Thursday, September 16, 2010

Object Lessons

The ground v. container experiment is over. I think the results in my case were that the plants in pots were over the season  were in better shape and more productive but had shorter seasons than the plants in the ground. The pepper was a failure on many levels but I think it was more the plant itself instead of how it was raised. I think I'll put more plants in containers next year, tomatos most likely.

This morning while I was wandering around looking to waste time, I went to look in on the experimental tomato, I had more or less decided to just let it go but I didn't want it to die of neglect, it wasn't really productive anymore with the exception of a few tiny fruits.  In its prime it was covered with mid-sized fruits, not any more. I was checking it out and I saw something that I thought was a leaf.

A "leaf" with a face. Its a tobacco worm, an evil thing. Oddly, and to my good fortune, the first such worm I have found all season although at closer inspection, the plant had been well chewed. Notice the white flecks on the worm, I believe that those are the eggs of a certain variety of wasps that lay their eggs on the evil worm so that their young can ultimately eat the worm alive. The circle of life is brutal and I do not believe that anything in nature has ever sang songs rhapsodizing it.

When I came home I pulled the plant out the ground and bagged it instead of just letting it rot in the yard. I also didn't add the soil, in which I found another evil worm (that I killed) to the bin with the rest of my collected soil. I'm sad about the plant though, it was a good worker.

Enough with the old, and pictures of evil things! How about some pictures of non-evil things? Here are some shot that did not end up on Face book, think of them of extra bonusi for you, my blog readers.

the joys of a private beach

Harlow Lake

The last sunset

sigh, the sunrise the day I left.

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