Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging


The people across the street are gone. I saw some car packing going on this weekend but I chalked it up to the brother in law finally moving out and taking his car with him.  I didn't think anything of it. Later on Sunday I noticed that all the cars were gone and the house was clearly empty in a way that was not in a temporary we'll-be-back-later way.

I expected it, they were renters, and they are temporary in nature and I knew that. But, I had at least thought they might have waved from across the street at the very least, you know?  We had a relationship ,  kind of, we said "hi", when we saw each other outside.

I don't know what that house does to people. People move in there with a bunch of kids and then you never see or hear them again! Children are not silent or invisible and that house magically renders them both . Its weird - Its not that I don't appreciate it, because I really do! I mean, trust me! I like silent, invisible children as much as the next guy, more probably even. but it is kind of weird.  I have lost track of how many families and how many kids have been through that place and absolute silence.  Maybe its a great house, maybe its really fun on the inside. I don't know...

But they're gone. Bye. I would have said bye. I wonder if that means the owners are coming back, HA! like that's going to happen, if I got a job in, well, I can't remember now, but it was a better city than Raleigh,  they aren't coming back. Maybe the real estate market has gotten better and they are putting it on the market again.

Another weird thing. This morning while I was taking Rocket out for his last pee before I went to work, I watched this elderly man coming down the street at a good clip, he approached my neighbors house, went up the walkway and  up their steps on onto their porch and took their paper. I was standing in my yard watching! I said "Hey, you just going to take their paper?!"  in my best, I am watching you Stealing My Neighbor's Paper voice, not so loud to wake the neighbors, loud enough to let him hear meand he said "I know who lives there!" and he picked up the paper and hoofed it down the street. Rude. I have never seen him before.

(Dog was not impressed by what he was doing. Did not like him walking on their lawn or getting on their porch or stealing their paper. Woofed at him and strained at the leash. I don't know if he was picking up on my decidedly unsettled emotions or he just really hates having people come out of the dark, he does, really hate that. He did not like that man.)

I put my paper on their porch as a replacement.  Gah.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


I dutifully went to my follow up appointment with my orthopedist today ( that I had forgotten about until I found the card at the bottom of my purse last week) and the office didn't have any record of why I was there.

We had a bit of a stand off. The gatekeeper kept looking at her calender and at me and then back at her calender., somehow, this was my fault. She asked if I had an appointment card and by some miracle, and it was a miracle, because I normally  they end up on my desk at work where I use them to clean my keyboard, I pulled out my appointment card out of my purse (on the first try!) and gave it to the  gatekeeper. She was somewhat nonplussed. "Whose handwriting is this?" She said. "Not mine?" I said.

They still got me in and the doctor didn't really seem to know why I was there either. We agreed I was doing very well, I discovered the doctor is either a really bad judge of character or  I'm a better liar than I thought. I told him I was religiously doing my exercises every night and he believed me!

I haven't done them since our last appointment when no progress had been made despite my weeks of religious doing of the exercises. Since then, a month of religious non-doing of those same exercises have produced the exact same effect. He told me I could cut back to doing them once a week! I think I can cut back my not doing them every day schedule to not doing them once a week with no problem.

If whatever it is happens again, I will call him and tell him it "flared" . Otherwise I'm an outy. He's very excited, and I am a good patient.

We did not discuss my head cold or my thrush. It is getting worse and is affecting my judgement. This evening at 8:15pm I discovered that I didn't have any apples in the house. Instead of saying "Well, no apples. Oh well. I went to the grocery and bought apples, and frozen  prepared salmon thingies and a couple of Atkins approved frozen mac and cheese things.  I did not need these. I blame the thrush for this. Which I still have, six days into the seven day treatment. Sigh.

Oh. And it took me three tries to properly leave to walk the dog today. Three. The first time I didn't get to the end of the driveway before I decided it was really too cool out and I needed a better jacket, so I had to turn around and go back inside and get a better coat and set out again, the second time I got away from the house but discovered too late that I didn't have any bags and I needed bags five seconds ago and now I had to go back to the house and get the bags, so I went to the house and got bags. Then I had to go back to the scene of the crime to find it and had to walk back and forth for two long before I finally ran across it again. And then we started our walk. Finally. Again, the thrush is messing with my whole system. Brain fog is a side effect of treatment.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Blech Snort.

There are several viruses that can cause upper respiratory diseases in cats and dogs. None of these are transmitted to humans but can be very contagious to other dogs or cats. And of course, there are hundreds of viruses that cause colds in humans, but you can't spread them to your pets either.

Lying sack of shit. I have the same stuffed up head and congestion that Tiny had/has.   Despite the fact that I have been off the flonase since Friday, my nose is still bleeding - which is so fun! And I can't breath which I totally blame on the lack of flonase in my life!

It could also be this:

Candida die off symptoms are devastating: brain fog, fever, depression, joint and muscle pain, headache, bloating, constipation, fatigue, yeast infections, acne and many other discomforts. A common misconception about candida die off symptoms is that having them is a sign that the treatment is working.

I don't want to say that I am devastated, I don't think it rises to that level. I do have a headache. I am bloated. And my brain is fogged! That is kind of devastating The doctor hooked me up with Nystatin oral and she has me taking a lot of it, and maybe its killing it so fast, there is too much dead candida floating around it is getting toxic up in here! But I don't see any sign that the thrush is in any rush to leave the field so I don't see it working so if its not working, its not killing anything so there isn't anything to be toxic.

I'm going to call the doctor and let her know that I've been swishing and swallowing this mess for days and nothing is happening, except my head is more congested and I'm sneezing more frequently. Yay. I do think that Tiny is feeling better though.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Face Lift

You may have noticed this looks different now. They offered a  redecoration and I said "sure". I don't often look at it as it is, I see it in an entirely different view than the reader does, and so if the change is too much for you, please accept my apologies.

So much news today! Overwhelming news today and its still coming in, faster and faster and I am not qualified to explain it in anyway. I would suggest following me on Twitter,  @megjac, or go over to the far right of the page where it says "updates on Twitter" and that takes you directly to my feed, because I retweet people who are very qualified and do a very good job of explaining it. So much news today that I think we all need a little giant chicken in our lives. Those are real chickens, a real breed. Just really, really big.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Friday I came home, went and got something to eat and fell asleep on my chair. Happy St. Patrick's Day ya'll!

Last weekend I slept through the parade and this week I skipped my chance to dress the dog up in his little St. Pats outfit and go be cute on Fayetteville Street. Bummer.  I was looking forward to that!  He looks so cute and it makes people happy and they smile and everything, its a nice thing to do - And then I sleep through it! I came home, went and got food and passed out.

I woke up at about 10pm and decided that I needed to go to bed in a real bed and so I roused my self enough to take the dog out to do his thing and then I emptied and filled the dishwasher and ran it, and then I went to back to bed.

And went back to sleep. Just like that. I don't think I'm well, I really don't. I tried to tell my doctor at my physical that since the election I have felt increased stress and anxiety and I'm feeling lethargic and gaining weight and I don't feel myself and she said "Yeah, You don't know how many people have told me that same thing. You just have to step away from it..." . I was like "Really? That's it? I have to live here! I can't "step away from it" I have nowhere to go! Jesus. Not helpful.

Saturday I tidied the house. I found out that I have a dining room table under all the crap that had been stacked on my table! I hadn't seen it since, apparently from the age of stuff on the bottom, December. I also hung up my coats and vacuumed the downstairs and did a lot of laundry and then put away a lot of laundry. It made me feel a lot better.

Saturday I went and looky-looed at the aftermath of the huge fire we had near downtown. Me and everyone else, I was a little embarrassed by the number of people doing the exact same thing I was. I took pictures. (to see many pictures of the actual fire , go to Instagram and look under #raleighfire).  I took pictures.

The concrete monoliths were the elevators. The wooden structure was five floors of wood. It went up like, well, five floors of wood. The pictures taken that night looked like the burning of Tara from Gone With The Wind , thoroughly nightmarish.

The first,  unburned cement floor. Odd, the only part that wasn't built of wood.

The back side of the elevators and a neighboring severely damaged building.

One of the damaged neighbouring buildings. Those units are not habitable. There are three buildings surrounding the site that are all or in part uninhabitable now. And yes, I did get hollered at by a cop to get this. The cordoned off area is enormous, much. much larger than it has to be. Its ridiculous. I saw some very attractive barricades that Rocket would love to play on and I headed off to take him to go play on them, and the cop told me to turn back and I said "Hey, I'm on foot!" And he did not care, he said "Its barricaded!" and I'm like "Yeah, I know, that's why I'm going over there!" He didn't care.

On our way out we found this on a light pole

 We went on our merry way and ended up on Glenwood Avenue with all the  green hued, drunk undergrads and assorted douche bags, male and female. So. Fun. Not really. Rocket charmed the drunks though and he was wearing a green color. I wasn't wearing any green as it was March 18th, but the bars and the undergrads and the douche bags didn't care. I was also the oldest person there and Rocket as by far the best behaved.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging


Wednesday Rocket and I discovered that it can be too windy to walk the dog and that Rockets ears are not quite enough to get him airborne they are close enough. 

I had to change our trajectory because the wind was gusting too strongly and we were not enjoying ourselves. Rocket got to the point he was strongly encouraging us to take shelter in the leeward side of a  delivery van because at the least we would be out of the damn wind for a second.

It was not fun.

I thought if we got off of Fayetteville Street Wind Tunnel and onto  an adjacent street that I thought might be less wind tunnelesque, but wasn't , we would be happier. But we weren't. It was slightly less because the buildings on that side are less uniformly tall so it's less of a natural wind tunnel than Fayettville Street is, but it was up for the challenge.  I don't know how strong the gusts were but they were almost enough to get a 73 pound dog off his feet. Too much wind, we should have stayed home.

Thursday was better, but it was still colder downtown than it was in the neighborhoods. I should be very grateful hat the snow is gone and it's so much nicer here than it is elsewhere on the east coast.

Thursday, the Trump Administration decided we don't need Meals on Wheels or after school programs for poor kids  because there isn't enough return on the money. They also decided The Wall needed  Two Billion dollars ( no doubt to be be built with leftover Soviet cement and workers from Belarus). The entire administration should burn in hell.

Today is St. Patrick's Day. May he come back and the lead poisonous snakes from our Government, And while he is there, may he save their damaged, ruptured souls and bring them like the people of Ireland, the fable says, to Jesus. Because they have never been there before. And then let Jesus meet with them, because if there is a group of people who need a Come to Jesus Meeting, it is them.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Tiny Vader

I took Tiny to the vet to day to make sure the cold he caught from Ace hadn't morphed into something worse between Cat A and Cat B. It could, there is a slot of air between Cat A and Cat B and a lot could happen! Things morph and change and get twisted and freaky! I don't know anything about animal contagions, they are probably terrible! I bet they morph like crazy!  A mere cold could become pneumonia or even worse! I mean, if you were only nine pounds a few ounces, it doesn't take a whole lot to take you completely off your feet. You can't be too careful.

For example:  Cat A never sounded like Darth Vader and Cat B was about twenty minutes from telling Rocket he was he was his father. For all I know Cat As head cold had morphed into some sort of feline plague by the time it landed in Cat B.  Darth Tiny

I was worried! I also couldn't sleep with him sitting next to me all night - Yes, sitting, next to me all night  sawing away like an asthmatic leaf blower. So to the vet we went, he thanked me for being such a good pet owner/ paying his electric bill this month. I don't remember Tex ever catching a cold, but everything was wrong with Tex, I don't think either of us would have noticed an upper respiratory infection amid all the other things going wrong simultaneously. Poor Tex. Both the current Cats are such pictures of health a mere cold makes them look like they are on deaths door. Good for them. And me.

The good news was that it is a head cold and his lungs are clear. The vet gave him the same meds he gave Ace and sent us on our way. Ace's cold cleared up within a couple of days and he's back to normal. I imagine that Tiny should follow the same path, maybe an extra day or so as he has done more work on his Darth Vader impersonation and Ace never got that far.

I think the meds are already working, Tiny Vader is up and chasing Ace around the house and I'm sure that Ace is thrilled to have Tiny getting back to good health.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Feeling Taxed

I got sucked into watching Rachel Maddie because she said on Twitter she had Trump tax returns.

2005 returns. They were given to a well know financial reporter and they were incomplete. They only turned over the 1040 and it was scrubbed clean. They day he was a rich man who paid some taxes but over all less than I do.

Its one more ploy to get the public and the press off of his relationship with the Russian mafia.

Donald Trump has a relationship with Russian thugs and the Russian mafia. He is in deep. They own him. Now they own us.and the U.S.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The big They

I've gotten several calls from various folks identifying themselves as being from the " computer department". I think they mean me and my computer harm.

I decided that it would be the better art of valor to take the computer offline to keep it safe.

So. Instead of writing an entry I am watching various groups of masochists building structures off the grid in ridiculous locations and suffering accordingly. I would like to see someone ate by a bear, but thus far, God has had a soft spot for fools. Which I guess I should be glad for.

On the cat front : Ace seems to be feeling better, and is a lot less congested and is being more social, but Tiny is still sneezy and congested but social.

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Weekend

I'm almost embarrassed to report how little I did over the last two days. I did laundry earlier in the week, so I didn't have that to do, I did my shopping ahead of the storm, just in case it turned into more of a thing than was forecast, so that was off the list. I slept through the St. Patrick's Day parade on Saturday that I didn't know was this weekend anyway - I was in the parade last year so maybe it was a good year to sit it out.

I watched a lot of TV, I spent a lot of time on the chair with the dog. I did take the dog for a nice walk on Saturday because I thought it might be too stormy to take him out Sunday - it wasn't.

It did snow Sunday morning, enough to stick and look kind of nice for about two hours. I walked Rocket in it and he was delighted by it. I had thought it might stick around a little longer but it was gone before noon. I showed up for our Urban Agility class at 1pm but apparently, the snow stuck around longer outside of Raleigh. It was so stormy that it prevented the instructor from calling me and letting me know that the class had been canceled. It was bone dry and warm where I was and class could have gone on easily, I am aware that one of my classmates does come in from Goldsboro and I could understand why she might not be able to make it, but the instructor could have made it and I think there is at least one other member of our class who does not live in another area code. Or the instructor could have CALLED ME.

Rocket and went on a nice walk and found a couple of nice concrete barricades  to climb on.

And then we went home and watched TV.

Tiny has caught Aces head cold. He seems to be handling it better and he doesn't seem to feel nearly as sick. He is sneezy though and a little more clingy, which is really sweet , right up to where we were curled up with the dog watching TV and he looked up at me and sneezed in my face, twice. Lovely.

I took a shower later and made sure both cats were in the room with me. I thought they could both do with a good steam treatment. Tiny is always up for a good steam. but Ace was not a happy camper and wanted o-u-t.  Well, he might hot have liked it but I bet the steam made him feel better.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging

Ace, as Camille


Took Ace to the vet and it turns out he does not have cancer- thus far. He does seem to have a nasty head cold that has not yet made the trip down into his lungs.They sounded clear.

The vet noticed his little nose was running! I hadn't even noticed that! So bad! Poor little kitty feels so bad he didn't even fight me when I swept in to grab him up and force him head first into Tinys cat box. It did help my cause that before I left for work that I trapped him and Tiny upstairs to limit the square footage where he could hide. I've been to this circus before and I knew I would be working with a ticking clock. I didn't want to waste what time I had racing around the whole house playing hide and seek with him. It's a testament to just how bad he must have been feeling, as I caught him and had him boxed up in record time.

I got him to the vet and he saw him right away and listened to his chest - clear! took his little temperature - not feverish! and gave him a shot of antibiotic and something for his congestion. Ace is a big strong cat and he was very brave and well behaved  He is so not Tex, he didn't make a sound or need to be sedated or held down or anything. It was a lovely change of pace.  I didn't even have to muzzle him. How many people have a muzzle for that cat? I do!

The vet told me to keep an eye on him and to keep him updated on his condition.  Its only been a couple of of hours but I think he already seems a little more perky. I mean at least I don't know where he is now, but I saw him an hour or so ago, and he was moving around, and that is more than he was doing since this weekend so I feel better about him getting better.

The whole visit took almost no time and I got home really quickly and I could have gone back to work, and in all honesty, I really should have because I have so much to do and Friday is going to suck because of it. However, I would have had a total of an hour of time  and while I would have gotten some done, I wouldn't have gotten all of it done. I stayed home and watched some TV and relaxed and got my laundry done and that was also work that really needed to get done.