Friday, March 31, 2006

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I don't watch Southpark and I'm not impressed by it but Creating Your Own Southpark Charactor is kind of fun
Bad Fan!

I finally saw Rent.

Yeah, yeah, I should have seen it years ago on stage, but years ago I couldn’t afford the tickets and was snippy about the pop influenced songs used in it. Which is odd because I'm a big fan of the music from Hair and Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat and they very influenced by the pop/rock style and really Joseph sampled from just about every genre it could get its little hands on (I think Andrew Loyd Weber is the devil) and I have never held that against it. The rock influenced soundtrack or ALW. To understand the depth of my ALW snobbery I had serious second thoughts about a friend I gad just met because the were a big fan of Starlight Express and considered it "quality theatre", two words I had never heard used to describe SLE...I should have seen that as a red flag friendshipwise.

I ordered Rent up from Netflix and I saw it cold, no Google research no forum sifting no nothing so I was very under the impression that it actually came out around 1989 - like the time stamp they provided at the beginning of the movie – I even called a friend at home from school and asked why those who obnoxiously sang in the hallways insisted on singing selections from Into The Woods when they could have been obnoxiously singing selections from Rent?

We fancied ourselves quite bohemian at the time and Rent would have fed our little starving artist fantasies to a T. It made me a little concerned about the state of our hipness. True, way down in San Marcos, Tx we wouldn’t have been able to go see it ourselves, but we would have known at least the songs. We seemed pretty hep at the time! But then of course, we played the soundtrack from The Little Mermaid at our yearly departmental dance and did so with a straight face… We staged John Guare shows and they were contemporary – so even if we couldn’t actually afford the licensing to stage Rent , someone would have known about it. I was really worried about us, I have kept myself warm at night thinking about how cool we, not I, I was never cool, had been. It was making me doubt what I thought I knew. Were we really theatre nerds? was the Little Mermaid thing a dark sign of dorkiness?

The songs rock in a very not your fathers' musical way. There are electric guitars! drums! amps! For Gawd sakes. And it’s “all sung” there is no book to speak of; very little dialogue to tell you what is going on between numbers. I don’t love this; it makes it kind of like watching a very, very, very long music video. The time frame it covers was also confusing, I couldn’t tell how much time was supposed to be passing or not passing and that was a little confusing. I am not cool enough for this show.

I did love the songs though. How times change. I was taken with enough of them that I went out and picked up the Best of Rent compilation. It isn’t all the songs, just the good ones. The actual sound track has like 27 numbers and costs a fortune even used. I didn’t love all the songs so it was a good middle ground. What I would still like to read would be a recap of what was going on as they were singing, I want a plot synopsis that isn’t “It’s supposed to be La Bohem”, because no, I never saw that either. I suck.

I did a little looking around and the reason the obnoxious hallway singers weren’t singing the songs in the early 90s, was because the show didn’t even hit the stage until 1996. By that time I wasn’t feeling the bohemian thing. It would have annoyed me that they were all living the dream but not having to live the dream while living with their parents or feeling pressured to get real jobs . They weren't fancy "bohemians" they were generic slackers with AZT and performance art

Thursday, March 30, 2006


So, did any of you follow the link to the Jeopardy test? Did any of you register and then sit for it? I would have but it was scheduled for the same time as Bones and a girl has to set her priorities.

And I mean, do you want to admit you forgot everything as soon as you shook the hand of whomever hand you shook as they handed you your diploma? I watch that show sometimes and from what I can tell, the only episodes I would have any chance in hell competing on are the yearly Celebrity episodes they do. I am stupider then the celebrities! I know less than David Duchovney about the periodic table! am I the only one who took Botany looks at a mushroom and thinks “Once upon a time, I used to know all the parts of this and what they did and now I couldn’t even if I wanted to?”. I must have known them well enough at some point to have passed my science requirement – and they didn’t offer Science for Theatre Majors either, we had to take a real science class! Way on the far other side of campus from the theatre building! That was a big deal. I took a class called Dance for Theatre Majors that seemed to be all about teaching us to walk across the floor with out tripping over our own feet. I got a “C”.

I still haven’t gone and picked up my Bunny. I keep saying I’ll do it after work or over lunch but I never get around to it. I should just suck it up and buy one of the $7.99 rabbits I keep seeing and thinking that I would get if they weren’t $7.99. It is Lent and it is a time of tithing and putting others first and our needs second so I should just do it. But damn, $7.99 for a stuffed animal?! And does Gawd want me to run around trying to find the cheapest gift bunny I can find? I should just go pick one up before someone else gets the “good” rabbits and I get stuck with something lavender and still $7.99. Grumble.

Ion the sprit of Lenten giving you could go and give the little beagle family a “10” and thus helping them win for their rescue group $5000 towards more care for more beagle families. It would be nice of you.

At this moment I am waiting for a lawyer who was supposed to be here at Noon. I took my lunch early, messed up my schedule for the rest of the day and at ten after twelve I get a call from his office informing me he wasn’t here yet and wouldn’t be and blah, blah, things I don’t care about later – he would be here by 3:00pm. It’s totally a control thing on his part. His usual M.O is to just turn up on my door step demanding to see a chart, he’s done that twice and I put him on a list. The You Have Been Warned List, so when his office called, it put a red flag up and I got ready to say NO. They made an end run around me and made an appointment – which he then missed for a time more conductive to his schedule. We shall see. I told the woman on the phone I leave here at 4:30 on the button and so will he, ready or not.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

You have too much money when...

When you can afford spend $19.99 per dog fart neutralizing thong for your dog. No mention as to how many dog farts neutrialized per thong.
BREAKING NEWS Judge sentences former lobbyist Jack Abramoff to five years and 10 months in prison in his Florida fraud case, news agencies report.

Plus, $20 million in restitution.!

True the five years 10 months is the minum sentence, but dayum, $20 mill?
Jeopardy, Baby...

The Jeopardy online test
The More You Know...

Do you wonder about that mustard in the back of the refrigerator? how about that three year old TV dinner in the freezer?

Here is a guide to the food hanging around in your refrigerator, how long is it good for? and can you, should you still eat it?

And even more:

Table of Condiments that perodically go bad

Wie gehts es? Yeah, I have layers.

It’s still trying to pretend that it’s spring. Kind of. It was enjoying being winter and now it is slow to be Spring. Winter is so much easier. Everything just lays there, no ones working too hard, stuff just kind of sits. It’s like nature goes on vacation for a while. Chills out so to speak.

It chills for a while, catches up on its rest, takes a deep breath and then goes back to work. I think needs a little rest before starting up with spring. Spring takes more energy, what with the trees budding and the flowers coming up and the birds coming back and the baby everything’s everywhere. It must be a lot of paper work, probably in triplicate and then it has to be routed and filed and you know things get lost along the way. I think that is why my azalea hasn’t bloomed yet.

Another phone call! don’t these people know I have work to do?! At least this person was ostensibly not insane. They actually wanted me to do something I can actually do. I get callers who seem to think (my ego non-withstanding) that I hold all information on all things. I blame this on the revolving door of secretaries and the fact that once your name and number get out there to the world, they use it!

Caller – Hi! I know you don’t have this but can I get licensure for Blahdeblah Group Home?

Me – Sorrynotmyjob!

Caller – Could I have the number of the division whose job it is?

Me – (The magic words are: STATE OPERATOR) To the caller – Oh, let me look, the correct division is the Division of Whatever, they can be reached at …

Caller - ( The magic words are Too Lazy to remember) Oh! I think I knew that! But we know you!

I am not the official liaison between the trial lawyers and the State of North Carolina! I am a file clerk! It may be “faster” then doing the work themselves but you know what would be even faster? When they make the call in the first place? They could just tell whoever answers the phone that they want information concerning BlahdeBlah Group home! Whomever it is who answers the call has the number, right there it’s not buried under other things, it’s not on a piece of tattered paper holding on for dear life on my desk leaf - they may even have it memorized! I clearly do not and I have no desire to do so. Say it after me : File. Clerk.

But I do it anyway. I am so damn helpful.

And back to the spring issue.

My azaleas. Because it is all about my azaleas and its missed paper work. It is not blooming. I looked at it this morning for signs of bloomage but found nothing. I saw several examples of blooming azaleas yesterday while I was walking Dogger and yet my azalea is resolutely not blooming. My irises have bloomed vigorously. They look great. They are the greatest looking saddest iris plants in the world and yet even they managed to pull it together enough to bloom a bumper crop this year. The azalea is mocking me and not at all a self starter.

My tree even bloomed. The flowering thing next to my front walks? Flowering! Not the way others of its kind are, but flowering non-the-less. Could it be that I was supposed to dosomething to the plants? I mean besides thinking thoughts about how they should be working harder at bloom school? Bringing home more home work? Sought out bloomage tutors? I haven’t said anything to them directly, but I think they have noticed that I have noticed.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

!@#$%^ Red Cross

You know what the Red Cross' blood drive pitch should be?

"Be a Man? Give Blood!!! because they do a damn good job of making sure that women can't. They don't really need blood all that badly when they can afford to turn back half the eligible donors because of arbitrarily picked numbers. If my doctor doesn't say I'm anemic than the Red Cross shouldn't be able to either.

A blind man rescued his elderly neighbor from her burning home, saving three baby kittens in the process.

To See is to Believe ( link goes to CNN video)

Tell me that Ty Pennington is not all ready in the air.
Bunny Rabbit Bizness


It's time for our Annual Bunny Drive. We're on year number THIRTEEN! Last year we collected 1,229 bunnies, chicks, lambs and other furry friends. They were distributed to area hospital's pediatric and geriatric wards residential centers and nursing homes during the Easter holiday.

Bunny Due Date is: Monday, April 10, 2006

Please Note: Per Hospital Policy all bunnies must be new and the tags and labels should be left on the bunnies. Please share this message with anyone you think would like to participate in this project.

Thank you very much for your bunny contribution.

And then a week later:

I know that you all received this message from REDACTED last week but I wanted to send it again to let you know how important this years bunny collection is to me personally.As you know, each year bunnies are collected and given to children in the area hospitals but what everybody does not know is that REDACTED and I are trying to see who can collect the most bunnies this year. And if I lose, I think I have to buy her lunch and you just can't imagine what that will COST me!!! So please bring me a bunny before April 10th and hopefully she will have to buy me that lunch.
Thanks to everybody that has already brought bunnies.

Sigh. I really do need to get on this. I’ve done a little looking around but I haven’t found The Bunny. There can be only one bunny and so far, the little bastard has eluded me. And it’s not like stuffed bunnies are hard to find this time of year, pretty much every place worth their cash register has a collection of stuffed bunnies for sale. I could have settled for “a” bunny many, many, many times over and have all ready been done with all this but No. I am looking for the one true bunny and I will not be swayed by quantity over quality. This bunny has to be perfect.

It would also be nice if it could be a color found in nature. Most of the stuffed rabbits I have seen so far are pastel. Real rabbits are not pastel. A pastel rabbit out wandering around in the grass would get eaten by a realistically hued hawk inside of a second – if there were realistically hued hawks in a world that would produce pink rabbits. Maybe in Pink Bunny World hawks are lavender or have rainbows printed on their little lavender hawk “chests”. Do hawks have chests? Have I watched too many Disney movies where the hawks are wearing golf shirts and have the capacity to speak? As well as play a few rounds of golf with green bears. I may also be thinking of The Care Bears where I think every creature up to an including velerapters were created in shades of pink, lavender and baby blue.

And in addition to my fur color rule issues I have other rules too:

1. There must not be wire in the bunny ears.
2. There must not be ribbon around the bunny neck
3. The bunny must not be in any pose that suggests prayer.
4. The bunny must not have buttons, flowers, baskets or anything else that could conceivable be swallowed, stuffed or used as a weapon. See #1.
5. The bunny must not have a stated gender.
6. The bunny must not be “patriotic” – no flags, crests or badges.
7. The bunny must be self supporting – no flopping.
8. The bunny must be of standard size. No miniatures no bunnies of carnival proportions.
9. The bunny must not be selling anything - no candy, no creed no NASCAR.

So you see, it can be hard to find the one true bunny. And then I have to remind myself that I am not buying this bunny for me, I am buying this bunny for someone else, someone else who may not have the same bunny issues that I have. There may very well be a resident in a nursing home or a child in a hospital that really, really wants a pro-war Bunny in red, white, and blue camo? Or a NASCAR themed Bunny and who am I to put my taste before theirs? Who am I anyway to insist that the only appropriate bunny for any one to have is earth toned and with out a stated religious preference or a stance on aspects of our countries foreign relations? I could be being kind of a bitch about this. Who am I to force my world view on other people? Is it possible to force your world view on some one else vis a vis a stuffed bunny?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Reality Shows Suck because...

Exploitation is fun!

"the show would also absolutely love to feature those battling skin cancer, Lou Gehrig's disease, and muscular dystrophy. Oh, and families with multiple children with Down Syndrome would be ideal, whether the kids are "either adopted or biological"
OMG!! teh leetle teeny!

from The Daily Kitten
This is the Word of the Pasta

Will its revelations — that pirates control global warming, that there's a beer volcano in heaven, and that superstition trumps science every time — overwhelm religious belief for all mankind?

probably not

But if you want to cover your bases...

(order yours)

Dogger hates spring.

Just when she had become comfortable with being outside and only being threatened by stationary menaces like trees and over head wires - the evol birds are back.

Birds unlike the other Death From Above threats have the capacity to pick on her on purpose. The jet trails goad her from a distance and the over head wires aren’t given to dive bombing her while she is trying to pee. Dogger finds it hard to maintain the proper meditative concentration it requires to spend hours chewing on fallen branches when she is being used as bomber practice by wannabe jihadist mockingbirds looking to make a name for themselves by taking on bigger targets than the neighborhood cats. They could pick on the neighborhood pit bulls but they are not suicide jihadists.

So that is why on a perfectly good day when by rights I shouldn’t even allow her to sit inside and chew on her toy, that she is sitting inside chewing on her toy. If she were a child she would be spending the afternoon inside watching 35 year old Bewitched reruns instead of outside playing with her friends.

Me - Come on Dogger it’s nice outside!

Dogger - I have things.

Me - Things? What things?

Dogger - This chew toy isn’t going to chew itself. I have things.

Me - Chew that later!

Dogger -Later I’ll be napping and after that I have to lick my arm and after that I have dinner. I’m really over scheduled, actually. I don’t see when I’m going to be able to go outside. Why don’t I pencil “outside” in for, say, October.

Me - You plan on holding it until October?

Dogger - I took a class.

Me - A class?

Dogger - with a yogi? What do you think I do all day while you’re off in Office Land?

Me - I think you sleep all day.

Dogger - I’m deeply into meditation.

Me - How come when I come home you seem to be deeply into REM sleep?

Dogger - You're projecting now.

Me - Okay. Sometimes you sleep over here and then you wake up and move so you can sleep over there...

Dogger - I’ll have you know that I have a busy and active social life apart from you!

Me - How do you find the time when you are so busy "meditating? The only “social life” you encounter is are the Kitty and the dogs we meet on our walks and you hardly speak to them.

Dogger - You are so limited by your humanity!

Me - Humans really suffer from not being able stick our noses into each others butts.

Dogger - If you only knew!

Me - I can imagine.

Dogger -Anal sacks do not lie. For example, did you know that There is no identity theft in the animal kingdom? It’s impossible. We aren’t going to put on a random ID tag and try to become that dog, sure it would work on you - it’s not going to work with us. We are so much more than our names. We have a whole means of identifying each other that goes far beyond your puny senses. To you, that rat terrier may look alike all the other rat terriers, but we can tell the difference. I put my nose in your butt - I know who you are. You can’t fake that.

Me - What would it benefit a dog to steal a rat terriers identity?

Dogger - That is beside to point.

Me - Why are we still inside?

Dogger - Because now it is raining.

Me - Well played Dogger, well played.

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Friday Cat Blogging

As Tax Day approaches...

But the most controversial research focuses on "intercessory" or "distant" prayer, which involves people trying to heal others through their intentions, thoughts or prayers, sometimes without the recipients knowing it. The federal government has spent $2.2 million in the past five years on studies of distant healing,

Our tax dollars at work. I don't want my tax dollars working this way. I don't care how small a percentage of the budget is earmarked for this kind of "research"; it is still being spent in a way I do not approve. If the extreme right bitches about "their" tax dollars being used for family planning, I think those of us in the reality based community can and should bitch about this.

Researchers study prayer's influence on healing
World Peace Puppy

This World Peace Puppy was sent to me by Jen who says:

This is my sweet pea Sebastian, who I don't get to see too often because he's too... exuberant for city life, and prefers to stay with my parents on a farm.He was rescued by my Dad, who was attending a deceased estate auction - a dog with a litter of pups was left behind and were probably going to be drowned if homes weren't found. My Dad, the big softie, rescued this little devil. He was probably only ~4wks old when I got him... if we didn't want him to get out and be a pest, he'd be safe in a 4L icecream tub. He's a lot bigger than that now.

See?! Don't you feel calmer and happier as a result of seeing this sweet puppy? he was rescued and now he brings you happy, calming, puppy waves of peace.

TGIF. Finally. Well, not as finally as last week when I swear there was eleven days between Monday and Friday, and half of them Mondays! but finally, non-the less even with significantly fewer Mondays in the mix. Friday.

The paper was on the porch again this morning. That wasn't among my demands, but I’m glad they are seeing fit to make sure they aren't giving me any reason to call them. The Good neighbor’s paper is supposed to be thrown on their porch and I think one of the other houses too, so I have no problem taking a ride on their wake if it means no more digging through my shrubs trying to find my paper.

And it’s cold again. It was nice and warm, hot for a bit there, but those days are past. My office is cold too. Half the building is sweltering and half is frozen. They can’t get it straightened out or balanced or whatever they would have to do to make it bearable and they aren’t going to anything; with as old as the building is and as low bid as the maintenance is, we should be happy they bother coming out here to beat on the pipes at all. We have been told that sometime in the fall we are going to be moved to another building on campus that is being remodeled for us so the chances of getting them to do any work on this place is wishful thinking. Our "new" building is a lovely building and I hope they don’t remodel it into this one. The other building still had a real kitchen and all the old tile work. It was really pretty. They “office” doors over there are still heavy metal doors from back when the rooms were used as patient rooms and I could see that as being a turn off, this building as cells too but they took the doors off a long time ago.

I made myself a little late to work today. I pass by Moore Square every day on my way to work and every morning for the last week I have been watching this tree go into flower. It is beautiful and every morning I say to myself that I really should try to remember to bring my camera one of these day and take a picture of it. Of course, I think about it at 6:50 in the morning and my 7:50 I have forgotten all about it and I don’t think about it again until the next time I go past Moore Square and the more times that happens the more green the tree gets and the less point to taking its picture, I don’t know what kind of tree it is but it has lovely blooms and it is the only one like it at the park.

I decided to not forget about it and this morning on my way to work I took this

Yesturday, I had to drop something in the mail after work and I saw these, unlike Moore Square, there are lots of them on campus. I did something today I haven't done since October - I hung around after work! for months I've been sprinting home to walk Dogger before dark and now I can finally stop and smell the flowers

Today I’m having Bonus Friday Cat Blogging!

That is Smokey, our building kitty. He is a wee thing, just itty, but he’s full grown and close to, we think, eight years old. That is very old for a feral. I know he’s slowing down because he lets us pet him now and for years he wouldn’t even let anyone get near him. He’s mellowing out.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dumbest Site Ever

Do you think there is a chance in hell you might be pregnant? are you afraid of doctors? are you dumb as a stump? Then The Pregnancy Tester is the place for you! it will even let you know who your baby daddy is.
Dribs and Drabs

Dogger did get a walk the other night. She didn’t enjoy it but it was good to get out and about. We scared two different sets of scary guys so that made it worth it.

I don’t know what has come over the paper boy but two mornings in the row the paper has been both on time and on my porch. Which would be great but I just now got into the grove of my new replacement morning routine that was designed to make allowances for the paper not being there or not being there until 6:30. The new routine does require that I hit the ground running and while I am sure that this is a good thing, I get more done, and I have more uninterrupted newspaper reading time available to me. It stills pisses me off I changed my routine because the paperboy wasn’t doing his job.

Dogger needs a bath and she needs a bath tonight. Problem being that tonight is a really good TV night and it’s cold. I can’t just tell her to go put on her fuzzy pajamas and robe either, she will stand still for the hair dryer but not for long, she doesn’t understand it or its noise. Poor baby. I’ll wait until the weekend for her bath.

A good meat loaf is worth its weight in gold.

I am still waiting for the World peace puppies to come rolling in. Do none of you have a World Peace puppy? Or access to one? I am disappointed. You know they don’t have to be your puppy, they could be any picture of any puppy that you believe could bring about world peace… it’s not hard. For example:

This is what a 3D sonogram would have looked like of Dogger a week after conception. See? Adorableness. Can you feel the desire to compromise just coming off it in waves?

Here is another.

Doesn’t that puppy make you just want to throw down your arms and work towards a peaceful solution? Do you not feel like working through whatever issues you may be having with those around you and finding a middle path?

Come on! The world needs more World Peace Puppies. Send em’ in. My email is to your right.

Those puppies and more can be found at The Daily Puppy

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


The president cited the northern city of Tal Afar, once an insurgent stronghold. "The savagery of the terrorists and insurgents who controlled Tal Afar is really hard for Americans to imagine," Bush said. "They enforced their rule through fear and intimidation, and women and children were not spared.” The president said Iraqi troops took the lead in the retaking and rebuilding of the city. "In this city, we see the outlines of the Iraq that we and the Iraqi people have been fighting for," Bush said. "A free and secure people are getting back on their feet ... are participating in government and civic life."

full story

You know what cites I really want to see the full power of the United States of America rebuilding? New Orleans. To be honest I could care less about the progress in rebuilding Tal Afar. I do not care.

I am more concerned with the destruction of the gulf coast than I am with the rebuilding progress being made in bombed Iraqi cities. I want my fearless leader to be more concerned with New Orleans than Tal Afar. Bush made decisions that led to both cities being destroyed, true, but I just think our city should be the more important of the rebuilding projects. And he it pains that he cares more about the plight of Iraqi woman in their society than he does about American women in his society.

Evacuees' Lives Still Upended Seven Months After Hurricane

Nearly seven months after Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans and forced out hundreds of thousands of residents, most evacuees say they have not found a permanent place to live, have depleted their savings and consider their life worse than before the hurricane, according to interviews with more than 300 evacuees conducted by The New York Times.Fewer than a quarter of the participants in the study have returned to the same house they were living in before the hurricane, while about two-thirds said their previous home was unlivable. A fifth said their house or apartment had been destroyed. Many have not found work and remain separated from family members.

Dogger didn’t get a walk yesterday. It was raining, cold and I had a headache. Dogger doesn’t like the rain and isn’t wild about the cold; so the lack of walk was not completely self serving on my part.It was like serving myself cold fries or bringing myself the wrong drink. it was not serivce with a smile.

But she is going to have to walk tonight. It is still raining and not warmer but I’m not in pain and for a change I’ve been able to have the over head light on in my office all afternoon so I think I’m probably doing better and I should walk while the iron is, um, well, something Do hot irons tolerate over head lighting?

Dogger is still not going to be wild about walking if it’s still raining though but I need the exercise – so there is still an element of self serving in my desire to walk her but it must be an element we don’t use often. A small element. But then I remember that I am the Person and we don’t walk because I don’t want to, or we walk because I want to. Dogger is the dog and she doesn’t get a vote. Dogger would be just as happy to hop up on the ottoman and watch Season II of Hogan’s Heroes all evening as she would to go for a walk. More happy with the ottoman option if it’s still raining.

it doesn't matter. We aren’t going to watch Season II of Hogan’s Heroes all evening, again. We are going to go for a walk! Walk, walk, walk! Because walking is good for us and the eleventyteen plastic bags I have are not going to recycle themselves into useful members of the comunity. Dogger’s walks are a benefit to the entire ecology.

But... it’s gray and ugly and drizzly and not warm. It is only moderately less ugly than it was last evening at this time and I had no problem whatsoever not walking the dog. I sat in front of the TV and ate the cake that I made Sunday after I decided I was hungry but not so hungry that I wanted to eat something right now. Hungry in a “I want to make something I can eat later”: way. I added chocolate chips to it so it is very good. It’s very , very, very bad though and every piece I scarf down voids anything positive I may get from the walks I did take Dogger on over the last few days. I also had a green beer Friday night and it was not “Lite”. Sigh. I have been keeping the house cold, so maybe I am burning a few extra calories trying to stay warm but I not enough to make up for cake or the beer.

I should be getting extra exercise by by taking Doggers crate out of her room and bringing back her bed. The bed is much better than the crate for any number of reasons - except for the times when I really, really, really want to lock her obnoxious doggy self up in the crate for a few minutes so I can finish downloading something or I have a cramp in my dog head petting hand and if there is no crate in which to lock her up in, I don’t have the crate to lock her up in. I am a bad dog owner. Bad. I should feel bad.

If I was really a good person I would this evening, A) Bath Dogger and then B) replace her crate with her bed. That would be a nice thing to do, but at the same time, Dogger seems to really like the crate and she isn’t able to eat the crate which cuts way down on the screaming at Dogger time we both have grown to not enjoy - but the crate is kind of crib like and she is a big Girl Dog now and she should be in a big Girl Dog bed – her bed.


The grayness and the general blahness does not put me in a mind of being useful. It puts me in a mind to curl up on the chair with Dogger and a few good episodes of Hogan’s Heroes

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bush: U.S. will succeed in Iraq

Shrubs grandchildren will be grandparents but damn it...

"I'm confident, I believe, I'm optimistic we'll succeed -- if not, I'd pull our troops out," Bush said during a White House news conference. "If I didn't believe we could succeed, I wouldn't be there. I wouldn't put those kids there. I meet with too many families who've lost a loved one to not be able to look them in the eye and say, 'We're doing the right thing,' and we are doing a right thing."Bush also hinted that U.S. forces could remain in Iraq after his presidency ends in January 2009 -- in answering a reporter's question about when all American troops would leave. "That, of course, is an objective," Bush said, "And that will be decided by future presidents and future governments of Iraq.".Bush appeared to acknowledge some mistakes in Iraq but repeated his opinion that the costs of failure would be too great to withdraw troops

I am confident that never going to leave. I am optimistic that he is clearly delusional. "We're" not doing anything, "we" aren't making the decisions, HE is still doing the WRONG THING THREE YEARS LATER.

On Iraq's neighbor Iran, Bush expressed concern about Tehran's suspected nuclear weapons program, saying it eventually "could blackmail the world."

We are also going to invade Iran.

Other issues

Tax cuts: Bush said he's going to continue to work with Congress to make his legislated federal tax cuts permanent, to restrain federal spending and to cut the deficit in half by 2009

He is going to cut 9 trillion dollars in half? HOW. I think we do not want to know.

Gay marriage: "I believe society's interests are met by defining marriage as between a man and a woman

In what way are they better met?
You must remember this…

She can't forget

Would you really want to not forget anything ever? All the ephemeral nonsense? All the trivia all the information that passes in front of you on a daily bases? All of it just hanging around forever? Peoples Choice nominees? Imagine remembering everything you learn. I mean, I could see this as having an upside, you could not be beat at trivia night at the bar, and who doesn’t want to be known for their mastery of bar trivia but… Think of every single thing you learn, see, read, hear - hanging around indefinitely in the mental file you would normally just use for your phone number and children’s ages. What if your brain couldn’t purge it's memory vaults ever? It doesn’t say whether or not she maintains the emotional reaction the events might have caused her… But it could all become trivia; I don’t have emotional responses to trivia. I don’t think I would want the important things that happened to me to be the same to me as trivia.

The article says she remembers the day that a 40s star died – she wasn’t around to remember the death but she did know what day the man died on and where he was when he died. Is that a true memory of the event or is that just a very good recall of the facts. Not so much an example of a photographic memory but a Xerox of a memory?

What were you wearing on March 21, 2005? Do you remember? Why? I bet you could bring up what you were wearing on September 11, 2001, or not, I can’t and I can remember just about everything else about that day. Why do I not remember what I was wearing? My outfit on that day was not relevant? Everything else was, even the trivial things. Trying to remember what I was wearing makes me tense, why?

Right now I am wearing a sweater I was wearing the day I got fired from a job. This is my “Fired by that bastard Glen” sweater. I was wearing a blue button down under it. I do not remember what I was wearing when I was told my job at the Nursing Home was being eliminated due to “budgetary issues” – I do remember the date, October 16, 2000 because my last day there was November 1, 2000. I remember I stopped wearing a watch on June 16, 1994 but I don’t really know for sure what the event that made me decide “I am never putting on a watch again”, was, I’m thinking it was an important because I to this day, 11 years later, still do not wear a watch and have no desire to do so. But I don’t know why.

But dayum. I would love to stop forgetting things! Where is that packet that I put down and now can’t find? Where did I leave my credit card? What did I tell that person? Who did I give that chart to? Who told me what? I can see having a great memory as a really cool thing to have. But, there is all that flotsam and jetsam that I would also be stuck remembering that maybe I don’t need to remember. Do I need to remember what day it was and what the weather was like the when Dogger ate the the TV remote?

Is it necessary to remember the names of my college room mates? It is more important that I do remember my elementary school teachers names? (Cummings, Barney, Deaton, Robinson, Henley, Estep. In order, thank you very much) Sure, they taught me but I didn’t get dressed every day in a 9x12 room with any of their either. Room mates – um. Cindy who put hairspray on her hair every night before she went to sleep! The last one was called Cindy! I had seven in three years. Something about each of them should have stood out to me more to me than: Two were pledging sororities, one was into rugby players, one was Thai, one was crazy, one was Cindy, there is another one I don’t remember at all.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Yes,in '44, back when a hummer was a hummer

"The U.S. Army burned 12 times more fuel per soldier in Iraq than it did in France in 1944 -- nine gallons of fuel per soldier per day in 2004,"

The Pentagon got it's Exxon bill...
Liberals build better babies

How to spot a baby conservative

Remember the whiny, insecure kid in nursery school, the one who always thought everyone was out to get him, and was always running to the teacher with complaints? Chances are he grew up to be a conservative.

At least, he did if he was one of 95 kids from the Berkeley area that social scientists have been tracking for the last 20 years. The confident, resilient, self-reliant kids mostly grew up to be liberals.

Have you even woken up in the morning and said “I am going to get things done today!”? And then you roll back over and go back to sleep and wind up getting nothing done?

Yeah. That has never happened to me. I am all about the getting of the shite done. Yup. I am totally about getting my stuff taken care of. Now.

Okay, in reality I am all about thinking of getting my stuff done. I am a great planer of how efficient I am going to be. I make lists, I plan, I coordinate. And then I wake up and its too cold or too rainy or too nice and all my lists, plans and coordination are for naught.

Saturday was like that. Except I had no plan. I woke up and it was very lovely but it was also a little cool. It was perfect weather to watch TV with the dog. I was very successful at this until I remembered it was Saturday and I needed to go to the upholstery store and look at decorative beading so I can turn


It has occurred to me that it is going to take a lot of decorative beading. And possibly the intervention of some sort of magical entity.

So. It was off to the upholstery store. Sadly, I was not successful. I had been sure that they had every kind of decorative edging known to man and some, so decorative in nature that are only known to wo-man and the but the decorative beading I was there for was not to be found. I did come across some decorative beading that was so heavy that it could be used as cleaver McGuyver style in-a- pinch weaponry - that I will certainly keep in mind should I ever be called upon to do some under cover assassination work - but it wasn’t the right colors for my needs so I left it at the store. It was also very expensive and probably would have required a cooling off period and back ground checks before purchase. I’m not ready to start burning candles and strangling cats, so I see more visits to upholstery stores in my future and so I came home and watched a few hours of Hogans Heroes.

I didn’t get much done Saturday.

Sunday however... Sunday I was a machine. I got up, I got dressed, I started a load of laundry, I went to Mass and on the way home I picked up some lunch and came home, read the Sunday paper, listened to Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, made some decisions about what I am going to wear to the office for the coming week, and then I got to work. I decided that I need to make meatloaf so I made a list and I went to the store and I bought only what was on my list and I came home. I made my meat loaf, cleaned up the dishes from that, I put another load of laundry in, I went down the street and bought gas, I gassed up the lawn mower and mowed the lawn, came back inside put load one into the driver and load two into be washed. This was all before 1:30 pm.

Okay, say what you will about weeds, but newly mow weeds do an awfully good imitation of newly mown grass

....And then I sat down for “just a minute” and watched a couple of hours of Hogans Heroes and kind of lost my groove.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

May the Lord have mercy on our souls

Intellectual poverty is the most striking quality of the Bush administration's new National Security Strategy statement, issued on Thursday. Its overall incoherence, its clich├ęs and stereotyped phraseology give the impression that Stephen Hadley, the national security adviser, and his fellow authors assembled it from the boilerplate of bureaucratic discourse with contempt for the Congress to whom it is primarily reveals the administration's foreign policy as a lumpy stew of discredited neoconservative ideas with some neo- Kissingerian geopolitics now mixed in.

The statement's only visible purpose is to address a further threat to Iran, as its predecessor, in 2002, threatened Iraq. The only actual "strategy" that can be deduced from it is that the Bush administration wishes to rule the world. The document is nonsensical in content, insulting to other nations and unachievable in declared intention.

If people read it to find a statement of American foreign policy's objective, they will learn that the United States has "the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world." Good luck.

The document's foreign readers will have two reactions. The first will be that it can't be serious. The second will be that it has to be taken seriously since these people have spent three ruinous years in a futile effort to control Iraq; they must be assumed capable of doing the same thing again to Iran.
country than from Iran," and that it reserves the right to take "anticipatory action to defend ourselves, even if uncertainty remains as to the time and place of the enemy's attack." Whose attack? Iran's? Under what conceivable circumstances would Iran attack the United States, even if it possessed nuclear weapons?
Finally there is North Korea, which the national strategy document seems to assume already has nuclear weapons. Pyongyang is simply enjoined to "afford freedom to its people," and the North Koreans are warned that the United States will protect itself "against adverse effects of their bad conduct." The Iranian government in Tehran will surely note that pre-emption is not mentioned in connection with North Korea.

Full text here Internation Hearld Tribune

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging

It is to weep.

In addition to bluebonnets, you'll also find those things that are quintessentially Texas -- barbecue joints, dance halls, and small towns filled with quirky characters.


Texas Hill Country: The next Napa? I hope to Gawd not.
Zipping Denied

My plan was to eat lunch quickly and then zip to the store and pick up some more food for The Kitty and then zip back to work and spend the remainder of my lunch hour reading my book in the car. I finished my lunch quickly and was in the car all ready to zip to the store when I remembered that the store within zipping distance is not a Kroger, The store within zipping distance is a Food Lion and it is only from Kroger that the One True Cat Food can be picked up.


The closest Kroger is too far away to be zipped to. There is no zipping off to the Kroger. It is far enough away that it must be schlepped to. You have to schlep to the nearest Kroger. So I schlepped out to the Kroger got the cat food and schlepped back. I still got to read in the car a little, but it wasn’t the satisfying read in the car that I had planned for. My plan was 1)Eat lunch, 2)Zip to store, 3)Obtain cat food, 4) Zip back to work and read book for a good 20 minutes - What? I eat really fast, I can be done with my lunch and back from zipping off to buy cat food before you've finished unwrapping your PB&J. This was all supposed to happen in a snappy manor. Schleping is the anti-Snappy. The schelp to all the snap out of my game plan.

Zipping v. Schlepping

schlep or schlepp also schlep Slang
v. schlepped also schlepped, schlepping or schlepping also schlepping, schleps or schleps also schleps
To carry clumsily or with difficulty; lug: schlepped a shopping bag around town.
To move slowly or laboriously: schlepped around with the twins in a stroller.
1. An arduous journey.
2. A clumsy or stupid person.

[Yiddish shlepn, to drag, pull, from Middle Low German sl pen; see lei- in Indo-European roots.]

schlep per, schlepp er, shlep per n.

1. A brief sharp hissing sound.
2. Energy; vim.
3. A zipper.
4. Slang Nothing; nil; zero: received zip for money after doing the job for them.
v. zipped, zip•ping, zips
a. To move with a sharp hissing sound.
b. To move or act with a speed that suggests such a sound: The cars zipped by endlessly.
2. To act or proceed swiftly and energetically: zipped through her homework.
3. To become fastened or unfastened by a zipper.
1. To give speed and force to.
2. To impart life or zest to.
3. To fasten or unfasten with a zipper.

The Free

I hope kitty appreciates my sacrifice. I knew there was a reason that I needed to do that errand after work. There are Lunch Errands and there are After Work Errands. Errands that can be run at lunch include – buying stamps, light bulbs, paper goods, mailing stuff, grocery shopping for non-perishables or pet food. Lunch time is also ideal for “mission shopping” – when you know what you want and where exactly where it is located, you are going for one thing and one thing only and you will not be distracted. You are going in and you are going out. While after work errands include: grocery shopping for perishables, buying hard to find cat food, shopping for area rugs, and browsing. Browsing at lunch is not as satisfying. To properly browse you can not be on a clock. Wal-Mart is for your lunch hour, the mall is for after work.

And today is St. Patrick’s Day!! Yay! Think Happy Green Thoughts! Drink Green beer! Wear Green! Feed your dog a
greenie .

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ga$ Prices

Was there a hurricane I didn't hear about? The UAE ends up with a case of blue balls so they up the price of crude because they think we're a dick tease?
Just The Facts

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Reading in The Dark!

  1. Reading in The Dark is worth her weight in gold - literally.
  2. In Japan, Reading in The Dark can only be prepared by chefs specially trained and certified by the government.
  3. The Aztec Indians of Mexico believed Reading in The Dark would protect them from physical harm, and so warriors used her to decorate their battle shields!
  4. The colour of Reading in The Dark is no indication of her spiciness, but size usually is.
  5. Reading in The Dark cannot jump!
  6. Banging your head against Reading in The Dark uses 150 calories an hour.
  7. Wearing headphones for an hour will increase the amount of Reading in The Dark in your ear 700 times.
  8. Michelangelo finished his great statue of Reading in The Dark in 1504, after eighteen months work.
  9. Reading in The Dark is black with white stripes, not white with black stripes.
  10. Reading in The Dark can pollinate up to six times more efficiently than the honeybee.
I am interested in - do tell me about
Senate permits national debt to grow to $9 trillion

The Senate voted Thursday to allow the national debt to swell to nearly $9 trillion, preventing a first-ever default on U.S. Treasury notes. The bill passed by a 52-48 vote. The increase to $9 trillion represents about $30,000 for every man, woman and child in the United States. The bill now goes to President Bush for his signature.

And George Walker Bush claims to be a “conservative?” on what planet does a conservative need 9 trillion dollars to run the government? You're asking, How much is a Trillon? "If you spent a million dollars a day for a million days (2,739 years), you'd hit $1 trillion”.

I suggest meditating on this panda to relive the stress .

Look at the panda. Think about the panda. Think happy panda thoughts. When you have thought about the panda, go here and look at the 1348 other pictures of the panda.
Bush - "Iraqed so Iran

"Just like September 11, only with nuclear weapons this time, that's the threat. I think that is the threat," ambassador John Bolton told ABC News' Nightline program. More from Bushco stooge Nut job John Bolton who probably still wants those nukes aimed at the U.N.

Rice called Iran a "troublesome state" and the "central banker of terrorism" in between work outs, ouf course Condy "Hard Body" Rice has more to say.

Undaunted by the difficult war in Iraq, President Bush is reaffirming his strike-first policy against terrorists and enemy nations and says Iran may pose the biggest challenge for America. In a 49-page national security report today, Bush says diplomacy is the U.S. preference in halting the spread of nuclear and other heinous weapons. But he adds: "If necessary ... under long-standing principles of self defense, we do not rule out the use of force before attacks occur."

mean and playing fast and lose with our troops

Bush may not think about them, but we must.Lest We Forget

And I don't even like the Iranians. I still remember the hostage "situation", 444 days. I remember a teacher sending us out to tie yellow ribbons to the trees in front of the elementy school. Bush is going to cause hell to break lose oh, and over there, do you hear Korea? what you say? No Oil? can't hear them?
Wakey, Wakey

I was sitting in the kitchen this morning, quietly reading my paper when my alarm clock went off upstairs. I thought Wow. I should be just getting out of bed now. I should be walking to the bathroom and just starting, I shouldn’t be here yet. I almost found myself listening to hear myself walk across the floor and turn the faucet on. I had gotten out of bed early because I realized it didn’t mater what time it was, I was awake and the cat abandoned me and I needed to get up .

It was 5:30am and I had been thinking about being awake since about 4am.Kitty did a good job keeping me warmish and my mind off the fact that the parts of me that were not in contact with The Kitty were cold and not pleased and also awake. I was laying there and I figured out why so many people chop down trees around their homes – the damn birds sit in the trees and squawk for hours! If you do not have trees you do not have to listen to them squawk. The song birds must not have flown north yet; those that stayed are the ones who can’t sing. The big, hulking, tone deaf birds. The birds you don’t go to any trouble to feed. The ones that are too big for your cute song bird bird feeder. The birds who stay are the ones that eat small dogs. I don’t know what hulking puppy snatches were out that but it sounded like American Idol was holding auditions. I have lived with wild parrots camped out outside my window and they didn’t make that much noise.

So I got up did my thing, got me up/dressed and downstairs got the dog up/out/fed and back to her room. I was surprised to see that she was all ready awake, sometimes I go in there in the morning and she’s still asleep. I think the puppy snatchers woke her up. She probably thought they were coming for her.

Yesterday, I got to work and got on the phone to the paper and told them I was canceling my subscription if they couldn’t get my paper to me before I left for work in the morning. I told them I was going to cancel and I was going to say it was because the delivery guy was late, late, late everyday and I was tired of it. I was tired of calling them every morning, I was tired of talking to supervisors, I was tired of them. I told them that my paper will be on my lawn by the time I go out there at ten after six or I am canceling. It must have worked, today the paper was there at 5:45am ( which is still 15 minutes later than it is supposed to land in my yard, but...) I should have threatened to cancel months ago!

With all the extra time I was able to really process what I was reading. I have decided after reading Luanne this morning, that I want the hot fire chick, the one that Brad, Luanne’s potato head brother, lusts after, to move to Hawaii and never come back just like the out of her league object of Luanne’s affection did, and then I want hot chicks boyfriend to smush Brad. I also think Doonsbury is in reruns this week.

I was looking at the TV guide thing – why are we still watching basketball? How can this not be over yet? Are there any teams that do so badly over the course of the season that they do not play during March? Why bother playing 1100 games a season if you can lose all of them and still be playing on my TV in March. Football doesn’t mess around like this: You suck and your season is over, none of this “madness” nonsense and the football play offs don’t force my TV shows to not be on. I think there should be a way to opt out of the wall to wall Basketball coverage.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pew poll results

from Atrios

Go look at Maddie the puppy
In The Night

I’ve been sleeping with the windows open and paying the price. I’m reminded how whoever wrote In The Still of The Night must have had central air. The still of the night is not really so still. Life goes on with or with out natural light to shine the way just because its night time or three in the morning, life does not stop. Cars don’t stop cruising past, cops and ambulances and fire trucks run their sirens, assholes play their stereos too loud as they drive past. Birds make a lot of noise at night too.

The drug dealer and his friends make a big show of turning their lights off and shutting the doors but it doesn’t make their dogs bark less or end the parade of people who still drop by to “visit”. I think they officially close down at about midnight but I shut down at eleven. That leaves a whole hour of noise making and stereo blasting discrepancy in our sleep cycles. Sometimes they just sit outside and talk and talk and talk loudly enough for me to hear them but not loud enough for me to understand them. Bastards. If I am going to have to be party to their conversations, I want to be able to eaves drop.

Occasionally an argument will break out and they will achieve real volume but these get broken up quickly - in their defense they try to limit the screaming fights to the day light hours – Good Neighbors limit their shrieking profanities at each other to The Family Hour. Where is the FRC when I need them?

Last night I was woken up at some point, actually several times, Thank you Kitty! . I try not to check the clock. My rational being that if I know what time it is that I am lying there awake – I am awake and if I don’t know what time it is I am not really “awake”. Once I have looked at the clock, it’s all over. I am really awake at that hour and I can spend the next X amount of hours thinking about it and I know what time my alarm goes off and I end up laying their depressed because I’m only going to get X amount of sleep and work is going to suck starting at about 2:30pm when I am, too tired to do anything but I have to do something...

I have tried to fix this problem by never looking at the clock when I get woken up Thank you Kitty for knocking the phone off the table! Love it!. It also helps me fool myself into believing that I’m not really awake and that I went right back to sleep after not really being awake but occasionally, it happens and once that happens I know want time it is I and I morph into a clock watcher and I will wake up ever ten minutes to make sure I didn’t accidentally sleep though my alarm.

I was not “woken up” first by Kitty playing with the phone and then by either a baby crying or the feral cats fighting outside. The noise seemed to go on too long to be cats fighting but it seemed too high pitched to be a baby’s cry. Whatever it was it took place right under my window and was endless. The drug dealer is sleeping with his windows open too and one of those open windows may be a bedroom, so it could have been a restive baby or it could have been the cats - they’re fixed not lobotomized

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Surprised? Don't Be.

ACLU releases 'first concrete evidence' of domestic spying for anti-war views

The Bush Admin hates the The Constitution and everything it promises us. Under Bush the bill of rights has been turned into a bill of goods.
This weeks' World Peace Puppy

If you have a puppy or know a puppy who or just found a cute picture of a puppy that by the sheer power of it's cuteness could bring about World Peace , please submit it .

Sampson comes curtsey of:The Daily Puppy . Your puppy could be next weeks World Peace Puppy. Winners get free Aunt Cookie Dog Cookies.
Spring Made

I think we may have struck Spring. I’ve had several hints that this may have happened. The other day I heard the ice cream mans’ truck – “heard” being the operative word, I always hear it I never see it, it’s like trying to chase a rainbow. He always appears to be just around the corner but he’s always right out of reach. The flowers in the back yard are blooming and, dead spring give away - I woke up last night and Camp Knotty pine, even with the windows open, was a sauna.. It may be time to start closing the camp down for the season and even more proof of spring springing? I ate lunch outside yesterday for the first time since October! And while I was out there, I discovered that there is a red tail hawk’s nest up in one of the trees. I thought that was cool. It wasn’t there last fall.

Dogger and I are both hoping the warm weather continues. The other day I cranked open one of the windows in her room and when I went later to crank it shut it would not crank. It has cranked its last and now is open perpetually. All the way too. No half cranked windows for me! I have plenty of windows I can’t open but so far this in the only window I can’t close (edited to add, solved!. The Kitty is thrilled with this opportunity for bird gazing and seems to have no issues with walking right in front of Dogger to get to the window. Dogger is less thrilled by this but seems to be in some of a state of shock that The Kitty seems to have no issues whatsoever walking right in front of her. Dogger thinks she, as a nearly 100 pounder, deserves more respect than this, that the least The Kitty could do is pretend that he has a little concern or awareness about the difference in their relative sizes. In response, The Kitty is all “Yeah. I could slink more but you know? I could walk on your head too. Do you want me to walk on your head? Because I could you know. I have it in me. But ya know? You’re the Dog, I’m the Cat. What-eveh” and than he makes a not entirely convincing imitation bird noise and watches Dogger try to hide under her water bowl.

I found this while I was replacing Doggers bedding after her bath Sunday night.

Dear Vet,

My name is Dogger. If I weigh 97 pounds

 Posted by Picasa

and I have the towing capacity of an F150,

 Posted by Picasa

and these are my teeth,

 Posted by Picasa

Then why do I keep I hiding behind the shed?!!!

 Posted by Picasa

Help me!!!


I asked her vet the last time we were there about her Death From Above issues and the vet laughed. Apparently if the dog doesn’t have expensive separation anxiety issues, the vet community feels comfortable laughing at their patients mental health. I may have to laugh my way to a different vet.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Who do I know who really needs this!?

For the hostess who has everything - except a costume for her toilet!

More Collections Etc.
Damn The Man

Do you hang on to your newspaper subscription so that you can read the comics? are you getting increasingly frustrated at your paper delivery? are you thinking about picketing your local rag because they can't get your morning paper to you while it is still morning? Have you called them eleven thousand times and complained about your shitty service you are receiving? Hokay. Those sound like my issues.

I found site that has almost all the comics so you won't have to miss your morning Dilbert even if you have to miss your morning paper.
They couldn't leave a slam dunk alone

An angry federal judge unexpectedly recessed the death penalty trial al Qaeda conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui to consider whether government violations of her rules against coaching witnesses should remove the death penalty as an option. The development came at the opening of the fifth day of the trial as the government informed the judge and the defense over the weekend that a lawyer for the Federal Aviation Administration had coached four government witnesses.

Full story here
Photo Blogging

I went to Raleighs' St.Patricks Day Parade on Saturday morning while you were out running errands.

The parade was rich with traditional Irish images and icongraphy.

Groups of Pipers Posted by Picasa

Dancers Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Himself Posted by Picasa

The flag Posted by Picasa

And bringing up the rear,

Irish Wolfhounds Posted by Picasa

And sometimes it was just rich.

Irish Parrotheads Posted by Picasa

Irish Polka Band Posted by Picasa

The tradtional Irish repast Posted by Picasa

The Irish Vikings

Irish Roller Derby

And last but not least...
Irish Bikers

I photo blogged it so we could share the parade going experence with out all of us sitting on a curb for two hours while tiny children took turns stepping on our fingers or clothes lining us to get to the candy being thrown. I got tackled by toddlers so you didn't have to.