Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My now.

Today I practiced at my now . After work instead of hurrying home I went across the street to Pullen Park and checked in at their indoor pool. I decided that since Dogger is no long available for me to walk, that I needed to find an alternative exercise. I like riding my bike but I haven't really swam in years.

I decided that I would like to swim, the pool is right across from my office and I can go immediately after work and avoid the whole phantom "Time to walk/feed Dogger!" crisis that I am running up against now. It's not going to help those issues in the morning, but if I can limit the agony to just the once a day, it would be nice.

It was also a very big deal for me to run an errand after work, I don't run errands after work: I go straight home and I have always gone straight home, because Dogger needs me ASAP. If this was in the winter time this edict would be really written in stone and doing otherwise would have ended up with me in a fetal position in the pool parking lot. In the summer time the go-straight-home rule would be  slightly relaxed, but not by much, I'm allowed to change clothes and maybe watch some TV before feeding her and then taking her for a walk after it has cooled down a little.

But. Things have changed. I am going to give it a try on a visit-to-visit bases for a while to see if I like it and then if it is something I want to do more frequently, I'm going to buy a pass. I have more time now and I need to fill it with something other than "Say Yes To The Dress" marathons.

I had a real meal for the first time since Friday night and I intentionally rode my bike downtown to some of the places I walked with Daisy, and it did not kill me or move me to tears. I hope this is a good thing and not a sign that I am a heartless bitch without feelings. I also contacted three weim breeders in NC and am waiting to hear back about the availability of puppies in the fall. Even though I really want one right now*

* see  "heartless bitch without feelings".

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