Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I found the last of last years watermelon ice cream and now I can't stop eating it! Its so much better this year than it was last year! Its ice cream instead of ice ice! Its amazing, and now I'm on my second bowl and I'm pretty sure I see a third one coming my way.

A year in the freezer has turned my frozen watermelon into frozen crack.Speaking of watermelon...

Flowers! Yay! True, they are male flowers so they are about as useful as teats on a tom cat - but it means that things are progressing and in the fullness of time, there will be female flowers and hopefully, those female flowers and their overies will  be fertlized and mature into sizable, healthy fruits!

Speaking of flowers,

The little metal object in the middle is a tiny pink pig who protects the vines, the flamingo takes care of the marigolds. Its so powerful an advocate for the marigolds its strong enough to make sure the marigolds on the other side of the yard are safe too!  They are so comfortable and at ease that they are just chilling out and killing grubs that aren't even in my yard! They are going crazy! Look at those happy blooms and healthy foliage, I've never had such happy marigolds, usually they just die as soon as the other plants get taller than them. Tomatoes are very tall plants and they grow up so fast.

So I didn't plant marigolds with them, this year my tomato companion plants will grow almost as tall as the tomatoes themselves and maybe hey can share clothes or whatever it is companion plants do with each other after hours. The marigolds are keeping the shorter pepper plants company and free of grubs while providing sparking conversation and exchanging recipes.

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