Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sugar Brain

So today at work we had our quarterly birthday party and I had two bowls of  moose tracks ice cream and chocolate chip mint ice cream and chocolate swirl ice cream and toppings for dinner.

And then I went home and spent a few sugar fueled moments trying to decide what I wanted to do with my rainy, chilly evening. I had a lot of ideas! So many things I could do! I could go shopping! But I don't need anything! I could go Christmas Shopping! I need sweat pants! Whats on TV!.  One of the things I decided on was I wasn't  going to walk Dogger in the rain. Instead we wandered around the front yard and repaired to the inside.

I fed Dogger and then settled into a nice coma. Dogger somehow sensed I was in a coma and campaigned actively for me to wake up and not be in a coma, the thoughtless cow, and I freed her from her room and let her into the rest of the house so she could supervise my coma, because I thought that was what she wanted. I sank back into my coma until I noticed, somewhat on the edge of my conscious that she wasn't where I left her.

She was upstairs.

In my house the stairs are about an 85 degree angle. They are like a carpeted ladder or baby's' first fire pole. Dogger as two bad knees and a matching set of out of warranty arthritic hips. The vet cleared her to use carpeted stairs but we never talked about  carpeted ladders and I cringe every time she shimmy's up the pole.

She was on the bed. Very. Officially, I am to disapprove of her on the bed. Unofficially,  she looked so cute and I had been in a  sugar coma and the idea of going back to bed seemed like a really good plan. I should mention that it's cool and raining and the windows are open, its as close to ideal sleeping conditions as one is going to find. Baby kitty was all ready asleep on my suit case. The only bit of since I had prevented me from turning off the over head light -which would have been deadly since under those circumstances I wouldn't have woken up until 3am and then get the dog downstairs and  probably have to take her out to pee, in the rain and then change clothes and you know brush my teeth. These are not things I want to do at 3am.

Instead I woke up at 8pm and I was able to stop the madness and get Dogger and I both off the bed and back to life.

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