Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Garden Babies

Time for a mini garden update! Yay! I know you're excited.I have some news:  I voted the peas off the island, its nothing personal, its the environment, they weren't very productive and they were taking up space and nutrients from plants that are productive so they had to go, I appreciate their  assistance with the soup project and they were good team players there but,  I needed them to do more for a longer time and I think this was just the wrong fit for both of us, I wish them well.

 I now have a new definition of giant wastes of space and a lack of productivity : Pea Plants as in "That guy is a total pea plant!" or "I'm really feeling pea plant this afternoon, I think I should go home" . Maybe it  was a little personal.

The last pea harvest

On the other hand, har, har, the green beans are back and ready for a great season! What a bunch if hard workers they are. I found dozens of tiny beans all over the trellis.

The first generation brandy-wines getting started as well, I really thought they would wait until they reached full maturity and height but they fooled me. I am pleasantly surprised because I thought I wasn't going to see anything out of these for months. The fruits are huge though so I guess they need to get started as soon as possible.

The peppers are also getting to work

It looks impressive but its really about the size of my thumb nail.

The other garden is also working hard

Yay!! Baby watermelon!

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