Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I rushed home from work this afternoon. I always rush home from work. There is always someone whose one end or the other that needs to be served and usually, about an hour ago. However, this week, there is no need to serve any ends, those ends are being served by others. I am alone. Today I rushed home to fed and water myself myself. I did not take me for a walk but I did put a few moments of serious thought into taking myself for a bike ride. The wrong moments it turned out, it got dark while I was thinking.

I came home alone but not to nothing, my plants were waiting. I did not send them postcards. Thanks to Brosky, a good solid 85% made it without me. The failures most likely had all ready rung deaths doorbell before I left. I did a little house cleaning with the flowers and  then did some heavy pruning to the vegetables.

They all looked okay, not great but okay. I think they would have liked the timer to go off more frequently for longer but we all want what we can't have. I cared! so! much! back in the spring but now with fall on the way I just feel meh about them. I walked back there and was like So. What have you done for me lately? The tomatoes got the heaviest hit from the pruning shears and I pulled one plant out  entirely because while it was still green and more or less pretty, it was barren and it was time to go really, it had since last April and all its done is gotten taller. I wanted tomatoes not a shade tree. I have a shade tree, it throws too much shade. I also got rid of the rest of the green beans .

The only things that didn't feel my wraith were the peppers. They were a little wilty bur still producing, I love the peppers. They didn't get too tall and every single one of them produced. Go peppers! Burpee owes me for the tomatoes though, next season I'm going to be more careful because I think I was supposed to get more off of them them then I did and my only real blockbuster was the plant I didn't even buy from them. Humph. Who am I kidding, by the time I get those seed catalogues I'm going to go nuts with desire and buy one of everything they offer! They do it on purpose, send them out when they do. Manipulative bastards. But if they really loved us they would send out a Christmas Catalog so that my love ones could enable my seasonal insanity.

Baby Kitty and Dogger are still on the beach, Dogger loves the beach and will be sorely disappointed to come home and find we aren't magically within walking distance of one. Dogger has tiny little doggy flip flops and her own beach towel now. Girl Dog is a born again beach bum.

To make myself feel useful, I made a vet appointment for Dogger the Monday after she gets back. I'm going to ask my parents to feed her a lot of salt in the car coming home, lots of  salty car snacks - maybe some doggy Frito's or just turn around and squirt some spray cheese down her throat every now and then. I'm sure her vet would really like that. I gave my dog high blood pressure so that her salt will be higher than her potassium and whatever else they measure with their test, her every six months pop quiz/electrolytes test, I'm not really sure what the questions are., Dogger knows though and thus far she has been a passable student, scoring neither too low or too high, a good solid C student.

The peppers and my inpatients, were not alone in their faithfulness, the feral kitties also hung on while I was gone . While I didn't see them over the weekend, apparently they saw me because today after work they were both waiting for me, starving. In Baby Kitty's honor, I fed them out of his stash.

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