Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Since the animals aren't here at present I have discovered that I have all this time that I didn't know about. I have an especially large amount of time in the mornings, and in their absents I have gotten more done before 6am that I usually get done all day. I have dealt with laundry, dumped out, hosed out and soaked Baby Kitty's litter box, filled and started a load in the dishwasher and still had time to drink my tea and read the paper.

I've also gotten more sleep because I haven't had to take someone out for a walk, fed and pill-ed. Its uncanny. I just keep setting my alarm later and later every morning until I find  the magic time from, thus far I am spending too much time trying to stay busy, thus all the jobs I'm getting done but lets be frank - I would much rather be sleeping than cleaning out the cats litter box.

The thing is that I know that when I come up with the right timing for a perfect morning, the animals will be back and I'm going to have to reset everything and get re-used to waking up veryearly and then going about my morning with very little time for anything past dog service and paper reading. I also still have to make time for  flower watering - I forgot on Monday - possibly because it was dark and its been light when I watered in the morning.

Not any more. Hateful, hateful season changes.

Speaking of change thingys. I went to the Wake County Democratic Executive Committee meeting and my precinct chair(!), ( yes he does exist) nominated me for one of the five women's spots open on the State Executive Committee!  I didn't get it, as far as I know, but still, I got nominated for a state level party committee! How cool is that? Its almost cooler than winning a spot because it does not require attending any meetings. So either way, its a cool thing. The only uncool thing would be that I left for the meeting at 5:30 and I wasn't able to leave until after 8pm and I was starving. My chair gave me a ride or I would have stopped on  the way home and since I did not eat promptly I have a splitting head ache, even after getting some food.  I think I'll live.

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