Thursday, March 26, 2015


I wanted to go shopping afteroushe walked the dog but then I was tired and so I didn't, I actually need to go to the grocery because Lowe's is has my ice tea and orange soda as their weekly specials and if I'm in that neck of the woods, I want to see if I want something to wear to Easter and that is not going to happen if I stay at my house. But we walked and then we came home and I made the mistake of sitting down and didn't go out.

I did get up and empty the dishwasher and  take some stuff out to the recycle but not a lot of mileage there. The dog was sleepy, its hard to get excited about getting up and getting out when the dog is snoring on the couch. I can't run errands over lunch or after work so if I am going to get things done, they re going to get done in the evening. If I can't get motivated to run my errrands when I can run them during the week, they don't get run and  I end up having run around like a crazy person all weekend. Not restful.

Next month, I'm going to buy that fancy lamp I saw at Wayfair. I decided that I'm just going to do it. I saw the Ikea lamp I was leaning towards on Craigslist and in real life, it looks flimsy. It looked like it could be flimsy and the shade too papery on the site but is looks like it is flimsy and the shade is too papery. Just say no to flimsy lamps and paper shades. And yes it will cost more than my couch did, but I also will not spend a lot of time worrying  about  It bursting into flames. I could have cheap and a fire hazard or pricier but sturdy. It works  itself  out. You have to put some value on your state of mind.

Yay for decision making.

when do you  clean your bathroom sink?

- first thing  in the morning when you can't  see and don't  care about  the slow drain

-  right before you go to bed because it seems like a good time to tidy and maybe if I run a lot of  hot water down the drain it will loosen up that drain over night.

Oh my God! Me too! We are so the  same person! Go us.

Okay. I think that if you all ready get up at 0'Dark Thirty in the morning and you can only barely hear your alarm over the pouring rain and thunder, that you should just be able to call it day and go back to sleep.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Graying Out

Dogger spent the day playing in daycare and got featured on their Instagram feed and that was awesome and then we came home and had dinner and young dog and I went on a long walk. It was a great day for Rocket.

Not a great day for me, I can't find my gray shoes! I can't imagine where they went, all the other shoes are all together in shoeland and the gray pair has become separated from the herd. Its worrisome because now I'm beginning to wonder if I even have gray shoes and so here I am searching for something I don't even have - this says all kinds of less than wonderful things about my mental health and those are such great things to be thinking about while you a searching for something you know is here somewhere but what if it really isn't?

I'm going to find them. I know the dog didn't eat them because he hasn't eaten shoes since he was a puppy - or more truthfully, he hasn't been in a situation where he was granted unsupervised time alone with shoes since he was a puppy.

They could be in the downstairs bedroom being camouflaged by everything  I had to shift out of the living room ahead of the painting. I  keep that door closed now because I like being happy.

Found them! They were in a bag under the dining room table! I must have worn them on one of the last snow days and I brought winter boots to slosh back and forth in the snow and them to wear around the office. I kept running across the boots and never thought about why they were front and center and the shoes were not. Yay. Not Crazy.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


It was  not a good day in DTR  . It still oddly quite hours later when I had dog downtown for his walk. I do wonder that when the building is finished and all the work is done if there will be any thing that says three men lost their lives to make this place, that people died there. I doubt it, but at the very least, a plaque, something that remembers those men.

I hate to say this but... I got a late start to lunch and I am so glad, if I had left on time I would have been right there it as this was happening. As it was I was there an hour later and it was still awful.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Garden Update 1 2015

Work. Work. Work  Filled the larder, tilled the garden, mowed the lawn, did a lot of laundry and took the dog for long walks. I rewarded myself with a trip to a cafeteria.

I also finally got my tax refund and called the painter and set up when he's going to paint my place. Its not as soon as I would have liked, but its going to get done and that's what I need to concentrate on. I can spend the time tidying up and cleaning the corners and getting the place ready for the painter to do his thing. I don't want to hear about my housekeeping from "Elden"

He's going to be here for a week, painting in the evenings after he gets off work. I see myself walking the dog quickly after work and hitting one of the places downtown before heading home. Hopefully it have warmed up by then and won't be raining. The place is going to look really nice after he's done.

The garden is going to be different this year. I'm going to move the peppers into the garden extension, to get them away from the shade causing tomato plants,  and hopefully, up production. I'm going to be growing container corn again and not growing green beans for the first year in memory. The harvest has been less then awe inspiring the last couple of years so I'm benching them for a season. I'm also not planting potatoes this year, too carby for me now, and I was getting over extended garden-wise. I'm going to get rid of my non-productive berry plants too and replacing them with more more attractive elephant ears and lavender.

I'm going to be putting in a lot of tomatoes and peppers though, and I had good luck with a admittedly, carbtastic corn on the cob, that I am just going to eat because I like them and corn is easy to gift.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging

I am invisible

Yay for Politics

And damn it, I am still 1st Vice Chair. I had been hoping that someone else would want the gig, but sadly,  no one did. We did however make our  quorum and actually went over our quorum at that for the first time in years! It was very exciting.

It would have been more exciting without the endless speeches about how miserable it is for our handful of Democrats in the House and Senate downtown. It doesn't raise our morale at all or make me happier to be a Democrat. On the upside, no one cried into the mic either, so we did see seen some improvement.

 The GOP voters here believe that we should take care of our mentally ill by electing them to office.  They hate the idea of warehousing their  severely mentally ill brethren in icky hospitals or grungy group homes. They want them in the State House! Where the Party can proudly show off how they don't let a little things like galloping, out of control unmedicated mental illness keep them from making laws! The first order of business for the House GOP when they came back into session was to update the state seal to feature a tin foil hat and AK-15 and then  they quickly changed the elitist Latin inscription  to "O'Bummer is a Sekret Muzlimist". The GOP doesn't  feel we need more beds for our mentally ill, we need more districts for them to represent.

I'm not sure what the Democrats did while all this was happening, held hands in the cloak room  and sang We Shall Overcome I imagine.  Too much to ask for them to actually come up with real legislation themselves. Perhaps we should start electing a few of them ourselves. I've met our fringe and they are just as wacky and unreasonable  as the loons the GOP routinely gets elected, I think its something the party should explore. We might get some legislation passed, its worth a try, at we should be willing to do anything to get Democrats elected. We have tried being reasonable and it doesn't work.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Exciting Times

I spent too much time this afternoon being pretty sure that it was already Thursday. It's Wednesday, all day. Tomorrow is not Friday, its just Thursday. I have two more days to get through, I have to say, as the week goes on, the alarm goes off earlier every day.

Thursday  eveningI have my  make up precinct meeting. I am hoping that it threatens snow again so that maybe we can not have this one either. I really don't want to go, even more than the last time when I only thought I really didn't want to go because ti was really cold and raining. But now I know what "not wanting to go" feels like and I really don't want to go.

So I'll be there, I am not going to try for a officer spot because I want to not go to the local conventions this year, I never want to go to the local conventions but as an officer I have to go to them because no one else goes, but now, we have a Chair who does go, so I really don't have to attend these nightmares. Next year I'll try for an officer position because it will be an election year and a lot more fun. This year however, I won't have to give up my Saturdays to go to the boring, non-productive meetings and do nothing, I can put my garden in on my schedule an not go to exciting places like Lillington or Pittsboro or the thriving metropolis of Fayetteville. All of them make Raleigh look like the Seattle in the nineties.

This year three whole Saturdays more than usual, are mine. Today after work I went to the post office and  I bought stamps and later, after dinner, I paid bills. Woooo.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hurry up and wait

I have to say, there is something oddly thrilling about packing up your clutter, I do miss my snow globes though! In a perfect world my whole collection would be reunited and displayed together in all their glory.

Those boxes behind the couch are the books and DVDs that were on the shelves. Most of them are most likely not going to be coming back into the room. I know it still looks messy, but it s work in progress and we all have different standards. I can't wait for my rebate check to get here so I can unleash the painter and get this job done. I think the room is going to look really slick once fresh paint is on the walls and wood work and the new curtains are up. The carpet is also on the way out, but it has a separate TBA timeline.The torch lamp is also on its way out soonish, to be replaced by an arc lamp, the rando furniture will be a dark burnt orange.

HGTV lies about so many things!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Blergh. But Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

I would have an entry today except that after dinner and a nice walk with dog,  I  checked the larder and decided that a quick trip to Wally was in order. Post shleping around the store and getting more than just dog food and broccoli because reasons, I got in "that" line behind "that" person and what had been a quicky trip to pick up dog food and broccoli turned into an extended visit to hell. By the time I got home  the evening was shot and I was annoyed and so, well, at least Monday is over.


Monday, March 16, 2015

Busy Bee

I was busy this weekend. I hired not one but two painters. One to paint the living and dining room area and another to paint the hallway and entry way.  I liked both of them but the one guy seemed to be a little more professional, and while he was the higher bid, I think he was the better choice. He will also be working in the evening while I am here and and can supervise.

The other team came in so under budget that it made me wonder about the quality of the paint and the quality of their work. I do think they are the right choice for the smaller job, if they  stay to budget on those and do well with those small spaces and , I will know who I will call for the next job large or small.

Since I am now officially a Job Creator and I think should not have to pay taxes anymore.I think Gov. McCrorey owes me an apology and a sizable check.

I also bought paint, twice. You know the saying Measure Twice, Cut Once? Think:  If They Don't Ask, TELL THEM YOU NEED THIS IN OIL, latex is the go-to and they don't even ask if you need oil! There should also be some saying about : Check To See If The Paint Manufacturer Makes Oil Based Paint and Then Ask If The Big Box Store Has Any Oil Paint In Stock In Gloss. Because they might not and you will end up putting satin on the wood work even if that is not exactly what you wanted and you will have to start the very trying process of finding The Right White all over again and that is maddening.

Because  YOU CAN'T PUT LATEX PAINT OVER OIL PAINT . And if you know you are dealing with oil based paint, Make That The First Thing Out Of Your Mouth At The Paint Section.  You can either prime it out or just put more oil paint over it. Gah.

Anyway. Wrong paint returned, correct paint in hand.

The new paint color. It felt like I looked at 50 Shades of Gray!

 The walls will be : Going Gray

The trim is going to be a slight grayer shade of white because I didn't want there too be too much contrast, enough conrast, but not too much contrast. Its a lot harder to do than I thought it was going to be, there are a lot of colors that are called "white" but aren't "white", almost as many shades of "gray" that are called "gray" but aren't "gray". My first choice turned out to be lavender once it was on the wall.  Looking for paint seemed like it would be a lot more fun than it was.

I also picked a very bright pink, looking for this was fun -  to use on the insides of the book cases and in the entry way and hall way. Instead of a passe Feature Wall I will have very couture Feature Rooms. The random furniture will still be a burnt orange to be named later.

The other work I, or rather, Broskey, did over the weekend, was the job putting the legs on my ottoman!

My contribution to the cause was to stain them walnut. They are taller than I had originally  wanted, but I couldn't get the shape I wanted in the smaller size. I am glad I went with a taller leg.

I am super pleased with the way they turned out! They look great in the room and the legs look as good on the ottoman as I had hoped! and they are a good height for a coffee table/occasional seating.

I also took Rocket to Dog Bar and he impressed a whole new group of dog people with how well he behaves in public, his capacity to get along with other dogs, even loathsome little dogs who lunge at him snarling and snapping, and his awesome good looks and how  incredibly patient he is about  wearing holiday outfits and doing very silly things for me. Best Puppy Ever.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging

Painting by phone numbers

Today my painter cancelled his second appointment with me when he told me he was moving to Charlotte and unless I was ready for the job to get done like, now he was going to have to take a pass. For a man with two very young children and a sickly pregnant wife, I see a rush move to Charlotte as being in no ones best interest. He also told me he was going to work with someone he met while in the ministry and they were going to work with people with drug and alcohol problems. I knew he was either one or the other, a drunk or born again, at least I found out which one was currently in charge before he got the job.

There are two kind of contractors : The Born Again and the Drunk. They can be drunk and born again as well, but usually they aren't drunk the same time they are born again. Your drunk contractor will get saved half way through your job and instead of finishing your job, he will decide that he really needs to be spending his days painting his church instead. His drunk self will done just over half the job and walked away with all your money. Jesus saves.

As I was talking to different painters on the phone and setting up meetings for this weekend, I started to think about the paint choice I made quite a while ago now. What if I don't like it on the walls? What if it was  not what I thought it was? I had never even seen it in real life, just as a swatch in a catalog.

I needed to fix this.

I went back to Home Depot to return my two ottomen test feet and while I was there I got a sample pot of my paint - I really should have done this a long time ago. Its a $3.17 investment in peace of mind or a quick trip back to drawing board land. Better now than later.

I brought it home and put test squares on the walls, every wall in the room gets a different version of the same light and I need to see how its going to look on all the walls.

Answer, it looks good! Its still wet, so its going to be lighter, but so far, so good. Here it is with the curtain fabric

I'm going to need to do that again without the flash and using natural light, but it looks nice. I am a little afraid its going to be too light for the fabric but I'm not sure I would want a darker color on the walls. I'm going to have to be really annoying about the white for the wood work I think. Its going to need to be the exact shade, not too starkly white and contrasty but not too candle light because there can not be any yellow in the white. Its going to have to be the perfect shade of grey-white. The room is going to be dark and I need the punch of white to keep it from being too cave like. The contrast is going to have to be spot on to work.


Thursday, March 12, 2015

The lies HGTV tells us

Today I spent most of the day looking at various styles of furniture legs, most of which are either awful or awfully expensive and arc lamps that are either gorgeous and very expensive or  gorgeous and extremely expensive. I did find one at Warfair that is the very closest to something I could see myself getting, but even it is just over the $100 threshold, and paying more for a lamp than  I paid for my couch doesn't feel good to me. Even if it is a gorgeous lamp that is still much, much less then I have seen (over and over) every where else - and it has gotten very good reviews, which other cheap arc lamps did not get. This is not working to  talk myself out of this. Its perfect and I love it and I want it. Damn it all.

See? Very Pretty.

I am very concerned about the ottoman feet issue. I was hoping to get this taken care of this weekend but unless I run cross the Perfect Feet in my travels, its not going to happen. I know exactly what I want now but sadly, its not available at the big box home improvement stores - Which makes me feel pretentious, and that makes me mad. I did not set out to be the worlds oldest hipster but I think that is whats happening to me. All I want are the perfect no more than three inch mid-century legs in walnut! Is that too much to ask?

My first world problems are more pressing then your first world problems! I have a paint contractor coming this evening and the clock is ticking! On TV these make overs seem so easy! Budget? what budget?  Details? What details? Issues? What issues? Choices? what choices! HGTV is a deceitful deceiver!.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bad Legs

I spoke with Broskey, who will be doing the heavy lifting with the ottoman project and he threw a major wrench into my leg plans. By bringing up taste issues and the idea of matching not just the color of the other legs but doing my best to match the style of the legs. The visible legs are so there, that its really important that they work together somehow, this will make the whole look more pleasing and uniform. The pieces are not going to match in anyway, but having some similarities between the different styles will make the look of the room sharper and nicer over all.

Here is where we are now leg-wise

The legs I got this weekend are not going to cut it. They are too small and won't do the job, I should have thought about scale when I picked them. They will go back. I picked up two other styles that I thought would be right, but they aren't either, again, the scale is all wrong.

The very visible couch legs, clearly, the other legs are not going to work.

The invisible chaise legs

Here is what I found when I Googled  "ottoman legs":  Sofa Leg Warehouse . There is actually such a site! I was just kidding around and it popped up. Here is my favorite so far, because its on sale. I would still have to make it a lot darker and if it was a bit taller I would have bought it all ready, but the price makes me think it can work with it as it is.  But I think I have more shopping to do to find the right style, I would also like to not spend a lot of money on this. They need to be thinner, darker and maybe more Eamesian?