Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The house is really, really big. I don't remember it being this large, it seems cavernous. Its not that I'm lonely, its that its as though I am in the house alone. Small Cat is great but he's not Daisy,  it might be because he goes about his business so quietly- I am thinking about getting him a collar and pulling out his tags . The quite is killing me.

I miss the sound of her tags jingling, I miss her claws on the floor, I miss the sound she made with her morning s t r e t c h , I miss her bark  and the sound she made when she gave herself a shake and I miss her whine when I would stop petting her, I miss the sound of her gnawing on her bones. I miss her growling at interlopers walking too close to her house.I miss the sound of her jumping on her futon. I miss  the peace of our morning walks. I miss the walks, I miss hurrying home because she had a schedule and didn't approve of my dawdling. I miss having someone to come home to.

I miss piling her. I miss making her breakfast and preparing her dinner. I miss taking her out to pee in the yard. I would kill to pick up her shite.

I miss having someone to talk to, I miss having someone to play with, I miss her.

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