Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sugar Brain

So today at work we had our quarterly birthday party and I had two bowls of  moose tracks ice cream and chocolate chip mint ice cream and chocolate swirl ice cream and toppings for dinner.

And then I went home and spent a few sugar fueled moments trying to decide what I wanted to do with my rainy, chilly evening. I had a lot of ideas! So many things I could do! I could go shopping! But I don't need anything! I could go Christmas Shopping! I need sweat pants! Whats on TV!.  One of the things I decided on was I wasn't  going to walk Dogger in the rain. Instead we wandered around the front yard and repaired to the inside.

I fed Dogger and then settled into a nice coma. Dogger somehow sensed I was in a coma and campaigned actively for me to wake up and not be in a coma, the thoughtless cow, and I freed her from her room and let her into the rest of the house so she could supervise my coma, because I thought that was what she wanted. I sank back into my coma until I noticed, somewhat on the edge of my conscious that she wasn't where I left her.

She was upstairs.

In my house the stairs are about an 85 degree angle. They are like a carpeted ladder or baby's' first fire pole. Dogger as two bad knees and a matching set of out of warranty arthritic hips. The vet cleared her to use carpeted stairs but we never talked about  carpeted ladders and I cringe every time she shimmy's up the pole.

She was on the bed. Very. Officially, I am to disapprove of her on the bed. Unofficially,  she looked so cute and I had been in a  sugar coma and the idea of going back to bed seemed like a really good plan. I should mention that it's cool and raining and the windows are open, its as close to ideal sleeping conditions as one is going to find. Baby kitty was all ready asleep on my suit case. The only bit of since I had prevented me from turning off the over head light -which would have been deadly since under those circumstances I wouldn't have woken up until 3am and then get the dog downstairs and  probably have to take her out to pee, in the rain and then change clothes and you know brush my teeth. These are not things I want to do at 3am.

Instead I woke up at 8pm and I was able to stop the madness and get Dogger and I both off the bed and back to life.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Going to the Dog

This weekend I trimmed the hedges. Not because I can because I have the worlds best-est shrub trimmer or because they looked sloppy, or because I had the time... I trimmed the hedges because my dog couldn't see out "her" window.

The front of the house looks much nicer now and I even got a complement from my neighbors on my awesome trimming skilz.  I think they were just impressed that everything looks so even and tidy. I'll have to do it again and be even more aggressive before winter, I might even venture into the back yard and do something about the monsters in the back yard.  Fear me, you sons of bitches, redbud I'm coming for you!

Speaking of the trimming, when you trim you have trimmings and you have to dispose of said trimmings. I  do not disposing of trimmings because it frankly, smacks of raking leaves and I do not love raking leaves. To solve this problem, last spring I bought this very handy little yard waste tool called The Stake N' Rake. It is a very large rubber bag with a ultra wide mouth. The mouth part stays open due to a "flex pole" that does double duty as stakes to keep the bag stationary as you fill it with waste. I used it once and it was very awesome. I went back to use it for a second time and I discovered that a section of the flex pole had snapped. It doesn't work as well with a broken flex pole. Not at all.

So I went online and looked them up. I bought mine at Tuesday Morning for $10, a very good price because on the web site they want $30! Its totally worth that because it is a neat little product and it does speed up and simplify the job. However, I all ready have one, I don't want to buy an entirely new one because the flex pole failed. I looked around on the site and didn't see any reference to replacement parts. So I shot them an email  praising their product and explaining my problem.

No answer. So I called them and they asked if I had emailed them, I said I had and I hadn't heard back from them so I called them too. The operator said they were trying to solve my problem - which is easy to solve, either A) Send me a freebie flex pole which would be terrific customer service or B) charge me for a new flex pole, which would be  iffy customer service but okayish -  Either works for me really. They could C) send me an entirely new Stake N' Rake, which would  really work for me and turn me into a walking infomercial for them, there is of course D) Where they tell me they can't help me and suggest that I buy a new one from them retail. Which would be poor customer service and piss me off and I would make sure everyone knows just how poor their customer service is. Loudly. They have to do something because its getting on to fall and that's pretty much the high season for Staking N'Raking.

I was a slug at lunch today, it was gorgeous and not raining and I should have walked or ride the bike or something but I was really hungry and the  food bar was not going to cut it so I went to Burger Yucky instead of doing something good for me. Bad, bad Diana.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Walk on by

I walked the dog in the rain, I drove to work in the rain, I carried/dragged ten liters of soda in my building in the rain, I lost my parking place to get my flu shot in the rain, I parked in BFE in the rain, I walked back to my building in the rain, I walked back to my car in BFE in the rain, I drove home in the rain and then I walked the dog (again) in the rain. Its raining. It has rained all day. It hasn't rained since my first week on vacation, a month ago. So I am  not complaining about the rain. It is however, a cold rain.

It is not warm. It is probably by definition, not actually "cold", it is a lot less warm than it has been so by comparison it is very unwarm bordering on the too cool.  I came home and closed my windows. The other night I guilty ran my window unit upstairs, it felt sooo good.  Today? I dug up warm up pants, note to self -  buy new warm up pants and settled in to watch TV. Anthony Bourdain goes to Canada in the winter. Not helping.

It was then while checking my email that I was alerted that an old friend had posted the text of a post card I sent her from a ski trip in 1988. There is a reason that most juvinila is forgotten. I really wanted the whole Facebook community to know that in 1988 six or so months after I graduated high school,  I could not  spell "beautiful".  Thank you Helga. I also can't spell "juvinila" but neither can Google spell check or wordperfect.

Back in the now, I am trying to decide if I want to walk Dogger in the rain. Again. I don't really want to but I also don't want to get out of the habit of  our three times a day walking, its good for both of us and it was a nice little habit to be in. I took a vacation from my other habit, the picking up of cans and bottle habit after I came back from vacation  since I wasn't walking Dogger and now that she is back I am finally getting back into the recycling groove. I had my first day back today and didn't do as good a job as I should have, it was raining and I put the blame for my small haul to the fact that it was raining and that did not put me in a good place for can and bottle picking. Tomorrow, a start anew again.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Farmer Me

It rained!  it not only rained, it is raining! My plants are in shock! They're all sweating and nauseous and confused. I'm going to go out there tomorrow and find the place littered with PTSD pamphlets - which is fine, I can use them as  mulch, its important to think ahead.

I would like to use more than pamphlets to pump my garden. I see reference to using rye grass as a green fertilizer on gardens, you plant it, it magically beefs up the soil and then you just plow it under when you start the garden in the spring. This sounds good, but I'm not entirely sure I want grass feeling all at home in my garden. Grass is bad, I don't know how I feel about inviting it in and telling it to make it self at home. I need to re-read my Burpee catalog to read the small print.

Speaking of the garden, everyone is still in their place. I was going to remove at least one of the tomatoes but they all pulled themselves out of the fire by producing at least something, one is however producing a lot of blossom end rot and that does not make me want to let them live long and prosper - however, it makes me sad to pull out plants and I don't really want to. I feel like I owe them more than just pulling them out.

The peppers are still doing very well and they are in no danger of their season ending early. Just today I put up four peppers for the winter - little peppers but still better than no peppers. I was going to chop them but I decided on julienning instead. It probably isn't going to amount to more than a single meal but it will make me feel like I did something with my summer.

In addition to the peppers I have sauce tomatoes and two meals of stuffed peppers waiting for me. I want to make sauce with my tomatoes , I'm going to have to supplement them with store bought but I can still feel like I made the sauce with my garden. I didn't really out any of my vegetables up last year, I tried with some late broccoli but my brocs never really came out like they were supposed to and they are small and a little peaky looking and I only did it to be able to say I did. They haunt me now.

I would love to have a bigger garden and be able to really plant enough plants to get a real harvest and really have enough to freeze and use over the winter but unless my yard grows or the damn tree magically disappeared, which is not going to happen, most likely. What would be really be neat would be to take over the lot behind my house and use it, its larger, sunnier than my yard and still close enough to feasible provide irrigation to it. Anyone can plant some veggies in a lot but its really hard to keep them watered. There is a church group that every year plants a large plot in a lot down the street from me. They plow and plant and they get a lot of output for a while and  seem to work on it -  But it dies every year, because it isn't irrigated.

In my mind that;s a waste of energy and its unfair to the plants. If you aren't going to take care of the garden you shouldn't start it in the first place. If those people are so dedicated to gardening, they could plow up their neighbors yards for free, provide seeds and help out folks who really are going to tend their gardens.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Cat Blogging


Oh look, its Friday. Finally.

Its been a tough week, first off, I it is becoming clear I won't be going on vacation for another year and I find that deeply regrettable. Also, its now officially Autumn but the leaves are still green and in the trees and I'm still hot and I have no desire whatsoever to sit in front of the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate. I also find this deeply regrettable.

It is also too hot to watch football. It needs to be less hot to comfortably watch football, I want a sweater on and the leaves to be falling. I don't require a post season parka because no one really likes the weather then, but its just not as fun to  watch when its not cold out. It feels like cheating to spend the time watching a game inside when you could be outside doing something while you still can.

Speaking of post season, we're coming up on October and the Rangers are still playing and not still being beaten to death three times a week, they are winning and not by accident or a series of bad calls or because the rest of the league is fat  or coming off drugs or dating a Kardashian- they learned how to play baseball!  That most of been one hell of an off season, to teach the Rangers how to play baseball.

The Rangers are famous for going out on the  field and trying to get a game of cricket going or maybe field hockey, maybe throw the Frisbee around - certainly not baseball. And most certainly not winning. They have been winning all season. Its unnatural, everyone got so excited about the Cubs a few years ago, was it the Cubs? I so don't really care about baseball, but  if the Rangers do anything, its would be miraculous, it would be epic, far, far, far more cataclysmic that anything  the Cubs could ever do, good bad or indifferent.

The Cubs may lose and they may lose a lot but they don't lose with the total dedication to failure, the precision lack of talent, the desire to play the game very poorly and to do the worst possible job that the Rangers have embraced for decades.  The Cubs may have the heart but the Rangers have the heart disease. No one wants to lose as badly as the Rangers.

And yet. They were touched by the Hand of Nolan and now they can not lose. They want to lose, they need to lose - but they just can't pull a good string of losses off. They must go back to the field house or the dressing room or wherever baseball players go and just wonder what the hell happened to them. Harry Potter may think he's some kind of magic superman but he doesn't hold a candle to whatever spell  Nolan Ryan cast on that team.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I was a very bad girl. I came home, fed the dog, fed myself, rested my eyes briefly - it was then I had a vision, a vision of  ice cream.

While on vacation, amid all  the hiking and healthy eating,  there was ice cream. Often. It seems the colder it is or on the other hand, the more time you spend without air conditioning, the more you  don't buy the ice cream from the nice people and their quaint store... Well, lets just say next summer the quaintness quotient will have gone down and you won't be able to buy those dusty postcards either and it will be all your fault . Buy the ice cream, save the state economy.

There are no ice cream stores near me. Quaint or otherwise. There is a store I can buy a milk shake but a bullet proof vest is actually part of the uniform there bullet proof material does not come in quaint. I also didn't want a milk shake because everyone knows milk shakes are bad for you, much, much more bad for you than an ice cream cone. Much, much worse, they probably cause cancer and give you bad dreams.

I wanted an ice cream cone . I could have gone to the grocery and bought a small tub but the single serve tubs are expensive, which I think does double duty and lets them claim to be low in calories because 1) they are genuinely verysmall and 2) they are so expensive you can't in good conscious buy them. What you don't eat does not make you fatter, ta da! Low in caleries!

And I didn't want to get in the car. Driving is not good exercise. I decided to  settle for the milk shake while I was walking Doggers walk, thus working off some of the evil but Dogger did not want to go to the ice cream place. Dogger wanted to go home - The last time Dogger refused to go the ice cream place I  semi-witnessed a police chase and a hit and run - Not pretty and while I was talking to the cops my ice cream melted. Dogger is a smart dog.

No such unluck  this time but they ground my add in too much and it was more like sand. I miss the beach but not so much I want it in my milk shake.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fa, la, la

The other day I disappointed myself by not only looking at forbidden pre-season Christmas stuff but  then buying forbidden pre-season Christmas stuff. I bought forbidden, pre-season cards. You have to, forbidden or not because the retailers never restock and once the cute cards are gone in like October the cute cards are gone. Learn to love the Currier and Ives and dogs in costumes and blond, protestant Marys'. Again

It turns out those cards were an entry-way Christmas drug. This weekend I also decided to decide on the image for my own cards - not entirely a bad thing, the earlier I know what I want the faster I can jump on a deal from one of the online outlets and get them ordered and in route so I can get serious about the card frames for them ( never available before mid-November!) and then get them  put together and signed and  out. I have an idea what I want this year frame -wise  but I'm pretty sure I through away the catalog I saw the perfect frame in because it arrived in mid-August and I was aghast. Target is usually has a great selection but the boycott is preventing me from shopping there - No, the boycott isn't preventing me from shopping there, Targets'  corporate right wing, homophobic, tea party political giving is preventing me from shopping there. Humph.

Anyway. I can rationalize my cards because I did something worse than cards... I bought lights! I know! I know! Bad, bad Diana! But they were so cute and last year I got all judgemental about the timing of Christmas stuff shopping and I didn't buy them and when I arbitrarily decided it was finally okay to buy Christmas stuff the Christmas stuff I wanted last September were long gone. I was not going to get burned again. I saw the cute lights and I bought the cute lights. Go to hell.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yay Me

I did something Monday night I haven't done since last May : I watched a first run network prime-time scripted drama! House is in the house!

The fact I watched a network during prime-time is a big deal. Last spring after my shows finished up I switched to HGTV and fired up the Tivo and never looked back, I've spent the summer watching 20 year old Law and Order reruns and home improvement shows - most of them not new. It hasn't been a complete waste though,  Food Network and the Travel Channel have kept me alert and awake with first run episodes of No Reservations and Ace of Cakes . I have to admit to some weakness though, I did watch two episodes of  that Heidi Klum clothes designer show, which I believe I get  points for not knowing the title of.

Tomorrow according to my Tivo, I have Detroit 1-8-7 to look forward to, but Wednesday is a big zero, however Thursday I hit the mother load with Community and 30 Rock and Bones and Outsourced as well as a new Ace of Cakes. Friday is shockingly empty with the exception of The Soup. SNL comes back at some point soonish.

And I turned the heat up on my Netflix list and am expecting The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo in Swedish with I hope subtitles. The next Harry Potter movie opens November 18th.

While I was on vacation, I did not have a TV. I read instead and went with my Mom to see Nanny McFee II. Here is a self congratulatory list of the books I read.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest, The Closers (detective thriller), Farm City, Star Island, Animal Tracks of the Great Lakes, The Joy of Raising Chickens, Cooking Dirty, Lamb : The Gospel According to Biff.

 Tried and failed: Cheerful Weather for the Wedding  and Wigfield

Bought there  and as yet unread: The Clumsiest People in The World, The Body Droppers, Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

Birthday Gifts, as yet  unread Dirty Jobs, Anansi Boys . The added plus of birthday books being that I can turn the pages down and no one can say a damn thing about it because they are MY books. I folded the pages over on Star Island with great glee.

I can't help thinking that I am forgetting one or two, we went to the library right off and I really think I checked something out and read it immediately and the returned it and now I can't remember. I'm listing these to rimind all us that despite my TV watching habit, I can  and do read.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, Monday

I should go on vacation more often. On you average Saturday I stay in bed until I get hungry for lunch and it pretty much goes down hill from there - this Saturday, I was out of bed before 9am, I stripped the bed, got the rest of the laundry separated and started a load, then I went to the store and got what I needed for my Sunday dinner.

I came home and watched some Tivo. I deserved the rest. And then I went shopping. I spent like a drunk, wealthy sailor while I was away and its a hard habit to break. In  my defence I went shopping at Ross and TJ Maxx. I should have skipped Ross though, it was a mess and it was depressing. Its depressing enough that Ross is somewhere I go to shop. When I wasn't boycotting Target, that's where I went to spurge. But it sucks even more when it is a depressing mess.

I didn't buy anything I was so depressed. Do you know how awful a discount store has to be before I won't buy something there? Usually depressing is a good sign because it means that the merch will be even cheaper than at a similarly themed less depressing retail outlet - It was so bad I couldn't even find anything cheap that I wanted - everything was cheap but also gross. I don't mind cheap but I have problems with gross.

Onto TJ Maxx. What a nice store! It doesn't smell like bleach or poor people and I was able to find exactly what I was looking for and I almost bought noodles in primary colors. Ross didn't even have noodles in noodle colors.

Post shopping therapy, I came home and met my parents who brought back my little animals!!!!

Dogger is at this very moment having a dream about wading in the lake and strolling on the beach. She is going to be very disappointed when she wakes up. I've taken her on a few walks since she came home and she seems hopeful that any minute we're going to turn a corner and the beach is just going to appear, we're going to walk between some trees and there it will be.

She woke up and seemed depressed. She just sort of squinted and looked around and and groaned and went back to sleep. I hate to have to keep breaking it to her, but there is no beach and the only way she's going wading is if one of the three storms out in the water decide to come ashore - I do have a lot of sand in my sneakers and maybe if she gets really sad I'll dump some out and let her walk through it .

Dogger went back to sleep and is dreaming again and this time she's "talking" in her sleep.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Cat Blogging


I did something very bad today. I went to Sam's  Club to pay my bill - not in itself a very bad thing, I did that and then did the very bad thing. What I should have paid the bill and left. I did not.

I paid the bill and then went into the store. Bad, bad idea. I had been there a few days before and saw some pants that I thought would be  good for wearing to the office this winter. Fine. I should have just bought them a few days ago. Anyway, I looked through the remaining pairs - again, I should have carpe-d the pants a few days ago, but after pawing through what was still there I found what I wanted and even decided I could buy two pair. Go me.

I should have just gone to the line then and not given myself the added time in the store. I went even deeper in and found a third pair of pants I really need for this winter - I have a pants thing, I also bought flannel lined jeans in Marquette. I wonder if this is something to examine? How would I do that? I decided I did not need both pair of pants I saw at the front of the store. I should have just gone to the front and put one back and got into the line.

Still further into the store. I found the Christmas section. I looked at the Christmas section.

I bought Christmas cards It wasn't my fault! They are snow-globes! I couldn't help it! It wasn't my fault. If they didn't have snow-globes, practical snow-globes! I wouldn't have bought them if they had not stocked the snow-globes I would not have bought them. It was out of my hands. I still feel dirty though.

They were cheap and cute and I think they will work for the people at work. This year I am totally going to lock down my list, last year I over bought and so this year is going to be the year of frugality and hard choices and editing, lots of editing.

I also bought cat litter. I do not feel dirty about that.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Object Lessons

The ground v. container experiment is over. I think the results in my case were that the plants in pots were over the season  were in better shape and more productive but had shorter seasons than the plants in the ground. The pepper was a failure on many levels but I think it was more the plant itself instead of how it was raised. I think I'll put more plants in containers next year, tomatos most likely.

This morning while I was wandering around looking to waste time, I went to look in on the experimental tomato, I had more or less decided to just let it go but I didn't want it to die of neglect, it wasn't really productive anymore with the exception of a few tiny fruits.  In its prime it was covered with mid-sized fruits, not any more. I was checking it out and I saw something that I thought was a leaf.

A "leaf" with a face. Its a tobacco worm, an evil thing. Oddly, and to my good fortune, the first such worm I have found all season although at closer inspection, the plant had been well chewed. Notice the white flecks on the worm, I believe that those are the eggs of a certain variety of wasps that lay their eggs on the evil worm so that their young can ultimately eat the worm alive. The circle of life is brutal and I do not believe that anything in nature has ever sang songs rhapsodizing it.

When I came home I pulled the plant out the ground and bagged it instead of just letting it rot in the yard. I also didn't add the soil, in which I found another evil worm (that I killed) to the bin with the rest of my collected soil. I'm sad about the plant though, it was a good worker.

Enough with the old, and pictures of evil things! How about some pictures of non-evil things? Here are some shot that did not end up on Face book, think of them of extra bonusi for you, my blog readers.

the joys of a private beach

Harlow Lake

The last sunset

sigh, the sunrise the day I left.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Since the animals aren't here at present I have discovered that I have all this time that I didn't know about. I have an especially large amount of time in the mornings, and in their absents I have gotten more done before 6am that I usually get done all day. I have dealt with laundry, dumped out, hosed out and soaked Baby Kitty's litter box, filled and started a load in the dishwasher and still had time to drink my tea and read the paper.

I've also gotten more sleep because I haven't had to take someone out for a walk, fed and pill-ed. Its uncanny. I just keep setting my alarm later and later every morning until I find  the magic time from, thus far I am spending too much time trying to stay busy, thus all the jobs I'm getting done but lets be frank - I would much rather be sleeping than cleaning out the cats litter box.

The thing is that I know that when I come up with the right timing for a perfect morning, the animals will be back and I'm going to have to reset everything and get re-used to waking up veryearly and then going about my morning with very little time for anything past dog service and paper reading. I also still have to make time for  flower watering - I forgot on Monday - possibly because it was dark and its been light when I watered in the morning.

Not any more. Hateful, hateful season changes.

Speaking of change thingys. I went to the Wake County Democratic Executive Committee meeting and my precinct chair(!), ( yes he does exist) nominated me for one of the five women's spots open on the State Executive Committee!  I didn't get it, as far as I know, but still, I got nominated for a state level party committee! How cool is that? Its almost cooler than winning a spot because it does not require attending any meetings. So either way, its a cool thing. The only uncool thing would be that I left for the meeting at 5:30 and I wasn't able to leave until after 8pm and I was starving. My chair gave me a ride or I would have stopped on  the way home and since I did not eat promptly I have a splitting head ache, even after getting some food.  I think I'll live.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I rushed home from work this afternoon. I always rush home from work. There is always someone whose one end or the other that needs to be served and usually, about an hour ago. However, this week, there is no need to serve any ends, those ends are being served by others. I am alone. Today I rushed home to fed and water myself myself. I did not take me for a walk but I did put a few moments of serious thought into taking myself for a bike ride. The wrong moments it turned out, it got dark while I was thinking.

I came home alone but not to nothing, my plants were waiting. I did not send them postcards. Thanks to Brosky, a good solid 85% made it without me. The failures most likely had all ready rung deaths doorbell before I left. I did a little house cleaning with the flowers and  then did some heavy pruning to the vegetables.

They all looked okay, not great but okay. I think they would have liked the timer to go off more frequently for longer but we all want what we can't have. I cared! so! much! back in the spring but now with fall on the way I just feel meh about them. I walked back there and was like So. What have you done for me lately? The tomatoes got the heaviest hit from the pruning shears and I pulled one plant out  entirely because while it was still green and more or less pretty, it was barren and it was time to go really, it had since last April and all its done is gotten taller. I wanted tomatoes not a shade tree. I have a shade tree, it throws too much shade. I also got rid of the rest of the green beans .

The only things that didn't feel my wraith were the peppers. They were a little wilty bur still producing, I love the peppers. They didn't get too tall and every single one of them produced. Go peppers! Burpee owes me for the tomatoes though, next season I'm going to be more careful because I think I was supposed to get more off of them them then I did and my only real blockbuster was the plant I didn't even buy from them. Humph. Who am I kidding, by the time I get those seed catalogues I'm going to go nuts with desire and buy one of everything they offer! They do it on purpose, send them out when they do. Manipulative bastards. But if they really loved us they would send out a Christmas Catalog so that my love ones could enable my seasonal insanity.

Baby Kitty and Dogger are still on the beach, Dogger loves the beach and will be sorely disappointed to come home and find we aren't magically within walking distance of one. Dogger has tiny little doggy flip flops and her own beach towel now. Girl Dog is a born again beach bum.

To make myself feel useful, I made a vet appointment for Dogger the Monday after she gets back. I'm going to ask my parents to feed her a lot of salt in the car coming home, lots of  salty car snacks - maybe some doggy Frito's or just turn around and squirt some spray cheese down her throat every now and then. I'm sure her vet would really like that. I gave my dog high blood pressure so that her salt will be higher than her potassium and whatever else they measure with their test, her every six months pop quiz/electrolytes test, I'm not really sure what the questions are., Dogger knows though and thus far she has been a passable student, scoring neither too low or too high, a good solid C student.

The peppers and my inpatients, were not alone in their faithfulness, the feral kitties also hung on while I was gone . While I didn't see them over the weekend, apparently they saw me because today after work they were both waiting for me, starving. In Baby Kitty's honor, I fed them out of his stash.

Monday, September 13, 2010


I haven't been alone in three weeks. I have shared hotel rooms with my parents, I spent eight hours with an eighty-five pound dog in my lap. I've been speaking in plurals for almost a month. I live by myself, I spend quite a bit of time alone. I go places with me. Me and my shadow go out to eat.  Me , myself and I watch TV in the evening,. I read books by myself. I am alone but I am never lonely. My life has become a 24 hour group activity.

 I don't spend a lot of time thinking about privacy but spend a few weeks sharing space with other people makes you think about it quite a lot. Lust for it. I've been sharing a bathroom for three weeks. Sharing a bathroom where flushing, due to antiquated plumbing is a mother-may-I question  a question that involves drain fields and septic systems and  other things that 21 Century people should only read about in books. History books.

Not a surprise, it took me very little time to learn the location of every public restroom in Marquette County.  I have much more respect for city sewer systems than ever before! I'm all for them, who knew they were something that was a mere option, you can live in the past or choose to live in the now. I think they should be legally required to choose "now" - I would not be insulted by jack booted thugs coming in and forcing them on one and all of us, personal choice and indivugual freedoms be damned. It is interesting to note however that 21 century airplaines bathrooms are  nothing more than outhoused in the sky. Because I know from outhouses.

 But now, at home, alone in my house, by myself I am going to walk naked through the living room, I am going to flush the toilet every time I walk past the bathroom. I am going to eat dinner when I'm hungry.

I had a wonderful time though and it ended much too soon and I want to go back. It was 60 degrees and raining when I left and I understand it has not improved and only gotten less lovely and more windy and even colder since then and I still would much rather be there than here. I would share a bathroom forever and live on other peoples schedules for the rest of my life if I could stay there.

But I couldn't, I had to come back. Stupid job.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I was so into the whole Great White North gestalt that I bought a pair of flannel lined jeans.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Thursday, September 9, 2010

A-"He's seeing shrink because he has stress problems... With me!

B- He can deal with his own problems!

A - He's throwing up though.

B- Well then.
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Marquette 2010 III

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Im in the bar that spawned the murder that spawned the movie Anatomy of a Murder. The chalk mark is still on the floor.

Monday, September 6, 2010

People ask me "where are visiting from?" and I get all tounge tied. My family has been here for 85 years, I'm hardly a "visitor" . Enter tied tounge: "NC!".

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Marquette 2010 II
When i was fluttering around packing for vacation I didn't even think about bringing gloves and a hat, I laughed at long underwear. I'm not laughing now.

Friday, September 3, 2010

You don't notice how loud the storm is until you experence it unvoluntarily in the dark .
Today I am wearing a wool blanket over a wool coat and a sweater and the lake is doing its level best to rise up (it is suddenly very tall) and kill us.
The other day it was so hot i set the day in the lake and I ended up with a flaming sunburn as a parting gift. End part 1

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Going through the lock, onward to Ontario.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eating lunch in an Irish bar in the Soo. Its an odd sensation to be chased down the street by an ore boat.