Friday, September 17, 2010


I did something very bad today. I went to Sam's  Club to pay my bill - not in itself a very bad thing, I did that and then did the very bad thing. What I should have paid the bill and left. I did not.

I paid the bill and then went into the store. Bad, bad idea. I had been there a few days before and saw some pants that I thought would be  good for wearing to the office this winter. Fine. I should have just bought them a few days ago. Anyway, I looked through the remaining pairs - again, I should have carpe-d the pants a few days ago, but after pawing through what was still there I found what I wanted and even decided I could buy two pair. Go me.

I should have just gone to the line then and not given myself the added time in the store. I went even deeper in and found a third pair of pants I really need for this winter - I have a pants thing, I also bought flannel lined jeans in Marquette. I wonder if this is something to examine? How would I do that? I decided I did not need both pair of pants I saw at the front of the store. I should have just gone to the front and put one back and got into the line.

Still further into the store. I found the Christmas section. I looked at the Christmas section.

I bought Christmas cards It wasn't my fault! They are snow-globes! I couldn't help it! It wasn't my fault. If they didn't have snow-globes, practical snow-globes! I wouldn't have bought them if they had not stocked the snow-globes I would not have bought them. It was out of my hands. I still feel dirty though.

They were cheap and cute and I think they will work for the people at work. This year I am totally going to lock down my list, last year I over bought and so this year is going to be the year of frugality and hard choices and editing, lots of editing.

I also bought cat litter. I do not feel dirty about that.

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