Thursday, June 28, 2012

Work smarter not harderer

I decided that instead of swimming today I would run errands. I would like to say I ran to Target and I ran to Hallmark but that would be a lie. I drove to Target and I drove to Hallmark. I did however park in-between the stores and walked to and from instead of going to the Hallmark and then driving to Target. I am hardcore.

I would have gone swimming today but I did have those errands and I decided to give the muscle groups that get the most work when I swim a day off to recover, so I can be stronger tomorrow... Yay, in real life, I discovered at lunch that I didn't have my pass and it took me tearing apart my car and dumping out my purse (twice) and most of the afternoon at my desk to remember that the pass was in the pocket of the skirt I wore the day before. Safe and sound.

To keep the pass safe and sound and not hanging around at home when I am at work, the lazy cow, while I was a Target I picked up a card holder thingy that conveniently attaches to my swim bag so  the pass can have a permanent home and not  be a loose card for me to lose track of two or three times in two or three days. Nope. Not any more.

Always thinking I am.

My train of thought moves quickly, I think there is bad news in the watermelon plot. I'm pretty sure the first melon I found has stopped growing. The other melons, even the baby melons, are getting larger, earlier today the not-baby melons were about the size of soft balls, but the first one is still a tennis ball. I'm going to give it another couple of days but I think its time to cut my losses and give the other melons the water and energy that that one is no longer using efficiently. It could grow over night but I'm not holding out much hope. I also found another growing today so that takes it up to six melons! I'm okay with sacrifcing one. Or two.

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