Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging

Reunion Bound

I leave in a couple of hours and I think I've had my last crises of fashion. Its now just a matter of getting everything wear it belongs when it belongs! Harder than it sounds.

The dog is going to boarding - this is a huge leap of faith, he's never been by himself over night and its killing me just thinking about it. I think its going to be really, really tough on him but I have no other choices. The days will be fine because its at day care and he really likes day car but the two nights are going to be tough. I haven't talked to him about it.I hope it is not too scared by the the experience and comes out Monday not too setback. I hope this doesn't make him hate me,

The cats are going to be on their own. I'm leaving them with clean boxes and lots of food and water, I hope they are okay with it.

I hope the house is okay with it.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Again, not a "real" entry. I am in the middle of packing up my stuff and trying to remember all the things I want to bring with me - remember your camera! remember to charge that battery! remember to clear out that memory stick, or at the very least, put a new one in!, Do I need to bring the whole camera bag? Do I need to bring the bag? Its just another thing to carry around.

Also, so many fashion crisis. Times like this having a handy girl friend around would be so helpful! I need someone close by to bounce these things off. I have a friend but she is neither handy or close by, she is too far away and busy most of the time so she is of no help. I had to weather the crises by myself so I over packed. A lot. I am bringing two pairs of boots and two pairs of shoes and three pairs of pants and a skirt, just in case because you do not know! Its about the vibe! I was much better with tops, I did not over pack tops, much, but I'm pretty sure that I am going to add a sweater because I think it might be cooler at night.

I do not travel light. And I need a bigger suitcase.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Okay, now I would have a real entry today except... We had a very bogas staff meeting after work today so I put Rocket in daycare for the daycare - first time since he got  attacked and he did really, really well and played all day.

And because of the meeting we got home late and while it was still light it was clearly not going to stay that way and so we opted out of our walk. And Rocket was very tired and didn't really need a walk.

Which leads me to why there isn't a real entry, he was curled up on the couch and he looked so soft, and did I mention I worked all day and then had this meeting? I had a really long day and there he was so soft and sleepy and pillow like and on the couch...

I  ended up waking up way too late for a real entry and then there were the Barney Miller episodes I felt duty bound to watch, and then it was time for Brooklyn 99 and I really like it so  there just wasn't time to do all the things I should have gotten done.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

NC State Fair 2017

Sunday I went to the State Fair with Brosky

I am jot really thrilled with how they turned out, normally if I go to the fair, I go during the week,by myself and I have more time and space to get the pictures I want. It wasn't possible Sunday night. It was a good exercise though in just getting the shot and not screwing around.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging


I was a very bad, lazy girl. I looked outside, it looked kind of maybe, like it had become overcast, it was gray, maybe it wanted to rain... I went upstairs sat on the bed to change clothes, because I needed to go and go soon so I could walk the dog before it rained - and then the dog was on the bed and then the cats were on the bed and then there was a dog cuddled up and then it got way too late to walk that dog. And then it never rained.

 But I got the trash to the curb before dark! I feel so proud.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Today was a election day for us. Thus far my main candidate is winning! I know it was my hour and a half on the phones that one time that put her over the line. It totally wasn't that the man running againts her used language that was insulting and in my mind in bad taste after the ugly general election and he should have thought about that. I can't be the only woman who is still seething and not at all excited about voting againts a woman and for a man .

He just used a tone I didn't like and I was like, yeah, No. Can't do it. Sorry not sorry.

After workIwent back to the polls and hung aroundwith my precinct chair and we spent a lot of time with a guy handing out literature for the guy running againts Our Mayor. This guy was a true believer,  a Berniebro, I think. You could tell, it was in the blind faith. He siad he had spent a lot of time at the bus station downtown button holing people waiting to get on the buss - right up until the bus people told him they were going to call the police if he didn't leave their passengers alone

That was not what I published Tuesday night - not that it actually published, it was listed as a "draft".  Stupid Blogger. I wrote something longer and more substantive and more grammatically correct. I don't know what happened to the rest of it or why it chose to save that portion or version of it. My candidate, the sitting mayor and the upstart are very likely going to have a runoff in November. Can't wait.

There was nothing on TV tonight so I decided to try on my halloween costume to see how it looked with Rockets Dragon costume. I also decided that we were both done with the cone. His ear looks luch better

And I think that is about as healed up as its going to get. I may start dosing him with vitamin E though to urge hair growth on that ear. I know scars don't grow hair, but maybe hair can grow around it? Disguise the scar a little? Anyway, the cone was making us both crazy and I am really tired of doing upholstery first aid on the futon.

So, back to the costume fitting. It does fit, it fits just fine, is just a leetle shorter than I remember it being? I wanted to go as Dragon and Mother of Dragon - I've never watched the show myself and I know she doesn't wear a sparkly blue minidress with silver leggings a silver boots. However, she does actually wear a light blue dress! Who knew!?

 She also doesn't have blue hair. So I'm kind of going as Trashy Mother of Dragon. If I really had to, I still have my long blue velvet bridesmaids dress from Brosky and Alphaglas wedding. I could get a long blond wig - they sell them in the character correct style even, and go in that direction. But I'm not going to. I am going to try to find some sort of light blue under skirt, the dress does have lounging pants but they were made for another woman, 50 years ago and she was a very small woman who was most likely also wearing a weaponized foundation garment. A 21 century woman is not getting into her pants.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Yesterday I was putting something in my outside trash and I felt this sudden pain in my finger and I tried to make the pain stop, and it wouldn't! I tried to shake the pain causer off my finger, and I couldn't! It just hung on! And all this time I couldn't actually see whatever it was that was pumping poison- I'm assuming this, into my hand. It was dark, the light wouldn't go on, it was awful! I know the bug had set it up to happen that way.

Finally, I was able to shake it off and that was when I saw that my finger was now bleeding! Whatever it was had the capability to draw blood! It was weaponized! I was attacked by some sort of fully weaponized insect! Gawd only knows what kind of bug grade poison I have coursing through my veins now!


I've been poisoned! I've been poisoned and now I'm going turn into an X-Man or a Marvel character or whatever franchise Spider Man belongs to, I don't know I don't watch those kinds of crap movies. Oh no! Maybe I do now! Maybe that's what the bug venum will do to me! It will make me crave rotten, B-Grade schlock! Oh, Jeebus take me now!

It was time for a shower so I took one and then waited for the venom to take ahold . And waited. I waited for my hand to swell. I waited or shakes and nausea, I waited for dry mouth and hallucinations...

And nothing. The rotten little beast just wanted to eat my flesh. 

Monday, October 9, 2017


This weekend I did not end up at the vets office at all!! Whee! And Rocket let me take my whole shower on Sunday without freaking out! Whee!

Friday I went to a friends art show at pricey  clothing boutique and felt poor/short/fat/old but they did have hipster water to drink so when I walked in and suddenly was so thirsty I started to choke, I  was able to get something to drink. So that was good.

Saturday I did my community duty and went around the hood and put notices about the upcoming election on doors. I got  my daily steps in and made my precinct chair proud. I went, for the first time to my neighbor across the fences house and thought I would introduce myself. They have a very fancy doorbell that has a camera attached - they also have a glass door, I could see them in their kitchen. They could see me, I could see them. I stood there, smiling, with my little hand out and I put it in front of the camera so they could see I wasn't trying to sell them anything or get them to vote for anyone. It was a totally non-partisan notice : The election is October 10, you can vote form 6:30A to 7:30P at Location. Early voting started at Date and runs through Date, early voting van be done at Location.

They could have opened the door and spoken to me. We could have met for the first time.  They did not and we did not and now I know they are basement flooding assholes. Before I only thought they were  basement flooding assholes. It's better to just rip off the bandaid, and I am so going to tell my other, nice neighbors all about this! 

Onto other things.

When I was going door to door to door door. So many doors, I realized my own door is looking not its best. The season has changed and a lot of the doors looked very  season-correct and bright and very welcoming and my door looks very blah and unwelcoming and, frankly, just not its best.

I decided it needed something. I would have vacuumed the neighbors leaves off the lawn, but it rained and darn it, I couldn't do that job this weekend, again, darnies! So the next best thing was scoring a nice fall wreath for the door! I thought about getting some pumpkins, and I still might, they always look so nice and autumnal-  but then they always die and rot and that it not a nice look. So maybe, I'll get them later in the season. Anyway, Nice new wreath! Nice new doorway

I like it. It looks nice the the bricks and its very autumnal.

I also wanted to give an update on my elephant ear, I had to give it an emergency re-pot at the very wrong time of year but there was no time to dither about it. It was bit initially very happy about the move, but it adjusted and is doing much better.

I am going to replant my other elephant ear at the end of the season out of its much too small planter into a deeper and better pot

Friday, October 6, 2017

Frday Cats Blogging


So I came home with ever intention of following through with my usual schedule  and going for a walk, trying to remember that we need to do this ever earlier -    and successfully took the dog out and made dinner and fed the dog and changed clothes and ate dinner and... fell asleep.

Not a good look and did not get us out "early" to walk the dog. The dog didn't get a walk, late or otherwise not that he minded, he was also sleeping. He is not a good role model! He is however, a very good pillow. I need a way to tell my fitbit that I had an off night and there is no way I am going get those steps in. I know it's disappointed in me because it didn't bust out with a "Just 2500 more steps needed!" message like it does when it thinks there is a chance in hell. There are little switches in the app for almost everything, there needs to be one for "I might be getting sick or whatever, chill out and leave me alone for X days, okay? You are the worst! Gawd."

I did wake up eventually and got the trash out and the dishwasher emptied and filled. I have TV to watch. Shit is about to get serious on Project Runway.

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Dog is doing well. Unlike Tuesday, he did not eat his futon Wednesday, so progress is being made. He is getting better at getting his suddenly two foot wide head through doors and he seems less flustered by the cone in general. He clearly hates it though.

He has to wear it though. There is no two ways about it. His ear is very fragile and needs to be protected at all costs what he needs to be protected from are his need to violently shake his head and ears and scratch his stiched ear with his very sharp claws.

He very much wants to itch his ear. He is itching his cone a lot. So much cone itching, it makes me sad to listen to him itch his cone, its very sad see. As sad as it is and as hard as it is, and it is hard, for both of us, I really, really want to take the cone off but I can't, I just can't I want to  leave it on as long as I possibly can because I want his ear to be as beautiful as it was before. I want to be able to pet his ear without being reminded of this incident and I don't want him to be reminded of it either.

ON a different topic, his halloween costume arrived today and it is fabulous!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The dog in recovery

An update on Rockets condition. The cone is making him crazy . He is already crazy, but his meds keep his crazy under cover and under control for the most part. The cone is ruining a lot of hard work on both of our parts.

Last night I took a shower, I told Rocket what was happening, put him in his room and took my shower. He lost his shit. He hasn't lost his shit like that in a long time, I've been taking showers at my leisure for a long time, he doesn't like the sound of running water and would just a soon be in the safety of his room while I'm making the water run anyway.

Not Sunday night. He barked and cried and climbed his door and carried on! Not a pretty look for him. I knew Monday was not going to be easy, I also knew that on Monday he was going to go to work with me because he had his annual meeting with his doggy shrink and we could talk about it there.

He did good! He acted like a basket case the whole time we were at the office!

She ended up giving me the okay to up his pills until her loses the collar and then again when he boards at the end of the month.

When he's not a total basket case

Almost 48 hours ou

Our outing today, a bagpipe group fell out of the sky.