Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lets go rain!

As I was saying yesterday, things change...

We started here

And now we're here

Yeah. Watermelons grow fast when they grow at all.

 This was  my largest melon

This is it now, about the same size as the other melons. It seems to have hit a plateau growth-wise. It is a lot darker than it was and maybe its making more sugar or taking a deep breath before it really starts to grow.

It is still bigger than the smallest baby melons

Somewhere along the line they also get darker, I don't remember that about last years melons but maybe these aren't the same variety. I tried though, I bought plants under the same name but from a different farmer, they could have also been miss-labeled .

On to other green things. I put up my first green beans of the season!

That's two quarts of beans. and in the mean time I have harvested some more

That looks like about half a gallon of unprocessed beans.  I need at least a gallon bag to have enough to stand over a boiling pot for even the very short time it takes to blanch the beans. Its a good thing I really like green beans because this is shaping up to be a banner year for green beans. I[m still waiting on the rest of the garden to start producing.

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