Thursday, June 21, 2012


Instead of swimming for my exercise, I mowed the lawn! I know, sexy but I think it was a work out. I spent twenty-five minutes mowing the lawn and forty-five minutes getting my extension cord untangled post mow. You get what you pay for when it comes to extension cords, the cheap cord causes you spend forty-five minutes untangling them while the expensive cords don't need you to spend forty-five minutes untangling them. Lesson learned.

I feel I got a really good work out though. God knows I was soaking wet by the time I got the cord righted. Later, I was still in a yard improvement mood and I went into the back yard. My plan was just to water but then I looked at the melon plot and I decided that it would be nice for h melons to have more room in the plot so that maybe they might expand there instead of into the yard - not that I don't want them in he yard, they are welcome to it but still, they are trying to eat the hose!

I know I just did a Garden Update, but things grow!

This is the smaller of the two young melons. There are a lot of tiny melonettes, but they are all so small that they could go either way depending on what day it is. I can't get to attached to them at that point. However, as they grow, I can get a little attached.

It doesn't look a lot larger than melon baby one, but there is a significant size difference. I would love to see this guy mature, I need one of these to go the difference because I  promised the first melon to my nephew and I don't want him to have to wait all summer for his treat.

While I was in the yard I noticed something, it was pretty! I enjoyed looking at it! I know that it looks a lot like a "before"picture but for my yard, its damn near paradise.

Look at all the flowers! Aren't the hanging baskets gorgeous? Its so pretty I can't get over it. I should have put flowers out there a long time ago, blooms make up for a lot of ugly. I think at some point when there is grass in the yard and the ivy is dispatched, it will be really nice. I am really pleased with the melon plot now, it doesn't really read in the pictures but their plot looks a lot nicer and more garden-y. My next job is to pull out my sheers and get rid of some of the more advanced problems.

After I get rid of the  more entrenched weeds, I'm going to have to get one of those thingies that you use to direct hoses, because as it is now I have to be very careful to not abuse the melon vines moving the hose here and there. I need to be able to use the hose but not  at the expense of the vines - harder to accomplish as they grow and spread out. They are very delicate but really, really bossy and I need to find a good middle ground with them before they are the ground.


Cat said...

Your nephew will be grateful for any watermelon, anytime. Those are the cutest little melonettes ever!

Diana said...

And this morning I found a third!