Thursday, June 30, 2005

Supporting The Troops

Doonsbury walks the walk

Trudeau is donating all his proceeds from the sale of his newly released book “The Long Road Home: One Step at a Time” to the Fisher House Foundation. Also, Andrews McMeel Publishing, the book’s publisher, is contributing 10 percent of its take from the book to Fisher House.

Fisher House offers family members of wounded troops temporary housing at little or no cost during their loved one’s hospitalization. With locations at 32 veterans and military hospitals throughout the United States and in Landstuhl, Germany, Fisher House is largely funded through private donations.
I am also a Liberal

I am A Liberal

Go there and see why

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Good To Know

Study ranks July 4 vacation bottlenecks

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The road between Oregon's Willamette Valley, where Portland sits, and the Pacific coast is known for recreation, wineries and beauty. This weekend, it will also be known for slow traffic, the group said in a study titled "Are We There Yet?" Interstate 64 in the Tidewater region of southeastern Virginia is second on the group's list of vacation bottlenecks, followed by the Maryland-Delaware shore, Branson, Missouri, and North Carolina's Outer Banks.

Yay for us, I guess 70E is going to be a lot of fun this weekend.

My boss hurt her knee again. I know this because she made a point of telling us all about it. One of the other women in the office twister her knee as well. I think that there is some new, really virulent strain of orthopedic problems lose in this office! It has become easier to catch a turned ankle in this office then to catch the flu because at lunch today as I was getting out of Minnie and going back to the office, I slipped and twisted my ankle. For the record? OW.

If the PTB really loved dog owners they would make available an inexpensive Doggy Tread Mill because then no matter what the weather was, or how sore your ankle was, your dog could burn off their doggy excess energy and not wind up as furry area rugs. I think this is something the ASPCA should be all over. I think they should be busy in some lab somewhere developing this not just to relive me from my dog getting on my nerves but because I don’t think the world needs any more really fat labs or obese basset hounds and it would cut way down on the number of dogs getting turned into the shelters because their owners claim they “just don’t have time to exercise” their dog or “the yard turned out to be too small” or the “dog barked all the damn time and ate my shoes” or whatever. A Doggy tread mill would be a wonderful invention and for smaller dogs they could make a larger version of those gerbil wheel things. Think how much less yapping there would be in the world if little yappy dogs could run out all that energy instead of having to yap all the time to burn off energy.

What do the people with those little pretend purse dogs do when their little pretend purse dogs yap too much and really get on their nerves? I suppose they could just flush them or if the yappy really got on their nerves maybe they put them down the disposal. Maybe instead of furry area rugs they make furry toilet paper cozies with them. Maybe if disposaling the yappy dog isn’t an option maybe they give them to Goodwill with the other momentarily trendy accessories they now find annoying, like Nichole Ritchie. What are Paris Hilton et al going to do when the little pretend purse dog trend is over? Maybe they can all send them to NYC and create herds of little pretend purse dogs to act as prey animals for Pale Male and his kin! Wouldn’t that be cute? Pale Male and the babies’ dive bombing the concrete canyons, little pieces of pretend purse dogs gripped in their talons! I think it would do wonders for New York City’s eco-tourism numbers.


A highly intelligent British student was jailed for life on Wednesday after he admitted bludgeoning his parents to death This was a headline on CNN international. Now, the story goes on to explain why he was described as “highly intelligent” answer? It’s irrelevant. But I looked at the headline and I was like “You have to be smart to commit murder? Wow, Darlie Routier would be glad to see that! If he was really smart he would have gotten away with it, so his attorneys claimed he is also mentally ill - but not so mentally ill that it interfered with his taking his girl friend to New York and running $54, 000 in charges up on his dead parents credit cards. I wonder if it would have made CNN International at all if he hadn’t been “highly intelligent” had he been “Highly Stupid”, then it never would have gone past the local paper and the headline would have been: “ Local Idiot Offs Parents, Goes To Jail”.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


From our IT folks

There is currently an attempt to have end users install malware on their computers through an e-mail notice that appears to originate from Microsoft asking the users to install a security patch. The download is really a variant of the SDBot that will install a backdoor and make the system a zombie for the purposes of scanning and denial of service attacks.
We never kissed and made up

U.S. military: Afghan crash may be from hostile fire

Seventeen troops were aboard the MH-47 aircraft when it went down Tuesday, the statement said. The copter is a variant of the Army's twin-rotor Chinook transport used by special operations troops.

The troops aboard are believed to be members of a quick response force composed of various Special Forces units, CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr. A quick response force is a special operation that moves in under fire to extract U.S. forces on the ground or reinforce them.

The U.S. military said the aircraft had been taking part in "Operation Red Wing," aimed at defeating al Qaeda militants carrying out harassing attacks and gathering intelligence, Reuters reported.

"Initial reports indicate the crash may have been caused by hostile fire," the U.S. statement said. They are comfortable with their use of "May"? It "May" have been the result of hostile fire? Did they think it was an early July 4th celebration gotten out of hand?!

U.S deaths in Afghanistan plus 17.

Warm enough for ya?

I walked outside to go the lunch today and it was like walking into a public pool. I could almost smell the chlorine. It was too warm, too humid and not at all enjoyable. I never liked swimming after the pool water got as warm as the air. But, it wasn’t a public pool in August it was a parking lot in June. Lovely.

There is a setting some where in the bowels of the A/C that guarantee that it will never be comfortable through the entire building, half of us bring sweaters or blankets and the other half spend the day panting and fanning themselves – all year round. Pretty much except for my office where it is always cold. In our building we have colds all summer long from going from the heat outside to the cold inside – but we aren’t the only ones; why can’t restaurants just cool themselves to where it is cooler then it is outside? Why do they all have to chill themselves to the point of forcing their patrons to eat in what amounts to a walk in freezer? If its 90 degrees outside there is no reason to chill your dinning room to 60 degrees. Gawd.

People For The Ethical Treatment Of People?

I had the overwhelming desire to help actual real life human beings for a change so when they called me to give blood I scheduled myself an appointment – but before I could go, of course! I had to take care of the Dog That Is Not Mine, again. That morning I found him out and about yet again and instead of making myself crazy and messing up my clothes and angsting about notifying his people, I just tied him up in my yard and I went to work. By the time I got home he was gone.

Kind Of.

He was not in my yard, which is not to say he was in his yard. I was took Dogger out and lo and behold TDTINM was back. Yay. I chained TDTINM back up and took care of my actual dog. I had a schedule to keep. I had places to go and people to help. Actual real live people I have done enough taking care of dogs lately. My fellow humans need me.


I did the blood thing. I also signed up to be a marrow donor. I have a neat card for my wallet and everything. Go Me.

Okay. Back home. TDTINM is still in my yard. He looked dead. He wasn’t. I noticed his people were not at home. No car in the drive way {Florida Evans} Damn!Damn!Damn!{/Florida Evans} . TDTINM could not stay in my front yard all night. He barks and he’d get taken – again, not my dog, not my concern. Yeah. Right. So.

Operation Dog Drop

I go to TDTINMs yard and check out the gate. I don’t want to abuse the gate by trying to figure out how to get it open. It’s thoroughly jerry rigged, and Rube Goldberg wouldn’t want to mess with the bits and pieces that keep it closed. I have developed an audience by now. I go to their side porch and on the porch are two bar stools. My plan is to take a bar stool put it over the fence, put the dog on the bar stool and then motivate the dog to get off the bar stool – all the while, TDTINM would be on a chain that I am going to attach to a solid part of the fence so that Huiddoggy won’t get away. I share this with my audience, who laughs and proceeds to ride her bike up and down the street singing

It Won’t Work! Ha, Ha, Ha!!!
It Won’t Work! Its not going to workkkkkkkkk Ha, Ha, Ha!

When she’s though doing her victory lap I ask her what she would do. She would open the gate and chain the dog to his dog house. I say “Clever, but how are you getting the gate open?” She easily pops the gate open and I chain up the dog.

I told you your idea wasn’t going to work. Kids. Whatever happened to “seen but not heard?”

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's a Conspiracy

I just paid $4.19 for a 12 pack of coke. Are we buying soda from the Saudis too? why are we not bringing the joys of "freedom and democracy" to The Kingdom? they treat their women like shit and sit on "our" oil too. We bomb middle easterners for that kind of crap.

Speaking of Bandu Bush, at his speech this evening he's going to say

Like most Americans, I see the images of violence and bloodshed. Every picture is horrifying and the suffering is real, It is worth it.

No, you asshole, those were created on a sound stage in Brooklyn. He's looking at pictures of the carnage... It's been "worth it" FOR HIM. I sure the soldiers who lost arms, legs, their lives are really glad their sacrifice has been "worth it" for him.
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A flower grows in Raleigh

Dogger and I put gas in the car ($2.08 at Sams Club). On the way home I was admiring the flowers in front of the houses and thinking how nice the neighborhood looked, until I came to the one that looked kind of abandoned. I was home.

No flowers at all. It little absentee owneresque. I pulled into the drive way and said “Do I want to go to Wal-Mart and buy some flowers?” I answered “Yes. Yes I do.”. Dogger was thrilled. I prayed it didn’t get sunny on the way to Wal-Mart and once at Wal-Mart PETA would not have any roaming buttinskys to throw up a picket line around my car to protest Doggers forced incarceration in a too hot car. I opened the windows and parked under a tree and prayed for rain. I told Dogger I would be right back.

I strode into the garden section and did not see garden. I saw hanging plants, I saw yard art – thankfully none that I wanted, a bunch of yard furniture. No bedding plants to speak of. Its just June!. I know everyone else got there garden on in May, but shouldn’t there be replacement plants to make up for all the bedding plants who suffered crib death? I mean how about those curb busters who planted in April and then the plants died because it was April? I remember there were shelves and shelves of bedding plants at the Wal-Mart garden section. I walked past them many, many times. I didn’t need bedding plants then because I was still enjoying the dregs of my fall bedding plants and I would still be had someone who was not me decided that they just were not alive enough to display any longer. I was totally willing to get little feeding tubes for them…

Anyway. I went further into the garden section and looked around. There were a few bedding plants left but they were all ready leggy and pale. I had pale, leggy bedding plants at home all ready. I needed something stocky and sun kissed. I put on my sunglasses and searched on.

Finally, I found what I was looking for. I got a couple of pots of a furry, yet spiky looking plant and a couple of pots of a plant with pretty pink and green leaves. I don’t have a clue what they are, but they were on sale and not dead.

I also picked up a .75 bag of top soil. I was standing in line and I started to think “Hmmm. “Top Soil” isn’t the same as “Potting Soil”. Should I go find a bag marked “Potting Soil?” do I want to lose my place in line? Is Dogger being slow roasted in the parking lot? Has she managed to get a thermometer and then learned to read it and is she pissed? Does she have PETA on speed dial? Are they on their way to “liberate” her? Where did she get a cell phone? Do I want to pay more then .75 for a bag of dirt?” . I selflessly put Doggers’ well being ahead of my soil snobbery.

Dogger and I arrive home again. I pull into the drive way, take Dogger into the air-conditioning and start to add some Curb Appeal.

I check out the pots on hand and go grab another couple from the shed. I’m sitting on my front deck, surrounded by flower pots, up to my elbows in the bag of damn – sight –better-then- the-top-soil-we-have-here-no-wonder-I-have-no-grass and supervised by four pots of greenery. The neighbor across the street hollers over “Hey Neighbor, whatcha doing?” I wondered if the trip to Wal-Mart was a hallucination, her question caused me to question how tight my grasp on reality is. I took a deep breath - from where the neighbor was standing she could see the pots and the dirt. I was up to my elbows in potting soil. I’m pretty sure I was not

1. Knitting,
2. Baking a cake,
3. Washing my hair,
4. Vacuuming my bedroom
5. Pilling the cat.

The front of the house looks much nicer now and whatever I planted seems happy.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Well, good.

U.S. Supreme Court rules Ten Commandments displays are not allowed at courthouses.
He can Run But He Can't Hide

The Dallas Morning News has done many things over the years that annoyed me, they are profoundly right wing and they lurve Shrub - which is normally enough to keep me far away from a publication and certainly not contributing money to it, but what kept me as a subscriber for years and keeps me a daily visitor to their site is this: They never let Walker"Hee, Hee! I got away with it!" Railey or any one who may want to help him live the lie - forget he almost killed put his wife into a vegetative state (and then walked away from it all, including his children)

Railey might have gotten away from the courts but he is never, ever, ever, restraining orders be damned going to get away from the Dallas Morning News. They have chased that wife murdering putting into a vegetative state sum'bitch across the country and kept on his heals every step of the way and they just busted him again
Need! Want!

I need this purse!

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I blame the Bush Administrations environmental policies

Shark Kills Girl

Bear Kills Couple

( and I also feel very sorry for those people and their families)
Food Fit For A…

I think I’ve talked about this before but... If the dog food manufacturers really wanted to be at one with the dog owners that they serve, they should have a chart on the dog food bag that tells you what color the stains will be when your dog barfs all over your (formerly) cream carpet.

It makes sense. It doesn’t matter to the dog what color his food it, as long as there is something in his bowl , he is going to eat it. You could feed him fur balls and ash from the fire place and your dog would eat it up. They aren’t picky. The dog is not going to look at his bowl and say “Hmmm. You know? The presentation of this kibble is just isn’t up to snuff. I want action! I want movement! Sell it to me! this doesn’t say Yummy! To me not as attractive as it could be. I want shapes! I want colors! I want dark browns deep oranges and bright yellows!”. The dog is a dog, color blind and not really the most discriminating of diners. They put dyes in the kibble to make it look appetizing to you the owner. Did you think they make the food in little bone and steak shapes because they had a focus group at a dog shelter and asked them to rate kibble shapes for taste sensation and enjoyment.

Okay Bowser! Did you think that larger brighter yellow bone shaped nugget brought the taste of reconstituted ash alive for you more then the smaller, lighter yellow bone shape?

A) Yes, A Little
B) Yes, A Lot
C) No, Not very Much
D) No,Not At All
E) I don’t know

If the dog food manufacturers wanted to buy us, the dog food buyers devotion, they would make a dog food that was off white, tan at the darkest. They would make a dog food that when it is urped all over your carpet, would blend in! Or at least not sink in and then leave a terminal stain. They should sell the food by what color carpet it would blend in with the best the urp They could call it Purina Deep Brown Stain Chow” or “Off White Kibbles and Tan Bits Stain” and there would be no bright orange gravy producing dog foods until they come up with one that comes up cream colored .They could also talk up the easy to clean up features or offer directions on how to clean up their product when it ends up all over your carpet maybe they could branch out and sell Purina brand carpet cleaning products

Speaking of food designed to appeal to me. I decided to take a chance on Friday and had lunch at the Dix Grill. Lunch Buddy was out of town and LB is not the biggest fan of taking lunch risks nor is she one enjoy her lunch unless she has spent too much for it - so this was my chance to finally check it out.

Dix Grill is the official canteen for Dorothea Dix. I have never met anyone who has eaten there. If you bring it up people look at you like you have just admitted that you are curious to see what roaches taste like and you have a hankering for urine tea. I didn’t know where it was until I brought Dogger up to campus for a walk and then I couldn’t figure out how to drive there. I had to figure out how to get there with out the dog.

It took awhile but I figured it out. I also had to remember to have cash, I don’t carry cash so this was another stumbling block on my journey to on campus lunching. I had a Lunch Buddy Free day and had a few bucks in my wallet.

It was good! The food was good! And cheap! The dinning room was large, had a working TV, was well decorated , and was clean with out smelling like disinfectant.. The hamburger I got was, um, institutional but it was okay. I got a large drink, a handful of chips and a quarter pounder for $3.32.

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Friday Cat Blogging - New Kitty Edition!

Help Us welcome Sweetie to the Dianaverse! You may recognize Sweetie under her stage name from her very popular blog The Story of Sabrina .

She is retiring from the entertainment industry and saying goodbye to the Fame Factory. Sweetie's is happily leaving all that behind to start a new life with my parents.

Every one is very excited about this new member of the family! even The Kitty, was excited about Sweetie joining the family. He was so happy about it that when given the opportunity, he did he not eat her! This would have been very easy for Kitty as the below photo is actually life sized.

New Kitty!! Posted by Hello
They were all soldiers

Some of the casualties were women, the official said. The troops were assigned to the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force.

full story here

Why does it matter that among the dead troops were some troops who were not male? I don't see anyone saying "Oh, yeah, a couple of dudes died" but let a couple of chicks die and its a big deal. Do their vaginas make their deaths more awful? is that the admins problem with women in combat? that wheh we die we take our wombs with us? should we, as a nation feel worse because women died in combat? Woman aren't even allowed in combat and still we die for our country.

Why does the media feel that because of their gender their deaths are sadder than if they were male? I don't get it. You don't see stories that say "3 MALE troops were killed today", once you put on that uniform you are without gender. You are a soldier. you don't die more because you are a girl.
Its not over, its not getting better and I want to know how Cheney defines "sucsess"

Cheney: Iraq will be 'enormous success story'

"We will succeed in Iraq, just like we did in Afghanistan. We will stand up a new government under an Iraqi-drafted constitution. We will defeat that insurgency, and, in fact, it will be an enormous success story." 6/24/05

speaking of Afghanistan The Forgotten War Raleigh, N.O 6-24-05

The last time I checked, we were still in Afghanastan, things there were not finished and there is nothing in our Middle East Policy that comes close to a "succsess story".

WASHINGTON, June 23 - The top American commander for the Middle East said Thursday that the insurgency in Iraq had not diminished, seeming to contradict statements by Vice President Dick Cheney in recent days that the insurgents were in their "last throes.

Though he declined during his Congressional testimony to comment directly on Mr. Cheney's statements, the commander, Gen. John P. Abizaid, said that more foreign fighters were coming into Iraq and that the insurgency's "overall strength is about the same" as it was six months ago. "There's a lot of work to be done against the insurgency," he added.

From 6/24/05

Car bomber slams into U.S. convoy in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - A suicide car bomber slammed into a U.S. Marine convoy west of Baghdad and there were casualties, the military said Friday. A top U.S. commander testified before Congress that the foreign fighter problem in Iraq has worsened.
The attack happened Thursday night in Fallujah, 40 miles west of Baghdad. The troops were assigned to the II Marine Expeditionary Force, the military said. No further information was made available.

Separately, American and Iraqi troops battled al-Qaida-linked insurgents holed up in a house in an upscale part of Baghdad Thursday, killing at least five militants apparently waiting to carry out suicide bomb attacks.

Full Story here Raleigh, News and Observer 6/24/05

Yeah. We have been hugely succsessful - in getting our troops killed. Oh and by the way? for the troops who are not killed the V.A got the shaft again - A billion dollar shaft.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Department of Veterans Affairs told Congress that its health care costs grew faster than expected and left a $1 billion hole in its budget this year, lawmakers said Thursday

"This shortfall results from either deliberate misdirection or gross incompetence by this administration and the Department of Veteran Affairs," said Sen. Patty Murray, D-Washington
(Also? all those troops being injured in the line of duty) Are you telling me that nobody took the continuing hostilites into consideration when doing the budget? GAWD! Good news, big old 2.7% increase for next year! More then I get as an increase for the coming year, still keeping up with COL.

Full Story here

This quote was in the Washington Post version of that story

"The disclosure of the shortfall angered Senate Republicans who have been voting down Democratic proposals to boost VA programs at significant political cost. Their votes have brought the wrath of the American Legion, the Paralyzed Veterans of America and other organizations down on the GOP."

Yeah, its the Democrats that don't support the troops.
Still, not my Dog

I know. My blouse is awful. I know you’re saying “Oh, Diana. That top is
So, um, Wow… did you buy that in the children’s department? Does that even fit you?” This was not what I was going to wear today. I had a really cute twin set thing happening when I got dressed this morning. Then. Then I had to go deal AGAIN with the Dog That Is Not Mine.

I was taking Dogger out for her post breakfast toilette and we were met at the front door by The Dog That Is Not Mine. I still feel bad about letting him get away the last time he got lose and showed up at my front door, so I left Dogger in the entry way and put The Dog That Is Not Mine on a leash and walked him across the street to his house to give him back and to then hopefully indulge in a little post dog return “You Suck! Take better care of your damn dog” passive aggressive chat with his people .

His people didn’t answer the front door for me to passively aggressive bitch slap them about their dog getting away again then I knocked on the side door and got gypped out of my Bad Dog Owner spiel yet again. Since I was there I entertained thoughts about putting The Dog That Is Not Mine back into his back yard and then putting a note on the door to tell them about their dogs’ morning run. I couldn’t get the gate open far enough to get him in. The fence was a little to high to just drop him over the top – I did pick the dog up and put him on a fence adjacent trash bin to see if he could just jump down ( this was where I ruined my original , much cute outfit). He looked really cute up on the bin but he wasn’t going to grow wings and fly into his yard - true, it could in theory be done but… I didn’t want to be responsible for hurting the dog – this whole damn thing is about my desire for The Dog That Is Not Mine to not get hurt. Then I decided to see if there was another way into the yard and also to investigate how the dog got out in the first place. No joy there and the clock was ticking.

Dogger still needed to go pee and I had now had to find something else to wear so I took The Dog That Is Not Mine back to my house and put him the back yard. Where he preceded to bark and bark and bark some more. Grrrr.

I wrote notes to put on their doors explaining to the Dog That Is Not Mine’s actual owners where their dog was - once they notice the dog is not where it is supposed to be. I then moved (at this point he tried to slip past me - Bad Idea little dog. He could run but he could not hide. ) The Dog That Is Not Mine to the front yard and tied him up.

Then I went across the street and tried again to get these peoples attention – there was a car in the driveway so I knew someone was home. For this trip over I rang the bell instead of knocking, rude at 6:45am – but much more effective then just knocking. This time the Mother answers the door in her night gown. She has no idea the dog has run away again, I stifle my urge to sigh and roll my eyes in disgust. I leave her with a few declarative sentences about her dog getting away again and how I took care of it again and she needed to get her dog out of my yard. Grrr.

edited to add - I don't know why the type changed, I don't know why it looks like it does now. I didn't do this.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


PHILADELPHIA, Mississippi (CNN) -- A Mississippi judge Thursday sentenced former Ku Klux Klansman Edgar Ray Killen to 60 years in prison for the manslaughter of three civil rights workers in 1964.

Killen, 80, was convicted on three counts of manslaughter Tuesday, 41 years to the day a Klan mob ambushed and killed the civil rights workers -- James Chaney, 21; Andrew Goodman, 20; and Michael Schwerner, 24.

Supreme Court says its Okay for your town to bulldoze your house

If Starbucks wants your house, Starbucks can have it and you can't do a damn thing about it

It looks as though the College Rethuglians might want to rethink their anti-enlistment stance. Mr. Recruiter Man is going to find them, one way or another. Isn't it better for you to enlist before you get drafted?

Pentagon Wants Student Names

The Pentagon has quietly announced plans to create a database with the names of every college student and of many high school students as well. The database would include for each student, if available, a name, date of birth, gender, address, Social Security number, e-mail address, ethnicity, telephone number, grade point average, education level, name of college attending, and any relevant information about expressions of interest in enlisting in the military. According to the announcement, the purpose of the database is to help in military recruiting efforts.

Full story Here

Last night I emailed all the little rethuglian groups. The College rethuglican, The Young Rethuglicans, even the Teen Rethuglicans, as well asThe Young Americans For Freedom. I asked why they don't have links up to the armed forces or if they are really closet libruls. It's very easy to link to the recruiters. It's as easy as this . So far, I'm linked to recruiters and they are not. Hmm. Who is the librul commie panty waist now?
Those well paying, big benny, Private Sector jobs aren’t all they are cracked up to be

If my manager has told me that she was going to be in an in-service “Tuesday and Wednesday” doesn’t that mean she will be out of the office for the whole of Tuesday and Wednesday? She did not say “I’ll be out of the office for Tuesday and part of Wednesday”. I think in the interests of total disclosure that she should have been more specific about this. I mean, if she had told me she was going to back in the office on Wednesday afternoon, I would have planned accordingly, I could have been prepared. I wouldn’t have suffered the shock of hearing her voice on a day that was supposed to be a “Manager Free Day”. I think I should report her to OSHA.

Speaking of OSHA. FAUX News apparently finds its staff as distasteful as the rest of the world. It appears that they tried to gas them

It all started on Thursday, with an anonymous tip: "OSHA has launched an inquiry into reports that production and technical personnel at Fox News Channel were exposed to diazinon, a neurotoxin class insecticide banned by the EPA for indoor use since the year 2000 that FNC has been using to treat its facilities." I thought it was ludicrous -- until I called OSHA on Friday and learned that a complaint had been filed.

The anonymous tipster said that a technical employee was hospitalized for several days in March 2005 after untrained personnel sprayed the employee lounge with a pesticide. (Fox News says the person is now back at work and doing fine.) Several other Fox employees contacted the blog, anonymously, to confirm their concerns about the use of insecticide. And on Tuesday I confirmed another detail: That the New York City Health Department inquired into the use of a pesticide at Fox News headquarters two months ago, and verified that the spray contained diazinon and was not registered for use.”

I mean, if Roger Ailes was really trying to get rid of these people the least he could do is merely downsize them or just off shore the jobs – it’s a very Republican way of dealing with staffing issues and FAUX news is all about The Republican Way. I would think that just going with large scale euthanasia, while quick and painless is not really the best way to thin the newsroom herd.

”On Tuesday afternoon, Roger Ailes took the unusual step of speaking in the newsroom about the situation. Here's how he described it:

"A couple of months ago we got a report about bugs in the tech lounge. And that night a maintenance guy went down and sprayed along the edges of the walls and we had one of the technicians a few days later said that they had gone out and sought medical attention for this. This person is fine and now back to work and that is the only complaint we received."

How very, very GOP of him. Asshat. See where I work, when they are going to spray they let us know ahead of time and then they do it over the weekend and since they have to spray several times a year, I don’t think they are using a hard core pesticide. Whatever they are spraying here is more Pest then Cide. I understand that the news business is a 24-7 kind of gig, but really, spraying poison on your staff is just not done and, if whatever you are spraying on them is causing birth defects, well… Or it could just be that the staff there is has become so freaked out and paranoid from being in the FAUX news environment - that they think that management really would do such a thing – says a lot about the employee morale around FAUX news. If they didn’t think FAUX was capable of such a stunt, it wouldn’t cross their minds that they had.

From Media Bistro/TV Newser

Speaking of FAUX News Hee!

More Business shinagans:

Snapple wanted to do something cute. They wanted to create the world’s biggest snow cone. In New York City. In June. They wanted to beat out the Norwegians who did a similar stunt in The Netherlands. Why do I think when the existing Worlds Largest Slushy was created it wasn’t created in the middle of the summer? And if it was created in the middle of the summer I bet it was in a cooler climate.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Free Katie!

I see it as a case of a 26 year old woman doing what she wants to do, she's not a very smart 26 year old woman or she wouldn't be taking part in the TomKAt circus. She is doing something that is monumentally stupid - and she is old enough to do what she wants, even when those things she choses to do are monumentally stupid - but at the same time, I also see what she chose to be, is to be a moron - she then deserves to be mocked. Mercilessly.

So without further ado

Free Katie. Com because there is nothing better then other people making a profit off your bad decision making skills.
Vacation in Iraq or Houston?

"You know, if Houston, Texas, was held to the same standard as Iraq is held to, nobody'd go to Houston, because all this reporting coming out of the local press in Houston is violence, murders, robberies, deaths on the highways," DeLay said. Full story here

After reading the stats for Houston, its really kind of six of one half a dozen of the other kind of thing. If Tom Dlay was going to use any city in America for his little speech, really, he couldn't pick another city? one with a lower crime rate? fewer murders? Pretty much what he said was "Iraq is just as big a hell hole as Houston and folks aren't afraid to sign up to go to Houston". I guess if he had used Detroit as an example it may have been seen as "negitive reporting"

from Raw Story
Don't Burn our flag but feel free to use our scripture as shoe inserts?

Manolo found this and asked if it was sacrilege and I say "yes", "yes it is".

from Manolo's Shoe Blog
Absolute Power

Well, the Texas Governor hardly has Power much less "Absolute Power" but still, the man felt comfortable first mocking the reporter and then called him a "Mo-Fo". On camera.

Letter from the front (room) part 2

Dear Mom Dog and Dad Dog,

I went on vacashun too! I rode in the car for a long time! With Auntie Cookie and the Other Dog and even that nasty Not Dog! We drove and drove and drove and then we stopped! I saw things! And sniffed things and took naps! I love naps! And then we were there!

Along the way I got to sniff many interesting sniffs! Why don’t we have a Mini-Van? I want us to have a Mini Van! I had my own seat in the Mini Van and I could stand up or sit down or lay down! And I had two whole windows to myself! I didn’t have to share with Other Dog! If you loved Winston you would buy Winston a Mini Van. If you don’t buy a Mini Van it means you do not love Winston. Winston is sad now. It is now time to sing the Song of the Sad Dog: HoooooowwwwweeeelllOOOOooooHHHHhhhhOOOoooo.

We had a good time on vacashun. We played in a garage and we had new smells to sniff and there were birds that made sounds. I want my crate back. I like crates. Other Dog has a crate! I like Other Dogs crate! It is very soft and cozy and makes Winston think he is in the Mini Van! We also went on walks and met new people. We got to see very big cars that drove in the water! They were very big cars! Even bigger then Mini Van! I want a Mini Van.

You were there in the little box while Winston was on vacashun! How did you know where Winston was? Did you follow Winston? Why didn’t you let Winston know you were there? Why did you hide in the little box? Is Cannada in the little box? Why won’t you play with Winston? The second verse of the Song of the Sad Dog: HoooweeellllLOOOOoooooooLLLLLHHhhhhhoooOOOOO

When we came back to Auntie Cookies house Auntie Cookie made me get washed. I didn’t need a wash! I wasn’t dirty! Auntie Cookie said I smelled. I did not smell. I didn’t sniff any new sniffs! I think Auntie Cookie is mean. The Other Dog also got washed. The Other Dog did smell funny – that dog has too much fur, fur makes you smell. Yuck. Auntie Cookie wants me to stop rolling in the dirt the in the yard. Auntie Cookie doesn’t get it. I tried to teach Other Dog how to roll in the dirt but Other Dog said that she thought it was yucky. I itch; I need to roll in the dirt! Other Dog is too prissy. I miss Bandit! Bandit knew about rolling in the dirt.

Auntie Cookie took us to Winston’s house. Winston could smell you all over the place! Winston looked for you! Where are you? Winston looked under the deck. Winston looked in the flowers, Winston looked and looked and he couldn’t find you! Let Winston find you! The chorus of the Song of the Sad Dog:


Winston also went on a long walk with Other Dog and we smelled new smells and met new people. We saw big trees and there was nice grass to roll in but Auntie Cookie wouldn’t let Winston do that. There were other dogs there too! But they didn’t want to sing with Winston and Other Dog does not want to sing with Winston. Bandit liked to sing with Winston. Winston got to ride in the Mini Van again. Why don’t you have a Mini Van? I get my own seat and two whole windows! Buy Winston a Min Van and a crate!



P.S – The little children love me. I am the King of The Little Children. They all know my name and they follow me everywhere!

P.S.S - I need to eat more cookies.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Do as you will

September 24: Impeachment March on Washington

Join the Impeachment Contingent at
the Next Huge Anti-War Demonstration

White House - 12 noon

Dear Diana,

The next big step for the Impeachment Movement will be on September 24 when more than 100,000 people will descend on Washington DC to the doors of the White House, and in actions in San Francisco and Los Angeles, to demand that George W. Bush and his administration be held accountable for the ongoing lies, deceptions, death, and torture. It is only "politics" that has been a shield for the Bush administration as it attempts to avoid responsibility for its criminal conduct. But the politics of the country are changing rapidly. Bush's approval rating is at an all time low, the number of people opposing the handling of the war has soared to 70%, and a clear majority believe that the Bush administration should never have invaded Iraq to begin with.

During the past week, practically every newspaper has carried an article admitting that the issue of impeachment is clearly on the political radar. That constitutes a sea change.

It has been the / VoteToImpeach grassroots movement that has been in the vanguard of this effort. In the last two-and-half years the campaign has placed full page newspaper ads in the New York Times, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle and in newspapers in large and small cities. More than a half a million people have voted in the referendum.

The September 24 mass mobilization will see the largest contingent advocating Impeachment since Ramsey Clark initiated the campaign at the January 18, 2003 anti-war demonstration of 500,000 in Washington DC.

People from all over the country are working to make this mobilization a huge success. In addition to volunteers working round-the-clock, many people are making contributions to sustain this momentum. Everyone who had made a contribution should be proud of their sacrifice and this expression of commitment. If you have not made a donation, we ask you to do so now. If you have already made a contribution, we ask you to consider doing so again. Click here for access to the online donation form and the secure server, where you can also get information to write a check.

September 24 will be a wonderful sight. A sea of protestors will surround the White House. The yellow and black impeachment banners and signs will be everywhere. We will be sending out updated logistical announcements about the demonstration in the coming days and weeks. volunteers will be assisting in transportation and housing arrangements. The website will contain this information. A new Impeach Bush flyer for September 24 will be available soon. Be sure that you are signed up to receive the emails and ask your friends and family to join the low-volume list too so that they receive the most updated news about the campaign and the demonstration.

--All of us at ImpeachBush/
Gas Price$

The pirates upped the per gallen to $2.15.
On This Day

On June 21, 1964

Three civil rights workers disappeared in Philadelphia, Miss.

go here

June 21, 2005

Former Klansman Edgar Ray Killen found guilty of three counts of manslaughter in 1964 slayings of three civil rights workers.

go here

A life sentence for this guy would be months long but hopefully this bastard will die in jail. Maybe afterwards they can bury him in a levy.
College Republicans Need more Prozac

A call to Service bummed them out. They support the war but they are just too chicken shit to participate in it. Go here and read the history of Operation Yellow Elephant.

Jesus General is doing us all proud.
Read My Mind

A surveyor walked into my office this morning and looked at me expectantly. I looked at her. The surveyors do this periodically, they just walk into my office and wait for me to do something - validate their parking, comment on their hair, ask if they lost weight…sometimes I will gaze back at them until they figure out that we are not psychic friends and whatever message they think they’re beaming out to me is going to be returned postage due. She just stood there and smiled at me.

I was beginning to worry, what was this strange woman looking at me like that? She looked a little like she had decided that I would fit in her caldron. I then wondered if maybe I won the lottery and somehow under went a mind wipe - but not before I told her and only her? Had I a grown a second head? Was she smiling at what the invisible people where telling her? I was afraid she was really waiting for me to read her mind – I don’t think it would be hard with her, because from what I have been able to ascertain about her through the years, she could be renting out the space up there as a loft. I also kind of think her minds eye may need glasses.

Surveyor - Can I have a white sheet of paper.

Me – There is a printer right out there. It has paper in it

Surveyor – I could do that…

Me – Yes.

Surveyor – Oh! I hadn’t thought about that! How long as that been there?

Me – Years.

Surveyor – Do you have any tape?

Me – No.

Surveyor – You need to get you a tape dispenser.

Me – When I need tape I go take some off somebody’s desk

Surveyor – You really are destitute out here.

Me – Right.

Other Duties as needed

I was also informed on Friday that while our section chief is out of the office, that I am the official supervisor of his M&M dispenser. I think I will call it into my office and have an uncomfortable meeting with it out lining my expectations of it and what I think it can do to do its job more efficiently. I also think it should do a time study. Unlike the other people who make use of the M&M dispenser I can be trusted to not eat all of them while he is gone. We have one guy who all but lifts it up off the desk and gargles from it whenever he has a chance. So, my new responsibility is protecting the M&M dispenser from this guy. I think I’ll have my manager add it to my list of duties - Take over supervisory duties for M&M dispenser while Section Chief is out of town..

Follow my train of thought as it jumps the tracks.

I now know why in the past out grandmothers wore those really big bathing costumes. It wasn’t because of strict social mores or the tragic fact of life that spandex had not been released into the wild yet - it was because they knew that when they got sunburned the only parts of them that would be burned at the parts that their clothes wouldn’t rub on too much. Grandma didn’t have to spend the day trying to find a comfortable place for her bra strap wondering why it would be so hard to make bathing suit tops and bra straps the same damn dimensions. Grandma didn’t have these issues; she didn’t waste a lot of time suffering because her blouse was rubbing her sunburned neck. Grandma was smart. Grandma probably sank under the weight of her bathing suit, bathing stockings and bathing shoes but she didn’t end up with tan lines either.

Monday, June 20, 2005


It's The First Dead Rat Day of summer. Woo. Hoo. I don't know if an animal got it or I ran over a complete dead rat when I mowed the lawn. Regardless? I had to pick up and dispose of half a dead rat. The not cute part of the dead rat.

So far since I came home from work I:

Walked the dogs
Fed the dogs
mowed the lawn
threw away half a dead rat
Bathed the dogs
laundered the dogs bedding
laundered the wet bath towels
fed myself
laundered myself

It's not even 10pm yet.
Remember, the Kitties lurve you even if the Bush White House doesn't

As They say, Its Okay If You Are A Republican

from Atrios

If you haven't checked in with them lately:

More adventures in Kittyland
Wow! I Spend a day at the beach and then I completely lose track of time and space and house work! The lawn is not going to get mowed! Arrgggg! Winston is helping out by allowing me to print some of the letters he has written to his people since he came to visit.

Letters from the front (room)

Day 1

Dear Dog Mom and Dog Dad,

How are you I am fine where are you? I do not know where to find you. This is not Winston house. Are you at Winston house? Why isn’t Winston at Winston house? Did you go back to The Frants? What is The Cannada? Is it close to Winstons house?, Why can Winston not go to the Cannada?

Love, Your Dog,

Day 2

Dear Mom Dog and Dad Dog,

Winston is still not at Winstons house. Have you come back to Winston house? Winston is meeting many new small Mom and Dad things here where Winston lives now. There are so many small Mom Dog and Dad Dogs to meet and sniff! The small Mom Dog and Dad Dogs like to pat Winston and they kiss Winston. Winston likes to be pat and kissed by small Mom Dog and Dad Dogs things. Small Mom Dog and Dad Dogs are easy to sniff and they always have new smells for Winston. Winston likes it here. The Other Dog makes Winston tired. Winston likes being made tired. Winston remembers being made tired.

Love, Your Dog


Dear Dog Mom and Dog Dad,

We go on walks every day. Winston plays with the Other Dog but not the Not Dog, Other Dog says that the Not Dog is mean and Winston should not play with it.

Your Dog

Day 4

Dear Dog Mom and Dog Dad,

The Other Dog was right.

Your Dog

Day 5

Dear Dog Mom and Dog Dad,

Winston miss you. Winston smelled Winston house smell and Winston thought he smelled Mom Dog and Dad Dog too. I looked and looked and sniffed and sniffed but you were not there. Do you live in The Cannada? Why doesn’t Winston live in The Cannada with you? What does The Cannada smell like? Is there someplace for Winston in The Cannada?


Your Dog

Later, day 5

Dear Mom Dog and Dad Dog,

We went on another walk. Winston is tired and hot. Winston wants to nap more. Why does Winston need to go on so many walks? Winston needs to nap more. Please tell Auntie Cookie that dogs needs naps. Is it this hot in The Cannada?


Your Dog

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Saturday, June 18, 2005

Cool Site Alert!!

Go to Gallery Of The Absurd!!. This is the work Ralph Steadman would produce if he read Gawker .
Gas Pri$es

The pirates have gone back up top $2.09 .

Friday, June 17, 2005

Tardy!! Friday Cat Blogging

Even a Tuxedo cat like Kitty gets into casual Fridays.

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GAWD! The wingnuts has found another Clinton!

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (AP) -- Gov. Jeb Bush asked a prosecutor Friday to investigate why Terri Schiavo collapsed 15 years ago, calling into question how long it took her husband to call 911 after he found her. Go here and share the !@#$%^&*(


Do they have no shame? were the Bush spawn born with out souls? are they truly this bent and twisted? Is there nothing they won’t stoop to? Schiavos brain damage was so profound that it caused brain damage beyond her and infected the world at large! Acute Infectious Brain Damage is the only way of explaining this travesty. GAWD !@#$%^&*()! Haaaattteeeeeee. I want to know where to send money to donate to her husband so he can have the funds on hand to sue the living shit out of all of them. I want him to sue all of them, Jeb, the Right To Lifers, Frist, Bush, her nutty, deeply disturbed parents - A L L Of Them, for everything they've got.
The Concrete Jungle II

I made the decision that my back yard was ugly – I was in denial for a long time: I had these delusions concerning getting a Wetlands designation for the yard but then that dried up, then I thought about calling it a wildlife sanctuary until the big rat Die-Off of 2004, and then I thought maybe I could make it into an arboretum but then I noticed all the trees in my yard belong to my neighbors.

I had to embrace the rather obvious conclusion that my yard is ugly and has no personality.


What do you do for someone who is ugly and has the personality of a FAUX news correspondent? You teach them a few jokes and make sure they never go out until the bars are just about ready to close. I decided that if the yard wasn’t going to be pretty I could at least work on its sense of humor.

I decided that yard art or Lawn Jewelry was the way to go, nothing says “Hi! I’m fun at parties!” like a concrete alligator surfacing in the back yard. I made a mental note to go a concrete zoo to see if there was anything that would suit my vison for my back yard make over. That note instantly wound up in a ball at the bottom of my minds purse and then got thrown away when my mind got annoyed with itself for having so much trash piling up in its purse - so instead I started to try to think what I might have around the house that could double as yard art - I all ready had a very charming fence butterfly living in my shed as well as a large tree root that looked a little like a long horn skull that I rescued it from the farmers market parking lot expansion a couple of years ago. Sadly upon inspection it looks a lot like a tree root that has been sitting in a shed for two years and Dogger might eat it. It stays in the shed.

I finally visited my friendly neighborhood concrete zoo to see if I could maybe start my own concrete menagerie.


The larger the animals I buy for the menagerie, the more slowly the menagerie will expand – which is not all that bad because the bigger the concrete animal the more likely it is to scare Dogger and Dogger all ready has enough outdoor related neurosis as it is – but, if the concrete animal is too small and non-Dogger scaring, it wouldn't read as yard it would just look like a concrete blob. Sadly, my budget only allows for concrete blobs. The less blobby the concrete animal the more expensive the concrete animal. The very awesome giraffe runs about $150, the way cool concrete hippo is $100. I saw a very cool, very small, draft horse ($125) and a tiny truck ($50) that I also really wanted.

When I was looking at a very attractive, very large, concrete dragon ($250) I started to think I should keep in mind that Dogger might not be the only person freaked out by the scope of my imagined menagerie – the neighbors might be a little startled if a 6 foot concrete cat ($180) and the cast of Snow White suddenly appeared in the yard. This gave me pause. It also gave me pause that everything I wanted cost me more then I could possibly afford and I don’t think that concrete yard art is a growth investment…

But. Yard Art does not necessarily have to be purchased new ( and if all else fails, I can Make my own! and it doesn’t have to be concrete, as long as I can nail it to my fence or attach it to the shed… and speaking of the fence, I have a trash can enclosure that the city rendered obsolete, that could to be moved to the yard and repurposed as a playpen for my heat pump and the playpen could be tarted up… The dream is not over, it’s just been re-interpreted! My yard will have a “great personality and a nice sense of humor!” yet

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Gossip,Gossip, Gossip

Ever had the feeling that people just know too much about you?

It could be much worse

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Law and Order – Animal Control

This morning I woke up to this note on my nightstand

I have had it. Leave tuna snacks in the food bowel and we can talk negations

Had enough? I went to the dog’s room and counted heads. There was only one head!! I opened the curtains to see and found only Dogger and an empty tin of dog cookies.

Me – Where is Nephdog!

Dogger – Chew, Chew, Slurp!

Me – Talk to me! Where is Nephdog! Who has him!?

Dogger – I don’t know! I was here by myself! I watched TV, ate some cookies and then went to bed early!


Me – That’s a Lie! We know you were involved! Where is your partner! Where did you get those cookies?

Dogger – I don’t know! I don’t know!

Me – (slams hand on top of crate ow! ) Before or after the other dog disappeared? Talk, Dogger, do what’s right. Where is he?! I know you know where he is!


Dogger – It was dark! I was scared! Other dog was sleeping and suddenly the door opened!

Me – Who was at the door?!

Dogger – He told me not to talk!

Me – He?!


Dogger – No! Wait! I don’t know! It was dark! One minute the other dog was there and the next he wasn’t!

Me – Where is the other dog?! He only has so long before he needs to pee! Save yourself.


Dogger – I’m so afraid! Make it stop! Make it stop!!

Me – I’m your buddy, here have a cookie. Tell me where he is and I’ll make it stop.

Dogger – (shudders) of the Kitty! The Kitty has him!


I left the Dogger in lock up and went on a room to room search for the Kitty and the kidnapped Nephdog. Where would the Kitty hide a huge dog? Why would a huge dog go with Kitty? How could Kitty get a huge dog to go with him?

On my way to the kitchen I found another note.

It read

Negotiate or else

I didn’t know that this meant and also? I don’t negotiate with dognappers. I bend over and give them anything they want. I tried to think of why The Kitty took the dog. Kitty doesn’t even like dogs, why saddle himself with one? What was he trying to prove? I think that someone has spent too much time in front of Girls Gone Missing or CNN whatever you prefer. I have to hide the remote better.

I announce: “Kitty, time for food! foodfood, come one!"


Me – Kitty!

Kitty slinks into the room. It’s a testament to the strength of his kittyness that he can still slink into a room while riding on the back of Nephdog.

Kitty – Yes?

Me – Nephdog!? HOOOOwwwwwOOeelllllLLL!

Kitty – I don’t know what you are talking about.


Me – Kitty.You can’t hear what I’m talking about.


Kitty – Are you ready to negotiate?

Me – Not so much.

Kitty – What do you mean “not so much?”. I have the dog. You want the dog; you are going to have to negotiate to get the dog.

Me - I’m going to have to put his leash on and take him out to pee.

Kitty – I don’t see how that will be possible.


Me – (attaching leash to collar) Whatever.

Kitty – I am tired of sharing this house with dogs! I just wanted my house baaaaaaccckkkk! I was willing to work to get my life baaaccckkkkkk!

Me – “Baaaccckkkkk”? It’s been 19 hours?

Kitty - I was here first and then out of nowhere, you brought a dog to my house. I just wanted my house baaacccckkkkkk!

Me – By spending even more time with a dog?

Kitty – It was a crime of passion!

Me - You aren’t even “passionate” enough to walk to your food dish under your own steam! Let the dog go. How did you think you were going to get away with this? Didn’t you know I watched 34,974 hours of Law and Order just last week alone? Not to mention 10 years of NYPD Blue viewership? If you didn‘t turn over the dog, I was going to feed The Baby to Dogger.

Kitty – you wouldn’t dare…

Me – I also watched a Shield promo.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

They disagree with his Presidentship!

On issue after issue, they (the Democrats) stand for nothing except obstruction," Bush said at the annual President's Dinner, a $23 million fund-raiser attended by Republican leaders, party donors, and a blond porn star and former California gubernatorial candidate named Mary Carey.

She was there to prove that not all republicans whore themselves out to business, some republicans whore themselves out as a business.

How dare those bad, nasty democrats not agree with His Presidentship? what nerve!

full story here
Decisions, Decisions

Nephdog is starting is visit tonight. I had the sleeping arrangements all planed out weeks in advance… but then. But then the summer reared its ugly head and suddenly, I started to have doubts about my plan.

Dogs have fur. Nephdog has very short fur, but fur he has and that makes me concerned about the heat in the room he will be sharing with Dogger – who also has fur. I don’t haven’t worried about Dogger because I have the A/C and the ceiling fan and a floor fan on in that room and the shades down and the curtains drawn – but it still gets warm. The computer also lives in there and adds to the room temperature even when it’s off. Nephdog will not be in a crate so I can’t leave the door open. Kitty would not like the idea of Nephdog wandering around his house all night, Kitty holds the House Wandering Around concession and I don’t think he’s looking to take on any new help or would be welcoming in any way the idea of assistance. – But, but Nephdog probably could and most likely would be fine or Nephdog could decided in the middle of the night that Kitty is a dog toy. I think Dogger would notice that Nephdog gets to wander the house all night while she clearly does not because she can not be trusted. I think it would lead to dissent in the ranks, most likely while I would be trying to sleep and I don’t want that.

There is also the “move the cats box” option which would allow for the dog room door to be open while still reining in the dogs by keeping the hallway door closed and still allowing the Kitty to wander most of the house and still have access to his box but that would mess with the function of the A/C and cause those of us on the wrong ( i.e., the side of the door I would be on) side of the door to die from the heat. Which I also do not want.

Then there is the “put the dogs upstairs” option. This would be the best option if I had started to dog proof the upstairs last weekend. Which I did not. I could turn the window unit A/C on and they would be okay. Nephdog has spent many happy hours up there in years past and seemed to survive it just fine. Dogger has never had any unsupervised time up there and I think she would find reasons to make sure that she never again spend any unsupervised time up there again. Which this option, Kitty is not damaged emotionally, used as a dog toy or forced to go into a living room time share situation. The A/C is not confused and will continue to more or less air conditioning the house and we all probably sleep through the night.

But. Nephdog is coming tonight and I would have to do a lot of dog centric dog proofing between the time I get home and the time Nephdog gets dropped off and then bathed. It is also much more convenient to have the dogs in the office room, so much less running up and down the stairs and its so much easier in the mornings if they can be downstairs and taken out/fed/taken out and still allow me to read the paper…( I am not lazy, those stairs are steep!)This set up worked very well when Nephdog was here earlier in the spring, I had it all worked out and it was fine but that was before it got hot, before the A/C was on, before I had a chance to completely over think this whole thing.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Save Big Bird

Yay! the libruls finally have an endangered animal that every one can rally around! no squishy newts or slimey fish to turn off the masses, we have Elmo on the chopping block! We're finally have our owen huge, over blown, straw man argument! Yay Us! and People For the American Way sent me emails telling me that the Rethuglicans are trying to kill Big Bird and murder Elmo. "Save Elmo!" they scream. We have our talking point! The Republicans Want To Kill Elmo! hit it kids.
Senate Finally agrees that murderous bigots are bad

Senate apologizes for not outlawing lynching (sooner)

Okay, thats super. it's taken a really long time for someone to bring this to the senate... Oh, wait, this isn't the first time,

Sponsored by Sens. George Allen, R-Va., and Mary Landrieu, D-La., the resolution pointed out that 200 anti-lynching bills were introduced in Congress during the first half of the 20th century, and the House approved three. But the Senate failed to pass any of them, sometimes because powerful Southern lawmakers derailed the efforts through use of the filibuster, or extended debate.

from USA Today

The dirty little secret we southern democrats have to be aware of. Zell Miller was once one of us. Yellow Dog democrats would vote for a yellow dog before they would vote for a republican because that !@#$% Lincoln was a republican.

The latest list of Senators who refused to sign the anti-lynching resolution

Lamar Alexander (R-TN)
Robert Bennett (R-UT)
Thad Cochran (R-MS)
Kent Conrad (D-ND)
John Cornyn (R-TX)
Michael Crapo (R-ID)
Michael Enzi (R-WY)
Chuck Grassley (R-ID)
Judd Gregg (R-NH)
Orrin Hatch (R-UT)
Trent Lott (R-MS)
Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)
Richard Shelby (R-AL)
John Sununu (R-NH)
Craig Thomas (R-WY)
George Voinovich (R-OH)

from The Daily Kos

States with 100 or more Lynchings from 1882-1967

• State (white- black) total

Alabama (48- 299) 347
Arkansas (58-226) 284
• Florida (25-257) 282
• Georgia (39-492) 531
• Kentucky (63-142) 205
• Louisiana (56-335) 391
Mississippi (42-539) 581
• Missouri (53-69) 122
North Carolina (15-86) 101
• Oklahoma (82-40) 122
• South Carolina (41-56) 160
Tennessee (47-204) 251
Texas (141-352) 493
• Virginia (17-83) 100

Over 4700 lynchings were recorded from 1882-1968. 1892 was the worst year for lynchings. 161 blacks and 69 whites were lynched. Between 1919 and 1922, statistics show that another 239 blacks were lynched. What is unknown is the number of unrecorded lynchings.

I shouldn’t have counted those chickens

Kill Bug Pt. 3

Last week I bragged to my boss that I had cleaned my office and it was all “pretty”, I may also have made some comment about not being able to enter the room “with out a bunny suit”. I should have just kept it at “I cleaned my office”.

Today I found a roach. A huge roach. A huge hunting cockroach! I innocently pulled a chart out of a cabinet and was accosted by this huge clock roach! The thing was riding the chart like some kind of dirty, icky, bronco rider. I screamed, it fell off its “horse” and we circled each other. Or really, I flattened myself against the cabinets and hyperventilated while it went through my purse looking for cash. I finally stopped hyperventilating and squealing to pull myself together enough to stomp the creature – while it was a huge freaking cock roach, it was not huger then my size 9 ½’ s.

Now it lays squished into my carpet as an object lesson to the other huge hunting cock roaches that may have been a part of its scouting party - not because I am too squicked to pick it up - and we do have housekeeping people and I think dealing with squished hunting cockroaches is pretty much their gig. They have the tools for disposing of huge hunting cockroaches and I do not. The sum outcome of my college education is that I do not feel it is my job to have to dispose of the cock roaches I kill.

I went to the office manager to ask when the next time “they” would be in the building to bug bomb the place and she told me to whisper because a reporter was in the next office talking about Dukes most recent screw up and I guess she didn’t want to broadcast our roach problem. I knew about Duke’s issues last week because an ambulance chaser told me all about it because he thought I cared – or really, he thought I could hook him up with hospital info stuff and I can’t, so I gave him the number for the people who could hook him up. I read the story today and said “ohhhhhh. I am so inside, I totally knew about this last week.” Yes, even when I talk to myself, I am a goof ball.

Try Athlete

Alphagal has inspired me with her triathlons – but not enough for me to have any interest in doing them myself – You don’t see many joggers in this neighborhood because they get eaten by stray dogs, biking (I would first have to get a bike) and the only bikes I’ve seen are motorized or come with training wheels, or swimming in more then a recreational manner, I’m pretty sure the only pools in this area are of the standing water/mosquito hatchery variety. So obviously, I have been inspired, but not enough to do any of those things. In my world a tri-athalon consists of: walking the dog, bathing the dog and then toweling off the dog, I follow these up with walking up and down the stairs a couple of times to take her bedding and wet bath towels down to the basement. I did decide to start an exercise regime though. I decided that I will do, now sit down for this, hold onto your hat, 100 sit ups a day!!. I know many of you are saying “phht! I do twice that while I’m brushing my teeth in the morning!” and to you I say, “Shut Up.” I already exercise for a half hour every day; my regime to this point has not included calisthenics. I started off slow, I did 25 and thought I was going to die it was then that I decided that I did not have to do 100 all in a row, I could do them in stages. I could to work my way up to 100 in a row. It’s important to set goals.

Spring Forward, Fall back into boxes

I finally decided that I didn’t really need to have my sweaters and turtle necks at my finger tips any longer. I checked the national weather service and they didn’t say anything about freezing rain or arctic fronts in the five day outlook – so on June 12th, I put away my winter clothes! And brought my tee shirts out of hiding! And it isn’t even officially summer yet. I am such a curb buster.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Because I totally know that you care

The Michael Jackson Jury is back, but no verdict as yet so that the 24 hour news staions can flog it for an hour longer Jackson can get to the court house. Isn't the judge a little over holding things up for that pediphile? do normal pediphiles get that kind of treatment? a regual pediphile would be cooling his heels in jail, not an hour away at his house. ANy bets on the verdict? I'm going with that they are going to let him off. I don't think the jury pool in Cali can be trusted to put a celeb away.

edited to add - GAH!!!!!

Saturday I was busy. I was working. I mowed the lawn, I did the laundry, I filled and emptied the dishwasher and then I supported the arts, twice.And then it was time for lunch!

I had to schedule. I knew that the laundry had to get done and the earlier I mowed the lawn the better, but one fo the arts things was held outside and the earlier I went there the better too, art event number two was inside and was billed as an “Arts and Crafts” sale. “Bedazzled forks, over priced Recycled Jeans and Crap” is what it really was, but I guess that was too much to put in the ads. More on that later

Okay. I had a long list to get through and I was going to get through all of it. Damn it. The weekend end is not for relaxing, the weekend is for seeing how much stuff you can get done in the least amount of time and still sleep past 8am. I slept until 9:30. I’m that good.

Dog was fed, kitty was placated and laundry was started. I decided that since no one else was mowing their lawns yet, that it was not up to me to get the late sleepers up and around before they were ready - they pay a lawn man to do that for them, why step on his gig?. So first up was the outside art.

The Larkspur Party

Or “The We Have A Ginourmous Garden and We Know You Want to See it For Yourself But We Hide it Behind Pampas Grass to Thwart you Party And Art Show and No You Can’t Have Any Seeds.” . It’s very nice. Its also very nice that I can find it and even though it’s a little bit of a drive, it’s a straight shot from my house. The garden was of course as lovely as ever and made me hate my yard just a little bit more. I’m going to start Operation Lawn Jewelry as soon as I can work up the courage to delve further into the Shed Of Fear and rescue my genuine folk art butterfly and get it up on the fence where it belongs. They had a lot of gorgeous yard art at the show.

This would look nice if I had $300 to spend on my yard art. I do not. But it was very pretty. I had to mess with the colors to make the metal stars stand out more, there were a lot of “lawn sculpture” there and most if not all of them would have photographed better then this did, but I had been out in the sun for a while and my judgement was impaired. Sue Me.

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Okay, there would be an image here of a large metal wind sculpture thingy but for some reason the server hates me, it could not possibly be my fault.And if it magically shows up later, it will be because of my awesome code fu.

After the show I went home and mowed the lawn. At Noon. I told you, my judgement was impaired! After that I was off to the Craft Show. I define “crafts” as what you do in your spare time with your own hands. It’s your cousin Cindy’s bead earrings or your brothers workshop wood projects. It does not include anything made by Cousin Cindy Inc. Or Brother’s Woodshop Co. Humph. I would have been happier if anything I saw there was made by the people actually manning the booths. I don’t want to buy things from the store you work at, I want to buy the stuff you work at. Whatever. It was air conditioned. I wanted hand made, one of a kind NORTH CAROLINAcentric “stuff” to send to my friends at home for Christmas! if I can’t find that sort of thing at a Craft Show, where the hell am I going to find it?!

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Saturday, June 11, 2005

Gas Pri$es

One of the pirates at the corner lowered the low end gas to $2.06! I paid $1.99 at Sams Club, oddly, Wal-Mart is at $2.02.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday Cat Blogging
guest kitty edition

Cutest. Babykitty. Ever. Posted by Hello

This is one of Sabrinas' little ones. You can see more of them and read their blog here

This week in The Dianaverse….

Bad Boys?

I came home from work the other day to be greeted by two cop cars parked in front of the drug dealer’s house. One of the cop cars was blocking my driveway and caused me to have to park in the street. If there are going to cop cars in front of the drug dealers’ house I would prefer that they be in front of the drug dealers house, not so much blocking my driveway ya know, in case of flying bullets or other projectiles or whatever, I want my car to be hiding far up in my driveway out of the line of fire – there wasn’t any gun play and maybe the cops knew there wasn’t going to be. The cars didn’t have their lights on or the sirens going and another neighbor said the cars just showed up. There is the chance that the drug dealer called the cops himself… it could happen. I just wonder if he let the cops into the house. Once inside they have probable cause, and don’t need a warrant, perhaps they cleaned up before hand. If I’m going to come home to a blocked driveway I think I would prefer the drug dealer, Mr. Drug Dealer no longer blocks my driveway ands causes me to park in the street – and if there was going to be two cop cars in the neighborhood they could have at least told us why, came door to door, something…because, one cop car? Totally your business, two cop cars? You really need to send a memo around.

Bad Dog

The neighbors across the streets run a ‘way dog, ran away again. I did only a cursory search for it before I remembered that it is not my dog. I did did through Doggers stuff and found a leash I don’t like I could part with and put it permanent loan to them.

Me – ( grumble, grumble, stoooopid people don’t deserve a nice dog like that one, I can’t believe they let him get away again, those people need to go to dog owner school, if I see one of them we are going to talk and there might be a quiz, a ha! There is one now) Here. This is a leash. USE IT.

Neighbor Kid – Oh. He had one of these but he ate it.

Me – Don’t let him eat this one. The next time he gets away he’s going to get hit by a car and be dead in the street. Your dog has a very small brain and needs you to think for him. You are a smart guy, don’t let this happen again.

Bad Morning

Thanks in part to the A/C I slept really well the other night. Really too well. I woke up at about 5:15 and went blissfully back to sleep. Kitty didn’t need me, Dogger didn’t greet the paperboy and there wasn’t any irritating alarm to disturb me. So I slept. It was lovely. It was also a work day. I woke up again at 20 minutes after my alarm was supposed to go off. I looked at the alarm and took for granted it was going to be like 5:50, another popular time for me to wake up. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the clock and it was considerably later then 5:50. I couldn’t believe this! I never over sleep. I hardly remember what my alarm clock sounds like anymore! I’m so tightly wound I wake up before it goes off – its better to wake up early than have that thing startle me awake anyway, it’s worth a little lost sleep. But. I hate over sleeping. I hate being late. It wasn’t going to make me late to work but it severely curtailed my morning paper reading the rest of my written in stone morning routine. Grrrrrr. It messes up the whole rest of my day.


Thursday, June 9, 2005

Child's Play

I have the most disturbing conversations with children. A couple of summers ago I talked to a little boy who told me that his Mama was going to get him a puppy like mine - as soon as his Daddy got out of prison. Today I had two fun conversations with children.

Convo 1 - I am trying to walk Dogger. Dogger doesn't want to or she wants to go to the post office, she's being a pain. We stop and talk to the little herd of kids that live around the corner from us. We're chatting about the size of Doggers feet, how big her eyes are, what nice fur she has. Dogger doesn't care but its good for my ego, anyway. There is a guy further up the street and he hollers that wants me to go and talk with him and his friends. They are like larger versions of the herd of children, we talk about the exact same stuff. I'm thinking about going down there to check in with Doggers adult fan club and one of the little girls, maybe seven, eight tops - says "No!No!No!Don't Go!" and I'm thinking WTF? She goes on "He's drunk! He's beats on his wife! He tried to kidnap some kids! Don't Go over there! Don't talk to strangers!! go the other way!". Dogger wanted to go home anyway and I followed her lead.

Convo 2- Little kids who live at the drug dealers or next door to them, I don't know, they are very tiny and they like dogger. They are in my drive way and we are again talking about Dogger and her total beauty. We are also talking about the neighborhood cats. The very tiny boy says he beats on cats, he hates cats. The larger tiny boy says the other boy does no such thing. We then move on to cops.

The very tiny boy likes cops and wants to be one. I turn the conversation towards the recent cop visit. It turns out that they sent two cop cars because it was a domestic dispute. His uncle was fussing at his aunt, his uncle picked up a knife and the cops had to be called. The kid is, four, maybe.

Childhood in my neighborhood is not kid stuff.
Our Fatherland, whom art...

The Bush is my Shepard, I shall not want to know the truth.
He maketh me to swallow his lies.
He leadeth me into deep shit.
He selleth his soul and mine.
He leadeth me to the dead-end of self-righteousness for his ego's sake.

Yea, though CNN walks me through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil, for we are clueless.
The Karl and thy Staff comfort me.
Thou preparest a fable before and makes me many enemies.
Thou annointest my dead with oil, Halliburton's cup cost-runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall elude me all the days of my life.

And I will dwell in the house of cards until it tumbles down.

sent in by Alert Reader Tony.
Is is breezy in here?

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Army appears likely to fall short of its full-year recruiting goal for the first time since 1999, raising longer-term questions about a military embroiled in its first protracted wars since switching from the draft to a volunteer force 32 years ago.

Many young people and their parents have grown more wary of Army service because of the likelihood of being dispatched on combat tours to Iraq or Afghanistan, opinion polls show. U.S. troops are dying at a rate of two a day in Iraq, more than two years after President Bush declared that major combat operations had ended.


Which leads us to ....

When Marine recruiters go way beyond the call

"They were telling me I needed to 'be a man' and stand up to my family," Axel said. What he needed, it turned out, was a lawyer.

Desperate times do not call for kidnapping

from and The Daily Kos
Growing Wild

Because I actually had to work at work - today's entry will be a modified photo blog.

There is a field near my house.
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And the last time I was there, it was covered with flowers.
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By the time Dogger and I came back it had been mowed
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Fortunately, some flowers escaped. I added the Daisy.
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We toured the rest of the field. We saw the plot that the neighbors keep every summer. Its very nice. I like watching it grow and thrive.
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It was hot so we headed for some shade
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Where there were some more flowers
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And these.A delicates bag full of clothing, a hard cover book and an over due insurance bill.
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I opened the book The Comprehensive Analysis Of The Bible. Published 1922.
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I left it there. I hoped someone who needed it would find. The next day the bag and the bible analyis were gone, They tore up the bill and left it. Someone owes their insurance company $1978.

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

The GOP sold shit, and Ohio fed it to their kids

Ohio's abstinence programs faulted
Case study cites use of false data

What they told the kids:

HIV can be transmitted through “tears and open-mouth kissing. WRONG!!

Contraceptives are to blame for mental health problems in teens. WRONG

Taking the pill will increase a girl’s future chances of infertility. WRONG

Students should just “follow God’s plan for purity". In the PUBLIC SCHOOLS!? WRONG

If, God forbid, in a few years the public schools are full of pregnant 14 year olds and the clinics full of high school aged HIV/AIDS patients , I hope the people of Ohio know where to lay the blame.

stolen from Atrios, and The Cleveland Plain Dealer