Monday, June 4, 2012

Yay for another week starting.

I decided that photo blogging was going to be the plan today. Before my walk with Dogger I was going to brag on my Peking Chicken that turned out fabulously well and then I was going to go on at length about the peach pie I made that turned sub-grade peaches into a top of the line pie, and then I was going to go on about the delicious Peking Chicken soup I made with the bones of the chicken and my home grown potatoes and peas from the garden and then I was going to go on about my clearly superior lawn mowing and lawn edging techniques, and what a great job I did with the laundry. I was going to skip over entirely how a trip to the grocery ended up with me soaked to the bone in the rain.

But then I took Dogger for a walk.

Dogger can't decide if this is going to be her album art for her next CD or her jacket picture for her forthcoming book.

I just thought this was neat.

I thought whomever manufactured these blinds deserves a pat on the back. The building is abandoned, the window is broken and being violated by vines and Gawd only knows what else, and yet their blinds are still hanging on.

 There were other "fortunes" on the side of the building, but I thinked this one best.

Really rotten picture, but the sun  was in a weird place and this was as good as it was going to get at the time. The first and only yarn bombing I've seen in Raleigh. This is or was a gallery the last time I walked Dogger through here a month or so ago.

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