Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Big Mermaid

I  decided that instead of  rushing home to stand in the kitchen and feel stunned, I needed to find something to do. I thought about what I enjoy doing and  and since all dog related activities are over for the time being, I  came up with the idea of swimming.

I have a swim suit. I have towel*, I have sandals* and the last time I checked, I can actually swim.

Enter the pool . I felt that just "diving in" was the best idea. I didn't want to spend a lot of time thinking about it and making myself crazy with  it - because I can and will, so I just did it. I packed up a bag with my towel and my suit and I said that Today would be the day.

It turns out my swim burka, that while great for reading magazines at the beach, is a little less than ideal for swimming. Who knew that something so cheap couldn't be swam in? I thought you had to spend a lot more for a swim suit that isn't actually appropriate for swimming, I felt like a Kardashian! I believe now, that when wet, my swim burka weighs only slightly less than I do - great for handicapping myself and adding to the workout, but it was also negatively effecting my buoyancy. I think if I can make myself keep up the habit and keep going, I might reward myself with a more appropriate suit.

I was a good swimmer as a kid, I swam at the public pool for years, I was under the impression that as an adult I would still be a good swimmer. I haven't swam in a really, really long time. I thought I was swimming when I went to the beach but actually, bouncing around in the surf is not the same a swimming. On the upside, I didn't drown, on the down side my form needs work, and years of dog walking have not left with a lot of  stamina. Sure, I can walk for miles but I swam five laps and I could barely get myself dressed.

Before I got dressed I had to dry off, Ow! by the way, you have to use your arms a lot when drying yourself and swimming makes arms tired. So, in pain and using a towel that smells like wet dog - I love that Doggers room smells of her but I draw the line at rubbing eau de' wet dog into my hair. I also discovered that my every day sandals got soggy the minite I walked into the building and are not the right shoe for the job. I also need to get a lock for a locker so I can put my stuff up with out  having to worry about it.Yay shopping list! I need towels, flip flops and a lock. As soon as I can lift my arms, I will get right on it.

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