Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Cat Blogging


I didn't plan on going to Sam's every day this week but I went to Sam's every day this week.

Monday - Pre-planned trip to pick up prescriptions. I put in an order for an additional med. They call me frequently with suggestions of meds that they could refill, if I should want and I always want, even if I don't actually need them refilled, and then  I discover a med I need them to refill and this one seems to surprise them. Of course they don't have it and I have to come back. I also have lunch. I was supposed to pay my Sams bil today also but I forgot to bring it with me, its okay because I'll be back tomorrow to pick up the med. I was going to have lunch but the line was too long and there was nowhere to sit.

Tuesday -  I was not able to pick up the med because it was out of refills. I will have to wait until tomorrow. I also get a huge box of trash bags and I pay my Sams bill, this time I had lunch, pizza.

Wednesday- I refused to go into Sams, instead I go to Target and buy dog food. I buy gas $1.98 a gallon! at Sams. Sack lunch.

Thursday - I pick up my meds at Sams and think about their pizza, but the line is too long. I eat my sack lunch in my car instead.

Thursday I  discovered that I am not the only me on their client list, they have another Me, who is not Me. The other Me was born 3-10-1961 and they tried to give me not Me's script. I am now very curious about Not Me. Is Not Me using some form of my ID? Was the tech just harried and confused and mispronounced the Not Me's name? Or is something darker?  my ID did get stolen a few years ago. How do I go about asking the pharmacy if their client is an identity thief  and what we can do about that.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fresh Scent

I just sat down to start this and I decided that what I really needed to do was to get up right now and wash the comforter and couch cover in the living room because they both smell like cat pee. Like badly. I am being haunted by a phantom :  Phantom Cat Pee.

When Tiny was ill, he wanted to pee a lot, sometimes he peed for real and sometimes he did a pee pantomime. It was impossible to tell  one from the other, and sometimes he just leaked pee. My entire house turned into a giant cat box.

Fortunately, Tiny is better but the giant cat box odor remains. I don't know how to get the cat box smell out of a dwelling. I can wash what I can but the odor is everywhere. I have a very good product for it but short of soaking every surface - which would be expensive, and  not good for my floors - the product gets rid of the smell but it also removes the finish right of a floor unless it's dealt with promptly - I don't know what to do.

Eu de old cat pee is very offensive and it is currently everywhere. You open the door and get slapped in the face with it. It is not welcoming. I've tried opening windows and letting the house air out but there seems to be a feral  male cat that lives outside and that son of bitch sprays!, so it came to my attention that all I was doing  was replacing one  old bad smell for a  new one. That was a great day.

I almost feel like repainting a wall just to replace one bad smell with a different non cat pee one, maybe the paint smell would neutralize the urine? I've tried to track down the odor but it seems to be everywhere at once, its not like when the dog pees somewhere and its just a matter of cleaning up the one  highly visible small mess and moving one, this mess is invisible and seems to be taunting me. I think I take care of it and then next day its back, stronger than ever. It can't last forever, is going to have o break down over time.

I'm going to have to get room fresheners and plug in things. My house is going to smell like a daycare or a nursing home, i.e,  the lovely odor of too strong floral scented disinfectant  - but at least its not going to smell like cat pee.

For an animal that allegedly could not pee, he peed all over my house.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dealing With It.

And how was your day?  Did you know that you shouldn't really spend your day being pissed about how someone else is living their life? Well, I did. I had a low grade anxiety all day, made the day so much nicer.

 I can not and should not spend my day stewing over what you do in your life if what you do in your life is not going to change what I do on my life. Its stupid. I guess it had to be done though, I needed to process.

I can worry, worry is good, but I can't do it indefinitely. I can worry about terrorism too, I don't though. I was horrified when Cheeto got into office, I was very depressed, almost paralyzed by sadness for weeks - but I learned to live in this new wrong world, and I will learn to live in this new, new wrong world. I blame Cheeto for this, somehow I know this is his fault.

 Some people make their really, really bad, life altering choices when they are 15, some people make their really, really bad life altering bad choices when they are 48. Its about timing.  I will get used to it, I will be Happy and I will stop bitching. I will remember it is not my life, it is her life.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

No Place for your Things.

When I was poking around the tiny houses, that are poky by definition, I had to wonder:  Where are you supposed to put your stuff? Where do you put your summer clothes in winter?" What about your winter coats over the summer?

None of the Tiny Houses or the larger trailer houses seemed to have anywhere to put dressers and there were no adequate closets. A Tiny House had a A closet. A small closet. It would be one thing to say that you would just have a shed or a rental space to store that kind of thing - but what if you wanted to take your Tiny House on the road,...

My guess would be that you buy your tiny wardrobe at  Goodwill or Salvo or whatever  they have where you are at the start of the season and then at the end of the season, you bag it up and donate it back at the back door and then go back around to the front door and  pick out your tiny wardrobe for this season.

You would have to decide how many sweaters each of you would be allowed, how many long sleeved shirts, everything would have to go with everything else. Essentially you would have to wear adult Garanimals, maybe you would share, so to stretch the wardrobe choices pretty much everything you would owned would be non-gender specific, nothing would really fit- however, it would work for your limited storage options.

And what about cooking? The kitchens in some were better than others. The larger Tiny House had a kitchen that had about the same cooking area that mine does- which is to say, not nearly enough but good enough once you get used to it. However, if you are used to a Gourmet Kitchen setup it would be impossible, the tiny-ist Tiny House kitchen was barely large enough to make toast in - and that was about what you could make in it. It came with a  small toaster oven and a hot plate and I bet you could fit in a very small hot pot. Bon appetit!   Thanksgiving Dinner is not going to be at your house!

And Christmas won't be either, kiss those decorations goodbye! Kiss the holidays goodbye, holidays are for people in real houses. You can visit Christmas but Santa isn't coming to see you, nowhere for him to go.  Forget Birthdays too, you have nowhere to put new stuff anyway.

And speaking of eating, there was no space for pots and pans and utensils and plates and glasses and cups and anything else you use in actual kitchen settings. No Tiny House came with anywhere to eat your food any way. My guess is that you eat it in you uncomfortable built in couch thing in the livingroom niche .

No room for Santa!? No room for you either! "living space", there is nowhere to stretch out, unless you go to bed, there is no where to put up your feet. You sit up straight because there is no space in which to put a sturdy table or ottoman or even a poof. The "couch" is actually a rock hard dwarf love seat/bench thing, good luck getting comfortable on that. You have no room for art on the walls or family pictures or collections of any sort. Its like living in a dorm room forever.

I haven't mentioned that in almost all of the Tiny Houses that you sleep in a loft with a seven inch head clearance. I hope you don't have issues with tight, enclosed spaces or enjoy sex. Because wow your options are limited.

You wear each others clothes and you share a plate and you live in a packing crate.  Lovely.

My assumption was that the Tiny House set eats out a lot. They all seem to be independently wealthy from weird not jobs that allow them to travel at will  - so as to spend as much time as possible not at home.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Tiny House Show

I hate watch a lot of Tiny House shows. Tiny House Hunters, hate it!, Tiny House Luxury, Hated it!, Tiny House Nation, Hate it!

I decided that after hating it on TV for all this time, the opportunity to hate it in real life was just too much to turn down. The Great American Tiny House Show came to Raleigh and I needed to go.

It turns out the GMTHS was tiny, there were only a handful of actual tiny houses on display and it seemed more about selling trailers and RVs then actually marketing Tiny houses, there were also venders there but they were not selling Tiny house-centric supplies either. The RVs and small trailer houses  they had were all much nicer than the Tiny houses.

This was one of the nice houses, you could almost spend time in this one. The kitchen and bathroom were larger then you would expect, but the bedroom loft was really far off the ground. there was very little living space. It seemed very tall and heavy.

This one got a big No from people who walked through it. It was the size of a shed and a single person would get on their own nerves in this place. It was "off-grid", a selling point for some, but this model was too small.. There was nothing with the actual square footage listed.

This is a trailer house. It was really nice. It featured a good sized bedroom and normal sized appliances and a real bathroom  and a loft, but the stairs to the loft were too steep. Otherwise, it was nice and very livable.

This one also has wheels, but I can't imagine trailing it anywhere. It was the most livable and homelike of all of them, excluding the RVs, which dominated the live-on-the-road category . This one was really nice and could sleep a family comfortably. It was the most clearly something you could live in. It was also ungodly tall and heavy and I could not imagine trailing it behind any consumer vehicle, you would have to pay someone to take this from point A to point B and then leave it there - which would be the idea with something of this size. There was another "tiny house" outside, but I didn't like it at all and didn't get its picture, it was just ugly and too tall to trail. I thought maybe it was on hydraulics or something. It was too narrow and just wasn't okay at all, no one was waiting in line for it at all, the above had a line the whole time I was there.

So now that I have actually been in a a couple of  Tiny Houses, I can now say froma more educated place : STOP BEING SUCH SNOBS GO BUY AN RV! They are all nicer, an RV is CHEAPER and its actually road worthy and  safer.

But if you never have a chance to go see Tiny Houses in real life, go and see Tiny Houses, its worth the trip.

Great American Tiny House Show

Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging


Just spent entirely too much time trying to be clever on Twitter for an audience I'm not entirely sure can even see my posts.

Its hard to be both funny and make sense in 140 characters and every time someone is both, please be impressed. Steve Martin is a genius. He wins Tonys and Grammys and Emmys and any other trophy he really sets his mind to and he's successfully funny in 140 characters.

Now, I have to take a shower because I had to rebag the remains of the lawn refuse that the lawn guy bagged up when he did my shrubbery, he only had three bags and they were black bags, he city will not take black bags no matter how clearly full of lawn waste they are. I had to take all the waste out manually ( yuck)  and put it in clear bags so the city will take them away. Now I am filthy and hot and sweaty.

My new definition of "princess" is City garbage  worker  on the clock who won't pick up black trash bag because it might have something yucky in it" - the reason they gave as to why we all need to now go out and buy new bags for our yard waste if we want the city to take it away. But its just fine for me  to dig through the black bags and to do it for free.

The yard guy was here, yesterday, early with his gear and his trailer and he could have picked up the offending bags from my yard, and taken them away, much like he could have taken away the refuse last week when he was here and did the work, which I believe he does when he does other peoples work, when I think of it, I don't see other neighbors with bags of crap in their yards, he takes that mess away.

 He did my neighbors work the day he did mine and they didn't have bags of leaves to deal with. Now I;m annoyed with him and I'm going to mow my own grossly over grown yard myself with my electric lawn mower - which I have avoided since it was broken for so long and fixing it never worked for very long. It also means plugging my freezer in elsewhere, but I'm up for the challenge. Screw you little lawn mower man, I don't pay you so I I can get dirty and sweaty and mess with bags of leaves, I pay you so you can get dirty and sweaty and mess with bags of leaves.

Piss me off and I will mess with my own leaves and you won't get paid at all.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Deep sigh

Woke up to a 27 story housing project in London burning. It was constructed of charcoal, stuffed with newspaper and coated with accelerant.. It did not have sprinklers, working fire alarms or more than a single passable means of escape in an emergency. It may still be burning, it was at 6pm EST.  At last count it was 12 dead - a genuine miracle if it stays there, there was 400-600 in the building. The Fire Departments got there very quickly and successfully evacuated many, many people but they are not magic and the fire was faster and the building was built to burn. Lord have mercy on their souls.

Sometimes those girls and women who died in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory died in vain.

Later, a wackjob shot some Republicans and after than someone shot up a UPS office and then something after that too and then there was something at Travis Air Force Base .I am officially suffering from compassion fatigue. I no longer feel bad when adults get shot at work. We as a country don't care and I can't care anymore.

 I watched a mandatory video on Active Shooter preparedness at work.  The take away? Call for help, get out of the building if possible, if not, turn off the light, close the door, lock yourself in, barricade the door if possible, be quite, carry your cell with all the time.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Are you watching #Downwarddog? you should be! Its lovely. Its about a girl and her dog. And the dog talks.

But the dog doesn't talk to her or anyone else in their world or even to other dogs. He talks to us. He doesn't seem to understand his person, although he loves her dearly and she is his world. He also fears that they don't have enough in common.

For example, he loves garbage. Nan, his person, does not love garbage. Over the course of the episode we learn why Martin, our hero, loves garbage and why he also hates garbage and the part of himself that loves garbage.

He remembers his early puppyhood and his Mother and how hard it was for he to feed his puppy brother and sisters and how she had o turn to garbage to feed her litter: They were garbage dogs and that his secret shame. He feels that Nan must know this somehow he was a garbage dog and always dirty and yucky and this is why she hates garbage and probably him too. He is very sad.

He was also out and about and away from his house because Nans stoner ex-boyfriend left the gate  kopen and let him out. he claims he loves Martin, but not enough to keep and eye on him. he seems like a nice guy  and that he really cares about Martin, but when it comes down to it, not nice enough and he doesn't care that much. He's just lucky Martin knows his way home, didn't eat anything  he shouldn't have and didn't get hit by a car on his walkabout. He's kind of an ass really.

Nan, in a parallel story is in NYC for her job, they live, we learn this week in Pittsburgh, and has a freakout in the conference room bathroom and remembers the poverty of her childhood and how it made her always feel dirty and how clean all the people in the conference room clearly had always been - it isn't until her friend and co-worker comes in and gives her a sharp rebuke and tells her to get in the now, right now, that she puts on her big girl panties and makes her presentation and does very well, because she is who she is now and that woman is good at her job.

We learn that she and Martin have more in common than he thinks. At the end, she gives him a nice bath and they learn about themselves but nothing about each because they can't communicate. Which is kind of sad, because we learned this deep things about them as a pair and it goes nowhere. Sad.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I forgot to tell you a story.

On Friday I ate lunch at Burger King, I eat there once a week. I would rather eat at my favorite Chinese place but they insist on watching CNN - when did any place that  feature TV decide that we have to watch news? Why can't we watch reruns or game shows or animal shows. They have cable, the world is their oyster, they could have their TV on just about anything else and they insist on news. I don't want to watch news. I want to eat lunch in peace. I can't do that if the news is on. That place has two TVs for years they kept one tv tuned to FAUX and one to CNN, fairly recently they changed them to being both the CNN, so I guess that is a win but , geeze.

I did score there once though. I got them to mute the TVs until I finished my meal.

So Now I go every Friday to Burger King to eat lunch, so I can eat lunch in peace, where they 1) watch sports on their TV and 2) have outdoor seating.

This Friday I was happily seated outside, eating my favorite chicken sandwich and reading my David Sedaris book. A woman approached me and asked if she could sit with me. There was another empty table  behind us and two others at the building - but I was really reading my book and I said "sure", but I was thinking Why are you sitting here? With me? Go away, go someplace else. Please don't talk to me, pleasedon'ttalkto mepleasedon'ttalktomme.  Thankfully, she did not talk to me and I finished my meal and left. As I was leaving I noticed she was eating a jelly sandwich!  It wasn't even Burger King food. Why are you sitting with me at Burger King and you aren't even eating Burger King food?!

That takes nerve. No one ever sat with me at the Chinese place. They would make you leave if you tried to eat a foreign, DIY  sandwich. However, they don't have outdoor seating, you are not allowed to escape their imposed 24 hour news cycle.

So in order to not get stressed out by the news cycle, I pay more for less food that is less good for me. I could pay less for better food hat I like better, but I choose not to because they won't change the channels to something less stressful. I pay more to have a less stressful, if less healthy lunch. Its a thing.

One of my friends from college wife was on a car accident today that left her with  two broken wrists and multiple broken ribs among other injuries. They have two young sons. Think  a good thought for them

Monday, June 12, 2017


I spent an entire weekend without going to the vet, instead I did laundry and watched TV and walked the dog and hung out with family and went out to dinner and cleaned out cat boxes, over and over and over. I've never cleaned out cat boxes as frequently in my life, or care so much about what I am taking out.

Tiny is producing, its just very small amounts. I am learning as I clean out cat boxes all day long, that even Ace doesn't produce much often. Ace produces more at a time but not more frequently. It makes me feel better. I would like to see bigger amounts from Tiny but the Doc has promised me that over time he will make more at a time. He has an appointment with his regular vet on Tuesday for a recheck and I hope he has positive things to tell me. I'm feeling better, I think he's feeling better but I am hoping that I can get a professional to  second that.

I think the cat peed somewhere and I can't find the spot..

I could have mowed the lawns but it was just too hot and I didn't feel like doing it. Then I idely thought about maybe I was going to mow the front yard after I got back from walking the dog, but then I  got back from walking the dog and I just didn't mow the yard. I took a shower instead and watched some TV. It seemed like a better use of time.

See, now I think I'm going to figure out what I'm going to wear to work tomorrow and then I might watch some more TV. Its hot,  it limits your options. I also spent the weekend being really happy this weekend was so different from last weekend, I hugged the kitty a lot, both the kitties a lot.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging


I realized almost too late that  the  lawn mower guy was not going to come back to remove the clippings from the job he did on my shrubbery. I just assumed that if he produced the mess that he would remove the mess - well, for $60, No.  For $60, The bagging is the job of the home owner, so the reason there is no real entry,  is that I spent the best part of my evening bagging up shrubbery leavings.

Six big bags of shrubbery leavings, the big lawn bags. Six of them. I pulled out both of my clippers, the ones for clipping branches and leaves so that I could make it easier to get them in the bags. I have learned from earlier outings that it is better to work on them before you try to bag them because they tear up the bags otherwise.

Earlier, I had a panic attack about Tiny and his litter box and the contents there in? On the upside? There are contents! so that is a win, my issue is that they are very small contents and and some are very small and last night I saw him do the sad squat move and that is not okay.

So I called the hospital. I called and talked to a tech who did not make me happy. I asked about reupping his pain meds and she told me that we didn't want to give him a drug problem!
 He's a cat! I don't even know if animals can become addicted to pain killers in a week, especially if they are actually if they are in pain. I was left feeling unsoothed.

About an hour later, the hospital called me back and I talked to a doctor who reminded me that his little urethra was still really inflamed and sore and to cut it a little slack and that he would be going to the box frequently, but over the next week or so, he would be going less and less so and peeing more at a time and his pain would be decreasing soon. Also, I could ask my vet to give me more of the meds I have and if they couldn't, I could get more from the hospital . Kitty Addict my eye. I felt soothed.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hair Cut

I came home and my shrubbery had a haircut. I knew it had been scheduled and I had a talk with the neighbor, and I gave some rough directions "make it look like someone lives there" and  "tidy".

I did not say prep them for  Boot Camp

Clearly my neighbor was more bothered by my over grown shrub issues than I had thought. Both of those shrubs are now less than half the shrubs that they once were. They will be much easier for me to manually keep trimmed though..

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Welcome Home Tiny!!!

Back Home, in his favorite place.

 Shaved wrist, for his IV!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Big Sick Tiny II

My Day.

Got up, took care of business. Took dog to work, left dog in car - he protested this. I went to the office and waited until the Day care opened and called them to see if when I put my request in yesterday afternoon if it actually went in - It did not. Super.

Fortunately, they were able to come right over and pick Rocket up, got instantly lost on campus, which is very common when people first come here and so I stood around in the parking lot trying to flag him down.

He finally found us and fortunately, Rocket settled into being crated in the bus just fine! I was thrilled to learn that. So we will be taking advantage of that service again. It makes my life so much easier on mornings that I can't take him there myself, but I need him to be there. $10 for pick up service, can't beat it with a stick. I was afraid Rocket would freak out being put in a crate but he was very cool with it.

How is Tiny: I called this morning for an update and the report was that: Tiny is getting better, slowly, this morning he still had sludgy urine, so I spent the day freaking out and very clenchy. This is not a nice way to spend the greater part of your work day. They hadn't said he still had sludgy urine! They always talk about what great urine he was making, not about its consistency! They didn't say "Oh, yeah, he's making urine but it's been kind of like oatmeal", I think I needed to know that, so it was kind of a surprise and I felt like I had been punched in the gut.

 I knew they were going to re-run his kidney value tests in the afternoon, so I tried very hard to wait to call until late in the afternoon - because I call about every four hours to check in , so not calling for  an extended time was really, really hard - however by the time I did call - they had the results and they were great! In that they were completely normal! Before they were very close to dieing , so I was very happy. I was even more heartened to hear that his urine is much thinner and normal than it was this morning! Its still pink - I don't care about pink. I care about sludgy. And its not sludgy!

He's getting better slowly, they had to fit him with a different catheter that is better at being twisted because he's up and around and twisting his cath in a kind of unsafe way. So that is goodish   I wanted to hear that he was healing up and would be home, like as we speak. That was not in the cards, not what I wanted to hear, I wanted to hear that he was bouncing back like a beach ball and was blowing them away with his amazing healing and he could back home this afternoon! But isn't how it works. He will get better when he gets better.

Also, my glasses aren't ready and they were supposed to be ready last Friday. Also something that should not be hurried. With my luck they will be ready to pick up at the same time and they are about four blocks apart.  Grrr. Of course, Tiny ranks, I can get the glasses whenever.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Big Sick Tiny

How was your weekend? My weekend sucked.

Friday - Pet Hospital
Saturday - Pet Hospital
Sunday - Checked Tiny into Pet Hospital for procedure to treat his FLUTD, I should have had it done Friday, by Sunday morning he's kidneys were failing and his heart was following closely. He was very close to dieing .

I'm now in debt for the next year and a half. I had the procedure done at the hospital nearer to my house because I didn't like driving out to Cary and I have a relationship with the facility in Raleigh - even though none of those people worked there back then. I know the building, also, no long waiting times! Hated the long waits at Cary.

Anyway, he's doing better now. I call every few hours to check in. I had to take a shower earlier and it was lonely without Tiny there. I was working in the yard earlier and I kept looking up to the window and he wasn't there. Sigh. Last night he slept curled up  in my chest and it made me feel better, I wanted to make him feel better. Tonight he's in a crate hooked up to wires and tubes and a catheter and no one to snuggle with. I have Rocket and Ace. I know he's getting the best care, but he's all by himself and it makes me sad.

Friday, June 2, 2017


Why there is no entry for today: Tiny kitty was showing no improvement and I called his vet to say why is the antibiotic you gave him not working yet? And why did he growl  at the dog this morning?

The vet told meat me to take him to the emergency vet (!!!!) and not my old home away from home emergency vet either, the place where I have an existing "relationship" and they would cut me some slack.

No. They sent us to darkest Cary. Too far away if I had a pet in true peril. I know the difference and I would have had a meltdown and taken myself to the place on Vick.

Anyway. Four hours later and a rescue mission by Alphagal  later, his bladder was not distended or blocked, his blood work is normal and everything looks good. They did give him more and better pain meds - already clearly working.

I went and bought  the soupy -ist cat food I could find and shockingly, he liked it! I also just watched him drink water!:-)

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Tiny kitty continues to recover. Last night he hid from me, which is Aces act, not his, so that was disturbing. He is still squating all over the place and not peeing and that is not making me happy - after he was effectively and expensively, roto-rootered , he should be peeing all over the house like a fire hose! I mean, Yay for not peeing all over my house, but I was hoping for more progress after he was roto-ed. I kind of thought he would stop popping squats around my house and looking so troubled. I've been giving him his pain meds, but now I wonder if they are working.

I am  however, finding little pee balls in the cat box and that is heartening, I can tell the difference between the large, healthy, hearty pees of Ace and the tight, angry, pees of Tiny and its more of an education than I wanted. But at least there are pees of Tiny.

Today I went back to the vet and got some urinary track health food for him and Ace to share. Ace loves it, Tiny looked at it and walked away. I'm hoping that there is a similar kind of food out on the open market or better yet, at the  pet food boutique I shop at because the vet food is expensive, even more so than the expensive cat food I already invest in. Hopefully, a food that Ace will have more of an interest in.

Today was weird at work. I knew something was wrong when I couldn't focus on taking messages off the over night message system, I had to listen to the messages over and over again to get phone numbers and names written down correctly, then my printer decided it didn't want to speak to my computer and that took forever to get fixed and then pretty much fixed it self after we turned my computer off and on a couple of times. Then after lunch, I came back to work and I walked face first into a migraine ( I think the inability to get the numbers in the morning had something to do with the brewing migraine) and that sucked and took  too long to go away ( but that you migraine rescue med for busting in and slapping the shit out it and beating it back for me, with minimum time face down on my desk.) - but I still got all my work done! And I  even got my correspondence distributed , which made me happy.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tiny Kitty Big problem!

Tiny kitty had a problem. I noticed it of course over a holiday weekend, hours away from his vet. A quick check of the internet told me that his symptoms, many of the following

  • Inability to urinate or only passing a small amount of urine , Check
  • Bloody or cloudy urine, Check
  • Loss of bladder control, dribbling urine, Check
  • Increased frequency of urination or visits to the litter box,  Check
  • Straining and/or crying out in pain when trying to pass urine, Check
  • Prolonged squatting in litter box, Check
  • Fear/avoidance of litter box and soiling in inappropriate places, Check
  • Constant licking of urinary opening
  • Strong odor of ammonia in urine, I thought this was normal?
  • Lethargy -nope
  • Vomiting- nope
  • Increased water consumption- hadn't noticed
  • Hard, distended abdomen Check

Spoke to a kitty UTI. I sent the vets office an email Sunday night and followed up with a call Monday morning. I didn't even know about the distended abdomen part, but the vet caught that one right off. By lunchtime Monday, he was anesthetized and getting a catheter.  My poor kitty!

The vet called me and told me that there were two ways of doing this. way A) was very expensive and included surgery to clean out what ever was in the bladder and the insertion of a catheter for a few days - Kitty would be in the hospital. not my vets office for  several days or the B)more economical, how much more, I'll find out later, where a catheter is inserted through his urethra and whatever is in the way is shoved out of the way and the urine is freed. The blockage is either crystals (we hav a winner! Crystals and a lot of them, packed in there like a cork) or white blood cells from an infection ( go infection, still a dark horse possibility) or bladder stones ( big Boo!)  . Boy cats don't get UTIs with the frequency that  girl cats get them, but they do get them.

Vets office was veryslow getting back to me after his procedure, so I had to get back to them. He came out fine and so did what ever was blocking him. They gave him a shot of antibiotic to fight whatever infection he might have and I would bet there is wet food in our future. And a big vet bill, not as large as I had feared.  But the lab report on the urine still hasn't come back yet, so there could still be more checks to write.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging

Yes, I do live in this box now. It is my home.


Things I accomplished this evening:

Yearly Optometrist appointment
Picked up card for friend whose elderly cat unexpectedly passed today
Walked dog, full walk
Fed dog
Drove to mall to  get new glasses
Got dinner at mall
Did laundry
Packed for weekend
boxed up pills for next week for dog and I
switched purse over to spring/summer
trash and recycling to curb
chased the cats around with intent to cat blog

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Yesterday I walked out of my building in the rain, through my parking lot in the rain, and out to my car, in the rain. Then I drove to the Sam's, walked through the parking lot in the rain, did my business with Sam's, walked through the parking lot in the rain again, and drove home.

I walked in the house, greeted the dog, took him out, in the rain, and then announced that I was going to change into sweats and we were going to spend the rest of the evening in the house watching hours of TV. Which we did. It was marvelous.

I paused the TV for a bit so I could mop the dogs room with pee-be-gone, and now it smells much better. I don't know where he did it, I never came home to find a puddle, but he did it somewhere at some point because the odor was eye squintingly sharp and I was over it. Now the house smells like pee-be-gone. Which means my house smells like a funeral parlor - one part disinfectant, one part formaldehyde and one part dead flowers. Its a dream come true if you've been playing hide and seek with dog pee or, the dog did not pee and what I was smelling was  the actually more noxious - outdoor male cat spray. There is an outdoor cat and my windows have been open and that cat could have sprayed and it could have in theory, gotten into my house. My dog is very house trained.

Whatever it was, it is g-o-n-e.

Today I walked out of the building I  the overcast and I thought that there was some chance that the dog and I might have a chance to get a walk. It was fun spending hours in my sweats watching TV, I don't want to spend every night like that - it makes it less special.

I took the dog out and it was nice enough. I made dinner and it was nice enough. I fed the dog, still okay. I sat down to eat and it started to rain. Hard. And it kept raining.

The closest thing I came to a walk was wandering around Target when I went to get Rockets meds - drama free this time.

I was watching so much TV last night I missed some TV. I have Direct TV and they have told me over and over that as a customer  that I can watch TV anywhere, I finally took them up on that. It just took me an hour and a call to customer service to figure out how to make it work. Silly me thought that when they asked for my email, they actually wanted my email. No, they wanted some weird beard ATT email I didn't even know I had. That was fun. But anyway, I watched a TV show on my computer and it was really kind of cool. So now I'm wondering, can I watch Drag Race on my computer since my parents crappy cable doesn't carry VHI and I'm going to be there over the weekend?  I'll see.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Thoughts and prayers with our British friends


You know why I hate Wally? I was nosing around their 50% off plant area because they get bored watering stuff and let them half die and think they are dead and put them on discount to get rid of them before they are 100% dead . Well, I found three plants that were half off because they were half dead.

I knew all they really needed was to get watered and they would bounce right back, well, two just needed water and the other needed to be watered and repotted - I was even going to buy the new pot from Wally, so Ka-ching for Wally. I walked all around the store planning new lives for my half dead plants. They were going to have good lives too. And now they are dead.

I went up to the cashier and asked for a price check on my half off, half dead plants just to make sure they were half price.  They were full price! No sir. I will not pay full price for half dead plants! No. If the checker had half a brain in her head she would have called a manager over and had him make a decision about these dead plants and I'm pretty sure it would have been "Get these dead plants out of my store. Half off sounds good."

They were half off, theywwere on the half off table! under the half off sign! The last of their kind in the store. Wally didn't have its computer system updated - a common problem, and they lost a sale. I was even going to by a replacement pot at full price . The cashier could have seen I was a little upset about not getting those plants - that were now cluttering her station, and Owned The Problem and Solved The Problem. But , she didn't. and she cost her store the sale and my goodwill. and killed those plants.

Earlier Saturday, I was more successful. I went to Artsplosure and bought Art! I am not really interested in Alpacas, but I saw  painting of one at one of the tents and I kept thinking about it. I decided if I was still thinking of it when I was ready of leaving, I should go back and take a closer look.

Well, I looked all all the tents and a lot of gorgeous art - so much nicer than last year, much better variety of art than last year! I was very unimpressed last year with what they had. This year was a great improvement.

So, I looked at everything and I was still thinking about that alpaca and I retraced my steps and finally found the tent. I have excellent taste, that alpaca was $375. Clearly, it was not my Alpaca, there must be another Alpaca that was actually mine. The problem was, I really liked the $375 Alpaca, the expression was perfect and was just so soothing. I need soothing right now. Fortunately, the artist had prints and she had prints of other alpacas , she also had some very nice cows, and some, I thought, very judgy sheep and some goats that just looked a little snippy to me and finally, a  somewhat soothing alpaca - although,  not quite as intensely soothing as the $375 alpaca . I spent a lot of time studying the varying degrees of calming provided by the  alpacas and decided that the $30 alpaca was adequately calming. I brought her home.

And then I cleaned the kitchen. I mopped the floor and scrubbed the counter tops. I was tired of being embarrassed of how gross it was . It was a lot of work and now  after all that work : it looks exactly the same as it did before, but much less dirty. Sigh.

Sunday, I moved outside and did so much yard work. So much pulling of ivy, cutting of young, u necessary trees, clipping of hedges, chopping back of unwanted shrubberies, cutting yards. I sa no signs of snakes or rats.

Big pile of  soon to be dead leaves

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging


Another day another three or four chances to say "Oh Jesus H. Christ What Fresh Hell is This?! Every morning when I check my phone  I morph into Captain Picard and I am asking whomever he asks to give the bridge a  DAMAGE REPORT, because I know something terrible has happened over night. I wake up every morning and the first thing I ask is "Do we still have California? Are we at war?"

I think CNN should have some sort of color coding on their breaking news blips. So as to let un know how alarmed we should be, Code Orange for the Cheeto and his Outrage Du Hour and then maybe some sort of varying degree of orange family depending on whether its an international outrage or if its just a minor national embarrassment or its something like  if he has gotten his hands on an original copy of the constitution and took white out to the parts he doesn't like. Don't think for a moment he and his team has not thought that this would be a good idea or what it wouldn't, eventually, float.

And then varying other colors that would signify, acts of war here, acts of war abroad,  mass shootings here, mass shootings abroad, famous people dieing, famous people giving birth, natural disasters here, natural disasters abroad.

Just so we would know how started and upset we needed to be.

This does not get the day off the start that it should.

This is why he has to go. And I'm starting to think impeachment is not good enough. I think jail is the answer. I don't want him in a position where he can claim victory or higher ground. I want him and his cadre and that includes Mike Pence, because don't you for one minute think that his hands are clean here, they aren't. He's dirty, he might not be the career criminal that Cheeto is, but he likes power, its much, much better than being Governor of a fourth tier state like Indiana.

 He wouldn't have taken the gig, no one else wanted it -  If he wasn't ripe for being turned - and the Trump people knew it, they found him and found his weakness and exploited it immediately.  They probably introduced him to some Russians, maybe some who talked to him about the Christian church in Russia - who maybe didn't even seem like the scary mafia Russians that Cheeto hung around with. No, nice, friendly, regular Russians and they got him on board and got him where they wanted him and and when he was offered the apple - he took a bite.  

I don't want Impeachment, I want Prosecution.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Okay, another day of many things happening, too many, too important to be thrashed out here. I'm still processing . All these things happen and  they are all so bad and any of them had they happened to any other person would be completely end a career - but just like through the campaign. It just doesn't matter, nothing matters. Its like we are in some kind of alternative reality where nothing is real and nothing means the same as I thought it did. I am confused and angry a lot. I suppose most of us are. Stocks also plunged today and I heard that noted Islamophobic, Cheeto is going to give a speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia! Clearly, we are being punked.

 I would have a real entry but I had to write a very big check, for me, four whole digits! Which I had to write twice and call the window man back to my house because I have so little practice in writing checks for over your average credit card bill,  that I wrote it out wrong twice, that wasn't hugely embarrassing - and then I had to make dinner and walk the dog and then I had to watch a couple of Great Newses,   question - are they ever going to talk about how the one guy looks a lot like Draco Malfoy? Its an issue and it takes me out of the story: He looks like Draco Malfoy and they need to talk about it.

 And then I had to watch Downward Dog and its really good! If you are a dog person, I totally suggest you try to catch it, it airs on Tuesday nights on ABC. I;m not sure what time, this week it was on Wednesday. Also I DVR everything and time and day is irrelevant to me now. I've moved on from things like that. I am a superior being now.

I am now noticing that I watch three scripted television shows! and that isn't counting the Barney Miller and M*A*S*H reruns. There is hope for me yet.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


When I post partisan entries my hit count goes down. Are many of my readers not good lefties? Why are you here then? Surely it can't be for  the cat blogging. Another question, why so many Russians? More Russian hits than American, many, many more and all recent. I used to get a lot of odd hits from India but now its all Mother Russia all the time. But not today, today we had a blackout from Russia. So I wrote them a note to say Hi. Google Translate helped me out.

Спасибо, что прочитали мой сайт. Я рад, что ты здесь. Я рад, что у меня есть иностранные читатели, я надеюсь, что я дам вам окно в живую каждого американца. Надеюсь, я не слишком раздражаю. Надеюсь, вы знаете, что повседневные американцы не поддерживают Дональда Трампа, мы не последователи его или его политики или его политики. Мы находим его отталкивающим. Я надеюсь, что вы придете на мой сайт, чтобы узнать о счастливых американцах и их домашних животных и их слабостях и их маленьких проблемах. Надеюсь, это заставляет нас казаться больше похожими на вас. Надеюсь, это сближает нас. Еще раз спасибо за то, что вы провели время со мной и моими питомцами.
Spasibo, chto prochitali moy sayt. YA rad, chto ty zdes'. YA rad, chto u menya yest' inostrannyye chitateli, ya nadeyus', chto ya dam vam okno v zhivuyu kazhdogo amerikantsa. Nadeyus', ya ne slishkom razdrazhayu. Nadeyus', vy znayete, chto povsednevnyye amerikantsy ne podderzhivayut Donal'da Trampa, my ne posledovateli yego ili yego politiki ili yego politiki. My nakhodim yego ottalkivayushchim. YA nadeyus', chto vy pridete na moy sayt, chtoby uznat' o schastlivykh amerikantsakh i ikh domashnikh zhivotnykh i ikh slabostyakh i ikh malen'kikh problemakh. Nadeyus', eto zastavlyayet nas kazat'sya bol'she pokhozhimi na vas. Nadeyus', eto sblizhayet nas. Yeshche raz spasibo za to, chto vy proveli vremya so mnoy i moimi pitomtsami.

The English version

Thank you for reading my site, I am happy that you come here. It makes me glad to have international readers, I hope I am giving you a window into the live of an everyday American. I hope I am not too boring. I hope that you know that everyday Americans do not support Donald Trump, we are not followers of him or his policies or his politics. We find him repulsive. I hope that you come to my site to learn about happy Americans and their pets and their foibles and their little issues. I hope it makes us seem more like you. I hope it brings us together. Thank you again for spending time with me and my pets.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

#trumptreason #trumptraitor #blabbergate #lockhimup #impeach #nationalnightmare

It just keeps getting better doesn't it? I wanted to put Seth Myers A Closer Look here, but since it hasn't aired yet, its everywhere but on Youtube, its on Twitter, its on Facebook but I am too much of a luddite to figre out how to get it from point A or B to point Here.

I watched it on Twitter, it was very good.

If you have been spending a lot of your time hiding under a nice comfortable rock, I feel you and you have my congratulations. You have been successful where most of us have not.  You have missed a lot today though and I am going to slap you with a truth bomb on your head.  From Buzzfeed, right above the feature on "Which Mean Girl are you The Most Like"

Trump disclosed highly-classified-information to the Russians.

President Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian officials during a meeting last week at the White House, two US officials confirmed Monday to BuzzFeed News.
The meeting included Russia's ambassador, Sergei Kislyak, and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The disclosures were first reported by the Washington Post, which cited current and former US officials who said the information was considered so sensitive that some details had been withheld from American allies and was restricted within the US government.
Two US officials who were briefed on Trump’s disclosures last week confirmed to BuzzFeed News the veracity of the Washington Post report, with one noting that “it’s far worse than what has already been reported.” The official was referring to the extent of the classified intelligence information Trump disclosed to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister.
The information Trump shared included intelligence on an ISIS plot that had been passed to the US by a partner, which was not identified. But Trump's disclosure was considered a potential blow to the intelligence-sharing arrangement, and White House officials reportedly moved quickly to contain the fallout.

I know from my Twitter time, that the IC community must be very, very angry about this. I'm so fancy now, I know that IC means, "Intelligence Community",  he has done nothing but piss them off since before he even took office and the fact that he divulged a thing  like this would have huge blowback from them and to them. They will be very angry, this with the Comy thing is going to make the FBI leak like cheap pool floaty. @20committee

 Cheeto is bleeding and he's swimming with starving sharks. I also learned that it wasn't just that he let the Russians have top secret Squirrel info, he let the Russians have one of our allies top secret Squirell info. Bad form, treasonous form. #lockhimup.

 For your who-is-that edification I give you the very educational and up to date: The Washington Post Trump- Russia flow chart . I have another chart that I have posted in the past, but it doesn't even have the Russians he met with last week, weak! so it goes into the hamper.

On to happier things? I was wandering through my front deck and I noticed that among the weeds in one of my planters, that I still have a functional Elephant Ear plant!

The other one apparently died over the winter, but the plant that died before the elephant ear and lived in the same pot, seems to have come back. It doesn't bloom, its a Bleeding Heart, so if it did bloom, it would be spectacular . Perhaps I need to fertilize.

Monday, May 15, 2017


Saturday, I spoke with window vender #3 and made a choice, which makes me feel good. I made some phone calls - and damn it, had to actually speak to the salesperson in  in person, I had been hoping to give the bad news to their voice mails, but no luck on that. On Monday I'm going to call appointment number four and call that one off.

Window World  won the contract! They gave me a very realistic quote  and a timeline I can work with.

So,  one problem under control.

Other than meeting with the window salesman, I had nothing else scheduled. I slept late both days, it was a great weekend. I still managed to get my weekly shopping done, did my laundry - braved the suddenly scary-to-me basement, mowed both lawns, and made a dreamy pork loin for dinner Sunday night. Oh, and last week I found my glasses!

Last year I spent a lot of time and effort finding just the right frames and I shopped and looked and really expended a lot of time and energy on finding frames. I did find the frames, for almost nothing at Sames - but the lenses are crap and are scratched the hell and  there is nothing I can do about it,I will not be buying from them again, at least not my main, every day glasses - you get what you pay for and I am living that. I wish retailers and insurance would let you buy your frames from point A and you lenses from Point B, it would save the public a lot of money and encourage healthy competition.

This year, I went to Lenscrafters at the mall, I looked at the frames, I found a couple I liked, I asked the technician what she thought of them and she agreed with me that the above was the best choice. Done. I have an appointment with my eye doctor on the twenty-fifth and I'll just toddle back to the mall afterwards and get these ordered. Done.

But no, you can't do that and they dun you if you try. Last year I bought the exact same frames from Sams at less than half the price they were selling them at Lenscrafters, the lenses were shockingly cheaper, however, today they are covered in scratches and I never dropped them or put them through any unusual treatment. Lenscrafters would never let this happen, they have a coating they use and if you buy insurance, they will replace scratched lenses. Sams does not.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging


I decided to take the trash out to the curb before it got too late as I give my self a gold star for getting that job done 1) not in my pajamas and 2) not at 5am . I wanted to get the cat box cleaned out so I could add that to the trash before I took it out, fine, I was cleaning it out when I became aware of the  oddest noise...

The pouding of rain on the roof. Pounding. Normally, I I can hear it on the metal roof of the carport, this was the roof roof and it sounded like Texas rain. It had been gorgeous when I was out with the dog not  forty minutes before. No signs or symptoms of imminent sky opening up. No wind, no nothing.

 I hurried up and went downstairs and low and behold it was indeed pounding rain. I then remembered that I had the lawn umbrella up and I needed to take it down before it came down on it own. Well, before it was pouding with rain it was gusting with wind because my umbrella was on the ground when I got out there, in the pounding rain. The super best time to try to  unhoist it. Brought it in, dripping rain, and had to put it in the my spaghetti pot to keep it from flooding my entry way.

I tried to get the dog to come out with me into the pounding rain to pee while I was out there, because misery loves company but he wisely refused. Smart dog.

It only rained like that for a brief time but, damn. On the upside, I am soaked, but my basement is not. It is dry.

The trash did get taken out, I was glad I took it out after the rain came, the wind must have been really strong, my neighbors trash was on its side. I didn't hear anything until the rain started and I spent most of the evening my an open window.  Between my reruns and my deeply engrossing Twitter feed, I must have been really distracted - I blame Cheeto.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


I sat down to write this and I starting thinking how lousy today was and how high stress and then I thought, you know what I really want to do? I really want to watch Barney Miller reruns, they just started running them on whatever channel it is that runs the M*A*S*H reruns and I started to record them too. There are many fewer of them broadcast ever week, like a total of five, so its not as overwhelming a proposition.

I missed Barney Miller, I used to watch it in reruns after school ever day. It has a great theme, you get to see the towers opening credits and New York is how it exists in everyone's memories, dirty, violent and crime ridden by easily caught bad guys. And the cops are nice. I would suggest skipping the ones with Linda Lavin, her character is way too frantic, she totally ruins the vibe.

When I was really little I was heartbroken to find out that the actor who played Wogahowitzes real last name was Gail - a girls name - I couldn't get over that. I don't know why that bothered me so much at the time, but it just seemed wrong.

I'm going to go watch my TV. I;m also going to suggest that you start reading and if you are on Twitter,  that you begin to follow  John Schindler @20committee as quickly as possible. It would be worth joining Twitter just to follow him, and me, I am @megjac and I re-tweet a lot.

Also spoke to two more window venders, set up one more visit, going to call the other vender tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Tuesday Troubles

The Tuesday evening chaos, which started when Cheeto fired FBI Directer Comey - Comey later said he found out while speaking to agents in the LA Office while watching TV - Not by the letter that the Cheetos office reportedly put into his file.

It ha a gotten a huge amount of press, second only to the hue and cry of the firing of acting AG Sally Yates - which was also  incorrectly  referred to as the "Saturday Night Massacre".

Comey's dismissal was blamed on his release of information prior to the election that was thought to have thrown the election to Cheeto, not so much that he personally through the election to Cheeto - the Russians handled that part, but that what he did was wrong for the head of the FBI to do, worse yet. a few days ago Comey admitted he feels "mildly nauseous" when he thinks back on what he did - as does much of the western world. Comey being fired for being a bad FBI chief is expected, he should have been fired by Obama on the spot, but Obama didn't want to appear to be partisan, a mistake we are paying for now.

So, 109 days into our long national nightmare, Cheeto and Sessions suddenly decide, in retrospect that Comey did a bad thing and shit can him. It can't possibly have anything to do with the fact that he is supposed to testify on Thursday about the Cheeto administration collusion with Russia?

This highly questionable timing has even the GOP squinting their piggy eyes and pretending to be a little unhappy with Cheeto. Bit of trivia, Comey is only the second FBI chief to ever be fired, they have a ten year term and they normally serve it and move on. William Sessions was fired by Bill Clinton for letting his friends use government airplanes. Clinton told him to step down, Sessions said no and Clinton fired him.

Now, lets got back to the real Saturday Night Massacre. From Wikipedia

The Saturday Night Massacre is the term used by political commentators[1] to refer to U.S. President Richard Nixon's dismissal of independent special prosecutor Archibald Cox, and as a result the resignations of Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus on October 20, 1973, during the Watergate scandal.[2][3]
There is some mention there of the public sending in telegrams by the hundreds of thousands after this happened, my Mommy sent one and I remember watching her on the phone doing it, I was 6.

Okay, if you still have questions, you too can go to Wikipedia Saturday Night Massacre and learn in detail, everything ever ever wanted to know about that particular moment in history. And every other moment in Watergate history, in detail. - which I suggest we all do, quickly.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


I was at the book sale for an hour or so yesterday and two moments stood out for me:1) I found Celia Rivenbarks' You Can't Drink All Day If You Don't Start In The Morning in the "Self Help" section and 2) I listened to a woman complain to her friend about the dearth of books at the sale, on Sunday afternoon, after the sale has been going on like gangbusters since Friday morning , her conspiracy-ago-go explanation for all he good titles being gone was that "she has heard that the library hired a company to go through and take out the good titles before the sale started" .

Not that thousands of people had been through there like hyenas with reading glasses and they had taken literally everything, but despite the clear carnage, there were still decent titles to be found if you were to look for them, because I looked and I found some.

I found a couple of Wendy Wasserman plays, Major Barbara, a book of four classic French plays, a book of four great Restoration plays, Click and Clacks book, and many, more! For $3. Even if they are just additions to my library, they are additions to my library

Today was a win because I noticed that my shirt was on backwards before I got to work. Score.

Tuesday I am expecting another window person to come to my house after work and look at my window project and hopefully give me a quote that won't give me agita.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Looking Out

I need a couple of new windows, well, I really need one new window, the window on the other side is aging out and could use replacing but it is in awkward place due to the past owners DIY remodel and replacing it will be difficult - I am willing to forgo that window. I have two additional windows that  I would like to see replaced sooner rather than later and of course there is pretty much every other window in the house.

I saw a random ad for replacement windows online and decided that it was A Sign and I went with it, I called them and they called me, and called me and called me - until I finally picked up and we set up an appointment Saturday afternoon.

Renewal by Anderson, very, very nice. I'm pretty sure that this is not the entry level Anderson replacement window. I don't know why they looked up my address and thought that Renewal was the product line that they should show me? It is not the product line for this neighborhood, that was a bad call. This is a vinyl replacement window kind of place.

I had a long talk with the saleswoman and I showed her the problem windows and explained the issues I was having and she measured the windows and then we sat down and showed me the catalogue.

It was lovely book and the windows featured in it were gorgeous.  So clearly not the vinyl replacement windows I had in mind when I started this project in my mind. The saleswoman dismissed vinyl  replacement windows as "cheap". Well, yes, they are, however, I prefer to think of them as "affordable", which is why I was thinking of them in the first place, and why they are in every single house on my street.

Speaking of affordable. It became time for her to give me my quote, she went on about discounts and sales and blather. The first price for five windows : $24,000 - However, this was not on my final quote, I gather my initial display of shock and dismay was a bit of a turn off to the saleswoman and the final quote for all five windows was listed as 16K and then lowered by additional 3K with sales and discounts. If I only get the upstairs windows it would be $8268.85 for three windows.

Its still a No.

When  she left and I stopped hyperventilating, I called a different vender and we'll see what they can do. I may just end up with a window stuffed with towels.

Sunday, I mowed the lawns and went to the Wake County Book sale, there was nothing left but a handful, but I I scoured the four remaining tables and got 14 books for $3. Can't beat it.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Cats Blogging

Kent State

Because for some reason I didn't see any reference to it today : May 4, 1970

From Wikipedia, Kent State Shootings

The Kent State shootings (also known as the May 4 massacre or the Kent State massacre)[3][4][5] were the shootings of unarmed college students protesting the Vietnam War at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, by burning the campus ROTC building and throwing rocks at the Guardsmen. The shootings were perpetrated by members of the Ohio National Guard on May 4, 1970. Twenty-nine guardsmen fired approximately 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis.[6][7]
Some of the students who were shot had been protesting the Cambodian Campaign, which President Richard Nixon announced during a television address on April 30. Other students who were shot had been walking nearby or observing the protest from a distance.[8][9]
There was a significant national response to the shootings: hundreds of universities, colleges, and high schools closed throughout the United States due to a student strike of 4 million students,[10] and the event further affected public opinion, at an already socially contentious time, over the role of the United States in the Vietnam War.[11]

Because I was feeling a lot of rage today I thought I would leave you with  the lyrics to the song that Crosby Stills and Nash wrote.
Tin soldiers and Nixon coming,
We're finally on our own.
This summer I hear the drumming,
Four dead in Ohio.

Gotta get down to it
Soldiers are cutting us down
Should have been done long ago.
What if you knew her
And found her dead on the ground
How can you run when you know?

Gotta get down to it
Soldiers are cutting us down
Should have been done long ago.
What if you knew her
And found her dead on the ground
How can you run when you know?

Tin soldiers and Nixon coming,
We're finally on our own.
This summer I hear the drumming,
Four dead in Ohio.

Thursday, May 4, 2017


I was very proud of Rocket yesterday. We met a tiny dog yesterday that looked exactly like one of those stuffed dog toys I used to let him eat, before I stopped letting him eat stuffed dog toys.

It was a cute little thing but it was just the tiny-iest thing  I ever saw that wasn't radio controlled or a cat.  If I was Rocket I would have thanked me for the toy and had at it. But he isn't me and he was a perfect gentleman and limited the meeting to a polite sniff.

Rockets head was about the size of the entire tiny dog, so the "polite sniff" was subject to interpretation . The tiny dog interpreted it to be an invitation to run around a squeak like a toy. It was a good day for tiny dog,  Rocket has never been all that interested by very young dogs. He thinks they are dogs and he respects them as fellow animals but he doesn't find them at all interesting or worthy of playing with.

Fortunately, he will only play with dogs that are more or less in his weight class. He ignores very young, very small dogs. He has better things to play with, like cats.

Cats are also very small and fragile but they move very fast and and are more than able to defend themselves, he knows this and he feels comfortable letting his fur down with them and really playing with them. You can tell he enjoys it and them, they are almost, but not quite equals and he feels comfortable. Tiny dogs are not his thing.

 I'm also afraid he's going to snap and just say "Damn it toy thing! I am going to so eat you now!"

Little dogs are just not as smart as cats. Cats are smart enough to get out of the way, little dogs think they can and should fight back and they just make it worse. They just aren't very bright. That's why they scare me, I avoid, in most cases. little dogs, because they could taunt him and I don't want to see that happen. I mean, Rocket is super chill and is really mellow but there is always the first time, its much easier to cross the street and wave. Its just good policy.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


It turns out my $14.99 investment in a lovely, unstated navy blue backpack from Target  was indeed a good buy. I bought it in hopes that it would fit a bag of cat food and it did! Its been sitting around for months being a backpack, and understandably, cats made it their own. Cats are going to turn your things into cat beds. Its what they do, they are either going to break them or sleep on them.

I bought it a long time ago  now,  when I think about it, and in the meantime, since it was being used a as a backpack, it has doubled as a cat bed -  a damn good one at that, Ace has learned it was soft and comfy and not purchased as a cat bed- because God forbid he sleep on a on purpose cat bed!  He pushed it from the top of the table and  moved it under the table to get a better sun patch. He was very put out when I took it away from him to take it for a walk.

I went with Rocket to the cat food store and popped the cat food bag into the backpack and it magically fit and then Rocket and I went on the rest of our walk, the whole 3.5 miles. Perfect.

Normally, I have to carry the awkward thing in my arms and it is very heavy and hard to carry and after a half a mile or so it gets really not very much fun and more and more I have taken to buying it after work and having to pay for parking, which is a giant sin in my mind. Now I can just out on my backpack and walk to the store.

And that's it for today. Sorry.  Oh. I did have a surprise this morning when I was walking the dog. They tore down this house on Tarboro, it was there yesterday and it was fine and now this morning it was a pile of house. I may of shrieked when I saw it. It had been empty for a while but I thought it was a nice enough structure, but it is on a big lot and that, I guess was its death knell. It was a very small house on a largish lot and it was worth a lot less than the lot. So its gone now. They used to do that a lot more often around here than they do now ( they tore down the house behind me!), so I shouldn't be surprised, but I always am. It had newish siding on it too and the people had put a new porch on the side of it and I thought it looked nice but , oh well. Progress. And now I wonder how long the one next door has,  because it is even smaller and more wretched and less well maintained and I have wondered why its still standing, it does have a tenant in it now but I bet that this lights  a fire under the landlord and maybe they start looking at their options, its in an awful location, perhaps better served by a different kind of structure, like someones garage or just part of a yard.

It is not lost on me that I am bothered by the loss of the one house but I am planning the demise of the other.