Monday, March 31, 2014


How I spent my weekend.

Had an MRI
Watched TV
Watched TV
Walked the dog
Watched TV
Watched TV
Walked the dog
Watched TV
Fell asleep on the chair, woke up and went back to bed

Slept very late
Watched TV
Did laundry
Took dog for a walk
Watched TV
Went to Sam's
Watched TV
Walked the dog
Watched TV
Went to bed

Went to church
Watched TV
Walked the dog, extended edition
Watched TV
Watched TV
Walked the dog
Watched TV
Took a shower
Watched TV
Went to bed.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging

Polar Cat

Random thoughts

Things I was thinking about in no particular order:

Why is it okay that there is nothing on TV to watch?
The world was not asking for another Rehab Addict marathon.
 It feels wrong to watch a netflix movie on a school night.
 Just because its still light out does not mean I have to feel pressured  to go outside and do something.
The only reason I haven't taken a shower and changed into my pajamas is that if feels wrong to do that while it is still light. What if someone comes to the door and I'm dressed for bed? Should I invest in pyjamas that are not bright red and don't feature festive puppies?
Would it be gross to eat a tuna sandwich for breakfast?
If a peanut ends up in the ground will it grow a peanut plant?
Before a brain MRI it is important to shave! Or not, but you don't want your leg hair to on your mind.

Who put together the package that became our new computer system at work? This is not a learn on the fly moment, this should have been together before they set it on us. If hardware isn't up to sustaining the software you upgrade your hardware first, two days out is not when you decide you might need more memory. If the system is at 99% use and has ground to a halt, this is a bad thing. You might also want to find out what peripherals are commonly used and make sure that they will work with the upgrade, get them ordered and in place and then unleash this monster. Who wrote the bid? Did no one read it? Was it bid out or did it just appear? Which one of the Governors or the secretary's toadies is getting rich off this catastrophe? Has anyone in IT heard of beta testing?  In the real world  you couldn't get away with this.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Graduation Day

The next class starts Monday. Discovered that without treats, Rocket is very agile at avoiding agility. No treats= no go. A little bit disturbing, but educational.

In the next class on Monday we start class in a real agility ring  using real agility obstacles. A little scary. We have been playing with little baby pretend obstacles in a classroom setting with a teacher we both are comfortable with and knows us well. The next teacher doesn't know either of us from Adam and everything is going to be different. Sigh.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Stressing over the dog

Someone, possibly but not limited to , Rocket ate Kitty's' Cat Dancer.

I heard a bell and found it in Rocket's mouth. I was glad he didn't eat it but was sad it wasn't still with the toy. After an investigation, I found it, in three pieces! I can't blame Rocket entirely for this disaster, because the toy has lived upstairs since Kitty got it for Christmas and it was safe and  not used as a chew toy by the dog.

Kitty had been carrying it around up stairs - on and off the bed, around and around on the floor at 3am and he most of decided that having seen all there was to see up there that  the toy needed to see more of the house.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I feel bad for Ace! He hasn't really played with toys since he was a baby kitty and all of a sudden he was all excited by something that wasn't food. I'm going to have to get him a new one and hope he thinks the new one is as fun as his old one.

I think the cat is looking for his toy now, or really, I think he is hoping that the empty stick I put on the stairs is somehow going to heal itself and morph back into his little friend. I watched him pouting over his toy and decided to surprised him with a "new" toy, I wadded up a piece of newspaper and pitched it across the room - something he used to get really excited about : Total bust! He didn't flick as much as a whisker! When he was a wee kitty that was the best toy ever and he would bat it around the floor and play chase with it and just have the best time, sadly, now its just another thing for the dog to chew on .


Wednesday is our last pre-agilty class! I'm hoping Rocket will do well in our graduation class and start Beginning Agility on a high note. I'm afraid he's going to not be into it suddenly and won't want to do it any more. I'm worried! I set up  DIY weave poles in the yard and he was not impressed. This concerns me as he has no problem with the home made jump or borrowed hoop. Hopefully he is just a  snob and prefers the pricey store bought version he has played with in class.

He starts real agility next week whether he likes it or not.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Change of plans

Well, as it turns out, our first class was canceled. Its for the best, the prereq pre-agility class doesn't'
 officially end until Wednesday and its probably nicer to graduate from one class before officially starting another but I was totally willing to jump the gun and now I have to wait another week. It gives me more time to worry about his and my performance.

On the other hand, starting next week means that Rocket will be able to attend class with the benefit of first spending the day in daycare. I'm not sure what kind of a student he would be or if he could pay attention at all  if he went to class with no walk or exercise  beforehand at all and then add in spending the day napping. I imagine it would not be a great time for anyone.

I've learned over time (within days of bringing him home!)  that a well exercised Rocket is a significantly better behaved Rocket. He's calmer, easier to manage, not as prone to getting into trouble and a lot nicer to be around when he has less energy to burn. The more fatigued he is the better a dog he is, sad but true. But I think that's true of just about any dog. The saying is a good dog is a  tired dog, a better dog is an exhausted  dog and the best dog is a dog that is asleep.

When I have him out and about I hear over and over how calm and personable he is, that he's not as high strung and skittish as some weims are. I credit this to obedience training, intense early socialization and a lot of exercise. I also believe that Rockets' outlook on the world is healthy because in it all people and dogs are good and they have always been kind to him. I think that makes a big difference to how he sees the world and how he reacts to people and other dogs.

Daycare is expensive and so was obedience and CGC class, but thanks to that exposure and learning, he is comfortable around other dogs  and people and enjoys their company. Daycare leaves him exhausted but its also a chance for him to be around people who aren't me and in a situation that I am not present at all. Its good for both of us.

And of course, I am now knocking wood.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Its always going to be winter.

Saturday was glorious, like  the end of may came to visit in the middle of March. The dog and I spent all day outside and and enjoyed every minute of it. And then it was Sunday. It started as cool and damp and ended up cold and wet. We still spent time outside but we didn't enjoy a minute of it.

I  did enjoy getting four pork tenderloins at Food Lion for $4.50 each, total.  They aren't enormous cuts of meat but they are tenderloins and how much meat do I need anyway? These will be several meals each and I am excited about my good fortune. I went to the store to get carrots and pick up what will be known into the future as The Dog's  Agility Water Jug ( AKA a gallon of water that will live in the car, there is no water available at the class site, which seems like poor planning to me, its a  brand new facility) and ended up with a great deal on pork.

Rocket starts real Agility Monday night, well he starts Beginner level Real Agility and I am psyched. We haven't officially graduated from pre-Agility yet, be we will Wednesday evening, so two longish, evening car rides for us this week and lots of agility! I was a little surprised that he will be attending the first class session with me, in the three classes I've taken at the dog school, the first class is a dog-free session. Rocket will also be there without the benefit of spending the day in daycare so I'm not sure how he is going to be. I have tried very hard to wear him out this weekend so that hopefully he will want to spend Monday sleeping it off. I know I am going to wish I could spend Monday sleeping off keeping him busy all weekend.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Night

Friday Cat Blogging

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bar Dog

Hanging at the bar.

Pre-Agility Week 5

One more week of pre-agility and then we graduate to real agility! We will leave behind the easy, breezy baby obstacles and introduce ourselves to the hard, hurricane force wind real sized versions. This is when it gets real, this separates the puppies from the dogs. He is ready, I'm not sure if I am, this is also where they separate the doting dog parents from the dedicated dog handlers. Rocket is more than in the right mind space for this change, he was born ready for this. I am going to need to do some centering exercises and practice my breathing.

What if my dog is really good at this and I suck? To be competitive, we both have to be really good at this. Do I want to be competitive? Rocket already has a shelf cleared off for his trophies.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

House Hunters 1893

Another rainy, cold nasty day and another day without a proper walk. Sigh. Rocket needs a proper walk if not every day, at the very least every other day and this two-in-a-row no walk days is not okay. We did get some quality jumping and leaping practice in. Jumping over  a bar and Leaping through a hula hoop, and that was nice. We also got a little spinning and some figure eights and following a hand full of treats practice as well.

I hope we do well in class tomorrow.

It was not a total loss but clearly not a good day. I mean it was a "bad" day only in "We didn't walk two miles", it was "good" in that we spent a second day cuddled up in front of the TV watching Buying Alaska . I had no idea so much of Alaskan real estate has no water or electric hook up or that so many Alaskans use outhouses. If I were he Alaskan Tourist Board I might ask them to feature some properties that actually have indoor plumbing  or that are reachable by a normal vehicle. An awful lot of places seem to be only accessible by 4-wheeler's or float-planes.

They do remarkably little discussion of getting eaten by bears or freezing to death in the winter. I imagine that the outhouse fifty yards from  your house gets a lot further away when there is six feet of snow on the ground and its  forty below with wind . They don't talk about the possibility of kidney and bladder infections, frost bite and exposure that the new home owners can look forward to in their Dream Outhouse; I would think it would be worth a little on camera discussion of the risks.. I'm reading a book about a man who walked the Appalachian Trail in the summer and the furthest north it goes is Maine -  and there has been a lot of talk about being eaten by bears or freezing to death.

On today's episode a couple wanted a house on a isolated lake, one that was not reachable by car - forty-five minuets by a four wheeler on a mud trail, not accessible by car  - shockingly, there were three properties at the lake for sale! (Who would have guessed that? These people didn't move away, they fled!) and they saw a bear. The woman, a native Alaskan and ready to live with out running water or power, was shocked that there were bear so close to her house.

They had three "nice" choices, in that all had  functioning walls and a roof  and flooring - "finished" seems to be relative in the middle of now where. They went with the property with some solar and battery back up and featuring a separate bathhouse, water from the lake is poured into a cistern and pumped to a water heater ( enough for ten short showers!) and  a structurally sound, not too full, outhouse. No kitchen sink, no cell reception, generator power.

It's if the family from Little House on the Prairie went on House Hunters

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

If doggy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Its March. I left work accompanied by sleet and rain. It was just about freezing. Right now it is freezing.

I felt bad as I left work because it got really clear really fast that I was  not walking Rocket this evening. I changed my mind on that as soon as I got home and got him out in the sleet and saw how unhappy he was. I decided that  depriving him of the cold and wet and keeping him inside in the warm and dry, wasn't the worst thing I could do to him.

He seems to like being in snow well enough and it makes a neat sound when he walks on it - a big plus for him; It tastes good and he just seems to like being in it, sleet is not snow, it does not make a neat sound under foot, it is cold on his fur and it doesn't lend itself to eating.

Sleet is a half way kind of precipitation and Rocket is an all-the-way kind of dog. It also reminds him of rain and he doesn't like rain. So instead of a brisk walk, we took a nap. I didn't even have the energy to watch TV. Between the electric blanket and the dawg, it was about as good as it could be. If the cat would have curled up with us, I might still be asleep.

Instead I finally  woke up and made dinner for every time. Weather like this, nights like this, is why I make chicken soup, its so right, nothing else has the right vibe and nothing else can make you feel better  like chicken soup. I have some lovely pork tenderloin from Sunday night but I think it will be a better fit for Tuesday.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Did remarkably little over the weekend. Not much to report.

Saturday was gorgeous and Rocket and I went to the St. Patrick's Day Parade - we arrived fashionably late and had to keep moving to get any kind of view, I didn't take any pictures because 1) Rocket, and 2) I am fairly certain that it was a rerun from a prior year and some sort of super elaborate HD 3D stunt so precises was the copy of other parades. I have lots of pictures from parades in the past and if anyone wants to see images from the Raleigh St. Patrick's Day Parade (tm) let me know and I'll post them.

Rocket was a perfect gentleman and even seemed to enjoy the goings on as long as he could see what the noise as coming from - he didn't enjoy not seeing the action. I still want to figure out how to get to march him in a parade, I would join the Tarheal Weim Club, but its expensive and I don't believe in buying my friends, even if it does mean missing out on  an opportunity to be in the parade. Rocket and I are GDI.

I then took young dog home and went to Alphagal and Broskyes to eat pie and to borrow their hulla hoop. Rocket needed one for agility and now he has one. He jumps through it like a seal! I am going to figure out how to get pictures/tape because it is awesome to behold.

But before the jumping, I had to go to the mall to talk to Lenscrafters about my frames.

I want these frames. Not like these frames, I want these frames! They are exactly like my current frames, which I really like but BRIGHT BLUE! I can find them online for significantly less than what LC would charge me to order them from the store - but, I have insurance issues to deal with too. I found a source online but I need to know if my insurance company would be willing to be my partner in this project or if they will deny me and make me pay for them myself, adding to my out of pocket  uncovered experiences as they stand (historically) for the lenses. I spoke with LC and they are cool with me bringing in frames, although they will charge me full price for the lenses - right now they are having a deal that they won't be having in a couple of months when I am getting new glasses, natch.

I am totally willing to have LC order them and have my insurance pay for them and my lenses if its cheaper in the long run for me.

Monday we get out new operation system for our computers at work and it is going to be a really super day with huge opportunity for our whole team for learning new things! Yay!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging

St. Pats' Cat.

Moan and groan

I am tired of being cold, I am tried of wearing layers, I am tired of spending my time huddled under blankets, I'm tired of worrying if the animals are cold and if they are wearing enough layers and if they are warm enough under their blankets.

I am tired of having to dress like the Michelin woman to walk the dog, I am tired of  my fingers tingling because they are cold, I am tired of strong winds and shade that is cold instead of cool, I am tried of wearing socks.

I am tried of bitching about the cold, I am tried of listening to other people bitch about the cold.

I am not tired of watching bunnies cavort on my yard as I drive away from the house in the morning. I am used to seeing a bunny, which I had thought was the bunny in other peoples yards but I had never seen it in my yard, and then the other day I saw first one and then a second bunny and I am pretty sure they were engaging in some sort of bunny erotic display. And I started to wonder how often this sort of thing takes place and then I kind of understood why the dog sometimes loses his mind. If I saw a bunny leap four feet strait up in the air I might be tempted to take a bite out  of the futon myself.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


There is an arts magnet high school in downtown Raleigh and I am guessing they are the source of these notes. I think this is a neat project and I hope they do more of it  on a wider scale. I do have to offer some of criticism  however.

-  Your message should be clear and easy to read. Paint pens are not your friends. Ever.

- Try to keep your references somewhat easy to recognize, you want your audience to think about what the words  mean and process them, they should not have to play Wheel of Fortune" all afternoon to figure it out, because then it is about the letters and not the message. The quote from Socrates is actually : Beware the barrenness of a busy life.
, I had never heard that one. Good find, good message, bad job getting the idea across to your audience.  Write it in nice black sharpy and you might have had a winner.
- If I have to run your message through a photo program to read it, you're doing it wrong.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

He is what he eats

I noted as I fed the dog this evening that in the morning there would be nothing to fed the dog. I had sworn this morning when I was also feeding the dog that it seemed like there was plenty of food for a couple of more meals at least... and there was, two more meals and a least, which isn't a full meal. My poor hungry dog! I couldn't have this at all!

I had decided that when his current food ran out, which had seemed like something that wasn't going to happen until the far off future, I had planned to fed him a new brand of food from Tractor Supply and had found that Dog Food Adviser liked it quite a bit. And it was not hugely expensive, usually more The Dog Food Adviser likes a food the more expensive it is.

I checked online and found that Tractor Supply is open until 8pm, it was now 7:30pm and the computer told me it should take seventeen minutes to get there.  I set off knowing I would get there in time. I set off not knowing I was going to hit every single red light between my place and the Tractor Supply.

I got to the store at 7:55. I bound into the store and was faced with the largest selection of pet found I've ever seen outside a boutique pet food store. I then could not find at Tractor Supply, Tractor Supply's' dog food.  I asked for help and  finally found it but not the 4Health Performance Formula Adult
 4.5 stars (out of 5!) that I read about online! All I could find was the 3.5 star variety. This did not make me happy. It is grain-free and was judged to be "Above average" which made me a little happy, bu not as happy as I would have been with the 4.5 star kind I wanted. For 5 star you mortgage the dog to buy it, so 4.5 stars and less than $40 a bag sounds like a winner to me after spending a fortune on dog food over the past nineteen months.

I bought what they had because the dog needs food and 3.5 is better than a lot of what is out there and even thirty pounds won't last him forever. The woman at the register told me to call them in the morning and ask if they would order the 4.5 star food for me,  it shouldn't be an issue because when I went online it said the store did actually have it in stock. So, lesson learned. The best idea is to go to the store when they are going to be open for more than just five more minutes and have the time to go search the stock room and not when they are having to unlock the door to let you out.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Past Lives.

I just learned the other day that a woman I haven't spoken to in eleventy-million years is getting married. Of course I immediately decided that I must send this person I haven't spoken to in eleventy million years, a wedding gift because she is totally expecting one from me. What better way to reintroduce yourself after eleventy million years than to send a wedding gift! "Hi! you friended me on Facebook but eleventy million years ago we were undergrads together and you were banging a sociopath neither of us is friends with anymore and I genuinely was a bitch to you for a long time because you were banging a sociopath and he told me it was okay to be a bitch to you because he was a sociopath and I was stooopid, but lets not talk about that". Howya doing?!"

My first thought was to contact an artist friend, but sadly, artist friend is priced way, way out of my budget anymore and was unable to cut me a break, so then I thought about a local artist whose work I admire.... because since I haven't spoken to my old friend in eleventy-million years that of course she and her fiance' want unrequested art.

ANYWAY. I then thought about the local artist and then I thought to myself that if my old pal the artist couldn't cut me a break on price, that an artist I'm not actually friends with would certainly not be able to help a patron out.

And so I said, I don't need professional artists!. I take pictures, lots and lots of pictures. I should be able to find something in that great cyber pile of pictures that might be appropriate... And then I looked through that pile. This  was harder than you might imagine, also I have a lot of pictures of my dog. A lot.

It also got clear that this computer is very, very new and doesn't have a lot of shots on it, so I really need to boot up the old sad computer and see what is on there to choose from. So instead of going through that unhappiness, I looked through what I had on New Computer to see if there was anything this woman and her fiance might like.

My old friend is an RN, her fiance has a beard and looks, male . That is what I know about these people. And they go to candle light vigils. I'm going to print a few interesting shots out and send them inside a Happy Wedding or Happy Engagement card. "Hi! You haven't heard from me in eleventy-million years! Here, have some pictures I took. Yay!" . Its better than nothing.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Work and Play

I got a lot done this weekend. I achieved a lot of sleep on Saturday and later I took Rocket to Dix to play work out on the agility tools. He did really well and still remembers how to do his long jump and climb a ladder. Then we played ball for a while because he was good and he hadn't had a walk in two days and he needed to ( I needed him to) to run.

And he did. Later, I took him for a walk because it was too pretty and warm to spend too much time inside. He was a very tired guy after all that. Good. I also washed all of Rockets clothes as well as his leash and collar. This has everything to do with the fact he won't let me bath him.  His collar looks much better now.

Sunday, I most certainly did not forget about the time change. I think that clocks and such should just keep track of these things for us, like our phones and DVRs and should just change automatically so I don't have to wander around looking for clocks.

I took myself for a walk on Sunday and went only as far as the empty lot at the end of the street behind the gas station. I picked up bottles and glass because I am tired of seeing it and no one else is doing anything about it. I fucking hate winos!  If I waited for someone else to take the initiative was going to be a long wait.  I got tired of waiting.

Sunday instead of walking Rocket at Dix, I built Rocket his own jump and we did that.

I discovered that my yard is terribly uneven and this was a problem. If young dog is going to jump over something, it should be the same height all away across. In this case, fifteen inches in height all away across. In competition (!) he would be jumping twenty inches.  Its important to start small and work your way up. I could have started him even shorter but we do that in class and DIY translates to me as  I DIY what I want!. I thought they were going to give us loaners last week as per our syllabus, but that was mysteriously absent from the actual class.

Also on Sunday I finally scored coffee grounds! I tried Starbucks and Waffle House and got rather violently dissed by both business. Both could look up "Customer Service" and learn something. They were rude, dismissive and generally nasty and unhelpful. I would say that Waffle House was more nasty, rude and dismissive than Starbucks - although both places made me take two separate trips to their stores to tell me that they had no interest in helping me. I am not at all surprised that the two times I was in Waffle House, that I saw a lot of staff and no customers. Not in the evening and not in the afternoon.  It must be because they are rude as hell.

And then I got in contact with Larry's Beans Nice, nice people who went out of their way to help me out. They knew why I wanted the coffee grounds and they were happy for me to take them for my garden. They have them for that very purpose and they are free for anyone who wants to pick them up. They were very nice, very helpful and practiced all around excellent customer service. Good folks. Buy their coffee, give them your money and be comfortable knowing its going to good people and a good company.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging

Train Wreak

Why are all of E!'s TV shows so very, very bad? Why so awful? Why do they hate women in general and people over all? DO we not watch enough Fashion Police

And why do I agree to watch these terrible shows? I have watched some of the worst TV I have ever seen  on purpose. I said Okay t this most recent one before I realized it was going to be a 29 minute investment! Thank God for multiple windows.

Eleven minutes in. Still don't care. Did you know that Fashion is the most cut throat industry? Really? I thought that would not be the right answer. I would have thought maybe, I don't know what industry is most cut throat, do not all industries think they are the most cut throat? Isn't everyone proud of their poor business practices and hostile corporate cultures?

We are meeting the contestants. I don't like them, not one of them. They are all terrible! Why do these girls think they are so fabulous? Hasn't anyone ever told them that being OUTRAGEOUS isn't great in an office setting? Do they know they are going to be in an office setting? I will never know. Where does E! find these creatures? True, these girls aren't the loathsome beasts of Rich Kids but they are close cousins.

Corset Tops will not save your life. No fashion merchandiser has ever "changed the world". Check yourself.

28:13 in and I still don't like this show. I also think they have started it over and are making me watch it a second time. This is cruel. I think that I should be contacting The Prague about this. Its very, very unkind. I thought E! wanted to be my friend.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pre-Agility Class 3

Rocket again did very well in class! His instructor called him a "natural" and said he is a born athlete! ( which I all ready knew, but its always nice to hear) He is awesome  in every way and this week, I didn't trip over anything.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tired of winter.

Over the weekend it was gorgeous. Warm, sunny, lovely and as always this winter, it preceded a freezing mess.I decided to think positive thoughts. I opened all the window, put away all the coats, breaking the cats heart because he now sees my winter vest as his bed. I got all gungho and washed all the dog blankets, it is possible to forget what he looks like when not wearing his sweater and generally swathed in blankets - with the coats all hung up and the blankets being washed it was easy to think that the warm up was really spring.

While sitting in front of an open window in short sleeves perusing one of my seed catalogs, I took another step towards Garden 2014:

Its a variety that as quick trip to the Ag site assured me grows well in North Carolina. Its a white corn which I like better than yellow. Its a "sweet" but its no so sweet that it won't hold for a couple of days. This year its going to be planted in the ground, like its neighbors the potatoes. I am going for a retro feel this year, garden-wise. Not so much that I'm getting tricked into weak, bug fostering, disease ready "heirloom" varieties, but I'm using the ground for more than something to walk on.

I want to get some coffee grounds to ad to the compost and the soil, but so far I haven't been able to find a donor.  There is work to be done, good thing its still winter. By Monday afternoon the temperature had dropped precipitously, ice was forming on bridges and over passes and it was sleeting and it was not spring.

When it was still spring I took Rocket to Dix campus and we worked on his agility skills. We did most of our work on his long jump skills. On Saturday he needed me to run beside him as he jumped but on Sunday, he was able to make the leap on his own. I would really like to practice jumps but there isn't anything at the police dog course to do that within reason. There are jumps but they are way, way too high for him and much higher than the jumps for agility. I think in this weeks class we get a take-home agility skill set to practice with. I am really looking forward to this, we can buy them if we want to and for $40, I'm going to buy it at the end of the class.

Rocket is doing very well with his spins and his bowing and walking backwards, and following me and a handful of treats around in a circle, first in one direction and then the other- this is not the same as spinning. getting better at his "downs". He still doesn't like the act of "down" but he'll do it if he is tempted with enough treats. He also won't spin without treats. He won't do much without treats. Sigh

As soon as it was winter again almost all the coats came out of hiding.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Monday, Monday.

Stayed up way too late Sunday night, suffered mightily Monday morning. Went to work.


Storm blew through.


Every left work at the same time so they wouldn't get stuck in traffic. Logic not at work today. A single co-worker and myself stayed at work a little longer.


Something solid begain to hit the windows. Co-worker and self  left office. It is 3:15.

I come home, take the dog out, change clothes and settle in front of the TV with dog. Fall asleep. Wake up three hours later, feed dog, feed self. Watch more TV.

Best Monday Ever.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oscar Results 2014

8:43 -  Best Supporting Actor - Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club

8:51 - Best Song Nominee Number 1  "Happy" Despicable Me II

Ad break 8:54

8:57 - Best Costume Design, The Great Gatsby

So far two backgrounds,  hundreds of tiny, glowing Oscars and then hundreds of giant roses. I prefer the roses.

9:00 - Best Make up and Hair Styling -  Dallas Buyers Club

9:02 - Harrison Ford, intro to Best Movie Nominees Clips

9:05 - Oscar college movie maker contest

Ad Break 2 9:06

9:10 - Best Animated  Short Film - Mr. Hublot

9:15 - Best Animated Feature - Frozen

New Back ground, Hundreds of large tubes with lights in them.

9:17 -  Oscar salute to heroes.

9:20 - Best Visual Effects - Gravity

Best  Song Nominee 2 - "The Moon Song", Her

Ad Break 3 9:26

9:30 - Best Live Action Short -  Helium

9:33 - Best Documentary Short -The Lady in Number 6, Music Saved my Life

9:37 - Best Documentary Feature - 20 Feet from Stardom

9:40 - Governors Awards  (Honorary Oscars, Steve Martin and Angela Landsbury) Gene Hurshold Award (Angelina Jolie)

Ad Break 4 9:44

9:48 - Viola Davis is a young woman, why is she wearing a dress Angela Landsbury dismissed as being "too old"?!

9:48 -Best Foreign Language Film  Italy, The Great Beauty

9:51 - Best Movie Clips

9:54 -  Best Song Nominee 3  "Ordinary Love", Long Walk to Freedom

Ad Break 5 9:58

10:04 - Highlights of the Science and Technology Awards

10:06 - Best Sound Mixing - Gravity

The hundreds of  tiny, glowing Oscars are back and sharing space with the lit tubes

10:09 - Best Sound Editing - Gravity

10:12 - Best Supporting Actress - Lupita Nyong'o , 12 Years a Slave

I am annoyed by Ellen

10:25- Best Cinematography - Gravity

The houndeds of giant roses are back.

10:30 - Best Editing - Gravity

10:33 - 75 anniversary of  The Wizard of Oz

10:43 -Production Design -  The Great Gatsby

New Background, very large tubes, fewer lights.

10:46 - Hero Clips

Ad Break 6 10:49

In Memoriam -  Sarah Jones, the poor girl who was killed by the train on the job didn't get a mention. She deserved it. Young people have to OD or die in a crash to get mentioned. Die working in the industry, on the job and you get nada.

11:05 -Best Move Clips

11:08 -  Best song nominee 4, Frozen

11:12 - Best Original Score- Gravity

11:16 - Best Orginal Song - "Let it Go" , Frozen

11:24 - Best Adapted Screenplay - 12 Years a Slave

New Back drop, stacks of old fashioned type writers.

11:25 - Best Original Screenplay - Spike Jonze, Her

Ad Break 7 11:29

11:32 - Best Director - Alphonso Cuaron, Gravity

Ad Break 8 11:38

11:41- Best Actress - Cate Blanchet Blue Jasmine

11:48 - Best Actor - Mathew McConaughey , Dallas Buyers Club

11:55 - Best Picture 12 Years a Slave