Thursday, December 8, 2016

Air Horn Orchestra Last Concert #loud #airhornorchestra

We had our last concert and our first official parade and a real band!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I was woken up this morning by my cat not so gently exfolitateting my face. My doctors office just began to offer this same service for  I am sure a small fortune. It was very nice of him to do voluntarily with the same thing he licks himself with. My skin is now very smooth though. I know that there is a market for the 100% all natural, totally pure exfoliation though.

There are those out there what would be thrilled to pay out the ass for my cat, or really any cat, to hold them immobile and sit on their chests and aggressively lick their faces! It would hurt a little,  cats do have cat breath - which isn't sweet BTW - however, it would leave them with a totally clean and completely exfoliated face, or at least an exfoliated portion of face. My cat likes to groom a section at a time and is pretty dedicated to area. If he's really feeling it, and he feels that I have lapsed in my personal grooming regime,  he may "do" one whole hemisphere including my ear!  But that is unusual. Maybe two cats per client?  I'm not sure they would cooperate like that. And there is the issue that not all cats are into grooming humans, Tiny has never gone there and I don't remember Tex being interested in the field. There are details to work out but I think this could be a money making plan.

I know there is a market for the chemical free chemical peel.

This morning before I brushed my teeth, for about two seconds I thought it was Wednesday. It was actually Tuesday. I was happy about it be Wednesday until I  remembered that it was in fact, Tuesday and I settled into that.  I was further disappointed when  I wasn't able to take my phone with me when I walked the dog,  and that was an issue - it was upgrading itself and it didn't want to be separated from its wi-fi.

So I took a whole walk without my steps being counted on one of my step counters and the workout didn't get counted officially, I can log it to Map My Walk and get it logged in, but it doesn't  count in the official count of anything. So it was a wasted walk. And? I was out in the dark with nothing but a 70+ pound dog to protect me! Which is fine but a phone is like having a light saber! No one has ever messed with me, see 70 +  pound dog listed above, but the phone offers a certain level of instant protection that I like to have at hand. To be honest, I've never need any protection at that hour everyone is thoroughly startled when they see another person,  The code word for  "I am harmless is: "Good Morning".

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I said I would be back "after Thanksgiving".

I'm not sure if I thought it would be this far after, but this is when I'm back. I needed time to heal and calm down and be angry. I went to protests. I protested. I protest still.

 I needed to watch Netflix ( I would have watched more Netflix but they don't have as much as they say they do to stream!) they lie about their catalogue of titles. I wanted to watch Legally Blond,  but they didn't have it! They had reams of titles "like" LB but they didn't have It and I really, really wanted to watch IT. I was like HAVEN'T I BEEN DISAPPOINTED ENOUGH! ARE YOU GOING TO DENY ME AS WELL? . I watched something else with the animals, but it wasn't the same. I've been watching a lot of holiday bake offs and Chopped. A lot of Chopped and Flip or Flop. I did get to watch Zootopia on Netflix and that was a pleasant surprise. I had wanted to watch The Secret Life of Pets but of course, IT wasn't available, but they had a zillion LIKE IT.

 I was also physically sick,  literally, I was sick, I was sick before the election but the results and the resultant lose of sleep, appetite and general steep decline in general didn't help my pre-existing condition - I should have gone to my doctor much sooner than I did, I ended up with a really good narcotic cough suppressant, that while the pharmacist gave me really dirty look and studied my ID long enough to make me worry about identity theft. I'm still coughing, not as much as before, but  still coughing, but now I just don't care about it as much. However, it persists and I can not by law get a refill of my cough syrup and I'm going to have to have a chat with my doctor.

I did more than watch movies with the pets while I was on my sabbatical .

-  I made  four varieties of dog cookies ( cheese, peanut butter, turkey gravy, and mint/parsley)  for a total of 1800 cookies (not distributed as yet)
- created this years Christmas card (not received back from maker, not mailed out)
-moved my bedroom/life from downstairs to upstairs
-finished my Christmas shopping
-put my tree up
-did the outside lights
-winterized the exterior of the house

I haven't finished the interior Christmas decorating, but I will. Its not going to be Christmas explosion it sometimes is because my theme for the coming year or until the Orange Menace is Impeached is : I do what I want, as much as I want, for as long as I want. I'm going to be more casual in my approach to things. I don't have to do anything. The only expectations I am going to live up to are mine. So if things don't get done, they don't get done. There is enough stress in my life, I am not going to add to it by forcing myself to do extra tasks that do not absolutely need to be done. I might bring the Santas down, I might not. I might bring some of them down but not all of them down. It will depend on how I am feeling about having to deal with rehoming my snowglobes.

So. In the interest of not adding to my stress, I looked to ways of saving time and energy in the exterior Christmas decor. I love this part! However, this part is stressful!  I slap lights everywhere! I have nets! I have strings! I have balls, I have little balls! I have nets that are narrow! My airblown that I bought last year that I was so in love with (briefly) , ended the season with a tear along a seam. Not easy to fix. Seams are highly stressed and my go-to airblown fix is to slap some tape on it and move on, you really can't do that with a seam.

Christmas of 2016, I am going with a no airblown Christmas, this is the first no airblown Christmas is over a decade! Its an adjustment . My neighbors were disappointed, my neighbors can go buy their own. I hung a single string of lights.

I bought this

Yes. As Seen On TV.  And It Is Awesome! It Works! Its Ammmaaazzziinnngggg! It does what it says its going to do and I looovvveeee it! You have to go out and get yours right now!

What is not to love? I mean really?  It is freaking awesome! I love it! It splashes dozens of patterns of lights onto the whole front of your house, it does single colors, multiple colors, it blinks, it flashes, it has a remote control! You will notice that the far right has a different look than the rest of the house - I have a large tree and a bank of shrubs that block the light from its work, so I added a lesser projector light from last year for just that section so that it could have coverage.

Republican Pat McCrory finally conceded defeat to Democrat Roy Cooper over a month after the election. McCrory is the first sitting governor to get reelected.  Cooper will be our 75th governor. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Cats Blogging

Checking In

I'm not actually "back". I'm just checking in to let you know that I will be back after Thanksgiving. I'm feeling better and I'm useing my time off wisely.  I spent a lot of time wanting to crawl under my bed and sob.  Last week I felt awful and shaky all week, I didn't get any kind of appetite back until Sunday night and I still not really interested in eating other than I know I need to eat.

I went to a  anti-Trump rally last week that was, um lame? but at least, anti-Trump. I at the very least felt like I got to express my unhappiness. On a much less lame note, I also left the house to go to the Air Horn Orchestras dinner and it was nice to see folks in a non-orchestra setting, I also scored a very nice air horn inspired christmas ornament  so now I don't have to figure out how to tastefully hang an actual air horn on my tree.

When I was not out socializing with other unhappy liberals, I spent my time trying to be busy ( when I wasn't busy I was paralyzed in front of the TV, depression and anxiety does not make me want to go out and be useful) .  I worried about myself though and eventually I forced myself to get up and do  what I needed to do : I moved my life up  stairs to my winter quarters, and made eight hundred dog cookies!  I also stated the work on my Christmas card.

and through all of this I also only misappropriated one of my dogs prozacs!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

I will be back

I need to recover and grieve. I'm also sick with a chest cold and all I want to do is sleep. I know that I'm acutely depressed and sleeping seems to be a great solution to all my current problems.

I also really need to start on dog cookies and maybe that will keep me busy and thinking of other things.

 I also just about punched a co-worker for suggesting that the people protesting in the streets were all felons, so I need to maybe take a nap right now-  hard to do because I am at work.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vote for Hillary Clinton for President and all the dem candidates down ballot .

The phone has rung four times from various GOTV groups asking if  I have already voted and if I am going to vote and if I have a plan to vote, and if I am going to vote for Her...

No, I haven't voted yet,  why? I am a precinct officer and I think it would be bad form to not vote at my actual precinct. Yes, I am going to vote. Yes, I have a "plan": at 6:30 tomorrow morning, or a little before, I am going to wear white ( or as much white as I can wear, I am a complete disaster  and will ruin a white anything by 9am) so  I will be wearing white blouse and a black skirt, I am going to  drive the two blocks to my voting place and I am going to bring my slate card with me, and I  am going to vote for HER and all the down ticket Dems. Then I am going to go to work and spend the day worrying.

And then the doorbell rang I was sure it was some super earnest canvassers  and I was going to answer their questions and turn off my porch light as to not encourage more of them, and it instead it was instead my precinct chair! Who knew?! We chatted for a bit and  we agreed to visit more tomorrow at the polling place and we agreed it was too stressful.

I just sat with my voters registration card and my slate card and a highlighter and marked the candidates that are representing me, because its good to be prepared and I know I'm going to be all flustered when I go in tomorrow morning, I'm going to be under a lot of pressure trying to save the world, but I'm up to it because I am a NASTY WOMAN and if it was physically possible for me to VOTE WITH MY VAGINA I would.  I will give you Hill. Damn it.

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Annual Holiday To-Do List

I have two things I need to be working on now and I am not actively working on either. I have started some early work on the dog cookies - in that I ordered a sexy new dog paw  embossed rolling pin that will put dog paws on the dough! I saw them last year and really, really wanted to get one, but couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger, this year I'm looking at it as an investment in my cookies.  and I also ordered, but do not have yet, a  cookie cutter that will cut sixteen cookies at a go.  If this works it will be a Gawd send, as it is now, I cut each cookie by hand, 1200+ cookies, by hand, one by one by painful one. This is time consuming and very unergonomic and not the most fun.

The cookies will be smaller than I usually go with, but I have noted that most of the dogs I send cookies to are smallish dogs so it will be alright. Also? on a selfish level, the smaller the cookies, the more cookies get made the fewer overall I have to make. Ta da!

The other job that needs starting is the Christmas Card picture. I have the picture, I have hundreds of pictures, of two different trees - that part is done. The rest of the job is not done. I haven't picked The Picture, I haven't compulsively edited the picture, I haven't stressed about the picture. There is a lot to be done. Then I have to  figure out where to get the card made and  then have the card made, get it ordered and wait for for it to arrive and hope I don't hate it.

I have hated cards once I see them in real life and had to send them back and start over. If I don't get started on this soon I'm not going to have time to start over and do it all over again.

And? I now have a cold. Yay! I had a killer sore throat that has thankfully passed, now I just have fun coughing, stuffed up nose and sneezing. I blame the lovely ladies at work who don't wash their hands. Thanks Ladies!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Cats Blogging


I took the dog for an early walk - a warm up for the really early walks that are going to be the new normal once the time changes, and came home to make a really nice dinner for myself as a bribe to make myself sit down and Dial for Democrats.

Well. I was going to make cheese sauce for my riced cauliflower and it was going to be really good and dinner was a going to be stunning. I was going to be so ready to make calls. Well. to make  cheese sauce you need butter, I got all the other ingredients  but not butter. I had but butter, but that was before I had to throw everything in the refrigerator out, and I guess I forgot about that. I just assumed  that since I had a refrigerator of course I had butter in it. So disappointing.

I sat down to make to make calls without being bribed into doing it. And I couldn't make the calls. I checked the email I got from my coordinator and she said she had me all set up to go and here I was ready to go and no-go. Thwarted again.

 I  think I'll do another load of laundry just because I can,  and then I'm going to put my pajamas on early and watch Project Runway.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Air horn Orchestra week 31 #airhornorchestra #loud

Our last performance. We went out with a record breaking screech.  350 of us, newbies, tourists, and old hands showed up and showed off  and line the street and do our thing one more time before the Guinness Book of Worlds Records and of course, Pat McCrory.

The standing record  for greatest number of air horn blown at the same time is a mere 150 air horns, piffle, we had 350 people with at least that many horns.  Air horns aren't for amateurs or people who haven't picked one up in seven months :I forgot gloves! Fortunately, the wee little one I brought hardly lasted enough to burn my hand, also it kind of blew up in my hands as I hit the button -  It did last the needed 10 seconds though, so it did its job.

Next week we are meeting at a vegan restaurant to congratulate ourselves . I will eat before I go, I wonder if they make vegan desserts that are palatable to a dedicated carnivore ?

Gawd. What am I going to do with my Wednesday nights now?

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Day at the Halloween House

I went back to the Halloween house to get  a better look at the details I missed in the dark and when it was surrounded by a thousand people. The family does a spectacular job and the work they do is amazing.