Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I bought a month pass to the pool so now I can swim whenever I want! I was going every other day so I could "rest" but really so I could not pay $3 every day. Yes, that is the reason I got a month pass, not because they set up a ridiculous parking pass system that would I have stayed day to day, required me to walk from my car to the building, pay for my day and have the pool clerk physically fill out a parking pass every day, then walk back to my car to put the pass in the window every day so I would not be towed ( by the so far invisible and possibly imaginary tow trucks) and then walk back to the building and finally get to go swimming.  And no, they wouldn't give me my pass earlier, say at lunch when this walking back and forth all might be more convenient.

No, its because I am so dedicated to my new work out. Not at all because the stupid burned so bad it made me want to burn the building down. No, its because I am going to go swimming every damn day. Now featuring fewer trips back and forth to the car!

I have to pass the men's dressing room, and today I saw a sign that said All Patrons Must Shower Before Swimming, we do not have this sign in the ladies dressing room. We have a sign that says If You Have Sons Over Five Years Old You Must Use The Family Room To Change Clothes.  We also have stalls to change clothes in while the men's dressing room does not. I think it has something to do with the speedos, I mean really, why bother, once you have on a speedo do you need privacy?

Today, after I cleared our swank privacy enabled dressing room, I got a "good" lane. All the lanes are the same but this lane boasted the ladder. If you don't have the ladder you either have to hope it isn't some breech of pool etiquette enter someone else's lane to facilitate your exit - it probably is, so I haven't tried that yet. No ladder available means I swim with the newbies in the shallow end.Without Mr. Ladder, you have to get yourself out. This is not a pretty or easy way to get yourself out of the water, especially the deep water. In shallow water its like doing a pull up where you have to launch your entire body up over your shoulders. I'm forty-something, I don't like launching myself  over any thing. If I can' t get myself out with some grace I'm prepared to just make a new life in the water. The ladder is key to life on dry land.

The deeper the water the better too. I've learned that shallow water allows for a certain amount of rest time at the end of each lane which leads to slack and slack makes you tired. In the deep water you must keep moving, there is no rest time and this cuts down on slack considerably. Bobbing around at the end of your lane while you pant  is not cool, and when you are in eleven feet of water you do a lot less bobbing then you do in four and half feet. I've learned that the less opportunities I give for resting/panting  the less I need to rest/pant. Tough love .

I've also noticed that gravity sucks hard! I walk like a drunk when I get out of the pool, but I'm working on that too.

Does anyone know a good shampoo for chlorine damage? That shit is tearing my hair up and it needs to be gentle because my hair does not like being washed every day. It makes it cranky and it was born in a bad mood

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