Friday, October 1, 2010

Watching TV

I'm really hoping the fall weather ends the whole fall-asleep-twenty minutes-after-I-get-home-from-work thing that I'm rockin' now. It really isn't working for me.

Sometime before I fell asleep, I was watching  my Tivoed The Whole Truth, not a bad little show but I really have a hard time with Joel Fleishman being all studly. He's Joel Fleishman he's not all studly and crime fighting! He's an internist! Its not as icky as the weird trying way too hard hyper stud crime guy he played on Numbers but its still jarring. I like the show, I'm always happy to see whatshername the nurse from ER, because I like her and I'm glad to see  her working after being sick.

Oh,  and they are competing lawyers who have a PAST. She's a hard as nails prosecutor, with I'm assuming secrets or something entertaining probably about their shared PAST and he's a hard drinking hard charging defence attorney with secrets  about their PAST and a possible drinking problem and his Dad is in rehab! Anyway, I fell asleep watching it and that can't be good for its long term prognosis. It is however, better than Law and Order -LA - which employs too much bright light and too many blonds. The lawyer show about their secret PAST wins the time slot.

I also watched Detroit 187 again, its still bad, the second episode did not improve over the first one. It is fun playing Spot The Cop Show Cliche' though and that's worth the hour . Also, there isn't anything else on at the same time that I want to watch more.

Community is back and I'm worried. The first two episodes have not had the charm that the first season had in spades. I think its because they have left the study hall and its not working. I don't want to see these people in the real world and its especially odd to see what really stupid reason that they are out in the world all together. They aren't a human centipede. it would be kind of neat to watch them interact off campus in the pursuance of their real, non-academic lives but then just one on on - running into each other at the market or in the mall or at the DMV, whatever. Its making me sad because I really like this show.

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