Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Walk on by

I walked the dog in the rain, I drove to work in the rain, I carried/dragged ten liters of soda in my building in the rain, I lost my parking place to get my flu shot in the rain, I parked in BFE in the rain, I walked back to my building in the rain, I walked back to my car in BFE in the rain, I drove home in the rain and then I walked the dog (again) in the rain. Its raining. It has rained all day. It hasn't rained since my first week on vacation, a month ago. So I am  not complaining about the rain. It is however, a cold rain.

It is not warm. It is probably by definition, not actually "cold", it is a lot less warm than it has been so by comparison it is very unwarm bordering on the too cool.  I came home and closed my windows. The other night I guilty ran my window unit upstairs, it felt sooo good.  Today? I dug up warm up pants, note to self -  buy new warm up pants and settled in to watch TV. Anthony Bourdain goes to Canada in the winter. Not helping.

It was then while checking my email that I was alerted that an old friend had posted the text of a post card I sent her from a ski trip in 1988. There is a reason that most juvinila is forgotten. I really wanted the whole Facebook community to know that in 1988 six or so months after I graduated high school,  I could not  spell "beautiful".  Thank you Helga. I also can't spell "juvinila" but neither can Google spell check or wordperfect.

Back in the now, I am trying to decide if I want to walk Dogger in the rain. Again. I don't really want to but I also don't want to get out of the habit of  our three times a day walking, its good for both of us and it was a nice little habit to be in. I took a vacation from my other habit, the picking up of cans and bottle habit after I came back from vacation  since I wasn't walking Dogger and now that she is back I am finally getting back into the recycling groove. I had my first day back today and didn't do as good a job as I should have, it was raining and I put the blame for my small haul to the fact that it was raining and that did not put me in a good place for can and bottle picking. Tomorrow, a start anew again.

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