Friday, June 8, 2012

Bugging me.

Apparently its summer again. I know this because the thermostat at my office was set at fifty-eight degrees for most of the day. I want to point out that it was also fifty-eight degrees outside so I really do not understand why we had the air on at all. In the past they have not really cared that it was a hundred degrees outside and fifty-two degrees inside and the was a alarmingly high rate of  illness brought on by the change in temperature. My glasses were fogged all damn day all summer!

 Today might have  been  a green ploy to kill off the remaining bugs that weren't drowned in the sea of poison they flooded the building with last week - normally there is a population that would have been really loud about the poison being sprayed liberally throughout the building while their special selves were  also in the building but apparently, these people and their high evolved, very delicate health and well being issues are more bothered by bugs than they are by highly toxic carcinogens being sprayed on their shoes.

And then when they were relaying stories about the bugs to the maintenance guys with the spray guns, you would have thought the walls were covered in highly train para-military cockroach armies and they were filling the toilet bowls with roach SEAL teams and dive bombing us with remote control roach robots from the air vents. I understand that in reality, prior to reinforcements being called in, two bugs were spotted and killed.

These same people burst into tears if co-workers wearing perfume walk past their offices but sure, fill my office with pesticidal mist from an unmarked container! No one minds that! but use an unapproved fabric softener and they will go to HR and accuse you of "contributing to a hostile work environment."

I just bought new deodorant, I think I'll go walk past some offices to see what happens. And then I'll drop a plastic roach in the hallway and wait for  them to tent the building while we are still at our desks, because that's okay

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