cookie list - almost as hard as making the cookies. Its hard ya'll! Who gets cookies, who does not some people get cut because the list gets too long and I can't make cookies for the world year after year. I tried to get the list culled a bit but people got added - a cousin here, a neighbor there. I did manage to cut a neighbor I added last year because I haven't actually spoken to them in a year so off they go! I need to have standards.

For all my Up With People Joy To The Mall talk, I didn't actually buy anything at the mall. I bought everything I bought online and I bought a lot. A lot. I bought myself a lovely Christmas sweater and some make up but I don't think that counts.

And then I sat down to write this and I grabbed my mouse and it doesn't work! I replace the battery. Nada. I pull out the widget and put it back in, Nada, I restart the computer. Nada. The mouse is dead. I can use the mouse gizmo on the laptop but I don't like the mouse gizmo on the laptop! I want my mouse back! I don't think I can wait for Santa for this.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! a little early

And because I had never seen it before and it reminded me of the "On hands and knees!" instructions that my family will recognize, I present Marneys Thanksgiving Letter  so that we may all be thankful that we do not have to eat dinner with this woman.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


I have discovered that dozing with the dog on the couch is a very time consuming task. He's just so amenable to it! He's warm and squishy but solid . He is what I imagine those really expensive mattresses are like. I've never tried to balance a glass of wine on him but I bet it wouldn't spill after he had been a sleep for a while. I have however never bounced on him, I don't think he would like that. I think that would result in spillage. And  an unhappy dog, why would I intentionally make my dog unhappy?

But besides being incredibly comfortable and warm and lovely and all kinds of positive, couching with the dog is  also a  terrible time suck. I think I'm only going to hang out there for a few seconds and the next thing I know its been thirty-five minutes or more! It's the or more! that is very concerning and troubling, its really bad to say you are going to go and just lay down for a second or so and the next thing you know its been much more than a second or so - and its that "or so" that becomes entirely too long. It is for that reason that I am forbidden from doing  this in the morning, I don't even look at him on the couch because it is such a strong urge to go and curl up with him. I don't have a spare "or so" to burn in the morning.

In the evenings when I do have a lot more "or so's" I go to see if he will let me curl up with him because sometimes he doesn't want to share space on the couch, he can be in a mood, and he will get up and go elsewhere and that makes me feel really unloved , I mean if your dog doesn't even want to hang out with you, what kind of person are you? But then, what kind of dog have you raised?  It can really mess up my evening - right up until he needs to go pee and remembers who opens the door around here.

But if he doesn't need to pee,  I can always get him though. I just pull out the blanket and he is drawn in like a moth to a flame or a weim to a comforter. All of a sudden he wants to curl up on  my lap, he wants to be my friend, he wants to spend time with me his best friend ever. And I let him do it, every single time because I am sooooo easy.

Monday, November 20, 2017


I was supposed to start writing this a half hour ago but then I fell down the Amazon wish list list hole and shit happens. All I wanted to do was add a couple of things to mine and do some housekeeping before I set it loose in the wild and that made me go look at other peoples wish lists and made me wish that they would do some house keeping on theirs: You put this on there in 2011? Do you still want Foie Gra?  or Is that the only genre you read? Really? Its crap! Widen your horizons!. Then I looked at mine, I need a new car charger for my phone, I could also use another charger for work and I think I want slippers to live under my desk at work. I want to help Santa help me.

Saturday I had a good day hanging out with the fam and the dog ate my lunch bag. A visit to my wish list and a new add. Sunday, I went to The Sunday Supper , I went to the first supper last fall after Matthew and it was very nice and they raised 189K! in an afternoon. This time they weren't raising money, but they were announcing that the one time event was now a real fund raising concern that had registered with the IRS and has a board of directors and a business plan and goals and everything.

Among their goals is to spread the joy, they want by the end of 2018 to have 10 more cities have one of the dinners. So far there have been three in NC, one in Kinston, that was underwater last fall.

I think I'm not quite the mover and shaker that the even was planned around, it was also a thank you for the volunteers for the meal last fall. I was just a diner at the meal, but I did buy a couple of tee-shirts and I am now talking them up.

If you are looking for a fund raiser for a large problem or you want to help the hungry, a Sunday Supper might be your solution, go to the site, give them a call and they will help you with the logistics.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging

Fun days in the neighborhood.

Did you know that if you get shot in Raleigh and the police can't find who did it, they sit vigil in front of your house? Two cars with lights on 24-7? Yeah, I didn't know either until a guy a block over got shot.  From WRAL

James Rowland, 48, was rushed for medical treatment to WakeMed after he was shot in the 200 block of South Tarboro Street just after 7 p.m. A motive in the shooting was not immediately disclosed. And police have not said if anyone has been arrested in connection with the case.
Police asked anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 919-843-4357.
 I don't know what they will do if he dies, possibly sit shiva for him, I don't know...  From WRAL

A man wounded in a Tuesday night shooting in Raleigh has died, police said Thursday.James Dermont Rowland, 48, was shot in the 200 block of South Tarboro Street. He was taken to WakeMed, where he died.No other information has been released.Anybody with information about the shooting is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 919-843-4357
  And shiva it is. He hadn't lived there long, there was a woman in that house but she left and he moved in, but I don't know when, it could have been this weekend, either he or one of his neighbors just moved in, I saw the truck this weekend. I wasn't home when it happened. I think if he got shot in his yard I would have heard the gunshots. I know I would have heard the sirens.

 I was at Wally, No, I wasn't. I was leaving for Wally at that time and I didn't hear gunshots or the sirens because they hadn't happened yet. I saw the after effects,I only saw the lights from the cops, the ambulance would have already left. I thought it was an accident, a big accident, maybe one that had just happened. Something had just happened but it wasn't an accident. And I absolutely garundamntee you that someone knows who shot that man. Someone knows. A lot of someones knows.

People do not get shot on accident in this neighborhood. There hasn't been a murder in years and that was sad too, some poor man was murdered ( hit over the head with a large bottle, blunt force trauma.) because the neighborhood thugs thought he looked "rich", he just looked "dapper", so they killed him. And then left the body in front of a house that had just sold for 400k.  All that money and police tap around your yard and the police at your door! Wheeee! Of course, those people the thugs didn't bother. The actual rich people.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

I  was sitting on the chair watching nothing on TV and I saw the dog curled up on the couch like he is in the morning when  I don't dare go near him, but this time? It was not in the morning and I was like "Hmm. I see no good reason why I can't go curl up with him now.

And so I did. I muted the TV and went to the couch and curled up  around him and it as exactly like I thought it would be. It was so perfect and warm and soft and puppy lovey that I fell a little asleep and then I woke up and I was a little, okay , a lot concerned that it had  gone from the night before to the day of and I came up with a lot of reasons why I should not be curled up with the dog right now.

Fortunately, it was still the night before.

I was now very awake, he needed to pee and since it was not hours later than I had thought it was, I needed to do all the little jobs I didn't do because I fell asleep when I was curled up with him and so I took him out and did my boring little jobs and got ready for tomorrow and he went back to sleep.