Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Cat Blogging

Lesson Learned

You know that famous curse? May You Live in Interesting Times , today I had an interesting day. It started out with silence or whatever the sound of car engine not turning over is officially listed as. I was so excited by this! It was then I noticed that the tiny light in the back of the car was on, flicked on accidentally by the bike handlebars shifting at some point over night.

I  decided I was not going to freak out about this. There was no time. I powered walked to the cash machine (exercise!) and called the Cab Company number I have saved on my phone just for moments like this. The number was disconnected.

Google helped me find another cab company. I didn't have time to read the reviews of the wining company  - "Late", "Thieves", "Rotten Service" were what I learned about then afer the fact, good thing because I didn't need the added stress. In my case they showed up promptly and got me where I was going using my directions - the driver didn't know where Dix Campus was ... for less than I had expected, the only other place I have ever taken a cab is to the airport and the charge for that rivals the flight.

The first thing I did when I got to my desk was look up AAA to see what it would run me and as it turned out, it is going to run me $59 for the year. The next time this happens I'm not going to have to struggle with cab companies, I'm going to call AAA and get my car fixed. I've had things like this happen a few times in the past and I was able to call family for help but that isn't always an option -  and it wasn't this time, and I would much rather deal with my own problems, especially the kind of embarrassing problems related to my stupid.

So. I am now a member of AAA. I got a ride home after work from a friend, and once in the door,I called AAA and told them my problem. They sent a truck, an hour later (!) -  If my car had died in traffic I would hope that they would be faster in responding, but my car wasn't in traffic it was in my driveway and hopefully it was prioritized as such. I was in no hurry and neither were they.

When they arrives, the guy tested my battery and (was a I really shocked?) announced the battery was DOA and while he could charge it, it wouldn't hold  - I could buy a battery from him, or I was more than welcome to buy it from somebody else - but I was going to need a new battery. I have had a couple of car batteries go out on me through the years and I don't think a simple jump was ever good enough. The battery fails to turn over and its time for a new battery. So sayth the men with the jumper cables and a ready supply of car batteries at hand.

The way it works is if Joe Samaritan helps you out and jumps you car, you drive around for a while and charge the battery and its good for another span of time . If  Joe Technician jumps your car, he's going to put a new battery in like it or not. A car that won't start is a very heavy paper weight or a very small guest house. A car that won't start will only get you to interesting times.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thank you!!!!

SCOTUS Upholds Healthcare Law

Here are some of the incredibly important protections and opportunities the Affordable Care Act offers women.

Being a woman is no longer a "pre-existing condition." Yes, women were denied coverage for just being women before the Affordable Care Act was law.

Insurance companies can't charge you more for being a woman either. Before the Affordable Care Act was law, women were sometimes charged up to 150% more than men of the same age.

Breast cancer screenings, cervical cancer screenings, domestic violence counseling and screenings and a whole bunch of other preventive care measures must be covered by insurance companies.

Birth control is now covered by health insurance.

Children can stay on their parents' health insurance until they're 26 years old. And if you want to have kids, the law will help you get pre-natal care and counseling and help with breast feeding and supplies too.

And here are some of the important benefits for everyone.

Insurance companies can't take away your coverage if you become too sick.

You cannot be denied insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition.

Seniors receive a 50 percent discount on prescription drugs when they hit the "donut hole."

Small businesses get tax credits to purchase insurance.

There are no more lifetime limits on your coverage.

15 million more people will receive coverage because of expanded access to Medicaid.

Millions of Americans are going to receive tax credits to help them get insurance--people who wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise.

12 million seniors are currently receiving free preventative care through Medicare.

Work smarter not harderer

I decided that instead of swimming today I would run errands. I would like to say I ran to Target and I ran to Hallmark but that would be a lie. I drove to Target and I drove to Hallmark. I did however park in-between the stores and walked to and from instead of going to the Hallmark and then driving to Target. I am hardcore.

I would have gone swimming today but I did have those errands and I decided to give the muscle groups that get the most work when I swim a day off to recover, so I can be stronger tomorrow... Yay, in real life, I discovered at lunch that I didn't have my pass and it took me tearing apart my car and dumping out my purse (twice) and most of the afternoon at my desk to remember that the pass was in the pocket of the skirt I wore the day before. Safe and sound.

To keep the pass safe and sound and not hanging around at home when I am at work, the lazy cow, while I was a Target I picked up a card holder thingy that conveniently attaches to my swim bag so  the pass can have a permanent home and not  be a loose card for me to lose track of two or three times in two or three days. Nope. Not any more.

Always thinking I am.

My train of thought moves quickly, I think there is bad news in the watermelon plot. I'm pretty sure the first melon I found has stopped growing. The other melons, even the baby melons, are getting larger, earlier today the not-baby melons were about the size of soft balls, but the first one is still a tennis ball. I'm going to give it another couple of days but I think its time to cut my losses and give the other melons the water and energy that that one is no longer using efficiently. It could grow over night but I'm not holding out much hope. I also found another growing today so that takes it up to six melons! I'm okay with sacrifcing one. Or two.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I bought a month pass to the pool so now I can swim whenever I want! I was going every other day so I could "rest" but really so I could not pay $3 every day. Yes, that is the reason I got a month pass, not because they set up a ridiculous parking pass system that would I have stayed day to day, required me to walk from my car to the building, pay for my day and have the pool clerk physically fill out a parking pass every day, then walk back to my car to put the pass in the window every day so I would not be towed ( by the so far invisible and possibly imaginary tow trucks) and then walk back to the building and finally get to go swimming.  And no, they wouldn't give me my pass earlier, say at lunch when this walking back and forth all might be more convenient.

No, its because I am so dedicated to my new work out. Not at all because the stupid burned so bad it made me want to burn the building down. No, its because I am going to go swimming every damn day. Now featuring fewer trips back and forth to the car!

I have to pass the men's dressing room, and today I saw a sign that said All Patrons Must Shower Before Swimming, we do not have this sign in the ladies dressing room. We have a sign that says If You Have Sons Over Five Years Old You Must Use The Family Room To Change Clothes.  We also have stalls to change clothes in while the men's dressing room does not. I think it has something to do with the speedos, I mean really, why bother, once you have on a speedo do you need privacy?

Today, after I cleared our swank privacy enabled dressing room, I got a "good" lane. All the lanes are the same but this lane boasted the ladder. If you don't have the ladder you either have to hope it isn't some breech of pool etiquette enter someone else's lane to facilitate your exit - it probably is, so I haven't tried that yet. No ladder available means I swim with the newbies in the shallow end.Without Mr. Ladder, you have to get yourself out. This is not a pretty or easy way to get yourself out of the water, especially the deep water. In shallow water its like doing a pull up where you have to launch your entire body up over your shoulders. I'm forty-something, I don't like launching myself  over any thing. If I can' t get myself out with some grace I'm prepared to just make a new life in the water. The ladder is key to life on dry land.

The deeper the water the better too. I've learned that shallow water allows for a certain amount of rest time at the end of each lane which leads to slack and slack makes you tired. In the deep water you must keep moving, there is no rest time and this cuts down on slack considerably. Bobbing around at the end of your lane while you pant  is not cool, and when you are in eleven feet of water you do a lot less bobbing then you do in four and half feet. I've learned that the less opportunities I give for resting/panting  the less I need to rest/pant. Tough love .

I've also noticed that gravity sucks hard! I walk like a drunk when I get out of the pool, but I'm working on that too.

Does anyone know a good shampoo for chlorine damage? That shit is tearing my hair up and it needs to be gentle because my hair does not like being washed every day. It makes it cranky and it was born in a bad mood

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lets go rain!

As I was saying yesterday, things change...

We started here

And now we're here

Yeah. Watermelons grow fast when they grow at all.

 This was  my largest melon

This is it now, about the same size as the other melons. It seems to have hit a plateau growth-wise. It is a lot darker than it was and maybe its making more sugar or taking a deep breath before it really starts to grow.

It is still bigger than the smallest baby melons

Somewhere along the line they also get darker, I don't remember that about last years melons but maybe these aren't the same variety. I tried though, I bought plants under the same name but from a different farmer, they could have also been miss-labeled .

On to other green things. I put up my first green beans of the season!

That's two quarts of beans. and in the mean time I have harvested some more

That looks like about half a gallon of unprocessed beans.  I need at least a gallon bag to have enough to stand over a boiling pot for even the very short time it takes to blanch the beans. Its a good thing I really like green beans because this is shaping up to be a banner year for green beans. I[m still waiting on the rest of the garden to start producing.

Monday, June 25, 2012

News you can use

Before I was so rudely interrupted by Bloggers ineptitude, I was trying to do this.

Guess who these are:

Give up? These two gorgeous creatures are my future puppy's' Mama and Daddy dogs! I don't know why Daddy dog is posing with a bitch banner, but he's all boy - Mama is due the middle of July! I know they look a little severe, but they are show dogs and they need to have their games faces on for competition. I have a more casual shot of Mama dog

Look at that smile!

I'm hopeing the owners will let me come visit my future puppy well before he/she comes home, because I I really want to start the bonding process well before I put the puppy in the car for the ride home.], the Mam dog and her people live out in Franklinton and while I don't know where that is, I am so going to learn. I really want to see the puppy on a regular basis because we're going on vacation in August and I'm going to miss some very important puppy mile stones while I'm gone! I'm going to have to insist on a either daily pictorial updates or some kind of web cam while I'm away because, well, puppies change so fast and I have always wanted to submit something to Cute Overload.

And thanks to the anal nature of  breeders of pure bred animals, I know more about his/her genealogy than I do my own.

I haven't done any shopping for Future Puppy because I don't need to buy anything. I have a crate, I have a dog bed and I all ready have a doggy dish that was too small for Daisy. I also all ready have a collar.

I bought it last year hopeing something sized L would fit Daisy, because she was a A) A Proud Democrat all the way down and she would have been thrilled to wear it, and B) A Yellow Dawg and she loved Obama. Sadly, we do not all define size L the same way and she wasn't able to wear it, yet another case of anti-large dog sentiment in our society. Why are all the cute things sized for teeny little pretend dogs? Don't they know that big dogs want to be pretty? as well as vote blue? If Target would carry clothes for the large dog  they would have made a killing off me and Daisy! She loved to wear costumes and they didn't make Princess dresses for big girl dogs, just pirates and sharks and food. No cute collars are sized for them and the really sweet Halloween costumes are all size tiny! Its not fair! Grrrr. I had been thinking of just donating it to friends with a small dog but now, Sniff, it will fit new puppy

Spoiler for Tuesday...

That was then....

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Cat Blogging

Blogger is being a pain, again.

There is something really wrong with blogger and I don't know how to fix it and its making me really kind of insane so lets just say I posted an entry today. I don't know if this is my computers fault or Bloggers fault but I can't deal with this current irritation. I won't even go into what it is, trust me its irritating.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Instead of swimming for my exercise, I mowed the lawn! I know, sexy but I think it was a work out. I spent twenty-five minutes mowing the lawn and forty-five minutes getting my extension cord untangled post mow. You get what you pay for when it comes to extension cords, the cheap cord causes you spend forty-five minutes untangling them while the expensive cords don't need you to spend forty-five minutes untangling them. Lesson learned.

I feel I got a really good work out though. God knows I was soaking wet by the time I got the cord righted. Later, I was still in a yard improvement mood and I went into the back yard. My plan was just to water but then I looked at the melon plot and I decided that it would be nice for h melons to have more room in the plot so that maybe they might expand there instead of into the yard - not that I don't want them in he yard, they are welcome to it but still, they are trying to eat the hose!

I know I just did a Garden Update, but things grow!

This is the smaller of the two young melons. There are a lot of tiny melonettes, but they are all so small that they could go either way depending on what day it is. I can't get to attached to them at that point. However, as they grow, I can get a little attached.

It doesn't look a lot larger than melon baby one, but there is a significant size difference. I would love to see this guy mature, I need one of these to go the difference because I  promised the first melon to my nephew and I don't want him to have to wait all summer for his treat.

While I was in the yard I noticed something, it was pretty! I enjoyed looking at it! I know that it looks a lot like a "before"picture but for my yard, its damn near paradise.

Look at all the flowers! Aren't the hanging baskets gorgeous? Its so pretty I can't get over it. I should have put flowers out there a long time ago, blooms make up for a lot of ugly. I think at some point when there is grass in the yard and the ivy is dispatched, it will be really nice. I am really pleased with the melon plot now, it doesn't really read in the pictures but their plot looks a lot nicer and more garden-y. My next job is to pull out my sheers and get rid of some of the more advanced problems.

After I get rid of the  more entrenched weeds, I'm going to have to get one of those thingies that you use to direct hoses, because as it is now I have to be very careful to not abuse the melon vines moving the hose here and there. I need to be able to use the hose but not  at the expense of the vines - harder to accomplish as they grow and spread out. They are very delicate but really, really bossy and I need to find a good middle ground with them before they are the ground.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Working out.

I found out while I made the rule about every-other-day swimming. Two days in a row is too often. I usually try to swim at at least a good trot,  but today I was swimming at a crawl, ha ha, swim pun.

Wednesday I have a staff meeting that is going to run too late for me to make my usual window at the pool. I get a lane without having to wait because I get there at 4pm, before everyone else gets off work. I am there and done before most people are still puttering at their desks. My earlier day means I don't have to stand around waiting for a changing room and, I have my pick of lanes. Today I got lucky and scored a lane that was in slightly shallower water so I could stand - it makes a difference for end of lane rest stops, if you can actually rest. It only for a few seconds at a time but it counts. It also had the ladder out so I didn't have to ungracefully swing myself up and out.

I'm skipping Wednesday because the meeting will push my exit to after five and I think that isn't going to work for me. I'll ride my bike somewhere instead. Cross training!  or, I think that instead of bike riding I'm going to go with Lawn Mowing, its good resistance training and its weight bearing!

And even better? When I get to the end? There is no donut store waiting for me. Its really weird, it doesn't matter where I go for my bike ride, there is always this donut store at the end waiting for me. It is very patient.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Big Mermaid Keeps Going

I was hopeing I would be a graceful porpoise in the water. In reality, I have no form and no grace. I am a swimming cow. I am to swimming what a porpoise is to power walking. I'm just glad I can't wear my glasses while I'm in the pool because I know there is pointing and fun is made. I'm pretty sure that the life guards don't even watch because I make them sad. When I am thinking positive pro-Diana thoughts,  I tell myself that as an out of shape a middle aged woman, that those college age kids don't even see me so I don't need to worry about my form because I'm invisible any way. God help me if I drown though, but at least I won't die of embarrassment.

Maybe I should swim underwater instead of staying on the surface? Would that be easier?

I am improving though,  at first every lap I was really praying for the edge of the pool, I wanted to get there because I was pretty sure that I was going to die before I got there and I was desperate to rest. I noticed this time that I bumped into the wall more and more and it wasn't until the last couple of laps that I found myself really looking forward to the edge. Today though, there was a difference, towards the end though I had a hard time staying in  the center of my lane and I kept bumping the rope. I think it is bad form to bump the rope.

I would like it if I could do a forward stroke without having a stroke. I don't know why its so different from the flaying backstroke I have developed but I can't make a half a lap going forward without suffering and having to change my stroke. I can stay on  my back for all ten laps but being face down in the water makes everything harder. I tried going forward but I was so tired I had to rest every lap and it made me lose my pace, then I could barely get out of the pool and then the long walk to the to the dressing room was  a miserable journey.

With the modified backstroke, I can get out of the pool on the first try, if the water is shallow enough and I can get to the dressing room without stopping to rest .My biggest victory is going to be to hoist myself out of the water on my first try even in the deeper water, it looks really bad to not be able to get yourself out of the pool under your own power and it leaves bruises. The stairs are for pussies.  My inner porpoise gets very sad when I fail to get out of the pool or have to use the stairs. It cries little porpoise tears of bitter disappointment.

My plan remains that if I can get through this month that I can buy a month pass. Which is convenient because I can't write any more checks this month until my Pet Insurance comes across with my money. I won't buy one in August because I won't be here for a lot of it but then I just go back to day to day - if I can keep this up and I would like to, I do understand that swimming isn't a weight loss miracle but it does help you to tighten up and gain stamina.

I'm going to have to get a better shampoo though.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Garden Update 9 2012

Before we get to my veggies, I want to point out how lovely my flowers look this year. I have never have such a good yar with the marigolds, they always die back early on and they never look pretty. They are supposed to act as a compaion plant for the veggies but its also nice for them to look pretty too.

 Hanging out with the watermelons

 Being friendly with the peppers

 I've tried these before in the front but they clearly like more sun, lesson learned.

The dwarf sunflower I got at the garden sale. I'm hopeing its going to reseed. The other is going to be very tall.

Onto the actual vegitables.

We have peppers! My favorotes, the purple varity. I really liked them last year so this year I planted more. These were signifacnlt more mature than the mail order plants.

I have six or seven of these guys in various stages of maturity. They are all still young but I'm going to have a (hopefully) good harvest of these. I'm hopeful that the other peppers will have as good a year. The downside of the purple variety is that they are determinate, meaning, they produce all at once and then are done for the season. The other peppers are indeterminate and they'll produce and keep growing all season.

The first generation tomaotes are getting taller and stronger every day. The problem for them being that the bean plants are bullying them from space and avalable light.

I might have to do "something" about the beans hogging of space and light. I don't want these first gen tomatoes to do poorly because the beans are grabby.

Mean while back in the nursery with the second generation tomaotes

Some of theme are really doing well and are even putting out blooms. I'm really proud of these plants. because I put them in late and they went in so young.

 Over all they are growing and developing and getting stronger. I have high hopes for these and my sauses and soups are going to better for them.

And then there are the plants that are lagging, I don't entreily blame the plants themselves for this, I think the beans are keeping light from getting to this little guy, its really smaller than the other plants.

if it wasn't producing so well, I would be really mad at these bully plants. Howeever, they are being fantasticly productive, so I can't hate on them too much, I can pull beans off the vines twice a day and get handfuls. They seem to go from tiny beanettes to mature in the space of hours.

Family Picture.

Out of the traditional garden and into the yard.

The last bin

The bins had another week to go but I decided to go ahead with the harvest because I'm not into maintaing heavy self displine right now, I did it because I wanted to. Nice harvest too.

The vines are dotted with fetal melons, but they aren't being fertlized, despite the number of lovely bees I have seen. Its also early, so I'm still hopeful for mature melons. Note the vines starting their journey into the yard.

In the front yard progress is being made as well.

 Every year I say I'm going to pull this out and every other year it makes pretty flowers and I decide to let it stay another year.

 The morning glories are on their way.

 One of the blueberrie plants is doing really well. The other plant may have been molested by birds.

I replanted my room mate fern into a bigger pot in the spring. I think shes very happy in her new place.

Funky new plant is growing and getting more funky

if you windered what the all-blues look after they have been cooked, they still look purple and they taste devine. The greenery on the fish are leaves from my borage plants, as advertised they taste and smell like cucumber and are a nice, light addtion to fish.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Cat Blogging

Still pretty much in shock about the whole thing.

Friday Daisy Blogging

Another Friday

Last Friday  still had a dog. I called the vet in the morning because she was being very careful when she ate and I had diagnosed this as a bad tooth. I made the appointment for early Saturday morning and we were going to pop in and get  Dogger a shot and maybe some antibiotics and make another appointment for later in the week to have that tooth pulled or whatever and then we were going to drive down to New Bern for the weekend.

We never made it to New Bern and Dogger didn't make it through the weekend.

This first week post Dogger has gone really, really fast. Like it should be Wednesday and not Friday, the time as flown by. I attribute the fact that I have not kept myself very busy since Sunday morning, well, I spend a lot of time sitting in front of the TV hypnotised by episodes of Say Yes To The Dress, but I'm hypnotized so its okay. They also cry quite a lot and when they cry, I cry so I think its helping the grieving process. When Tex was dieing /  had just died, I watched hours and hours of Sex and The City, grief  must bring out some urge to girl bond.

Except I don't think I'm grieving. I cried until I felt faint when the doctor told me Daisy's heart had stopped, (which I knew all ready because she slumped in my arms) but since then I've felt this weird peace . I wept Monday night when they handed me her remains, but I was dry eyed by the time I got home. I should be miserable and depressed and deeply sad and I'm not. I miss her for a different reason every day, but there is no stabbing pain or constant misery like I should be feeling, I think. I don't feel good but I don't feel bad. I'm numb.

I think this is Daisy's' doing. While I was sitting with her I started crying and she roused herself and sat up and gave me this look she had a very expressive face and it was clear that she did not approve of this crying business at all and wanted me to stop it. She didn't' want me to be sad, and oddly, I'm not. I knew she had a great force of will but I had no idea it was this strong.

In the interest of being happy and following her wishes, I am actively pursuing  bringing a  new puppy home in the fall. I spoke with a very legit breeder, a past President of the Tarheel Weimaraner,  club and an all around much more respectable personage than myself, and while she will not have puppies in the fall, a friend of hers will and she put me in touch with her and we spoke and emailed back and forth and she sent me a long form to fill out attesting to my skills as a dog owner and a lot of questions about the home the prospective puppy would be coming into and whether I knew what I was potentially getting myself into, as well as sneaky indirect questions about my status as an ax murderer or puppy kicker.

I filled it out and as asked provided my vets names and numbers so they can call and ask after me. I think both offices like me, and I know they loved Daisy so I hope they give me positive recommendations for Future Puppy.

I really, really hope so because I am all ready making a list of names...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Big Mermaid

I  decided that instead of  rushing home to stand in the kitchen and feel stunned, I needed to find something to do. I thought about what I enjoy doing and  and since all dog related activities are over for the time being, I  came up with the idea of swimming.

I have a swim suit. I have towel*, I have sandals* and the last time I checked, I can actually swim.

Enter the pool . I felt that just "diving in" was the best idea. I didn't want to spend a lot of time thinking about it and making myself crazy with  it - because I can and will, so I just did it. I packed up a bag with my towel and my suit and I said that Today would be the day.

It turns out my swim burka, that while great for reading magazines at the beach, is a little less than ideal for swimming. Who knew that something so cheap couldn't be swam in? I thought you had to spend a lot more for a swim suit that isn't actually appropriate for swimming, I felt like a Kardashian! I believe now, that when wet, my swim burka weighs only slightly less than I do - great for handicapping myself and adding to the workout, but it was also negatively effecting my buoyancy. I think if I can make myself keep up the habit and keep going, I might reward myself with a more appropriate suit.

I was a good swimmer as a kid, I swam at the public pool for years, I was under the impression that as an adult I would still be a good swimmer. I haven't swam in a really, really long time. I thought I was swimming when I went to the beach but actually, bouncing around in the surf is not the same a swimming. On the upside, I didn't drown, on the down side my form needs work, and years of dog walking have not left with a lot of  stamina. Sure, I can walk for miles but I swam five laps and I could barely get myself dressed.

Before I got dressed I had to dry off, Ow! by the way, you have to use your arms a lot when drying yourself and swimming makes arms tired. So, in pain and using a towel that smells like wet dog - I love that Doggers room smells of her but I draw the line at rubbing eau de' wet dog into my hair. I also discovered that my every day sandals got soggy the minite I walked into the building and are not the right shoe for the job. I also need to get a lock for a locker so I can put my stuff up with out  having to worry about it.Yay shopping list! I need towels, flip flops and a lock. As soon as I can lift my arms, I will get right on it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Look at me!

IMDb! Me! me! me!

My now.

Today I practiced at my now . After work instead of hurrying home I went across the street to Pullen Park and checked in at their indoor pool. I decided that since Dogger is no long available for me to walk, that I needed to find an alternative exercise. I like riding my bike but I haven't really swam in years.

I decided that I would like to swim, the pool is right across from my office and I can go immediately after work and avoid the whole phantom "Time to walk/feed Dogger!" crisis that I am running up against now. It's not going to help those issues in the morning, but if I can limit the agony to just the once a day, it would be nice.

It was also a very big deal for me to run an errand after work, I don't run errands after work: I go straight home and I have always gone straight home, because Dogger needs me ASAP. If this was in the winter time this edict would be really written in stone and doing otherwise would have ended up with me in a fetal position in the pool parking lot. In the summer time the go-straight-home rule would be  slightly relaxed, but not by much, I'm allowed to change clothes and maybe watch some TV before feeding her and then taking her for a walk after it has cooled down a little.

But. Things have changed. I am going to give it a try on a visit-to-visit bases for a while to see if I like it and then if it is something I want to do more frequently, I'm going to buy a pass. I have more time now and I need to fill it with something other than "Say Yes To The Dress" marathons.

I had a real meal for the first time since Friday night and I intentionally rode my bike downtown to some of the places I walked with Daisy, and it did not kill me or move me to tears. I hope this is a good thing and not a sign that I am a heartless bitch without feelings. I also contacted three weim breeders in NC and am waiting to hear back about the availability of puppies in the fall. Even though I really want one right now*

* see  "heartless bitch without feelings".

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The house is really, really big. I don't remember it being this large, it seems cavernous. Its not that I'm lonely, its that its as though I am in the house alone. Small Cat is great but he's not Daisy,  it might be because he goes about his business so quietly- I am thinking about getting him a collar and pulling out his tags . The quite is killing me.

I miss the sound of her tags jingling, I miss her claws on the floor, I miss the sound she made with her morning s t r e t c h , I miss her bark  and the sound she made when she gave herself a shake and I miss her whine when I would stop petting her, I miss the sound of her gnawing on her bones. I miss her growling at interlopers walking too close to her house.I miss the sound of her jumping on her futon. I miss  the peace of our morning walks. I miss the walks, I miss hurrying home because she had a schedule and didn't approve of my dawdling. I miss having someone to come home to.

I miss piling her. I miss making her breakfast and preparing her dinner. I miss taking her out to pee in the yard. I would kill to pick up her shite.

I miss having someone to talk to, I miss having someone to play with, I miss her.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My weekend. My Daisy.

Immune mediated hemolytic anemia  . My beautiful baby Daisy dog died this morning as a result of  that. She possibly also had a suspected cancerous mass is her abdomen. There were no good answers and no magic bullet, I could not save her this time so I let her go. She was miserable and suffering and I couldn't make her spend more time like that because I wanted her to live forever. I let her go at 9:45am because I love her.

She fought and survived hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, an Addison's crises, Addison's Disease and two blown knees. She was tired and she died in my arms.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Cat Blogging

Bugging me.

Apparently its summer again. I know this because the thermostat at my office was set at fifty-eight degrees for most of the day. I want to point out that it was also fifty-eight degrees outside so I really do not understand why we had the air on at all. In the past they have not really cared that it was a hundred degrees outside and fifty-two degrees inside and the was a alarmingly high rate of  illness brought on by the change in temperature. My glasses were fogged all damn day all summer!

 Today might have  been  a green ploy to kill off the remaining bugs that weren't drowned in the sea of poison they flooded the building with last week - normally there is a population that would have been really loud about the poison being sprayed liberally throughout the building while their special selves were  also in the building but apparently, these people and their high evolved, very delicate health and well being issues are more bothered by bugs than they are by highly toxic carcinogens being sprayed on their shoes.

And then when they were relaying stories about the bugs to the maintenance guys with the spray guns, you would have thought the walls were covered in highly train para-military cockroach armies and they were filling the toilet bowls with roach SEAL teams and dive bombing us with remote control roach robots from the air vents. I understand that in reality, prior to reinforcements being called in, two bugs were spotted and killed.

These same people burst into tears if co-workers wearing perfume walk past their offices but sure, fill my office with pesticidal mist from an unmarked container! No one minds that! but use an unapproved fabric softener and they will go to HR and accuse you of "contributing to a hostile work environment."

I just bought new deodorant, I think I'll go walk past some offices to see what happens. And then I'll drop a plastic roach in the hallway and wait for  them to tent the building while we are still at our desks, because that's okay

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Dogger and I went to the post office and then walked around downtown, then went to the donut store where I very meanly decided that the twenty-two year old girl in front of me must be pregnant and not fat because no fat girl would ever wear a dress that made strangers wonder if they were pregnant and not just over weight.

The dress was also too expensive looking and a little severe to not be an expensive maternity dress, designed with the idea it can be worn with all her blouses for most of the pregnancy and spruced up with jewelry! and she can wear it afterwards too! Its nursing friendly! As if after wearing that bag for the last seven months she's going to keep wearing it indefinitely. Good idea but no. I hope whoever bought it for her didn't spend a fortune, it was still in good shape so maybe she can consign it afterwards.

In reality, it appeared to be a uniform worn at a maternity school run by angry women. Maybe navy blue was not the best choice.

I looked for a ring, because I am just that old. And she teased me too! she kept fluttering her hands around at her sides and I couldn't get a good look - perhaps she has practice at this?  I was confused by the guy she was with, what his role here was,  and why he kept talking about how tough sleeping late with a new puppy in the house was, but how he was manning up and taking care of the puppy's needs, despite the fact it woke him up really early in the morning.

I was like," She's pregnant! you asshole! Her puppy is going to be awake all the time! She won't have to worry about "going back to sleep" because she will never go to sleep in the first place! Stop going on about the hard life of a puppy owner! She's having a baby, clearly, soon and your puppy angst  is making her soup can sized hemorrhoids sting, don't be such a dickburger". I don't think he was the dad and I didn't see a ring on him either. I looked for  the line was long and I was bored.

There were two parents types with them and they clearly belonged to her, Puppy boy was not their problem or their focus, I hope to gawd my storyline is correct , because they didn't like him and Thanksgiving was always going to be tense. I was trying to figure how how far along she was  maybe she's due very soon? Its hard to tell with young women on their first time around. If she was thirty I say five months along, but twenty two? Last trimester? five months in and Jessica Simpson's' understudy?

I was fascinated by Puppy boy - maybe he was  a friend of a sibling or a cousin?The father so deep into denial he might need medical attention? He bothered me because his role wasn't clearly defined maybe he was just very comfortable with being solely boyfriend/babydaddy who was on his way out? Not the father but still into her? Maybe she's giving the baby up and he doesn't have a role at all? She seemed to be listening to his puppy talk, somewhat interested in it despite her age and stage of pregnancy, she wasn't carrying on her own  dueling monologue about being the first woman to ever be pregnant, so that was a little surprising.

I had another idea, Puppyboy is her brother in law! She is young but not painfully so, a newly wed with a planned early pregnancy. Puppyboy is babbling  about his puppy because he's never been this close to the pregnant woman before  and he doesn't know what to talk to her about! And the idea of his brother being a father is freaking him out and he's trying to prove he's  responsible and mature as well. Her husband is a grad student at NC State and he's at the library studying or at a evening class, and so she's entertaining Mom and Dad because their student apartment is tiny and hot and having everyone there is too much - Maybe Mom and Dad are in town to help in a the house hunt!  or to help them pack up and move to the Starter House!
The line was long and the place was understaffed.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Garden Babies

Time for a mini garden update! Yay! I know you're excited.I have some news:  I voted the peas off the island, its nothing personal, its the environment, they weren't very productive and they were taking up space and nutrients from plants that are productive so they had to go, I appreciate their  assistance with the soup project and they were good team players there but,  I needed them to do more for a longer time and I think this was just the wrong fit for both of us, I wish them well.

 I now have a new definition of giant wastes of space and a lack of productivity : Pea Plants as in "That guy is a total pea plant!" or "I'm really feeling pea plant this afternoon, I think I should go home" . Maybe it  was a little personal.

The last pea harvest

On the other hand, har, har, the green beans are back and ready for a great season! What a bunch if hard workers they are. I found dozens of tiny beans all over the trellis.

The first generation brandy-wines getting started as well, I really thought they would wait until they reached full maturity and height but they fooled me. I am pleasantly surprised because I thought I wasn't going to see anything out of these for months. The fruits are huge though so I guess they need to get started as soon as possible.

The peppers are also getting to work

It looks impressive but its really about the size of my thumb nail.

The other garden is also working hard

Yay!! Baby watermelon!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I found the last of last years watermelon ice cream and now I can't stop eating it! Its so much better this year than it was last year! Its ice cream instead of ice ice! Its amazing, and now I'm on my second bowl and I'm pretty sure I see a third one coming my way.

A year in the freezer has turned my frozen watermelon into frozen crack.Speaking of watermelon...

Flowers! Yay! True, they are male flowers so they are about as useful as teats on a tom cat - but it means that things are progressing and in the fullness of time, there will be female flowers and hopefully, those female flowers and their overies will  be fertlized and mature into sizable, healthy fruits!

Speaking of flowers,

The little metal object in the middle is a tiny pink pig who protects the vines, the flamingo takes care of the marigolds. Its so powerful an advocate for the marigolds its strong enough to make sure the marigolds on the other side of the yard are safe too!  They are so comfortable and at ease that they are just chilling out and killing grubs that aren't even in my yard! They are going crazy! Look at those happy blooms and healthy foliage, I've never had such happy marigolds, usually they just die as soon as the other plants get taller than them. Tomatoes are very tall plants and they grow up so fast.

So I didn't plant marigolds with them, this year my tomato companion plants will grow almost as tall as the tomatoes themselves and maybe hey can share clothes or whatever it is companion plants do with each other after hours. The marigolds are keeping the shorter pepper plants company and free of grubs while providing sparking conversation and exchanging recipes.