Friday, December 22, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Yesterday I inadvertently traumatized myself by wearing brown shoes with gray pants. I thought that the pants were brown - they looked brown under the available light and I went with that they were brown, they were most sincerely not brown.

I looked like a People of Walmart all day. Not a good look, and then later, I sneezed all over myself and discoved hat my nose was bleeding! I doscovered this on a red sweater so that was marginally better than discovering it on a white shirt, but only marginally because it was a bright red sweater and not  a blood red sweater. It wasn't, it is now.

Such a super awesome day. For today, I checked that my pants were absolutely the color that I thought they were, absolutely gray and that they matched my shoes, it is important. The day was better from the start.

 I need to be more careful when I go pants shopping that I don't buy in the inbetween family of shades, I think that was the problem. I think the pants were kind of both brownish and grayish in the wrong light and that is fine when you are trying to match a printed sweater it is not fine when you are wearing the wrong shoes. You think I am over reacting here, but I'm not! You spend the day in brown pants and gray shoes and you tell me how you feel about yourself by the end of the day? It is not going to be good, I can tell you that.

Being a walking Fashion Don't is embarrassing even if a grand total of no one sees you and fewer that than that even register that you have made this mistake - because you notice for them and that is almost worse! I went to Wally dressed like that but nobody noticed because half of them were talking to themselves and the other half were wearing pajamas - No joke at all. A lot of people talk to themselves at Wally and a bunch of people feel comfortable wearing their pajamas to go shopping at the Wal-Mart.  I haven't noticed it at my Wally, but that the Garner Wally, a lot of the clients are pajama clad  and bonkers. For real. The Knightdale Wally the clientele are poor but proud, wearing street clothes and keeping their mouths shut. Whatever their psychosis is, they keep it to themselves.

I think I also go to Wal-Mart too frequently.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Did List

Still to do :
-one more cookies batch
-cookies distributed into bags
-cookie ingredient stickers made three tries to get the spelling right!
-dog to Santa Petco and Petsmart, Petco the card contest this year
-dog cards made cute!
-boxes purchased
-cookies boxed, with dog cards and Christmas cards
card labels to be inputted from hard copy to computer and then printed out
-  corrected cards to envelopes and labeled and stamped
cookies labeled
-cards, cookies mailed two trips!
- gifts wrapped

Done. So now I'm watching Pitch Perfect 2 on regular TV and being really glad I didn't watch it on Netflix because I am not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. I thought I would be more into it than I am. I am just not that into a capella girl groups or a capella. I thought I would be, but I'm not, I don't get it. Its not that interesting. Maybe I should have seen PP1. It just seems a lot of sound and fury about contemporary choir music. Its essentially about a  girl group singing covers of pop songs.

Is it supposed to be making fun of the High School Musical/Glee/That other movie series - because I would be down with that, I hated those and that would be really fun. However, they take themselves entirely too seriously for that. They are entirely up their own asses in a very not humorous way.

I really like the cast members though, here and there. Not all of them. Some of them, and when you get tired of the principles its kind of a game of "spot the guest star", and while that is fun, you shouldn't be spending the whole movie doing that, its not nice. I will not seeing Pitch Perfect 3.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Got Done List

Still to do :
-one more cookies batch
-cookies distributed into bags
-cookie ingredient stickers made three tries to get the spelling right!
-dog to Santa Petco and Petsmart, Petco the card contest this year
-dog cards made cute!
-boxes purchased
-cookies boxed, with dog cards and Christmas cards
- card labels to be inputted from hard copy to computer and then printed out
corrected cards to envelopes and labeled and stamped
- cookies labeled
-cards, cookies mailed two trips!
- gifts wrapped

I got so much done! ( and some yet to do) I thought I had it all done right up until I was getting the last couple of bags ready for my last two cookie people and it came to my attention that I had two more people who were without cookies. I kind of knew about one of the parties but I had forgotten about the other. I had really hoped to be done with cookies. I'm not done with cookies.

These at least do not have to be mailed, they are in town cookies and they are going to be just one variety - probably cheese because it is the easiest to work with and to get my hands on. The recipe makes two trays of cookies, one tray for one dog, one tray for the other. I hope it will be adequate.

I still have to mail rando cards to the vet and a couple of people on FB that I don't have addresses for yet, but I'm going to ask for - but I'm mostly done. Its down to gift wrapping and a couple of gift cards. I even got the people at work taken care of and that wasn't even on my To Do list, water bottles, .88 a pop, too good to pass up. Now I just have to clean the house and get the upstairs ready for new windows.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging

Better get Done List.


I checked my list and what was not on there was "edit cards", well, I did that. I sat there and cut a hundred pieces of black tape into tiny little pieces and covered a mistake on my cards. So fun. But that's done now. I also finished putting my card list onto the computer, back where it belongs and then put it onto a thumb drive. I now of course have thought up a couple of more people I want to send cards to who are not on my list. I will waste state resources on them.

Then cards and labels have to become as one. Then stamped. Then mailed. I would like to do this at the same time I mail off the cookies. Are the cookies ready to be mailed? No. Am I finished baking the cookies? No. Should I be? Yes. How many more do I need to get done? One.

Do I have boxes yet? No. Do I have enough stamps yet? No. Do I have bags in which to put the cookies? No.

Now I have to find my labels from last year and go to a Kinkos, preferably not one near a college campus - are there such animals? and print out my labels. But. There is still the dogs cards that have to be taken care of, that means at least one trip to Santa for the dog. Have I done that yet? No.

Then a trip to a CVS or Walgreens and a card, then . Have I already decided that I am going to do all of the above THIS WEEKEND. Yes.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

To-Do list

I'm back. Sorry. SO much to get done. The holidays literally snuck up on me and now I have four things to get done simultaneously and I am not good at multitasking .

What I am good at as it turns out, is napping with the pets. This evening for example I took a nap with the Big kitty, at first I was doing off watching him also napping across the room and I was thinking just how pretty he is, how smooth and round and even he is. I was thinking how much like a Japanese ink drawing he looks... and I fell asleep completely.

I woke up, an hour later - so wrong, with the same cat curled up in my arms! This is not a cat that just curls up in arms! It was so nice. I felt very special and I am pretty much the only person in his life, its hard to be more special than that, and it still made me feel like I won the lottery.

Eventually, he remembered that he had other places to be and I saw that the dog seemed very lonley on the couch and I was still a little tired - what it was only 8:30, and I went to go see him. He was very open to a joint nap.

I didn't just nap the evening away, I also decorated the tree. as much as it is getting decorated. I put my yarn ball garland on the tree and it looks lovely. So Pinterest it hurts, but lovely.

It is showing its age a little, yarn does not age well in the raw, but it still looks nice,


Today at lunch I mailed my elf his ornement . Next summer I am absolutely going to remember to do the hand off while I am still there. It was very spendy to send a .99 ornament in a .50 box to the great white north. Wow. The box felt like it was full of air and I felt like they charged me for at least three pounds of dog food.

Still to do :
-one more cookies batch
-cookies distributed into bags
-cookie ingredient stickers made
-dog to Santa
-dog cards made
-boxes purchased
-cookies boxed, with dog cards and Chrsitmas cards
- card labels to be inputted from hard copy to computer and then printed out
-  corrected cards to envelopes and labeled and stamped
- cookies labeled
-cards, cookies mailed
- gifts wrapped

Jeebus. Posting will be sporadic.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging


Instead of rushing home and walking the dog, first time this week! I rushed home yesterday to... go and buy a new freezer! Dramatic and sexy no?

First I went to "Discount Appliances R We" and they didn't have any. Lots of used stoves and refrigerators, I had wondered what they had in there, but no used box freezers. NEXT

Then I went to Best Buy. I bought my washer and dryer there and got a good deal and thought lightning might strike twice, they didn't have any in the store but offered to look online to see what they had on their site. Super I said, lets do that. They had exactly hat I wanted for $99! Exactly what I wanted for exactly what I wanted to pay! What could be better? Well. It would be better if they actually had the freezer they reeled me in with.

Other than the ideal freezer, that they did NOT have, anywhere in the state, they had a smaller one - the one I want is a 5 foot. This is smaller than it sounds, it is very small. It is about as small as you would want a freezer to be before you are dealing with a lunch bag. The next freezer they had was more expensive and essentially, a lunch bag .

I was annoyed and I left.

Onto Lowes. They, of course, had exactly what I wanted. But not for what I wanted I pay. Here it was $129 - not the worst news ever, however, if you wanted them to deliver, they tack an additional $79 on to the total. That does make it too much. If I lived in a newer house and it wasn't going into the basement I would try to heft the 79 pound beast myself, however, I don't and it does.

They charge for everything now! They are like the airlines! You buy the product, you pay for delivery and then you pay for installation! The nerve! I would totally think very hard about buying  a major appliance from them in the future. That's just entirely to many add-ons to the purchase. Why is the consumer paying for these services? hose should be just part of the service that they provide.

I don't know what has happened in the last few years but whatever it is  complete bull shit. The last place I bought that sort of thing was Best Buy and it might have to be my first stop from now on. Even with the bait and switch freezer bullshit.