Friday, June 29, 2012

Lesson Learned

You know that famous curse? May You Live in Interesting Times , today I had an interesting day. It started out with silence or whatever the sound of car engine not turning over is officially listed as. I was so excited by this! It was then I noticed that the tiny light in the back of the car was on, flicked on accidentally by the bike handlebars shifting at some point over night.

I  decided I was not going to freak out about this. There was no time. I powered walked to the cash machine (exercise!) and called the Cab Company number I have saved on my phone just for moments like this. The number was disconnected.

Google helped me find another cab company. I didn't have time to read the reviews of the wining company  - "Late", "Thieves", "Rotten Service" were what I learned about then afer the fact, good thing because I didn't need the added stress. In my case they showed up promptly and got me where I was going using my directions - the driver didn't know where Dix Campus was ... for less than I had expected, the only other place I have ever taken a cab is to the airport and the charge for that rivals the flight.

The first thing I did when I got to my desk was look up AAA to see what it would run me and as it turned out, it is going to run me $59 for the year. The next time this happens I'm not going to have to struggle with cab companies, I'm going to call AAA and get my car fixed. I've had things like this happen a few times in the past and I was able to call family for help but that isn't always an option -  and it wasn't this time, and I would much rather deal with my own problems, especially the kind of embarrassing problems related to my stupid.

So. I am now a member of AAA. I got a ride home after work from a friend, and once in the door,I called AAA and told them my problem. They sent a truck, an hour later (!) -  If my car had died in traffic I would hope that they would be faster in responding, but my car wasn't in traffic it was in my driveway and hopefully it was prioritized as such. I was in no hurry and neither were they.

When they arrives, the guy tested my battery and (was a I really shocked?) announced the battery was DOA and while he could charge it, it wouldn't hold  - I could buy a battery from him, or I was more than welcome to buy it from somebody else - but I was going to need a new battery. I have had a couple of car batteries go out on me through the years and I don't think a simple jump was ever good enough. The battery fails to turn over and its time for a new battery. So sayth the men with the jumper cables and a ready supply of car batteries at hand.

The way it works is if Joe Samaritan helps you out and jumps you car, you drive around for a while and charge the battery and its good for another span of time . If  Joe Technician jumps your car, he's going to put a new battery in like it or not. A car that won't start is a very heavy paper weight or a very small guest house. A car that won't start will only get you to interesting times.

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