Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Working out.

I found out while I made the rule about every-other-day swimming. Two days in a row is too often. I usually try to swim at at least a good trot,  but today I was swimming at a crawl, ha ha, swim pun.

Wednesday I have a staff meeting that is going to run too late for me to make my usual window at the pool. I get a lane without having to wait because I get there at 4pm, before everyone else gets off work. I am there and done before most people are still puttering at their desks. My earlier day means I don't have to stand around waiting for a changing room and, I have my pick of lanes. Today I got lucky and scored a lane that was in slightly shallower water so I could stand - it makes a difference for end of lane rest stops, if you can actually rest. It only for a few seconds at a time but it counts. It also had the ladder out so I didn't have to ungracefully swing myself up and out.

I'm skipping Wednesday because the meeting will push my exit to after five and I think that isn't going to work for me. I'll ride my bike somewhere instead. Cross training!  or, I think that instead of bike riding I'm going to go with Lawn Mowing, its good resistance training and its weight bearing!

And even better? When I get to the end? There is no donut store waiting for me. Its really weird, it doesn't matter where I go for my bike ride, there is always this donut store at the end waiting for me. It is very patient.

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