Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Big Mermaid Keeps Going

I was hopeing I would be a graceful porpoise in the water. In reality, I have no form and no grace. I am a swimming cow. I am to swimming what a porpoise is to power walking. I'm just glad I can't wear my glasses while I'm in the pool because I know there is pointing and fun is made. I'm pretty sure that the life guards don't even watch because I make them sad. When I am thinking positive pro-Diana thoughts,  I tell myself that as an out of shape a middle aged woman, that those college age kids don't even see me so I don't need to worry about my form because I'm invisible any way. God help me if I drown though, but at least I won't die of embarrassment.

Maybe I should swim underwater instead of staying on the surface? Would that be easier?

I am improving though,  at first every lap I was really praying for the edge of the pool, I wanted to get there because I was pretty sure that I was going to die before I got there and I was desperate to rest. I noticed this time that I bumped into the wall more and more and it wasn't until the last couple of laps that I found myself really looking forward to the edge. Today though, there was a difference, towards the end though I had a hard time staying in  the center of my lane and I kept bumping the rope. I think it is bad form to bump the rope.

I would like it if I could do a forward stroke without having a stroke. I don't know why its so different from the flaying backstroke I have developed but I can't make a half a lap going forward without suffering and having to change my stroke. I can stay on  my back for all ten laps but being face down in the water makes everything harder. I tried going forward but I was so tired I had to rest every lap and it made me lose my pace, then I could barely get out of the pool and then the long walk to the to the dressing room was  a miserable journey.

With the modified backstroke, I can get out of the pool on the first try, if the water is shallow enough and I can get to the dressing room without stopping to rest .My biggest victory is going to be to hoist myself out of the water on my first try even in the deeper water, it looks really bad to not be able to get yourself out of the pool under your own power and it leaves bruises. The stairs are for pussies.  My inner porpoise gets very sad when I fail to get out of the pool or have to use the stairs. It cries little porpoise tears of bitter disappointment.

My plan remains that if I can get through this month that I can buy a month pass. Which is convenient because I can't write any more checks this month until my Pet Insurance comes across with my money. I won't buy one in August because I won't be here for a lot of it but then I just go back to day to day - if I can keep this up and I would like to, I do understand that swimming isn't a weight loss miracle but it does help you to tighten up and gain stamina.

I'm going to have to get a better shampoo though.

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