Wednesday, November 22, 2017


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! a little early

And because I had never seen it before and it reminded me of the "On hands and knees!" instructions that my family will recognize, I present Marneys Thanksgiving Letter  so that we may all be thankful that we do not have to eat dinner with this woman.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


I have discovered that dozing with the dog on the couch is a very time consuming task. He's just so amenable to it! He's warm and squishy but solid . He is what I imagine those really expensive mattresses are like. I've never tried to balance a glass of wine on him but I bet it wouldn't spill after he had been a sleep for a while. I have however never bounced on him, I don't think he would like that. I think that would result in spillage. And  an unhappy dog, why would I intentionally make my dog unhappy?

But besides being incredibly comfortable and warm and lovely and all kinds of positive, couching with the dog is  also a  terrible time suck. I think I'm only going to hang out there for a few seconds and the next thing I know its been thirty-five minutes or more! It's the or more! that is very concerning and troubling, its really bad to say you are going to go and just lay down for a second or so and the next thing you know its been much more than a second or so - and its that "or so" that becomes entirely too long. It is for that reason that I am forbidden from doing  this in the morning, I don't even look at him on the couch because it is such a strong urge to go and curl up with him. I don't have a spare "or so" to burn in the morning.

In the evenings when I do have a lot more "or so's" I go to see if he will let me curl up with him because sometimes he doesn't want to share space on the couch, he can be in a mood, and he will get up and go elsewhere and that makes me feel really unloved , I mean if your dog doesn't even want to hang out with you, what kind of person are you? But then, what kind of dog have you raised?  It can really mess up my evening - right up until he needs to go pee and remembers who opens the door around here.

But if he doesn't need to pee,  I can always get him though. I just pull out the blanket and he is drawn in like a moth to a flame or a weim to a comforter. All of a sudden he wants to curl up on  my lap, he wants to be my friend, he wants to spend time with me his best friend ever. And I let him do it, every single time because I am sooooo easy.

Monday, November 20, 2017


I was supposed to start writing this a half hour ago but then I fell down the Amazon wish list list hole and shit happens. All I wanted to do was add a couple of things to mine and do some housekeeping before I set it loose in the wild and that made me go look at other peoples wish lists and made me wish that they would do some house keeping on theirs: You put this on there in 2011? Do you still want Foie Gra?  or Is that the only genre you read? Really? Its crap! Widen your horizons!. Then I looked at mine, I need a new car charger for my phone, I could also use another charger for work and I think I want slippers to live under my desk at work. I want to help Santa help me.

Saturday I had a good day hanging out with the fam and the dog ate my lunch bag. A visit to my wish list and a new add. Sunday, I went to The Sunday Supper , I went to the first supper last fall after Matthew and it was very nice and they raised 189K! in an afternoon. This time they weren't raising money, but they were announcing that the one time event was now a real fund raising concern that had registered with the IRS and has a board of directors and a business plan and goals and everything.

Among their goals is to spread the joy, they want by the end of 2018 to have 10 more cities have one of the dinners. So far there have been three in NC, one in Kinston, that was underwater last fall.

I think I'm not quite the mover and shaker that the even was planned around, it was also a thank you for the volunteers for the meal last fall. I was just a diner at the meal, but I did buy a couple of tee-shirts and I am now talking them up.

If you are looking for a fund raiser for a large problem or you want to help the hungry, a Sunday Supper might be your solution, go to the site, give them a call and they will help you with the logistics.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging

Fun days in the neighborhood.

Did you know that if you get shot in Raleigh and the police can't find who did it, they sit vigil in front of your house? Two cars with lights on 24-7? Yeah, I didn't know either until a guy a block over got shot.  From WRAL

James Rowland, 48, was rushed for medical treatment to WakeMed after he was shot in the 200 block of South Tarboro Street just after 7 p.m. A motive in the shooting was not immediately disclosed. And police have not said if anyone has been arrested in connection with the case.
Police asked anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 919-843-4357.
 I don't know what they will do if he dies, possibly sit shiva for him, I don't know...  From WRAL

A man wounded in a Tuesday night shooting in Raleigh has died, police said Thursday.James Dermont Rowland, 48, was shot in the 200 block of South Tarboro Street. He was taken to WakeMed, where he died.No other information has been released.Anybody with information about the shooting is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 919-843-4357
  And shiva it is. He hadn't lived there long, there was a woman in that house but she left and he moved in, but I don't know when, it could have been this weekend, either he or one of his neighbors just moved in, I saw the truck this weekend. I wasn't home when it happened. I think if he got shot in his yard I would have heard the gunshots. I know I would have heard the sirens.

 I was at Wally, No, I wasn't. I was leaving for Wally at that time and I didn't hear gunshots or the sirens because they hadn't happened yet. I saw the after effects,I only saw the lights from the cops, the ambulance would have already left. I thought it was an accident, a big accident, maybe one that had just happened. Something had just happened but it wasn't an accident. And I absolutely garundamntee you that someone knows who shot that man. Someone knows. A lot of someones knows.

People do not get shot on accident in this neighborhood. There hasn't been a murder in years and that was sad too, some poor man was murdered ( hit over the head with a large bottle, blunt force trauma.) because the neighborhood thugs thought he looked "rich", he just looked "dapper", so they killed him. And then left the body in front of a house that had just sold for 400k.  All that money and police tap around your yard and the police at your door! Wheeee! Of course, those people the thugs didn't bother. The actual rich people.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

I  was sitting on the chair watching nothing on TV and I saw the dog curled up on the couch like he is in the morning when  I don't dare go near him, but this time? It was not in the morning and I was like "Hmm. I see no good reason why I can't go curl up with him now.

And so I did. I muted the TV and went to the couch and curled up  around him and it as exactly like I thought it would be. It was so perfect and warm and soft and puppy lovey that I fell a little asleep and then I woke up and I was a little, okay , a lot concerned that it had  gone from the night before to the day of and I came up with a lot of reasons why I should not be curled up with the dog right now.

Fortunately, it was still the night before.

I was now very awake, he needed to pee and since it was not hours later than I had thought it was, I needed to do all the little jobs I didn't do because I fell asleep when I was curled up with him and so I took him out and did my boring little jobs and got ready for tomorrow and he went back to sleep.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pillow Pet

Today as I was napping on the dog - the best pillow ever. Soft and warm and supportive, a pillow that excels in all ways a pillow can excel in - with the added benefit that it actually loves you. Rocket is the best pillow ever.

I have tried to get my family to try out the best pillow ever. - because I don't have much, but I do want to share what I have and what I have is TBPE, however,  I don't know if TBPE wants to be shared, I don't know if he will be TBPE for people who are not me. I'm not positive that he will do this trick for other people. Or if other people really want to use him as a pillow, I mean he is, technically, a "dog" and he is covered with "dog fur" . I don't see this a problem because I am also covered with dog fur and so is everything I own including the cats, but others may not be so sanguine. They might demand a pillow case. I don't think he would go for that.

"Oh, are you going to lie down? Okay, I'll send the dog in. No, he's going to be your pillow! No, he's great at it! But you are going to have to nap on the chaise, because that's the best place for him to be a pillow, everywhere else he doesn't do it as well. No?  But the chaise is very comfortable! Just lay down with him for a second... He is mostly clean!" He is the softest, warmest, best pillow I have in the house! I promise you will sleep better with him that with a regular pillow! What if I try to put a pillow case on him?".

How about the Pillow as a trick? He likes performing. I don't think he would sleep on command but maybe?

But let's say he would.

I can't imagine getting to him to do it on command, however, he is very, very food motivated, He will do anything for food. He might even sleep for food: "Okay, boy, Go to sleep! Go to sleep! Curl up!, Good Boy! Now I'm going to curl up with him, and try to drift off. I need silence and total darkness for this. Okay? Thanks!"

 It's not a good bar trick. I don't travel with a couch, and I don't think watching us sleep would be very compelling under the best of circumstances. And we would still lose to a one eyed  rescued terrier cross that  yipped whenever it heard sound.

But, damn, he makes a good pillow! I wish others could experience the wonder of the Rocketillow. He's warm and soft but still firm and supportive. He almost forces you to go to sleep! Every single time I say "Oh, look at him being all pillowish, I think I'll just  see how long he'll tolerate me taking advantage of this", the next thing I know the evening is suddenly over, I have gotten nothing done and suddenly it is very late. Maybe this is calling. He was born to be a pillow pet.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


And I'm back!

Blogger was very blogged up and I tried to post Thursday and it didn't let me at all, and I tried really hard, and Friday was a holiday and so I took it off and now I'm back!

I celebrated by starting my Christmas shopping! I got an early start and have a grand total of two gifts! Whooooo! Out of  a whole bunch!  So really, not much progress there at all! I do however have my Christmas cards done and that does make me feel good about myself.

I do not have any dog cookies baked nor do I have my official dog cookie list made up yet. I told myself a fairy tale once upon a time that now that I had a freezer that I would dutifully make one  batch of cookies per month year round so I would not have to make multiple batches all at one time ever again. Yeah, about that.  I'm going to make multiple batches all at one time, probably at a few times. Super awesome, Merry Christmas to me!

But it isn't even Christmas yet. It is Thanksgiving!  And it it isn't even Thanksgiving yet at that. I won't mention that I bought a really neat new house lighter upper at Sams' today that is even more neat than my last years neat-o house lighter upper because this years version the colors are much better and brighter. I'm going to use last years version on the part of the house blocked by the tree. Wheeeeee!

Thursday, November 9, 2017


Why did the dog need to eat the Kleenex box that was sitting on the table next to the chair? Its been sitting there, the Kleenex box, that is, not the  table, for a good year - since I was sick and I needed a Kleenex box at hand at all times. It did its job and has been resting comfortably since then.

No one, including me, has been near it since then.. Today, I went upstairs to change clothes and the dog went with me because he always comes with me, and after I shouted at him a couple of times, he realized that I was not going to let him eat out of the cat's litter box or their dishes, Gawd I am the biggest bitch ever! And that he was going to have to spend the whole nest five minutes sleeping on his bed or my bed or really doing anything that was not eating out of the forbidden cat box or cat bowls -, got annoyed and went downstairs in a doggy huff,  where he took out his frustration by eating the box but not the kleenex because why would he eat the kleenex? He had just had a very good meal and a breath freshener for dessert.

I think he may be annoyed that I bought him a new Santa suit today that may inadvertently look like a bit like a NSFW Santa suit as it looks a bit like he's wearing assless chaps! Its the New Santa for 2017, This year he wears pants!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


I took Rocket in for his yearly teeth cleaning and physical. It cost me $500. My yearly teeth cleaning and physicall, did not cost me that much.

I also did not need to be put under general anesthetic .That was a big part of it. That's spendy. He also got a needed vaccine and a pedicure and  his yearly blood work with is also spendy. His insurance should cover the dentistry and the bloodwork and hopefully some of the incidentals... He was according the staff, a very good boy.

We did not go for a walk when we came home because it was misting and he was still trying to sleep off the last bits of the procedure.

I understand his teeth were in fairly good shape, even the broken one in front I thought they were going to have to pull - they didn't! Wheee! Although they did find random bits of fabric and non-specified jelly like "goop" between his teeth. Goop. I just don't even want to know. I do know that the goop and fabric smelled like the worst odor you can imagine. I could have used it to peel wall paper. It almost made me gag.

I have been assured that his breath is much improved and to keep it that way, they sold me some borderline prescription doggy breath mints.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


I was very good I came home, changed shoes and took the dog for a walk. It wasn't even twenty after four yet.  I came home,  five-thirty, and made dinner for myself and dog and then just kind of sat there.

There was a whole lot more time left then there usually is. I watched my NYPD -Blue rerun. I started watching again, it the first season and I really like that one. I like the Simone years but I detest the whiney woman he hooked up with and she was such a PITA. He could have done so much better! The last seven or eight seasons were good but they played musical second bananas and that got old. Ricky Schroeder was a walking set of ticks looking for a character, and then there was a bunch of  cop chicks filing through and they kept changing they Leutnant  .  It was kind of a mess.

Thank Gawd for the fast forward feature and Dennis Franz.

Because I suddenly have all this time, I started work on my Christmas cards. Normally, I may have started on these, say, last September but I didn't. I started on them in November. I have a few contender pictures. All almost identical, but very slightly different. I still have to decide if I want to try out Wally or if I want to invest in the cards, its going to depend on if I can find a good deal. I would much rather invest than go Wally. I've gone Wally on things I should have invested in and the outcome was not the best. However, Christmas cards aren't a long term investment, I don't know....

I now have to start on the cookies. But first I have to clean the kitchen.

Monday, November 6, 2017


Saturday. Saturday I did no-thing Less than nothing. I got up very late, I got dressed, I did walk the dog so that my fitbit wouldn't completely hate me and then after that, I sat on the chair with a sleeping dog and watched a Cabin Masters Marathon and that was pretty much it until it was time for bed. I also ate cold leftover pizza when I got hungry. All and all I think a very good Saturday. I also threw my alarm clock againsts the wall. Twice. It felt good.

Sunday, I felt well rested and ready to go. I went to Church, went to Target to pick up the dogs meds and a new user friendly alarm clock, did my weekly shopping at Wally, Went to Sam's to do some shopping and to gas up the car, did the laundry, picked up some lunch. Then I came home and stripped the bed, made the bed and took the dog for a long walk.

All in all a great weekend.

Except for the poor people in Sutherland Springs, TX , who lost 4% of their population today. I spent my college years in central Texas but hadn't heard of the town, it is too small and too far from San Marcos. The shooter was from New Braunfels, where I have been. He was a terrorist and I won't print his name or his picture. If Raleigh lost 4% of their population today we would have lost 18,042.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging


Christmas came early around the old home place. I finally was able to pick up my silent auction wins and bring them home -after much driving around and getting lost and cursing my GPS. It was not entirely its fault there has been a huge amount of construction in that neck of the woods and I can't blame it for getting confused. I was confused. Everything looked different and I was beginning o think they moved the whole damn SPCA building, because it was not where I left it. They built and entirely new street and kept the same name, the old street is now more of a service road, if we had service roads here, which we do not - however, you can only get to the SPCA on the service road because it leads to the road that leads to the SPCA, the new road with the same same does not.. It gave my GPS  and I  matching headaches.

It was very frustrating.

But I persevered and got my prizes . Or actually, the animals got their prizes.

Rocket models his sexy new collar, it needs adjustment because its  skosh too large, but its gorgous! I think its going to be his dress collar because there is no way he's wearing this is daycare or getting it wet or doing anything that might endanger it. I mean, its still going to be his every day collar, but he's going to have a "play collar" for rough housing.

This is the cats new litter box. Its supposed to control the spread of litter. We'll see. I still haven't seen a cat use it. I'm also hoping it till control the dog getting into the litter, he has developed a habit recently and I would like to break it.