Friday, March 14, 2014

Moan and groan

I am tired of being cold, I am tried of wearing layers, I am tired of spending my time huddled under blankets, I'm tired of worrying if the animals are cold and if they are wearing enough layers and if they are warm enough under their blankets.

I am tired of having to dress like the Michelin woman to walk the dog, I am tired of  my fingers tingling because they are cold, I am tired of strong winds and shade that is cold instead of cool, I am tried of wearing socks.

I am tried of bitching about the cold, I am tried of listening to other people bitch about the cold.

I am not tired of watching bunnies cavort on my yard as I drive away from the house in the morning. I am used to seeing a bunny, which I had thought was the bunny in other peoples yards but I had never seen it in my yard, and then the other day I saw first one and then a second bunny and I am pretty sure they were engaging in some sort of bunny erotic display. And I started to wonder how often this sort of thing takes place and then I kind of understood why the dog sometimes loses his mind. If I saw a bunny leap four feet strait up in the air I might be tempted to take a bite out  of the futon myself.

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