Monday, June 18, 2012

Garden Update 9 2012

Before we get to my veggies, I want to point out how lovely my flowers look this year. I have never have such a good yar with the marigolds, they always die back early on and they never look pretty. They are supposed to act as a compaion plant for the veggies but its also nice for them to look pretty too.

 Hanging out with the watermelons

 Being friendly with the peppers

 I've tried these before in the front but they clearly like more sun, lesson learned.

The dwarf sunflower I got at the garden sale. I'm hopeing its going to reseed. The other is going to be very tall.

Onto the actual vegitables.

We have peppers! My favorotes, the purple varity. I really liked them last year so this year I planted more. These were signifacnlt more mature than the mail order plants.

I have six or seven of these guys in various stages of maturity. They are all still young but I'm going to have a (hopefully) good harvest of these. I'm hopeful that the other peppers will have as good a year. The downside of the purple variety is that they are determinate, meaning, they produce all at once and then are done for the season. The other peppers are indeterminate and they'll produce and keep growing all season.

The first generation tomaotes are getting taller and stronger every day. The problem for them being that the bean plants are bullying them from space and avalable light.

I might have to do "something" about the beans hogging of space and light. I don't want these first gen tomatoes to do poorly because the beans are grabby.

Mean while back in the nursery with the second generation tomaotes

Some of theme are really doing well and are even putting out blooms. I'm really proud of these plants. because I put them in late and they went in so young.

 Over all they are growing and developing and getting stronger. I have high hopes for these and my sauses and soups are going to better for them.

And then there are the plants that are lagging, I don't entreily blame the plants themselves for this, I think the beans are keeping light from getting to this little guy, its really smaller than the other plants.

if it wasn't producing so well, I would be really mad at these bully plants. Howeever, they are being fantasticly productive, so I can't hate on them too much, I can pull beans off the vines twice a day and get handfuls. They seem to go from tiny beanettes to mature in the space of hours.

Family Picture.

Out of the traditional garden and into the yard.

The last bin

The bins had another week to go but I decided to go ahead with the harvest because I'm not into maintaing heavy self displine right now, I did it because I wanted to. Nice harvest too.

The vines are dotted with fetal melons, but they aren't being fertlized, despite the number of lovely bees I have seen. Its also early, so I'm still hopeful for mature melons. Note the vines starting their journey into the yard.

In the front yard progress is being made as well.

 Every year I say I'm going to pull this out and every other year it makes pretty flowers and I decide to let it stay another year.

 The morning glories are on their way.

 One of the blueberrie plants is doing really well. The other plant may have been molested by birds.

I replanted my room mate fern into a bigger pot in the spring. I think shes very happy in her new place.

Funky new plant is growing and getting more funky

if you windered what the all-blues look after they have been cooked, they still look purple and they taste devine. The greenery on the fish are leaves from my borage plants, as advertised they taste and smell like cucumber and are a nice, light addtion to fish.

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