Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Going to the Dog

This weekend I trimmed the hedges. Not because I can because I have the worlds best-est shrub trimmer or because they looked sloppy, or because I had the time... I trimmed the hedges because my dog couldn't see out "her" window.

The front of the house looks much nicer now and I even got a complement from my neighbors on my awesome trimming skilz.  I think they were just impressed that everything looks so even and tidy. I'll have to do it again and be even more aggressive before winter, I might even venture into the back yard and do something about the monsters in the back yard.  Fear me, you sons of bitches, redbud I'm coming for you!

Speaking of the trimming, when you trim you have trimmings and you have to dispose of said trimmings. I  do not disposing of trimmings because it frankly, smacks of raking leaves and I do not love raking leaves. To solve this problem, last spring I bought this very handy little yard waste tool called The Stake N' Rake. It is a very large rubber bag with a ultra wide mouth. The mouth part stays open due to a "flex pole" that does double duty as stakes to keep the bag stationary as you fill it with waste. I used it once and it was very awesome. I went back to use it for a second time and I discovered that a section of the flex pole had snapped. It doesn't work as well with a broken flex pole. Not at all.

So I went online and looked them up. I bought mine at Tuesday Morning for $10, a very good price because on the web site they want $30! Its totally worth that because it is a neat little product and it does speed up and simplify the job. However, I all ready have one, I don't want to buy an entirely new one because the flex pole failed. I looked around on the site and didn't see any reference to replacement parts. So I shot them an email  praising their product and explaining my problem.

No answer. So I called them and they asked if I had emailed them, I said I had and I hadn't heard back from them so I called them too. The operator said they were trying to solve my problem - which is easy to solve, either A) Send me a freebie flex pole which would be terrific customer service or B) charge me for a new flex pole, which would be  iffy customer service but okayish -  Either works for me really. They could C) send me an entirely new Stake N' Rake, which would  really work for me and turn me into a walking infomercial for them, there is of course D) Where they tell me they can't help me and suggest that I buy a new one from them retail. Which would be poor customer service and piss me off and I would make sure everyone knows just how poor their customer service is. Loudly. They have to do something because its getting on to fall and that's pretty much the high season for Staking N'Raking.

I was a slug at lunch today, it was gorgeous and not raining and I should have walked or ride the bike or something but I was really hungry and the  food bar was not going to cut it so I went to Burger Yucky instead of doing something good for me. Bad, bad Diana.

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