Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tiny computer fun

My lenses are ready. It normally takes ten days to two weeks for new lenses to make  an appearance.  I'm not sure this is good news. I also don't  look forward to being blind at the mall for however long it takes them to put the lenses in my frames.

I didn't  pick them up today because I wanted to go home on time, eat my regular  dinner at my regular  time and walk my dog at my regular time. I also needed  to hit Wally  and I wanted  to do that before it got too late.

I was going  to make a list but I thought any list would be too short to write.  The longer  I was at the store the longer my short list got. I managed to forget the item that had made up my short list. Brilliant.

Now I have a good week's worth of meals, lunch and dinner. I even found a big box of the dog's crunchy dental treats.  And some cheetos.

Monday, May 25, 2015

How I spent my weekend


Testing my patience

Brilliant thinker that  I am, I forgot my computer at my parents house. It will be  visiting them for a week for vacation and then it will head back to me.

I am going to use my tablet in the mean time. If this proves too onerous I will go back to my desktop computer that I haven't  turned  on in three years. It uses  dial-up. Let us hope for a detente between me and the keyboard on my tablet.

Let us pray I get  very  good at typing  on it .There is a button I keep punching that kicks me out of blogger and back to my start  page. I have done  this four times so far . I don't  know which button or sequence of buttons being  pushed caused this to occur over and over again . It seems to work better when I use only one finger  to "type".

Also the program guesses badly when it tries to finish  words  for me. I thought  it knew me better than that. By the end of the week it will.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Garden Update

We have baby tomatoes!

Friday Cat Blogging

Dear Lenscrafters, Its Over.

Dear Lenscrafters,

I'm going to break up with you. We've had a great run, we've been together for a very long time, but I think we've grown apart and want different things. For example I want these

And I can't have either of these because while they are featured on the Lenscrafters web site they are NOT available in the stores. They are not in the warehouse and the only way to get them through Lenscrafters is if the clerk who helps you is really up for a challenge. Last year they found my glasses - glasses I found on the website and went to the store to see, only to be told that they didn't have them and couldn't get them. I was as brokenhearted as you can be over a missed opportunity with glasses frames, but the guy promised to try to find them and he did! He called stores all over the state and rattled cages at  warehouses and low and behold my glasses surfaced. I am so glad he went the extra mile and did that for me. I am complimented on them all the time!  When was the last time some stranger told you they like your glasses? Yeah, its not something that happens. It happens to me because I have special order glasses and last year, I had the benefit of great customer service.

This year I went back to my Lenscrafters and told them I am not buying new frames but I am getting new lenses. I am paying more for this than if I had bought a complete pair. They punish you for not getting new glasses and then they won't let you use your frame allowance to buy sunglasses. Or maybe they would but my clerk was not up for a challenge or offering anything above the barest minimum of customer service. She was kind of a bitch actually.

When I told her I got my frames from them last year and the guy who helped me really helped me, she said "Yeah. That happens sometimes", in a tone that told me it was not going to happen this time. I decided that next year I go someplace else.

On my list is a  lovely  glasses store downtown that I had thought was "Dr. Chichis' Spectacle  Boutique" but is in real life is just a Eyecare Center! Not a fancy boutique at all. I see sexy frames in there in their windows all the time but I never looked too close because it looks expensive. It's not, its just good window dressing.

So. Next year? Maybe stripes.

No Love,

Thursday, May 21, 2015


I'm trying to get a new phone and the more research I do the more confused I get! For every good review of a phone I find six that haaatttteeee it. I am now very confused.

I went and looked at phones and they are much cooler than they were two years ago. I saw three I liked but one was really way too big to be useful and the others were nice but they were smallish like my current one and it s a touch small, there isn't an in between size. I use it  for reading and my vision is not great and I would like a bigger screen - enter the tablet , which I all ready have but I don't carry it around with me. I thought I liked the Galaxy 6 but then I read dozens of angry reviews of it from end users.

I had to say no to the HTC because the battery is not a strong point and I want a really good battery, I liked the Nexus too but lots of people did not. I like the idea of the Note but I would lose the stylus  immediately.

I'm the getting the one with the stylus.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Monday Evening

My excuse for not writing an entry this time : I mowed both yards and before that I went to the store and refilled one of the dogs prescriptions and got him new food and found him the doggy dental cleaning treats he really, really, really likes. I wasn't going to do the mowing, I was still coasting on a dental treats high, but after dinner I went into the yard to read my book in the restful outdoor environment and I got to looking around and it it didn't look good and did not invoke feelings of  ease. Its an an unwelcome side effect of having nice yard furniture - I spend more time in the yard.

And I'm sitting there thinking about the yard and what I have to do pre-mowing of yard.

1. Put shoes on, which means going in the house and finding the shoes and then finding the keys to the shed and getting out the cords and the mower. And its hot.

2. This is a lot of work for  the relatively invisible back yard. I am the only one who sees the back yard and I get no neighbor shaming points for having the back yard in a mowed condition. If I am going to mow, I am going to mow the front yard.

3. The front yard is bigger and requires both extension cords.

4.There are a lot of tree roots in the front yard.

5. I have to continually re-set the height of the mower.

6.One side of the yard is always longer than the other side of the yard because of the tree root issue.

7. Pretty sure this is not clear to passers by or neighbors.

I mow the front yard. The ground cover looks much nicer when it is short. I also water the plants on the front porch. Hard choices are going to be made about the dead ferns.  I move to the back yard because it now looks really bad, even worse than the possibly dead fern, and I will kick myself if I don't take care of it now that I have everything out.

8. Discover that the hedge in the back is awful and the vanquished red buds are staging a come back.  Trim the hedge and beat back the nascent red bud insurrection.

Put everything back, re-lock the door and watch my daily fourteen year old NYPD Blue rerun.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Not much to add today. Just trying to catch up and get everything I would have (hopefully) gotten done ove the weekend had I been here to do it plus all the regular start of the week chores that  always need to get done right now. I'm learning that there is no gun to my head and some things can just get done when they get done, the sky is not going to fall out of the sky if I have to put a tea bag into a mug first thing AM. Really, it will be all right, its more convenient when I don't have to do that, but its okay if I do have to.

At work I powered though all my Friday work and then took care of  my Monday work! I was really tired when I left for the day, but it was worth it. On Tuesday, all I have to worry about is Tuesday and that will seem like a break.

This week I need to mow both yards, do a butt load of laundry and prepare my To Be Donated pile to be donated. It will be a nice feeling to make the stuff available to someone who needs it, but an even better feeling to get them out from under foot! The clutter makes it feel as though I have made no progress. Lets hear it for progress!

We have curtains and they look so nice! The job is almost done!

Monday, May 18, 2015


I had a fantastic time! I made some great memories and I am so glad we got together! I wish I took more pictures but was too busy chatting and shopping and being with my oldest friend, her very old child and my Mom. What a great weekend in a great city!

Thursday, May 14, 2015