Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Monday.I should be doing things. I did manage to damage my dress this morning as I was getting into my car, that was an accomplishment! I had to spend the day with my sweater around my waist to camouflage my too deep slit in my skirt. It was tasteful until I got into the car and forgot that I needed to arrange the bottom of the dress a certain way or it would rip - and low and behold, fail to take precautions and it ripped!, right up the seem. It is now quite unseemly.

It's a  very nice dress and I'm hoping my Mom can repair it, and if I'm lucky, maybe she can rebuild  (costuming taught me the correct phrasing is not  "making a dress" it is "building a dress") it in such a way that she can add a little fabric to it to make it a leetle broader of beem. It is a designer dress , thank you, Adrianna Papell ( shockingly.without bangles or bling), bought it at the resale store at a deep discount and while it "fits", it doesn't fit-fit,  in that I can't wear it every day. Its actually started its life as a cocktail dress and it's really slumming coming to work with me. I think it tore out of protest.

It would be great to wear it this winter too, but it is sleeveless so I also need to find the exact  shrug, the fabric is not summer weight-  but that can be a project. I'm sot entirely sure it would lend itself to sleeve-life though.

I feel I should be packing, but at the same time, I have over a week and if I start the actual packing thing now, I know I'm going to just spend the rest of the time packing and unpacking and repacking  and that is how you lose things or end up bringing things you thought you decided you thought you changed your mind about and what about the item you actually really wanted to bring? Oh wait, that you left behind. I do need to get the dog things together and see what is in his backpack and what of that needs to make the trip, that would be a worthwhile job. I could also think about food for dog and the cats.

Tiny cat is going with, Ace is staying with Broskey and Alpha gal. Sniff. I already miss him! I think he knows something is up. He is acting all slinky and hidey and avoidy and its making me very tense. It might be because I flea treated him aggressively after finding one on on him and falling into a shame spiral on Saturday. He doesn't like flea treatment. Well, he shouldn't get fleas. and if he gets fleas, he should let me know before I find flea shite on my bedding and have to launder and vacuum my entire life.

Right now he is flea free and before he goes and is hous guest, he is going to get re-treated because there will be no subleting allowed.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Bye, bye Olympics.

There are a lot fewer ads in the closing ceremony. I think the parade of nations took a lot less time, so many fewer athletes stuck around.

I feel obligated to watch this. I watched  a lot of the beginning of the games but really slacked off at the end, it seemed like all I saw was meaningless early heats and I never got to see any races that actually meant anything. I might have enjoyed watching some of the equestrian things or some of the gymnasts that were not ours - but I understand that these are not unusual or unspoken complaints. I am not the only one who would like to see other countries compete - I don't need to see them do everything because I don't care that much, but it might be nice to see a little of these other countries.

We did see some other countries compete but at dumb moments, why feature meaningless early heats in swimming with other countries when we could have been watching our gymnasts winning gold? I would much rather watch someone win a medal than televise winnowing down in prime time- while necessary, is  not really entertaining or particularly good use of TV time. They wondered why their ratings were so bad.

But we did so good! We won so much! and did some a great job. We have so much to be proud of.  Weren't our swimmers awesome? And our gymnasts? and our track people? Everyone we sent did us proud ( more or less).  It was a terrific games for us. Screw you Trump. America wins, we are winners. We won over and over and over. Screw you.

But at the same time - why so much beach volley ball? They played for two full weeks! Did we need forty games? No!  Come on! We played those games because TV  liked seeing the women play in bikinis and the guys oiled up. Did every country have a team or three? Do we need beach volleyball as a medal sport? Do we need volley ball as a medal sport period? I think need to rethink some priorities.  Ping Pong?

I'm going to miss the summer games though. We always kick so much ass in the summer games, next up is the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Games  .

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Cats Blogging

Inside Tiny's Head

Tiny is now a year old! As of last Monday, Yay for Tiny!! Now he is a man!

However. Tiny is still a small cat. His mouth is very small, his head is very small, what is inside his head is  very small. He is not the smartest animal I've ever shared space with. I think Tex would have hidden his food from him for his own good, dumb animals don't last long in an environment that doesn't make allowances for them .

Here is Tiny after exploring the basement

He was meowing and crying! I thought I had accidently left him locked in the basement.

I had not. He just couldn't figure out how to get the door open.

I freed him and left him in the entry way, again, with the door open, while I was in the kitchen. He still couldn't get out, even with the door even more open!

Soooooo cuuuuttteeee. So not very smart.

Totally off topic, but here is the house with the new porch lights

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I get a phone call from a Clinton campaign person.  I've been doing some volunteering and  I get three thousand emails a day wanting me to volunteer more - I went in a phone banked on Sunday and I agreed to come back on Thursday and so I thought I was pretty much done with being asked.

Not so fast.

The girl said I was on her list and I was one of "her" volunteers.  Tough luck for her, I am a free agent. I am my own volunteer and to that end I volunteer when I want and where I want and doing what I want :I make calls, period.

I do not canvas. Period. End stop.

I'm pretty sure I do not want to register voters ( it's more complicated than it looks and I am not a detail person, also paper work? No thank you)  I know what I enjoy doing and if I am going to do something boring and thankless, I would rather play to my strengths - which include showing up on time with my phone and a charger and spending the next couple of hours cold calling seventy or so numbers that have been disconnected because no one has landlines anymore, but I do so with a smile and the handful of people who still do have a landline or gave their cell number, I will make sure they are going to vote blue and I will ask if they want to volunteer.

Don't fuck with me. Just let me do what I do, pretty much when I want to do it., don't pressure me or make me feel voluntold. I resent it.

Anyway. I told the girl on the phone, who sounds bossy - that,  I already had been making calls at the HQ and I would be making calls at the HQ on Thursday. She said "Who are you working with?", she had a tone,  I was like "Working with? I don't know! There was a guy there! He had a very nice dog, she said "Nic", "Oh, Yes. Nic! His name was Nic.", She was all "Well, if you already have a relationship with him "... I took a beat here because I was going to say something rude. "No, we don't have a relationship. It's where I went and he was there, he gave me the list." I liked the office downtown better because it was closer to my house".

The new HQ, while further away then I would have chosen for myself,  has better parking and shares that parking lot with a Sonic. I bring my phone and my charger and they give me a pile of paper and somewhere to sit.

"Oh". She said "I'm even further away, in Garner" (too far away, no relationship for you, bye!) But, we should meet. How about Thursday at 4pm" "Um." I said "I have a job, I work until then, and then I am doing phones at the other place at 7pm, I have things to do as well. But sure". Because I am stoopid. Jeebus. There are other days! Friday? Maybe next week? Dumb ass!

She wanted to meet at a coffee shop at 5pm, I gave her one near me, so on Thursday my evening is completely shot, no dog walk as planned, no dinner as scheduled, no time to unwind. Super, can't wait. I don't care whose list I'm on, I'm feeling voluntold already.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Vacation is looming and I have many things to get done and I need to make lists.

Things to do before vacation

1.get a timer set up to water the front deck.
2.talk to the guy about mowing the yard.
3.get flea meds for the pets
4.get new food for Ace he likes that is also gluten free for Tiny
5.clean out the extra litter box and pick up some litter.

Things To Do

1. empty the dishwasher
2.phone bank on Thursday
3.mow the yard
4. trim everything in the front.
5.gather the dogs meds, toys, stuff out of the car.
6.gather my meds, toys stuff from put pf the car.

Monday, August 15, 2016


I spent the weekend with the Dixie Chicks. Okay, Friday night, and at great distance, but still, we shared airspace. They rocked! I went with my Mom and we had a great time!

There was a cars and or transportation theme in some of the images

No Hate in Our State free hats for one and all!

The Dixie Chicks as rorschach test, 

A bigger crowd than I had expected.

I enjoyed taking pictures of the crowd., it was very large and mostly female and overwhelmingly white, but that was that was there demographic even back in the day. There were a handful of bro aged guys there and a handful of older men but mostly women and girls.

The Prince moment.  :Nothing Compares 2 U", interesting choice, a Sinead O'Conner song, another misunderstood chick singer who was crucified in the press.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Cats Blogging


For your own presense of mind, its a good idea to at least once, to try to break into your own home.  Find your weaknesses, discover your soft spots. If you can find them, you can be certain that They already know where are. This is a really good exercise you should do periodically.

If you can get in the house easily, so can everyone else. Worry.

If you have to work at it, if you actually end up with some concerns - please note, do not try this if you are alone in the house.

I went out the front door to catch my mailbitch. I had mail in the door, clearly visible, she didn't have any mail to drop off so she kept on her route. I ran to stop her, I ran out the front door  with the dog behind me, I told hte dog to stay and ran to catch mailwhore. I caught her and gave her my mail and some side eye for being a bitch. I stopped and spoke with my neighbors.

I came back to my house and the front door was much more shut than it was when I ran out of it . Problem. Big Problem.

I tried the door. Hard. The door doesn't open. I had thought maybe it was just a little stuck, maybe I could force it open. No. It wasn't a little be swollen, it was a little all the way closed. I didn't go all NYPD Blue "Open it NOW or I'll Take It Down!", because its a nice door. But I gave it a good shoulder and it didn't budge. It wasn't locked by the way, it doesn't need to be locked, if the alarm didn't insist on it, it would be unnecessary. The door is unopenable.

SO, this shouldn't be a problem. I have other doors right? and they are locked. I have spare keys right? I keep a set somewhere right? and there is a set in the car right? There was a key outside and then a vender used it and returned it and I never put it back because I'm an idiot, and I do have a spare set in the car, but the car is also  locked.

I went to the neighbors, because surely, after fifteen years I have given them a key, I'll just get it from them! Nope! I've never done that. Note to self : Give them a key.

Okay. Time to get smarter. Where is the house weak?

The house is taller than it looks and the windows are tiny. Its not easy to get in or out of. I'm glad that "they" can't get in, but it's not great that I can't get out.

How do I get up to the window I  decided was the weakest link? I went with the wooden spool and thought it was going to be the right height, it wasn't. Too short. If I tried it on its side it was marginally taller, but it was also significantly more rolly. I need not rolly and taller. I have chairs in  the yard! I stood a chair on the spool and I was in business. I get on the chair and haul myself up to the window and  I discovered that a screen moves up and down, I didn't know that, which was very helpful because I thought I was going to have to snap it off..I also thought that the window opened far wider than it actually does. It doesn't open very wide at all! No where near wide enough for an adult person to get through - which is , good ... but I needed to get in they house!

I still hadn't grasped that I wasn't going to get through the window. It took bit of struggling. And then I saw my purse. Whats in my purse? KEYS! tried to reach my purse but couldn't reach it, I looked around to see if there was a reach-ie thing and found a sprayer that had been in my way when I was still thinking I was going to climb in the window, and I was in business!

I went fishing for my purse and caught it!  And my keys weren't in it! No keys! God Damn It! Where are my Keys! And then I saw them! On the stove top! Why are they there? That's not where keys belong! They could have been knocked to the floor, The cats are evil and they do things like that, instead, they were well within sprayer reach!


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Air Horn Orchestra Week 18

Do you know when someone is a vegan? because they TELL you. No one is  a secret vegan. Its 100% your business, you need to know no matter what, under all circumstances.