Monday, June 25, 2012

News you can use

Before I was so rudely interrupted by Bloggers ineptitude, I was trying to do this.

Guess who these are:

Give up? These two gorgeous creatures are my future puppy's' Mama and Daddy dogs! I don't know why Daddy dog is posing with a bitch banner, but he's all boy - Mama is due the middle of July! I know they look a little severe, but they are show dogs and they need to have their games faces on for competition. I have a more casual shot of Mama dog

Look at that smile!

I'm hopeing the owners will let me come visit my future puppy well before he/she comes home, because I I really want to start the bonding process well before I put the puppy in the car for the ride home.], the Mam dog and her people live out in Franklinton and while I don't know where that is, I am so going to learn. I really want to see the puppy on a regular basis because we're going on vacation in August and I'm going to miss some very important puppy mile stones while I'm gone! I'm going to have to insist on a either daily pictorial updates or some kind of web cam while I'm away because, well, puppies change so fast and I have always wanted to submit something to Cute Overload.

And thanks to the anal nature of  breeders of pure bred animals, I know more about his/her genealogy than I do my own.

I haven't done any shopping for Future Puppy because I don't need to buy anything. I have a crate, I have a dog bed and I all ready have a doggy dish that was too small for Daisy. I also all ready have a collar.

I bought it last year hopeing something sized L would fit Daisy, because she was a A) A Proud Democrat all the way down and she would have been thrilled to wear it, and B) A Yellow Dawg and she loved Obama. Sadly, we do not all define size L the same way and she wasn't able to wear it, yet another case of anti-large dog sentiment in our society. Why are all the cute things sized for teeny little pretend dogs? Don't they know that big dogs want to be pretty? as well as vote blue? If Target would carry clothes for the large dog  they would have made a killing off me and Daisy! She loved to wear costumes and they didn't make Princess dresses for big girl dogs, just pirates and sharks and food. No cute collars are sized for them and the really sweet Halloween costumes are all size tiny! Its not fair! Grrrr. I had been thinking of just donating it to friends with a small dog but now, Sniff, it will fit new puppy

Spoiler for Tuesday...

That was then....

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