Sunday, June 10, 2012

My weekend. My Daisy.

Immune mediated hemolytic anemia  . My beautiful baby Daisy dog died this morning as a result of  that. She possibly also had a suspected cancerous mass is her abdomen. There were no good answers and no magic bullet, I could not save her this time so I let her go. She was miserable and suffering and I couldn't make her spend more time like that because I wanted her to live forever. I let her go at 9:45am because I love her.

She fought and survived hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, an Addison's crises, Addison's Disease and two blown knees. She was tired and she died in my arms.


Christa Saile said...

I'm so sorry for you Diana.
You don't know me, but I'm reading your blog since I met Cat and Tony at our daughters wedding 2006. I always enjoyed and still do reading your blog.
Take care of yourself

Diana said...

Thank you!