Friday, February 24, 2017


Did you know that we are looking down Ash Wednesday?  I just cleared out the last of the Christmas stuff and now Lent.

In honor of all this, I bought some seafood to have in the freezer. I bought a nice seafood medley stir fry that says that it goes great with either rice or spaghetti and I would guess that it would also make the leap to going well with riced cauliflower or spaghetti squash. It is going to have to because it is not going to have the opportunity to go with real rice or real spaghetti , its going to have to make do with ersatz carbs.

Thanks to Cheeto  and his leaky, leaky admin  and the wonders of Twitter I know what the Deep State is, and that we do not have one, really, and I know what IC means. and I know a passing bit about Cheetos Russian business dealings and the Russian mobsters he's tied up with. The Presidency isn't a reward from these people, it's a punishment.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Having so much fun. I went to the doctor and the office tried to grossly overcharge me and I told them to fuck themselves. They tried to be sneaky and do it electronically on their fancy new tablets and they thought they would get it by me by being all electronic and tablet-y. I'm not one of their geriatric patients, I'm not that easily fooled.

 They tried to charge me for a specialist visit, I just saw this guy two weeks ago and it was a regular visit charge, so this week should also be a regular visit charge, if I was off on a field trip see a specialist I would be fine - however, this was an office visit to my same old doctors office to one of their docs. No specialist visit charge for me.

You have to keep and eye on these people.

As it turned out, they could have charged me rent for as long as I sat in their waiting room. They called every single person in there before they called me. They called one woman who came in after me who had only just walked in! She was put out by it. Not as put out as I was, but she managed.

I go back in a month. In the meantime, I keep doing my exercises and I am duty bound to let the office know if there are any changes. I think I have arthritis and a pinched nerve , but I'll keep doing the exercises if they make the doctor feel better,

I didn't end up going to my Town Hall meeting. I realized while I was downtown walking the dog that it was 5:30 and the meeting was supposed to get under way at 6pm somewhere in Cary and I was not going to make it. I understand that Sen. Tillis was not going to make it either. I like a good evening of Theatre as much as the next guy too, but  watching people yelling at an empty chair for a couple of hours no matter how cathartic is loud. Hopefully they will stage the next one closer to me. Maybe tomorrow I will call and leave a nice angry message on his answering machine, maybe all his answering machines.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


While I was in the parking lot at Sam's I had a great idea for ane entry. But now I can't  remember what that idea was. It was great though I remember it was funny. It was either in the Sam's parking lot or last night in the Target parking lot. I spend a lot of time in parking lots having great thoughts.

Another thought I am having,  I am still thinking about getting a baby bornesque thing for Tiny so I can take him to work.

Rocket a good day today. I had a very dull staff meeting after work so he got to spend the day at daycare for the first time since before Christmas, he was very happy to be back. I  would like to take him there more frequently but its not convenient to most of my life and since they have moved further away they have gotten more expensive and over time, Rocket has just gotten better at being by himself and I have taken advantage of that.

But. He really likes it there and it really tires him out very effectively for like a good two days after he goes and that is super awesome for his behaviors . It also helps him be a better community dog and that is a huge benefit.

They do give him a lot of snacks during the day and that does give him the trots, but I think when they give him the treats they are doing some form of training or other - for example. he can now  catch treats in his mouth -  and I can't really complain about that too much. I might try to take him there on Saturdays while we are going to Agility class on Sundays. I think that even if he is only there for a few hours, it will really help tamp down some of his "enthusiasm"  and maybe help him be a little more focused on the class work.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Don't you wonder what Milo really did? That interview was on the web for a long time and was well known, he was a well known sleaze bag and famous, race baiting, misogynistic,  bigoted,  big old self hating homosexual. But then he has to go fulfil all the rightwing tropes about homosexuals and pedos.

 People knew about him for a long time and just now the right wing decided he was just too skeezy to hang around with? His publisher knew he was a scum bag and now they don't want the scum money he brings in? He and his merry band of scum bags were hateful to SNL's Leslie Jones last year when she was in Ghostbusters because she had the nerve to be both black and female.

She was more and able to defend herself because she is very smart and very funny and mean as hell and pushed, and also black and female and badass. She posted on Twitter that she done with him last year after she blocked him on Twitter and had him banned from the platform,  ( after he and his army of trolls mercilessly tormented her for months) but I bet she is a little bit pleased to see him publically taken down.

What did he do and who did he do it to? It can't be just that they grew some taste or that they decided that he was just too much of a racist for them  - President Bannen is allowed to stay in place and they don't get rid of him in a huge flaming ball of outrage. Well, we should be happy that Milo is gone. One down, uncountable millions to go. Question now is, where in the Admin will Cheeto put him?

Monday, February 20, 2017


This was the first weekend in what seems like a very long time that I didn't march . It feels odd. Instead I did laundry - some but not all, I got bored of it. I did get the dishes done and that feels good. It makes the kitchen look larger when the sink isn't full of dishes.

I also went on a search and destroy mission for dog bombs in the back yard. Democracy's loss was my households gain.

Sunday, Rocket and I attended his first Urban Agility class. We went up and down and all around the History Museum, it was fun but nothing we haven't before. Many times.  The instructor said he was "very enthusiastic".  The first class was just walking along planter boxes of various and ramps and the occasional odd surface. Rocket has never met a surface he finds odd and heights aren't a problem.

He did very well, I mean, of course he did. We've been there countless times. He isn't at is best in groups and he was a little bit wild.  A little bit. He was rotten and I wish he could have behaved better. He was bored! He wasn't even a little challenged! The biggest challenge was not crawling up the tail of the dog in front of him! and then leaping over the instructor's dog. Both lovely, but slow moving and short of leg.

Its going to take practice to not jump over these other dogs, we're going to need to work on his rusty obedience skills over his agility skills I think. I do not like his halter, he doesn't even notice that it is there .

Friday, February 17, 2017

Fridays Cats Blogging

He can't even. If he wanted his picture taken he would have taken his own damn picture.


I tried to watch the now infamous press conference. It made me dizzy, just reading excerpts were very troubling . I talk to crazy people on the phone, confused, crazy people who have been routed to the wrong place and are unhappy about being dumped with me and he sounds like them! No one wants to deal with them and they don't want to deal with the crazy people, because crazy people are royal pains in the ass, they are needy and whiney and completely self involved. And crazy people complain about EVERYTHING. There is very little in their lives that do not cause them some sort of irritation. And damn it, they know their rights! and they know for a fact that you are trampling on them and them. You don't know your rights because you don't have to.

Cheeto is annoyed by everything and everyone is cheating him and his rights are constantly being infringed upon. He is every crazy person I have ever gotten stuck on the phone with. And the entire world and everything in it is all about him. He gets on a topic, say, his electoral college points or whatever and he just can't not talk about it all the time, he'll go back to that no matter what he's supposed to be talking about. He can't help himself. He's too crazy! He needs to be  darted and netted and put inside and his meds figured out.

He is what crazy people sound like. If you ever wondered what crazy people sound like, he is what crazy people sound like.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


So many things! So much ! Why is he so wrong!? So soon?

The Obama admin went 416 weeks. Eight full years without a single scandal.  Cheeto was sworn in less than a month ago and Vox had to post this: Trumps Three Russia scandals explained    I like Vox despite its reputation for man-splany-ness . Sometimes I need stuff explained and I don't care who explains it to me.

Go and read the Vox article and be scared and then read it again and be angry. And then call both your Senators and your representative and demand that they investigate anyone and everyone in the Cheeto administration. It doesn't matter that they are the newest frosh in the senate or an undermember of an unimportant nothing. They have to know that you are angry and that you went through the hassle of finding their number and then calling and talking to whoever answers the phone. It counts, you count and you have to let them know that you are going to set them on fire if they don't act on this.

 They already have nightmares about you and me and 35,000 of our friends wandering around in the street in front of their office this and every weekend until something changes. I don't have anything better to do, its my duty and yours. We are protecting our nation!

 The GOP really needs to figure out that they have to the power to make it stop, him and us, but they have to remember who they serve for real - they can make him and his insanity stop, they can pull the leash and bring him to heal and stop the madness but thus far they have resisited this and seem to either be paralyzed by fear or so fascinated by the train wreck that hey can't look away- because we are not going to stop or look away. RESIST.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Under the lights.

Today was a good day because I was wearing black shoes and black pants. As opposed to MOnday when I was wearing navy leggings and a navy skirt and what I thought was a navy top and black shoes. I need better lights.

As it turned out, my top was black, so my shoes were not entirely not right. But they were still pretty  not right. Fortunately I spent the day in my dark office and I don't think any one else noticed. In addition to the wrong shoes.  I thought I was wearing a navy blouse so everyone else thought I was wearing a navy blouse. That's what I am going with.

So today I mad extra special sure that I was wearing actual black shoes, black pants and that the color on my blouse was actual black .I was not dressed all in black but now that I have successfully changed clothes, I can't remember what I wore to work today other than I did wear black pants with it. I did not wear  a black blouse! I wore a blazer! it was black. but it had colors in it! I wore a purple turtle neck!  Okay short term memory intact! Go me!

In honor of Valentines Day, I took myself out to lunch and that was lovely and after work, the dog and I did not go for our walk. Instead I emptied the dishwasher and the sink and refilled the dishwasher and ran it then I made some chicken and green bean stir fry and watched a bunch of M*A*S*H reruns. I also spent the day cackling over the Cheetos admin crumbling. It was a nice day.

I want to say that I called Flynn being on the way out when I read the CNN breaking news thing about  Cheeto realing some sort of statement expressing confidence in him. That was about the time I took dog for his walk Monday after work and I said to myself "Oh, he's done". Its such a cliche! Every time any president officially  expresses "confidence" in a member of his administration it means they are cleaning out their office. Count on it.

Next up? That blond Attention Whore. She should be falling on her sword any minute now, if she isn't pushed on to it. She's a weight around the admins neck and she will be replaced by that little Nazi Miller. Why do you think he's suddenly doing her work?  Going on morning shows? Being the admins mouth? That is her job. It was her job.  Its his job now.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017